How to heal pain in truth! Feb Healing series Pain and Suffering..

bruce lee teacherHow is pain healed in truth?


The post and radio show is dedicated to Ego (your mind)…



If you live in worry, doubt, afraid, or judge other people or feel judged, it tells you that you are attacked by being yourself or attack others from this same very place, or afraid to trust others, don’t trust yourself, always need proof of whatever it may be, only believes only when it is convenient for the sense of self, fails to follow up, refuses to practice what it preaches, needs to be rescued, wants to be the victim, beats up on the self, needs to be right all the time, continues to hold onto what doesn’t work. Then the root of the ego doesn’t want you to know this but it is all a lie, how else do you break free from lies that are keeping the pain hostage? The ego is the place that lies are created as the mind reader of what other peoples thinking keeps in front of you where in truth no one told you any of it!


How many times do we fear to tell the truth in fear of the trouble it will bring? Do you see the core error of what pain is in truth!  This is what the ego does to ensure the pain will stay in place as fuel for the beginning statements that create all lies of the self!



How pain is the fuel for the ego to keep the pain alive!   Pain interpreted by ego started long before you knew what thinking was in truth, and in this truth the ego took this as a means to be yourself in a self that was going to be convinced of it’s power to keep you as both entities incarcerated as the warden and inmate of yourself keeping you from your soul.



This prohibits the truth about the light you are in truth. You are this truth of the light you are in all things, to include the darkness that keeps you from your true essence.  You know this inside yet your sense of self derives from the ego to keep you protected.  Protected from what exactly?


What needs to be protected? What is it that you are protecting and why? Then the how’s will be found out, then the what’s will be found out, then the where is pointed to inside you to state this as a place that we needed this to begin with.


Pain is a great teacher of the truth, the truth that you are not alone, never alone, but the ego will make sure you know this is a not a truth, and it starts with what is going on outside you as the ego will make sure you see this outside! Never inside you!


Do you see the core in truth in this, or do you see the darkness and still try to translate what that darkness is from the ego that will make sure a lie comes to you instead!


Pain is a great awakener!  In the pit of your stomach it tells you to not go down the dark alley yet the mind says it doesn’t look all that dark.. Then you step on nails the whole way down the alley and then your thinking says I told you so, and the pain in your stomach says nothing, it just hurts cause all the receptors in your feet are taking on the pain.  Get it?  This is vibrational to the core of light you are, never do you follow your feelings in the pit of your stomach and have been drawn to things in ego cause they will harm you cause you didn’t listen to your sense of self.


What do you do when you are seeking answers you try and translate the reasons you give yourself about anything in the mind, and when you come across what you don’t do you do it anyway because the ego says it will be one way or multiple ways.  Which gives you the truth the feeling of what comes from your stomach or the thinking your ego has?  When you stop telling lies for example the ego will step in and give you fear from the pain it is using to make sure the truth can’t set you free. It will make this powerful so you don’t even see the truth in the outcome for yourself!   Who is this useful for? Who taught this to you? Who gave you permission to follow this inside yourself?  Was it your sense of self that was derived from ego?


How do you heal your pain in your mind when the pain doesn’t originate from the material the mind made it out to be?



Love deeply,


Lois and Clark


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Madness of Twin Flames

Twin Flame Madness….

During the moment you encounter this connection a shift happens in you that shows you Forever.. This is often the euphoric stage of the connection that is always going to be there until mind noise is activated.. As this happens something else comes to light, the activation of the truth about what you have been doing and how you interact in the world of form.. This relationship or union as it were, is filled with a subtle underlying connection that is always going to be in effect as though of the pull to the other person outside you. This is the error of what this means as it comes to how we have always had a relationship or a connection.

