loisandclarkseethroughmyeyesHow her soul in her eyes awaken me… 

In any awakening the moment comes to bring consciousness into full effect, some describe this in such a way they can’t quite find the words..  Here is how true awakening can happen to anyone..  Discover the GOD in truth which is called Compassionate listening…  Compassionate listening has many descriptions the most brilliant way to give you what this listening does.. Is listen to a place where the silence absorbs suffering..  Do you see this as a place of truth?   If you listen completely to what is being said, and you don’t hear any of your own thoughts about what is being said you are creating an energy field of release.  Release in acceptance of love..  Has anyone ever listened to you to the place you let go of your suffering or your suffering seemed less? And the more times they did this the more truth you would find inside of the suffering to remove suffering all together.  In physical this would be like living with back pain.. you do so as to say I can tolerate the pain not seeing the damage being done with the pain for a woman this would be 36 hours in labor with no sight of when the child would come and they just ran out of giving you anything for the pain.  I know that sounds harsh but isn’t it what we have taught ourselves to do with pain in suffering? We see it and don’t truly embrace it. It is the cure not the medication that keeps the suffering alive.  Compassionate listening is the cure!  The closer you are to each other if this is not your practice in the foundation of love, you are only suffering in silence and suffering in loneliness that will surface one way or another.

Now imagine the last argument you had or a recent pain you were telling someone something about, were you ever interrupted?  Did something keep you from releasing completely?  What about judgment when you are not being heard how does that feel?  Does it seem that the rage, anger or sadness in you increased because you were now in defense mode instead of being in a mode of forgiveness which is love itself?

How about this for an awakening… Meditation is the practice of compassionate listening you can give to yourself to heal and practice to give others..  The place of no mind and a release of blissful feeling to consume to heal, to activate your being in the now that gives you a deep flood of love within you! If no one ever told you how to hear yourself this would be the exact point of release that takes the energy of stress or pain and lets the suffering become less.

Your right to suffer is not going to be taken away from you… trust in that… yet anyone who embraces you in the formless will see this clearly as the message needed that they are rooted in this to help you to heal.. You will fight, they will fight, and it will only result in more suffering.. Yet if you stare at a wall and yell at it, punch it, or even release energy into it, does the wall do any of this back? What happens to the vibrational energy when these things happen?  Well damage occurs but does it truly release energy or is that energy captured inside of it to be released back on you?  The wall was there to release suffering.. Suffering is a right that truly has no right to make you feel worse unless your need to be right about that you are suffering is all consuming.. No on wants to be that way.. You just are in a constant state of wanting to be right to suffer!  When you accept to be that way you will, but the true acceptance creates space around your suffering allowing relief to come in the form of something else to experience.

As we do this to each other and ourselves we see the truth less and less all covered up in a lie that says no one is listening, no one can hear me, I will show them I will suffer more… Well in this can you even hear yourself?  You will complain, or you will say your hurt is genuine, and you will find names or labels to state the pain and what it stands for.. You will defend this right, and will make it the reason to stay in defense.. This defense is the door guard to keep the pain in suffering available to you when it sees that you wish to escape it.  Who is this for?

If someone says I don’t know who I am.. or I am trying to find myself.. This is the mind still keeping the suffering alive even at a lower capacity that might feel like salvation.. Sufferings only kryptonite or murderer is compassionate listening. For the choice to be enraged only should be kept for that moment only…  Why else do you save some for later isn’t this the act of making sure that you can’t compassionately listen to anyone else to include yourself?

Remember the two ducks that come into each others space and banter back and forth.. then the physical onslaught ensues.. yet, when the few split seconds that pass.. the ducks will shake off the surplus energy of the suffering that is trying to stay with them…  This is exactly what compassionate listening is… it has a name here in a form of what it means in human but it is universal.. For all energy when suffering doesn’t want to suffer and sees no point to it, as humans we elect this as a extra point in a field goal to keep what is within us alive! Is this a curse or a blessing?  actually it is both!  For without this understanding of it, you are still asleep at the wheel and doing the human thing to do which is suffer.  How do things evolve they end the suffering, is this not a fact?

A family in pain is a family who doesn’t listen.. Do you feel your family member wants suffering or wants that for you? Or what about a relationship where you feel that your love is like no other, is this love shown in your listening to that of your affection?  Do you watch them suffer and only feel helpless cause to suffer means no release and you don’t know how to release this yourself for yourself let alone anyone else?  How about the release of letting it go in a space that has no judgements or thoughts to fight it back?  How powerful is that?  You ever seen someone in pain and seen the pain leave their face, their body and you were responsible for it?  How did you feel about that? What if what I am pointing to here is that release time and time again to emerge true love inside you and everyone you encounter?  How long would it take for us to heal everything and everyone if this was to infect everything?

Here is something very eye opening… When we fight, we think it is best to separate, Which for a greater part of us means allow the consuming thoughts of suffering to keep us in suffering.. Why? What does this truly do?  Other than give some moments to meditate to release and others to consume or change their mental stance on what the ego needs to do to survive!  Survive what exactly? The need to be right about what I am suffering within, and it is who’s infliction of suffering?  What is the need to listen mean if you ignore your own thoughts and your actions in the quest to suffer less?

Ask yourself this… My need to be right is a right for who?  This is how you wake to the only healing thing within yourself.  The need to be loved the need to want love all reside in a need of what actually?

When you experience someone complaining or their defenses come into being, do you feel your own arise?  Why do you feel that do you think? Here is a experiment to try to see how well you can listen, let’s say you are reading this and in some way are feeling isolated, or alone, or even just frustrated because of something.. anything.. It will matter not, the experiment is to shut off what your feeling to listen to someone else either tell you about something they did, or experience! The goal is to try to listen with no mind.. for example, watch tv and see if you find yourself not listening to anything other than the tv is it giving you salvation or a mini vacation from your suffering… when you get the opportunity to suffer do you explode when you finally get to share it with someone? Now  listen to this completely…. You are thinking about this, or that, are you able to listening completely to what you are thinking? How long does it take you to catch what you are saying inside to see that you are lacking listening to yourself at all.

What an echo it has, I know this may seem like useless banter, but at the mountain top there is an echo that will finally echo back the silence you need to be instead of the noise you keep shouting to be in all moments.

When you say your love is deep, this is where that depth begins this entire blog that was created was because of my love in me that I found inside of our connection..

This is dedicated to you my Lois for if I wasn’t touched so deeply by you, I would have never found me! Hoping this path will awaken the others!

loisandclarkForever connected to you beyond all infinite possibilities



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