From watching only 1 or 2 videos I knew that I found my new twin flame coaches. I have had previous coaching which was great but with lee and sherry I was able to delve so deep to the inner core of myself. They are honest, non judgemental and amazing twin flame couple. I felt like I have known them forever. I trusted them with personal details of my life that not even my closest friends know. I did a 30 boot camp and am continuing my aftercare journey with them. Simply amazing is all I can say of what they helped me achieve in such a short period of time. Love u guys! Carol D (Pennsylvania) 


Dear Lee and Sherry! I LOVE YOU. Lee your mimic and laugh just give me joy cramps and Sherry I just think you are so beautiful and hearty, I have felt this maternal energy radiating to me from you through your videos, I want to thank you both so much thank you for sharing with honesty and wit ! Mona Miri (DenMark)


Thank you soo much Lee and Sherry for being here and helping me a lot in my path to the TRUTH and connection !!! Also thank you for sharing with us your journey in episodes and a lot of interesting helpful letters ! You change lives ,we are soo lucky to have you here !!! Thaaank yoouu! ❤ 🙂  Nico Ess, (Romania)


I did the “30 Day Boot Camp” offered by Relationship Reinvented and I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND it … totally and completely life-changing. I’ve literally healed through CORE, life-crippling issues such as deep abandonment tied to the life choice of being adopted. Any intuitive or energy reader can tap into me, at my invitation, and will find that that issue NO LONGER exists anywhere within me.
Through the process offered by Relationship Reinvented, starting with sharing themselves so openly, Lee and Sherry Lee held my hand, guided me, cajoled me, encouraged me, prompted, and occasionally pushed me along the inner journey of recognizing at a core inner level as well as accepting a few truths that I previously was aware of, yet I hadn’t really started to accept this as a way of being:
1. It’s ALL about the INNER journey, it’s not at all about anyone or anything else except MYSELF.
2. We are on a spiritual path, as the saying goes, “having a human experience”. When I keep that first and foremost at the top of my awareness, the whole experience of life in a human body changes perspective. Imagine standing at the top of the Empire State Building and looking down at life, as represented by the people on the street; versus standing on the street and experiencing life with the people around you. Both perspectives are important as we do need to honor our human experiences and heal through the issues which arise; yet keeping the higher perspective as the foremost view of life.
3. When I consistently begin to live my life from the spiritual perspective, I frame each experience from the memory that I CHOSE what I am experiencing in this life, period. Nothing is being “done to me” without my spiritual participation; it’s being done FOR me, for my spiritual growth, and for the benefit of clearing out what limits me from fulfilling my soul purpose in this lifetime, and this body.
Did I say it’s about the INNER journey, it’s ALL about that? If someone accepts this viewpoint in life, if nothing else was achieved, this in and of itself is worth the emotional, spiritual, and financial resources one would invest in the “30 Day Boot Camp”. Yet, Sherry and Lee offered so much more; the priceless gift of learning to love myself unconditionally; and the experience of true freedom.
I am living the inner life I always dreamt of and wasn’t sure I could ever experience as I believed myself to be too wounded. Well, by Lee and Sherry sharing their own experiences with such openness, I discovered I haven’t been alone in how I felt so alone and so worthless internally. Plus, let’s face it, at least for me, their “stories” have made mine look somewhat tame. Yet, when all is said and done, it was that we all FELT the same pain.
Just three months after the “30 Day Relationship Reinvented Boot Camp”, in the day-to-day experience of living my life and cleaning up old messes, some of which are complex and could be scary, my life is filled with lightness, fun, laughter, happiness, joy, and bliss.
Anyone is welcome to contact me personally with any questions and/or comments.I recommend to EVERYONE including single friends to listen to and/or watch all of the available recordings more than once. I did, and each time I picked up something completely different that applied to me. The only reason I can think of for someone on a path to find themselves who is not willing to at least watch a couple is perhaps they aren’t ready to really face themselves and learn to understand themselves at a deeper level and start to forgive themselves.
I am so grateful for the experience of having met Sherry and Lee online; and then later, in person when I was in Ohio for my birthday in July. With much gratitude and love ~Laurel (Florida)


Lee and Sherry, thank you both for your genuine commitment to sharing your experiences from the heart. Your honesty and courage makes it possible to see, that although our journeys may look different, the disconnect from self takes the same path back – through learning to love oneself – and then being able to love another. Tamara, Australia


I strongly urge anyone wanting to change their life to complete this program. I consulted Lee and Sherry from time to time through individual sessions before I commenced the Boot Camp. Whilst I was open minded at most times, at no time did I suspect how powerful the program would be for me; and how empowered I would become. When you do the Bootcamp, be prepared to work as hard as you can and ask questions all the time in your session; and watch your confidence soar as you go from doubt to certainty; and from disblief to hope and faith. Remember it is for you and you must put all you have into it. Thanks Lee and Sherry – From: The Happy Australian.


Before working with Lee and Sherry I was awkward and afraid to go deep with people and be vulnerable. The vibe of their coaching truly taught me what intimacy feels like, and I felt SO shined on with love during our sessions! I would joke to friends afterwards that being coached by them, (a pair of Twin Flames), felt like being sandwiched by God, as I always got the masculine and feminine perspectives. My sessions with Lee and Sherry really helped me to remember the true vibration of love and intimacy, AND they also weren’t afraid to offer me laser insight if they thought I needed it. Over the course of our “Bootcamp” it felt SO amazing to be supported in a continuous and consistent way- their deep deep guidance brought me to new levels of intimacy with myself. They also held and modeled the vibration of love and self honesty for me, so that after our Bootcamp was over I felt confident enough to never settle for less than my own Truth again!  Sarah  (North Carolina)


Pure truth, and pure unconditional love. Learning to love yourself in the present moment and in the now. If you want to go deep into yourself and touch the places that scare you with love and support, then Root Camp is for you. Lee and Sherry find out where you need to go and help guide you there. It really is a transformational experience. Blessings for their love and support.
Nina (Canada)


I would recommend the Root Camp program for anyone wanting to understand themselves and their connection to others better. Lee and Sherry create a very open and non judgemental environment to help you discover your truth! It has been a very healing and liberating experience. I now know that I can do anything and will be fine even if my union with my TF doesn’t happen. Thank you Lee and Sherry (K,,,, Australia)


I was hesitant to Start Root Camp, I was scared of what may come, I have never been so glad I have done something In my life, My whole life has Changed. I am in the public eye constantly as an actress in a popular TV Show. My co workers, My Management team, My Own Family has noticed the change in me.Thank You Lee and Sherry for exposing my roots. Thank You for giving me the tools to Live in Peace. Thank You for Coaching me. (Los Angeles California)


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  1. I interviewed Lee and Sherry for a class I’m teaching – those two hours were amongst the most enlightening, and energetically-fulfilled of my life. Thank you for all you do!

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