The lens we see through when it comes to how we view the world, and how we survive in it alone brings about a very powerful light, that will uncover the lies we have kept, as a way to be in the world. This light is within you and has always been within you. It has had shadows cast upon it which for this understanding we will call the shadow. The shadow of the former self is always there.. It was created from the place of what has always been something you adjusted to, this adjustment is to see from the voices in the head and allow them much control over who you are outside. This conflict becomes ever so present in this connection. It is there to show you how skewed the view of being human has gone from the time we were able to think as a way of being. This will serve you into such a dire pain and the digression will be for the spite of not wanting to go inside to see the truth about why you viewed it in the degree you did.

As you ascend into this understanding and this eye opening experience you will self project utilizing words that would be chaser or runner.. These are the false dynamics of the way you have been in your existence.. As you get to see each other in this light you will have a choice to see deeper into the tragedy in beauty that this did to you as a being, a human being.
The being of light you are is then shown how to change any and all dynamic.

You will be fearful to let go of any and all pain, for the pain to let go will give the pain a sense of survival mode as it were as food for the ego or mind to keep this as a state of thinking that it is outside that the problem exist. This is the greatest magic trick for it takes you far away from what the connection was in bliss.. You thinking and how you interact in the world is the illusion of why you are or aren’t together. A great void this leaves for it is an empty pain with no real truth. It tries to give you the pain to rebirth you and you elect to suffer through this as a need or a want.. and as you seek outside to find resolution or seek outside making this about the twin you will suffer greatly. Yet the greater the suffering or pain the greater the connection has something more miraculous to birth within you.

How would you experience this connection without removing the labeling the mind has done or the love the ego kept you from within yourself if you just don’t let go? How will you experience the telepathy that we are able to experience, the depth of the heartbeat of your twin beating in sync with your own. You can have glimpses of this for moments but you will always be seeking to find out why it disappears from inside you. It disappears because of the unexplored places in you that you have refused to accept within yourself and within the depth of what causes you to have moments of unconsciousness in thinking and seeking an outside understanding as to what it means.

What if I never experienced this without ever being able to share with you here what this truly can give you when you go into yourself. What if there was no seeking the truth about yourself because you found it to painful to see inside the pain to see that you now have the power to control not just your understanding of what you experienced but how you played a part in how you can now heal what is always there for you to heal by giving permission to yourself.

I have no lies to give you to lead you to your twin, only what I found that gave us the point of no return in connection that blissfully birthed in our connection. We did this from a place that was created in birth.. maybe even in death.. As energy we didn’t seek a mind way of connection we did so without the mind and that energy came in and out of many existences to become finally self aware.. that is what this reunion is to become self aware in consciousness of what the connection is that can stay in the honeymoon period for all eternity. This isn’t about what was is given in the stars of the universe but in the universe of the self that is daring you to go to the places untravelled in you to see this for yourself.

The power of being human can be challenged to the super human level when you are combined with yourself then enabled within your twin. You first though.. don’t make this about your twin, for you are your twin as much as your twin is you. As you calm yourself in the truth of what is being said here.. allow the humble love that is going to take you into this pain to show you the connection and it’s pain that you need to accept in love and no longer judge, criticize, attack, blame, mistrust, misuse or label what pain is.. For as a child you never saw this as pain coming into the abundance of love.. The abundance of love is found in the air you breathe and in the same intelligence gave your heart the beating it does while all the other things in life continue to go on this is the sink of truth.

Pain wants you to trust in what it wants to birth in you when do you see this by bringing it into the light… What stays in the dark is more than suffering, it is madness!

Love deeply my friends, even if you don’t have your twin there is something to be embraced about your pain that can free you to find the love of all existence it is just inside of you and your love you carry.

This Valentines Day allow this to be the deepest love you can give… By giving it to yourself first that way you know what you are giving to others when you say you love them!


The Story of Pain…. Healing Series Pain & Suffering!

I-Am-PhrasesThe Story and the Story teller…..



How do we keep the pain alive?  Even to nurture it is found in what we do when we experience pain and start to replay the story of how that pain was endured..  This pain is residual pain that is there as a means to create the space for suffering.. the suffering is the only way this can be the nurturing factor of pain.


