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  1. My Twin Flame and I have been BFFs for 10 yrs this year. This man is THE love of my life! Sometimes I want to strangle him (and he laughs when i state this) but at the end of the day I can love no other man the way I love him. We started out meeting in college as friends, i was dating another student there. After i broke up with this guy, we started taking things to another level. It scared the living daylights out of me! I didn’t know why he scared me so much. As i look back, my body started going through changes that I now understand as my awakening. I pushed him away far enough to where he me someone else. We separated for a long while. I started going through the stages of my awakening. We then spoke again, becoming closer friends, hanging out, talking, etc. He was on a break from the other woman. I was dating others. We separated again and my life started turning upside down. He got married to her at that time. After a year he reached out, had problems telling me he was married but told me. I gave him my blessing but deep inside it pained me. I had to move on. We still hung out and became closer friends, every now and then we’d get into our tiffs and not speak. I always had this sense of jealousy and pain towards his marriage but never spoke of it. I continued to act like it nothing bothered me. I went into a relationship in which i thought was my twin , but turned out to be a karmic relationship that pushed me over the edge more into depression and anxiety. I then decided to become Reiki certified through my friend. I needed to cleanse my soul, purge out all of the crap inside that was eating away at my insides. I went through the purging and ststarted to become stronger. Meanwhile, my Twin was to become my BFF, as close as ever. I decided to move to Florida and that’s where another phase of our roller coaster ride began. Right before I left, he started becoming needy. After I left things started to intensify. He came out with his true feelings, as did I. He spoke of his troubles in his marriage, telling me he wanted to come be with me. We spoke about having a family together. The feelings and sexual urges started to build in intensity. I started becoming very insecure about the situation and became very angry. I felt his confusion and anxiety about his dilemma on top of my own feelings. It was driving me to boil over. He then told me to move on with my life , that he was happier, and i told him to stay out of my life, that i didn’t want us to be friends. I was hurt and felt he lied to me, a deep sense of betrayal. He blocked me from facebook after 9 yrs. After a month he reached out and i cursed him out. After 2 months i reached out and we started to talk again. But since then he keeps his feelings locked away. He tries to deny everything he says yet will never let me go. I made a comment about his wife and he to go raise their 2 dogs, since he wants kids and she doesn’t. He was hurt and told me he didn’t want to,talk me anymore. I said ok but apologized for that comment. but told him if he stays in his marriage It’s the price he needs to pay. After a week he waits until exactly midnight to wish me a happy birthday. Since then things have started to become better. I told him i was moving back up because my mom has Cancer. He was excited about being closer again. He even wants me to go hunting with him, something he likes to do by himself to reflect. He wants me to talk to him about my plans when i move back as far as staying up north permanently. Since that conversation things have intensified, especially the sexual energy (Remember it has been 9 yrs since we had sex). The telepathy has intensified, the seeing of 11:11 and other synchronosities. Last night i brought up Twin Flames to him. I sent him a link on the sexual energy between them to explain our attraction for each other. We can simply just stand next to each other and we get turned on By each other Yet we never acted on it all these years. I sent him a side by side photo of us to show physical similarities and he agreed. Surprisingly he was very open to the concept. In fact after saying goodnight, he started texting me after 30 min. It turned him on even more. I feel the deeper connection between us, i feel it intensify each day. However he tells me he likes me alot but l o ves me as his BFF.I’m just scared that he is still married to his wife. I know he is scared to reopen his heart to me. I know he is confused, stuck in a dilemma. I know he loves his wife, his soulmate but is not happy with her. He spends his nights talking to me and not being with her. He even sleeps in a different room in their house (Every night I’m not sure of). It pains me that he is with her not with me. It pained him when i brought in a male roommate temporarily ( nothing even happened, it was just business to get extra cash). For years i never accepted our connection because i didn’t know what it was. But after watching your videos it shined the light on me. He is my Twin Flame and no matter how much i try to sever our ties, we will always merge back to each other. I’ve learned to embrace our connection and stopped pushing him away. Me telling him he was my Twin was trying to get him to open up to our connection. he knows already deep inside we can never part and doesn’t disagree that we can’t ever let go of each other completely. But his marriage is what is blocking our path. I wish one day for him to build the strength to let that go, that it does not serve any purpose. He will never have what he desires with her.. to become a father. I need some guidance on my situation. I can’t ask others for they don’t know what is there between us. They will judge. I’ve healed myself within. And I’m ready to share my whole self with my Twin. I feel unless he breaks free we will never get into union.

