How darkness becomes the light….. A Ghost!



This blog is dedicated to the mind that takes and catalogs information of past experiences and continues to speak as a voice that we misidentify as a sense of self…


As a little child we all experience something that creates the ego.. This ego keeps a dialogue with us as we grow.. as we grow it gives us all the attention we ever endure.  Notice I will not choose need or want as endure has to take responsibility for something..  I will however, point to the truth of this as a place that we derive our sense of self from.  What happens when the ego is found out???   It seeks to keep a layer over this episode or that episode of what we experienced keeping us from our origins of love.


Recently, there was a woman who was thinking of the despair she was in within her existence.. All the choices she made were from this ego.. As a child she wasn’t close to her mother, and her father, well that is a different story.. But, the child was seeking a mother who abandon her in ways that she just didn’t comprehend. This birth of the pain body kept her in the most constant state of being validated, heard, embraced and loved..


Validation as an energy serves no real purpose outside you, other than to keep you searching for an answer over the lie you told yourself inside that you needed to seek outside yourself to find moments of comfort and discomfort.  What if you inside found the place where you saw this and saw the child that endured this?   It is quite a journey..  For you see, the child’s hands coming through the darkness to grab you, but what you don’t see is the child reaching into a dark place to pull you out of this.. You run in fear of this unknown…. This illusion is quite tricky as we see darkness and feel we are consumed in it, we don’t see that we are the light in that darkness and just surrounded by the dark ego that is in effect which is our sense of self… As we see in this way our inner child is reaching and grasping for us and all we do is run.. for that is what we are told to do by ego.. These hands that reach from the light into the darkness are the hands that come through to embrace us..



I asked her… What do you see in the darkness she said.. I see a little girls hands.. I said how do you see her in the darkness… She said she is dark.. I said you see the little girl in the dark… She said yes… Her ego made the exploded view of her inner child into a small set of hands in a dark cloud… How could this be.. Let’s see this from the eyes of a child.. A child has no sense of thought, which means it doesn’t have an ego or darkness.. So, why would a child reach down in darkness, as I asked her what she felt… she stated I am running from her… I said wait!  Why My friend?  Why don’t you go to her and put your arms around her?



She was quiet and the shift occurred…  How could she see the child in the dark… The child is in the light.. Only love has light.. How else does a child see love? The birth of the ego creates a  question when it doesn’t receive it.  This was powerful as the anger that was validated submerged in the ego into the darkness.. She closed her eyes and held her inner child.. As this happen she cried vert hard as though listening to a child who was just being born again… for 30 something years she ran from the light, which is the inner child..  The child we all are birthed with.. The child that only knows love, no judgements, no abandon, no betrayal just pure love, this includes content and labeling removed.


I said why did you think she was the darkness?


This is where it became very powerful to heal…


She said because everyone ran away from her so I did to….  She was seeking the validation as to why they always would leave, never why they would hold her!


For a child loves in this way they don’t know any other way… As we do this we hurt.. We fear, We get angry, We fight, We destroy, and we become destroyed in our view of what we in truth truly want… Which is love without reason, without consequence, without material, without judgements, without content and without labeling..  Love as an energy does the most powerful thing in healing, not with an I’m sorry but with a let go and embrace of what we hide inside which is the inner child of you!


After embracing this child.. I said stay here.. for what the child really needs is the root of this connection to grow..  This will bring you the greatest love you are here to experience…  It is the bread crumbs of the truth.. Anything else is just ego….


Love deeply,



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4 thoughts on “How darkness becomes the light….. A Ghost!

      1. I am in a great transition as well as what would be perhaps a transformation of sorts. It has been a year of throwing out garbage so to speak and learning by observing my thoughts and emotions as they come and letting them go. Sometimes it is harder than others just because I make it so. It is truly a gift to realize and take responsibility for changing the patterns. Nothing is done over night that has lasting effect. To grace the process with instant gratification would be a true gift yet as a human being it seems to take a little bit of conscious awareness to get the ball rolling and much more to master ones inner conflicts with ego. At least that is how my journey and adventure have shared with me. My biggest issue seems to be expecting or trying to control my expectations. Mystery is the inspiration behind many of the questions I ask, it also is one of the things I have been trying to overcome my fear of. I had asked myself after being brought to my attention I had an issue of fear to overcome and master. I wanted to know what do I fear? I would have said absolutely nothing at least so I thought. After looking within me fear was an ego issue of control. I can not control the outcome of certain events and if I did things that are necessary to my development and experience may not have happened to bring me where I am on my journey anyway. I enjoy learning and watching you grow as I learn with you in a way. You have come far in your journey and the last year exponentially It is awesome to observe and I am honored to be your friend and have the gift of watching you and your projects evolve. I find at times my own evolution is a gift to watch unfold and am learning to let it go as it is supposed to. I am happy I am spiritual I am prosperous in many ways and am a divine creation of love and the energy that is shared through all of creation. Thank you for sharing your love my friend and your wisdom as well as the energy you share with all of creation. 🙂

  1. My friend… the greatest pain we experience is birth.. and then death to rebirth.. I seem to have found this within the love I found in the child within me.. It doesn’t view the world of the eyes in the mind that is the same in this moment as it will always evolve to show me more of the truth.. No matter how violently beautiful the consequences are in existence, there is always a beautiful exclamation point that says Love Deeply and don’t abandon this within yourself. We had this ancient way before we became dependent on communication in words… we would just embrace.. This is the truth about unconditional love.. and it’s lessons in conditioning we truthfully don’t need. You find that you are more powerful in love that you are in pain.. Love to you my dear friend, we need to catch upi soon… Missing you!

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