When we are alone for example the role in which we play is the victim in this the result of the story that we are going to endure a happy beginning and a very painful ending.. Is this your story? Is this what you do to keep the pain alive?  We make statements of not being loved and replay a mental movie to make this true.  What does this energy do that is created in the story in the world of form?  What does it give you?  It gives you the pain you endured and sometimes it is amplified more because we now have this as our lie to keep the pain alive…


What if the story was rewritten, not in what your mind tells you about the story that is, but in your being of truth in being which is no story at all.. Just a moving truth in energy!


We asked the question who would you be without your pain…  The pain is only a pain.. it births you into being more awake… When you experience pain why add the story to what that pain is to keep the pain alive?  If you identity your pain with a story.. this creates the story to keep the pain which is what is called suffering…  When you suffer it is because of the story of pain.. Is this not a fact?


When you watch someone in pain.. Watch as the witness of the pain get greater in the story they share with you.. Many of times this happen’s and we don’t stop to see the suffering and not extend a hand to hold them when they do.  The story will lessen somehow, not because we didn’t listen but because we did so and absorbed this within them and take this within yourself. This to can either keep the story alive for them or give them a different view of the story because you accepted them and their pain threw it!


iamBeing vulnerable to allow someone this release of the story is never going to end the story teller in any of us, only we have the power to do this.  We do this by choice, we do this by breaking the conditions that were met to end the story for the story teller in the mind to continue.  The ego is a brilliantly beautiful story teller.  It directs you in a way that keeps this story alive within you.  The core of the story is not pain anymore it is residue of the pain that is already within you.  Scraping the bottom of the barrel of pain to the place where the words once said were in place to endure the consequences of a past pain to keep for later.  This residue is the spots we have that remove any chance of pure light and keep us in the dark of our story to keep hidden from the world.  The world is going to evolve to make sure this dark reach of the universe within you sees pain.. a pain that is no more true as it is that time stands still.  If you see this your mind will say yes but…  yes but is a lie you are telling inside to save some for later.. The path undefined is the path to what you would be without your pain in truth.  It is how you remove time, being timeless is the only cure for the story to end… For time is what is in place for the mind to catalog any story to bring it back to you when it seeks the self in pain.


This databank is corrupted… ever reinstalled software that came corrupted, or what about erased the hard drive to start a new… This is the end of any story right?  Who told you that you can’t erase the hard drive… How beautiful does your machine run if this is you in every moment?  To include this one!



Love deeply,



How we have kept pain alive and nurtured it…..

runningListen to my new episode Relationship Reinvented 2014 Healing Series F at #BlogTalkRadio


How does pain stay alive in you? Who would you be without your pain?  What story does it serve you in purpose?



Love Deeply,

Lois and Clark

Twin Flame! The truth to PAIN in Awakening!

SoulAwakeningThe following is a awakening conversation that was done that we were given permission to share…  It is in this awaking that something greater is spiked to illuminate those that have pain in twins and not seeing the total picture of it’s mirror effect!


Friend: Thank you for reading my question on your show – I heard alot of truth in all your answers xo


Clark: Awe

Anything else?  And again thank you so much for asking a question…


Friend: Some tears as I listened ultimately I know it is my truth I am avoiding – I am trying my hardest to build a relationship with someone who is wonderful but is not my twin & the more I walk this path the more I am moving away from my truth but honestly I don’t feel brave enough to leap, yet every day energetically I feel the pull. I have tried healing sessions with a wonderful healer to try & figure out the source of my pain but as yet I have no true source. It has made me stop doing healing on others bc I feel my purpose here is to assist others to their truth – if I cannot do this for myself first, how can I be of example to another?


Clark: You no longer make it a choice to be an example by speaking about what it is that wakes you… You go inside yourself and allow your actions to show them in your self in being!  This is how you guide my dear one… You have this beautiful love inside you that is going to birth you into pain to show you how.. You make this choice in the NOW



Friend: So I wait, for the pain to surface & rebirth me?


Clark: This pain is yours to call to my friend… It is not anyone else’s…. We will stand with you and hold you through it… that is what twins are here to do.. What you find on the other side will be more beautiful than you imagined…  You can see it in the now it is NOW to experience it!