    1. No one can judge you if you don’t judge you.. this ability in the love as an action word is going to give you salvation from all things to include what you are keeping hidden from yourself deep within your state of soul! ❤

  2. This is Anita again from Thursday, Feb. 26th counseling session. I am confirming my payment for the Root Camp Coaching for a single individual for 30 days. I believe you still have my contact number and email. Thank you so much for the counseling session last night. It gave me a great overwhelming sensation in my heart and I didn’t know whether to jump for joy or cry. I will contact you when I can find out about the Facetime/Skype contact. Again, thanks.

  3. Hello Rosina, thank you for sharing your story. I have just come about this webpage…as I am also aware for a longer time now about this twin soul concepts. I have had also this encounter but in a different way, our paths crossed about 1.5 years ago and it has been an intense roller coaster. We never got into a relationship and it is also like this, when I felt I was opening up, he did not. And when he opened up, I closed down. Finally I got to see that in me was working a trauma which goes back to the first man I dated. And over the years based on this emotional pattern with him I would attract exactly the same situations over an over again. I never really saw it through and just blamed the men 😉 Finally all this came up to the surface and in the moment of seeing I could see the pure love between my twinflame and me. Yet when I came finally through in truth, he closed down. We are not in contact at all. And for some time I felt miserable as I felt I have completley sabotaged this beautiful love bond. I had intense feelings of guilt, pain and projections into the future, what beautiful life we could have and now all this is lost. This was playing for a while inside until …. pop…all this just disappeared. And I was left with true inner peace and feeling whole. Now I can see from a perspective that this all served to let go completley, as twin flame or not..no one can give us this wholeness what we long for. It is only to be found inside ourselves. So now still feel this love for him, but truly without attachment. And I now if we will meet again or not is destiny. But with or without him does not affect this true happiness. Also not if I will engage into any love relationship with any man again. So everything what is happaning is here to transcend all these inner delusions that our happiness and peace depend on any outer source. Only this inner recognition sets us truly free 🙂 Hope this helps in some way to hear 😉

  4. Only discovered TF by accident after our separation. (As they say, it shows up when you need it!)

    My twin and I had 3 solid years of ld relationship but talk and/or text all day long every day. Always wonderful, fun and close and beautiful and deep. Saw each other a few times/year. Only had (very few) disagreements when he would tease me about a certain thing (and now I know why that was — something for me to work on!) He began going through even more hard times than usual within his family and pulled away, texting rarely and this was such a glaring change of pattern. Told me recently he had to let me go. I know now he is running. I told him we shouldn’t talk if I am to get over him (but this is before I knew we were TF’s!) Anyway, we aren’t talking. I wrote him an email telling him my love will be always and forever and as hard as I try there is no forgetting or un-loving him, so I’m gonna love him whether we’re together or not (we were always very honest with each other, and though I didn’t want to make him run more, I thought it best to be honest about my feelings, so there was no mistaking if he wondered about my feelings in the future and wanted to return.) I have not told him of the twinflame thing, but he has always known that we were “special” and different and have a deep love and closeness most people would pay money for. My question is this — two modes of advice, one says I should keep loving and think of him with love and from the heart through our current separation. I also like to manifest what I desire and this would align with still actively loving him. The other advice I have read is to say “f – it” and forget it and screw the bum and then THAT is when the twin will feel it’s time to return. I am very conflicted. Any advice would be helpful. I still feel the heart pain though it is getting better daily, I have def let him go, have given up trying to control the situation, and put it in the hands of God for him to work his divine plan for us (and making the improvements in myself, FOR myself, ulitimately for US.). I am living my life and not contacting him, but again I don’t know whether to keep sending him my love in my head/heart (“talking to him” from afar), or to get a little miffed and say “forget it” and get mad (negative feelings, I don’t really wanna put that out there!). PS I have no idea how he is really feeling. It would be unbelievable if he doesn’t’ love me as much as always, but he has been cold and distant during any contact a few months ago (not like him at ALL – he always insisted he’d never ever hurt me, but I hear that’s part of the “running”. Thank you!

