Our Story in Video!

sherryleeOur Story In Video, Enjoy!





2 thoughts on “Our Story in Video!

  1. Hi !
    Thank you for your amazing site and sharing your story. I have been experiencing my Twin Flame connection for officially a year this week. I have never felt such a thing before nor even imagined it could exist. So I’ve spent the last year of my life swinging from wonderment to passion to ego confusion. My heart and soul tell me everything is ok and as it should be, I know he’s always with me, I feel him and hear him yet we’re separated and out of contact for several months.
    My life will never be the same now I know him. He’s running and probably not awake, I know, but this love is wholly unconditional, he is doing what he needs to do and maybe it will take a lifetime but I’ll never feel anything but love and good will for him anyway, what else can I do? He’s inside me forever.
    It’s comforting to see you two beautiful souls talk about your connection and experience together. I hope to have a chance to talk with you both directly sometime and wish you so well. Big Love xxoo Psyche

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