Friend: I don’t know how to reach that pain love, when I think of it I cry  so ofc it is there but when I try to go into it, it disappears and all I feel is emptiness!


Clark: Perfect!  Stop there….What is the emptiness my friend?  Is it peace?  Do you deserve to feel peace?


Friend: No it isn’t peace it is nothing, a void, I no longer feel anything. The tears dry up but I feel no love either it is empty, In those moments I have asked to be shown but I get nothing, the void remains


Clark: My friend….  Have you ever been to space?  Or how about looked into the sky and saw space, the universe as it were?   When you look out do you see space to be.. or space that is confined to what this nothing is in the sky?


Friend: Space to be infinite that’s what I see – I feel beyond what I see!


Clark: That is nothing is it not?  This is the space created that is inside you to see the truth about your pain… this nothing is your love and it is vast… As you translate the word used here which is “nothing” where in truth it is “everything” You will not seek the mind in this place you will seek the peace that is there that is unshakable..  why not dive into nothing to experience everything?


Friend: I understand, within the void is the peace I search for – when ATM all I see is nothing. How tho do I transpose that into joy in my life?  I believe it comes down to my worth – or lack of self worth. When I know I am not in my truth entirely it makes me feel unworthy of love and praise for the person & healer I am. I feel dishonest…yet my twin returning to his marriage seemingly closed that door of truth for me if that makes sense – I am not angry at him but I feel we have abandoned our truth in doing so!


Clark: When you reach this inside the pain you experienced you come out of it holding deeply to the present moment… it is showing you the beauty that it is.. the choices you are inside of this love you have felt in your presence… The power of your presence is this awakening… You may find yourself smiling as though an infant who just came into the world.. and then when the thoughts try to translate it, watch your thoughts as though a mouse would a piece of cheese on a trap… don’t fall out of this.. pay attention to experience the world from the new eyes that nothing is wanting you to experience!   This is how rebirth happens… When you were born into the world you did this without thinking.. and the pain is wanting you to see this now.. You will be able to reprogram your thinking in this way.. It is not seeking a sense of self in thought it is seeking its way into being beyond it!


Friend: That is very inspiring to read ️


Clark: Self worth is measured by what you give yourself first, not what another can give to you.. It is mind made way of being, which started long before your twin was to cross your path the first time or second time or however it came into being.. This is how it is translated from a former experience of what pain you experienced and now are seeing it clearly… yet it being in front of you as it were.. It is like you lost your car keys for a car you no longer own… So you go with the car you got now and can’t find the keys for it either… this is not a truth.. it is a symptom that your mind has found a way to identity with a mental history of abandonment… that abandonment can be absorbed.  You no longer make this about him or the connection to him for you can’t connect to him or anyone else until you connect to yourself… do you see where this points?


Friend: So it is to feel my “I AM” presence beyond what my thoughts stipulate must be my presence – to know I am beyond thinking why I am?


Clark: You are infected with thinking… it is not your essence as you go into the pain and find nothing it is undiscovered by you to create the energy you are in truth until you stay there to create the love you are in truth!

You are beautiful… You are love… You are everything… You are nothing… this is a truth your energy is derived from a place of no mind.. why make the mind responsible for the truth of where you are this already!

This is always available to you in the NOW

ever driven someone where and were infected with thinking only to realize you didn’t pay attention to holding the steering wheel… haven’t heard anything on the radio… didn’t see the other drivers driving… didn’t see the position of the sun… didn’t see the dog on the side of road watching you go past… do you see everything?


Friend: Yes, When I was training with my mentor his favorite line to me was “get out of your head ” lol infected is true. I am confused a little – in layman terms when I reach that place of emptiness, I should stay there and allow myself to just feel? Is that what u are saying?


Clark: What is empty can be filled is this not a fact?

You are not your thoughts… You are more… Do you think that or did you feel that?