  5. I am so grateful I stumbled upon your YouTube videos. They are helping me greatly through this separation period. I don’t necessarily understand this connection. Let me begin with where it started. I was in a karmic relationship for two years and it was during that time I found yoga and started searching inside of myself to find the love I was being neglected. I had to overcome past experiences of abandonment and abuse from both of my parents. anyway, My twin and I had been in high school together and he was actually in my homeroom. We sat right next to each other in history as well but we never shared words. Every time he talked though his voice sounded like music to my ears. I actually had a deja vu moment the first time I looked at him in that room. After graduation I moved away with my karmic relationship and I learned a lot about myself and what I needed. I was away for about 2 years. When I moved back I stumbled upon my connected soul when I visited game stop, which is where he worked. Later I went home and found him on Facebook. He asked me if I was in a relationship and I told him it was complicated because I was still working on trying to fix the karmic relationship. Eventually it fell apart and I took him a pretzel a couple days later and he looked me right in the eyes and it was like looking into a mirror. I saw myself but it also felt like I had traveled inside of him. He came over and we spent some time together and we just kissed. My brother kept asking us if we weren’t together why we were kissing. I tried to force a relationship to happen to quickly and as you’ve said the rules of a relationship don’t work. I recognize souls in my soul family and over the years I have recognized some people that were actually apart of his life and it finally clicked with me why I recognized them. One of his first girlfriends was in a couple of my high school classes and I felt like I knew her but we never talked. When he told me about her it hit me that, that was why I recognized her. Anyway, one night on a full moon I did some things to him without asking and I was greedy and impatient and he became really distant after that. He got with someone else and I kept trying to chase. I am being a stand stiller now. Ive tried to disconnect and it just caused a lot of pain. I tried to explain the connection to him but he is not responding so I’m just being. I keep seeing the numbers 11 and 69 everywhere. 69 is our zodiac symbol sideways so i feel as though its a sign that were getting closer to reuniting again. I am actively waiting and being patient. I have fallen in love with myself but I am trying to break an eating disorder and I feel like I am still disconnected with myself some days. I am playing tug-o-war inside. I know our mission is to help bring others to this higher awakened self, I have attempted to do it on my own. I am in college right now working on my associates degree to become an art therapist. I am creating the life I want to live and I would like to share it with him but I know now is not the time until God says okay. I have found unconditional love and deep compassion for every living being and I want to share this with him as well. He is on my mind constantly and when I try to distract myself he comes up in other things. I feel him all around me and inside me always. I am okay without him but I want him so much. What I don’t understand is how to build a friendship foundation when he doesn’t answer.

    1. friendships have expectations to create a space of communication be open to whatever communication that is. Wouldn’t this be unconditional? love deeply dear soul!

  6. Please Help Me!

    About 6 months ago shortly before I got my new job I felt this earthquake that no one else felt even though I was at home and felt this overwhelming sense that I was finally going to meet my twinflame along with overwhelming emotions that kept me unable to sleep for a whole month, and I also had issues keeping food down that I normally did but to be honest it was unhealthy food, I guess the best way to say it is that my life was changed dramatically after that instance. I also had a couple of sensitive and empathic friends tell me that they felt I had found inner peace/balance and yet there was something else/one there that they couldn’t see . A month later I got a job and believe I may have met my twinflame, but in the same gender as I, which makes alot of sense to me now that I reflect on things. My first actual crush was at 10/11 years old on a female elementary speech teacher and it was actually before I started puberty to be honest, so I think that and how differently I am with man and woman in relationships it would explain this alot. To tell you the “signs” I experienced though in finding out it was her or at least that’s what the “signs” say are these:

    1. The first time I saw her I instantly liked her but yet I was nervous around her too so this caused a issue for awhile until I became comfortable around her. However, even though it was just a like I felt as if I had gotten lost in her eyes for what seemed like eternity to me and she didn’t say anything or move when it happened, just stood there and allowed it to happen.

    2. One day out of the blue coming inside from the garden area at work I was instantly flooded with vivid sexual images of she and I that was like something from out of a book one of those where even time seems to have stopped and for the rest of the day at work my mind was a hazy prisoner to those sensations I couldn’t concentrate, focus or even sometimes walk. At the same time these images flooded my mind I felt like I was having chest pains but I knew I wasn’t (I have a family history of heart issues on both sides of my family so I know the signs) having them, it got to the point to where I had to lean against our tall storage racks just to catch my breath for a few seconds. Funny thing is though she wasn’t there that day and until that day I hadn’t at least conciously seen her in that way.

    3. She always tells me how sweet, wonderful, etc. I am and told me that I am the same as she in how we both wear our hearts on our sleeves and how easy we are to read, and she also told me during a conversation when I was still somewhat intimidated by her that she was actually very soft inside and nothing about her should intimidate me. I just thought she was being kind or nice to be honest but this along with other “coincidences” that have happened and comments she has made make me wonder. She also told me when I was switched into a different position and away from her “Domain” that it took her awhile to get over it, and once there was a possibility for me to go back to being a cashier (again her “Domain”) she encouraged me repeatedly seek it out.

    4. You know how alot of people sexually dream when they sleep? Well I do this when I am awake since for some reason I don’t have control over my subconcious sleep lol. However, on my birthday night I swear it was like I had spiritual sex with her, because even though she wasn’t physically here I could picture her clearly in my mind with the vivid sexual details going on even down to the flaws on her skin and I haven’t seen anything naked of this woman other than her arms and calves. It was like I could reach out and touch her, hear her and feel every touch/reaction to mine, etc. Since then I can both feel and see her walking around my apartment as I do (usually naked) talking with me or other *cough* things.

