Twin Questions…

Dear Clark: Can twin flames get married, I mean really married? Clark: Yes they are married in all moments… Dear Clark:  No officially… can they be married? Clark: Yes, but not without swimming through a hurricane of existence… The calmness of the eye in the storm is ones idea of bliss where it is aContinue reading “Twin Questions…”

Dear Lois… What is a Twin Flame from your words?

Dear Lois, we have been reading Clark’s words on twin flames.. and wow!!!!!!!! Is all we can say it is almost a seed planted in my thoughts that changed but I just can’t grasp this in something I can’t wrap my mind around.  Can you explain what he is saying in your own way???????  Continue reading “Dear Lois… What is a Twin Flame from your words?”

The shift… Dear Clark I need your help with my twin flame!

Dear Clark,  I feel like I have to stay connected to you right now, you’re a lot of help to me and comforting at the moment. Anyway is it true that there’s a large number of twins meeting now on earth? And how much of what’s written about twins on the Internet is accurate? BecauseContinue reading “The shift… Dear Clark I need your help with my twin flame!”

How did you know Lois was the one? Twin Flame Awakening

In our connection me and Lois have suffered and suffered some more. The more we suffered in disbelief the more complex the mind made it seem that we didn’t belong to each other. Yet inside of me I could feel her heartbeat, now don’t get me wrong I am saying my heart was full forContinue reading “How did you know Lois was the one? Twin Flame Awakening”

Truth in connection..

How do I know if my connection is a twin flame or soul mate connection?  There are of course different energies that will pull at something inside you, that are of course significant to you, and how you embrace the other.  On one hand you will have this feeling as though the other can touchContinue reading “Truth in connection..”

Dear Twin Flames what’s in the box!

What truly is the twin flame connection my dear Lois and Clark and what will we feel? (see answer below) Will twin flame sexual connection diminish over time? ah yes… There is no such thing about the twin flame connection sex diminishing.  This connection allows making love and having sex to happen inside of everyContinue reading “Dear Twin Flames what’s in the box!”

Dear Clark, I want to find my twin flame….

Dear Clark, I am writing you because I feel there is something deeper out there for me to find, I want to experience a love that I know I was meant for… How can I find my twin flame? Clark:  You cross paths with your twin flame more than you know yet, this happens insideContinue reading “Dear Clark, I want to find my twin flame….”