Friend: The driving analogy happens to me all the time I am always “off with the fairies” so to speak… Hmmm I feel I am more – why does that upset me? I cry when I feel this!


Clark: fairies or the voice in the head?  Ever felt your heart beat so strong you had to place your hand on your chest?  Does it happen all the time?

You cry because you don’t embrace this feeling you abandon it by thinking… what purpose has thinking shown you?


Friend: I just go somewhere not of here, where connection to everything is more pure – I feel and am oblivious to my surroundings!


Clark: Why not connect to all your surroundings…


Friend: Bc it doesn’t feel pure It feels earthly and awkward and draining.


Clark: What does?


Friend: My surroundings When I go off – I’m in a happy place – when I connect to my surroundings that happiness goes away and I feel heavy and drained!


Clark: what view do you have in this? what makes you happy?


Friend: When I go to my happy place often I feel connected to nature, I am noticing my surroundings but I am only allowing the beauty of it to penetrate me…when I “come back down” as it were it is usually bc someone is trying to talk to me or get my attention and I feel irritated It’s like I walk in two worlds – I know that sounds weird.   Going back to what you said about not embracing the feeling of being more – it’s almost like it terrifies me, the feeling of being more – like I am scared of it – I cannot understand why, I am scared of standing out alone, I am scared of judgement, of failure Please do tell me if you don’t have time to chat, I appreciate everything you have given me to consider so far


Clark: I am here, you are still seeking the energy of thinking vs being… what gives you peace what gives you love my friend?


Friend: Helping other people, nature, being understood, making a difference!


Clark: Do you give this to yourself as well?  The truth is You make a difference my friend… You make a difference in everything!


Friend: When (my twin) and I separated, we use to meet up once a month and walk through the bush – just walking together, the birds actually stopped to speak to us (I know that sounds crazy) we just walked as one and every issue, every concern disappeared – all that there was was love, no expectations, no right or wrong – and it was the most peace I have ever experienced I cannot seem to find that peace without him – I know I can, but I don’t know how!


Clark: My friend… a cardinal flew up to me when I was driving today…  it went right to a tree turned around and tilted his head to me…  I felt it.. I knew the conversation we had and why we had it… I am on path…  it is -8 degrees here.. the snow is everywhere and it is beautiful…  Why does moments to include this one, not concealed with a stronger message no matter what it is?   It is not weird, it is connected in deeper communication that needs no thought!


Friend: Yes exactly that is what we experience – and yes both of us have said that alone if we go to the ocean or walk in nature we can experience something close to it again too – but in my everyday life it eludes me, and honestly – that love, that peace, that joy is what I miss more than us being united.  I crave it


Clark: When you find the peace you find the flame that is burning.. then when you are burning brightly it will only spark your twin to do the same.. it doesn’t happen without this very thing…  The blue flame is then called to inside of you to ignite…

when you find that place where you can experience this without him is where you will burn brightly… it isn’t about him it is about what is in you this is the connection in how we connect in ourselves to connect to our twin


Friend: I feel the truth in that – I know the peace I search for must be found by myself alone and this is what separates us – the journey of discovery of this. I think that is why I crave it so bc I know it is the answer – I guess I am looking everywhere but within to find it huh


Clark: smh… Not alone.. Never Alone …. At one with the universe which is never alone!

no separation just embracing a connection that is deep within you


Friend: Did u do this through meditation or just taking more time out for yourself in nature?


Clark: I cried in pain my friend… a pain of what my truth was… I stood naked in the truth before everyone.. I didn’t hide even those I hurt that I ran from.. I faced all things ended and faced the place of pain that it caused.. I embraced it all.. with forgiveness of myself first…


Friend: You woke one day and just faced it all – spilled your truth like a dam bursts its walls? And just stood there feeling it all?


Clark: Yes the freeing truth is always painful and I cried and when I cried so hard one night I fell into a deep serenity of peace… I had lost everyone… To include both the women on this earth that could ever give me and all my lies covering the truth unconditional love…    I faced the annihilation of it!