    5. I found out last time we worked together that she has insomnia and on one particular night when I felt sexually inclined towards her I found out that she had been woken up by work and had a hard time going back to sleep. I feel like I am at home when I am at work but ONLY when she is there and if she is not I do whatever I have to to make the day go by faster and I am usually lethargic in mood. I have a very high energy level so being lethargic is like saying I am depressed.

    The problem with all this is that even though she is a co worker she is also in management and while not a actual “manager” it’s a very risky situation for me and I have no clue how to approach this and to be honest my physical being is pleading for me to find a way to end the agony I go through soon lol. I just don’t know how to do this without getting fired and in todays times taking a risk at your job isn’t something you readily want to do without the right “signals”.

    Since I have last written the above there have been changes even slight to what has happened, but first I really need some help on finding out if this is real or not and what I can do.

    1. What inside you connects you to her and what is felt inside that is filled being in her presence? Do you experience the love you have inside yourself growing for you in these moments or is something in you saying you will never be worthy of this love for her.. there is something much deeper being called to in what is being asked dear soul… If and when you are ready to find this you may want to have a session with us or do root camp it is still being done by Lee and Sherry until the end of this month. Love deeply and also you may want to venture to youtube to find us and see our journey.

      1. I am still new to the “Twin Flame” situation so I will do the best I can to answer your two questions. I believe what connected she and I was a unified heart that no matter how either of us felt towards one another, ie unfounded hurt, horrible feelings of missing one another that lead to feelings of insecurity, etc. it could not be closed and anytime I at least tried it “bleed” even more. Over time I also noticed that all of my “Chakra’s” (sorry I do have different spiritual beliefs since I am a “Spiritual Truth” seeker) line up the longer I was connected with her. Which to me showed that we were a healing pair for one another not just for ourselves, but the problem here lies that neither one of us have ever really talked or met outside of work so we don’t know about one another. I do know she has strong “old Christian” beliefs which may be one of the reasons she did the “running” syndrome yesterday and cut the chord that bound us together. I admit that yesterday I thought when I felt her sense of “I have got to do something about this” with a profound sense of intention that I thought she meant she was going to try harder to see me outside of work, but today I realized after not feeling her at all that she did actually cut the chord when I saw the absence of hers. I know that many people have bias when it comes to same gender relationships especially when they are older and have great obstacles in overcoming that bias in order to accept the love put at their feet. Either way I let her go as was suggested by many, but I’m not sure how I will actually react till I see her in person this weekend and I’m scared about that so I hope I will get some strength to overcome what I need to in order to be productive at work. To answer your second question everything, I felt nervous, humbled, intense happiness, intense sexual attraction, peace, security and protected. I’m not sure what to do from here now since she cut the chord, but I learned in life that if you try to chase someone that rejects your love (for whatever reason) or is scared of it that they will do you more harm then if you had let them go ie cheating, abuse, etc.. I however do hurt very badly, I feel a profound sense of loneliness now and yet a slight freedom too, but I know in the end it has to be her choice and not just mine.

  7. Scratch out the above part that she broke the chord, apparently I did it myself unknowingly through the coercion of something very bad still involved in my life that seems to hang around me like a old dull aching wound. She took care of that this afternoon when I was awake, but I never felt that kind of sensation before!

  8. Hello, I’m still learning about tf & what it’s all about, but I’m still not exactly sure if my ex is just a sm or a tf. We’ve had separations & during 1 of those separations I was experiencing a lot of signs. I would also see his name everywhere or encounter people with his name, I would encounter things that reminded me of him & him specifically because they were related to him, I burned a candle twice & said a prayer about him, & the candle burned down into a heart. Now every separation we’ve had, I was never able to stop thinking of him & I always received signs, so my question is can these events occur with a soulmate too or is it only with a twin flame? Thank you.

  9. Hi Guys, Firstly I would like to thank you for your help. You guys ROCK!! love your work. Ok I have a question please.

    My TF and I are still in physical separation. I have expressed to her how I feel without having any expectations of hearing from her any time soon and so I continue to work on me. My issue is that I fantasise about her every now and then when I’m longing for her. I masturbate to her and I feel that the act of doing so is some what ‘Chasing’, telepathically of course, when what we are trying to achieve is to be the ‘stand stiller’ right? Also she is in a relationship and I feel that by masturbating to her, longing for her, I am giving her permission to ‘have her cake and eat it to’ so to speak, by sending her sexual energy and longing. It feels like she is having a telepathic affair with me. I respect her bf and his position as her partner and I do not want to intrude even if it is energetically. We make out a lot in my dream state. In a dream we were making out and then I told her that she had to break up with her bf, she replied with “i’ll do it tomorrow”.

    So my question is: Should fantasising about her be avoided during separation?

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