Friend: Ah I see


Clark: For 60 days I cried and cried and cried some more… but the more I cried the more everything I had done and the pain I caused showed me to let go… to forgive…  to know what the truth in forgiveness was!

do you know what forgiveness is my friend to yourself?


Friend: That is what happened when we separated, I hit that point – and I did come out of it as you said with a rebirth – unimaginable joy even in sorrow – but it has all gone – I have built myself a life of sandcastles again!


Clark: Do you know what the truth in forgiveness is to yourself my friend?  Is it the typical forgive but don’t forget! How does that sound anyway?


Friend: I don’t even understand what it is to forgive myself.


Clark: That’s what’s missing my friend… that is why it keeps coming back!

your history can’t be shown in a life review from your guides without this.. It removes the conditions you have on yourself and what you will transmit to others…


Friend: So how do I even begin to comprehend what it means to forgive myself – honestly I can’t even connect to that thought or feeling.


Clark: Sure you can….  start with the beginning…. when was the first time you can recall in your mind that you abandoned yourself or were abandoned by someone who loved you deeply… from the very beginning and what did that pain say to you? what did that pain create in you?


Friend: Please do excuse me if I disappear, I am at work and if a customer comes in I will need to go, but I wanted to thank you for everything you have gifted me thus far<3  I have been through my memories trying to recall abandonment – and it always brings up a feeling of unworthiness in me like somehow I wasn’t good enough and that is why I felt abandoned


Clark: Who made you feel unworthy?


Friend: Friends at school


Clark: What about your parents?


Friend: My sister and our cousin


Clark: Was your father emotionally available to you?

Was your mother emotionally available to you?


Friend: My parents are very loving, but have always punished us by excluding us i.e. if you do something wrong you are given the silent treatment whilst the other 2 kids get alot of love and attention!


Clark: Ok stop there my friend!

You were excluded from things and then given silence in punishment…  What did you tell yourself inside when this would happen?


Friend: That I wasn’t good enough!


Clark: Did your parents tell you this?


Friend: No – it would be blah blah blah lecture on what we did wrong, then silent treatment whilst the other kids got loved up & they would smirk at you, I have a fear of doing things wrong not trusting myself! 


Clark: So you told yourself a lie which was… I am not good enough… I am not worthy of love…. I am “insert” what you say here…  Do you see in what it is that you need to forgive to release and heal your pain.. And then embrace the truth in forgiveness… When will you give yourself permission to give yourself the love that you didn’t receive and become your truth!


Friend: So I told myself the lie that I wasn’t good enough – and that is what has hurt me all this time?


Clark: You had unconditional love from your parents and yet experienced conditions that you placed on yourself… what did this?  Your thinking!


Friend: Did u know my name means “worthy of love” it’s like it was the lesson I was born into!


Clark: Yes… and it is conditioned to be there when things don’t work out!


Friend: HOLLY CRAP!!! That makes a whole lot of sense, lol I am laughing at myself right now loll My thinking perpetuated my pain by thinking things that were untrue, telling myself lies so that if things didn’t work out I had something to blame


Clark: My friend… it goes deeper… into that space of nothing… you aren’t opening your eyes because your mind has still skewed you to the truth in seeing this as a means of survival of the same pain you experienced… In this remove your lies… one at a time.. as you feel pain, seek the lie in it… confront your lies.. tell your parents what you would say inside… reclaim your love in truth!  Yes, some seem to say your emotional body is separate than your thinking mind.. Which in truth your thinking is the reason you emotional body becomes effected in what it says as a way of being… this is not the truth!


Friend: I could never understand why when I know my parents love me so much, why I felt such pain about my childhood – I even wrote them a letter when I was 9 telling them I didn’t feel loved.  I was not a brat, not in a materialistic sense, but I honestly felt unloved no matter what they did



Clark:  This is the truth in finding your truth on the rocky path… Breaking the laws of conditions that have held you from yourself to cement any connection when you are truly in this truth.. True love in truth finds true love..  Do you see how that is the truth?


Love deeply




Healing series Feb 2014: What is the cost of PAIN?

lifes teacher

The cost of lying and hiding! The cost of this admission is pain!

One of the most prominent causes of pain emotionally is the pain of not letting something go or not let go because it is kept inside.. When we hide we are lying to ourselves. This hiding is a factor of acceptance. I can’t tell anyone for I am already seeing the judgement in myself therefore any other judgement is going to add to this pain.

Pain is great motivation to play a role in what you are in your existence, it will help to keep the suffering silently yet with such an energy it never tires, for it to tire would mean that it no longer has power.. The most complete understanding one can embrace in pain is what that pain is and what is it telling them inside to prevent them from seeing more clearly outside.

As your mind is captivated in pain it sees this seductive energy to exist that says I can see unhappiness all around me, You will see the sadness in everything. This is especially a humble moment when you are alone and see the alone and unhappiness as sadness of the pain that you experience and state it as a self in what you see yourself in. You feel anxiety and misery to suffer in. You look at yourself and the story is there to tell you what you are.. You are now stuck in the role that pain is motivating to stay in this energy. As you get opportunities to be with others you will go but the hidden place of what you are going through inside isn’t spoken about, for you feel ashamed… This shame is the lie we keep to keep ourselves locked in pain. Is this necessary? Is this giving you space to love in the abandoned setting of the self that is pain in what you state and what you experience.

More often than not we also suffer in pain from not standing in the circle of love we are all the time, time in this regard is what hinders this from always staying in our truth. from this moment to the next we make this about a way of thinking.. As a gas can thinking can pour itself on the flame of love we are and cause an almost regret effect.

So what do you do to stop the lying and the hiding, you have to accept the truth about pain, we all have it and we all hide it, when you share you realize this and realize you are no longer alone you are also now in the depth of yourself to the connection that shares itself with every human being on this planet. Where there is shame this is pain concealed to it in a place that hurts from the past and is sticking around to revolve in the future. This is most enlightening when you see it real time.

Every degree of pain has a purpose, it is not there to make you suffer it is there to help you connect to yourself inside of the pain. Have you not gotten this yet… Have you hurt yourself and tended to the pain as you were hurt, things you did as you took care of yourself became healed.. This is not the same as emotional pain.. we look at it as though it is unable to be healed under the same energy, but you will look at any wound and take care of yourself to stop the bleeding as it were. As you make choices in pain you do so out of pain, as you think your way of doing something out of the pain, you do so in pain which makes the choice to find more pain more prominent. This is the rebelling factor about abandoning yourself while in pain. You see this as a means to think yourself away from it, thinking it away only to spend more and more moments on the same pain thus giving it power. Power to stay in pain, what if the only to heal the pain was to do as you did with the wound you had? Do you see the power of this? Pain is a very important part of being human without it the depth of what you experience would not give you the depth in love you can achieve. The love is selective in pain for it is there to say you can choose me I am here I will embrace you back but the pain is there to make you think your alive and the pain doesn’t feel good at all… One will give you peace the other non peace.

Think about any pain you recently experience or keep experiencing. What is it about this pain that you have not accepted? What is it about this pain you haven’t embraced inside to clean it for any type of infection? What is it about this pain that you don’t want anyone to see this scar you carry?

What is the cost that this pain gives you and keeps on giving to you? Is your mind stating this pain is all you ever need? What else does the mind tell you when it comes to pain? Does the mind know what suffering is? Has your soul told your mind what it is?

The truth about the pain is the truth that is inside the pain not as your mind will show it to you but what your mind doesn’t tell you about the pain.

Love Deeply,






What is pain… it is a call to something within you that is either causing you to feel to cause mental or physical distress or discomfort.   Illness or injury….



When we are in pain we don’t treat it like an illness or injury we instead endure it as a means to suffer.  We speak to numerous beings who are in pain and then deny their pain as a way to keep it around, this need to keep the pain is something we all think we need to have to keep us from more pain not seeing that this in itself is giving us that pain.


Here is where we are inside that we are responsible for pain…  Ever burned yourself before? What did you do? Did you shake your hand and the pain lessened somehow?  Or what about just kept going on with what you were doing?  Yet, the pain seemingly got less over time!  Did you take care of it, by getting ice, or washing it off, and putting ointment on it.  This teaching has been around for ages and yet it seems we continue to do this when the pain is mental to!  We didn’t see that we are caring for our pain and thus allowing it to keep us in the pain itself.  The art of suffering!  When we are scared from pain physically it stays as a reminder to show us what we endured.. We keep the story as a part of us, we do this in mental pain as well!


What does this do to you when you are sad, it ignites the pain you see how this is the scar effect we create a story of what we endured… the scare can’t be seen but we see it and make it a part of us..  Pain in this light has a different meaning as we tell our story we also relive it.  Who is this for?  What does it give us in truth?  It gives us a random painful view of life as we live it to endure this as we do anything else.  We even keep it as a part of expectation.  I just want someone who will not hurt me is the same as saying I will find someone who will hurt me..  the hurt keyword is activated in what you will find from just stating the obvious.  What about I want pure love?  You see it is a completely different thing that we are asking for.  It hurts doesn’t it?  Why does it hurt and why does it seem we make this choice to find the words to keep those same things from happening to us. Which in essence is bringing that to you!


When you hurt from inside your tears flow, not from the pain mind you.. but from the release of a pain that is deep within you.  These tears should be more of what the rain does when it washes away our pain… not contain it or save it for a later time.  When we discover the truth about our pain we are released from it.  This birth in process gives us much to love inside as we create space for that love to grow.  Expansion is not seen in love in this way, not because we make it a choice but because we don’t make this choice available to us.


Throughout this month we will discover where pain originates from and what it wants us to birth from it.  This truth is one of the hardest to stay within because who would we be without pain?


Love deeply,

Lois and Clark

Parentless Abandon…

simbadadwakeupParentless Abandon…..

As we embrace the truth about abandonment we also realize that the most vital part of our journey happens when we are brought into the world. In this world we vest in our first true place of connection in the relationship we have with our biological parents. Of this we find that we truly never see how we find ways to abandon ourselves. Here is an example… As a child even at an early age we were taught not to touch things.. or use to much energy in this I was the wild child.. Placed on Ritalin. This was a drug that as a description was what I was given…

Methylphenidate is used as part of a treatment program (including psychological, educational, and social measures) to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – ADHD. It can help increase your ability to pay attention, stay focused on an activity, and control behavior problems. It may also help you to organize your tasks and improve listening skills. This medication is also used to treat a certain sleep disorder (narcolepsy). Methylphenidate is a mild stimulant that is thought to work by changing the amounts of certain natural substances in the brain.

They have since changed this to Adderal… which is the same but maybe less….

It reads as follows…
This medication may cause withdrawal reactions, especially if it has been used regularly for a long time or in high doses. In such cases, withdrawal symptoms (including severe tiredness, sleep problems, mental/mood changes such as depression) may occur if you suddenly stop using this medication. To prevent withdrawal reactions, your doctor may reduce your dose gradually.
Along with its benefits, this medication may rarely cause abnormal drug-seeking behavior (addiction). This risk may be increased if you have abused alcohol or drugs in the past. Take this medication exactly as prescribed to lessen the risk of addiction. Do not increase your dose or use this drug more often or for longer than prescribed. Properly stop this medication when so directed.
When this medication is used for a long time, it may not work as well. Talk with your doctor if this medication stops working well.

Now, I am no doctor, nor would I claim that this is purposeful to myself or any other human being, but I can state the obvious… When we become isolated and told we can’t focus, we become isolated, by being asked to be in control, and be controlled by others. What does this do to your sense of self if you don’t know how to communicate what is happening to the voice in the head that we are told to have… Remember getting in trouble and being told to think about your actions.. Yet, when you did what did to get into trouble, you clearly weren’t thinking at all… The outcome of this is that you now will think about the consequences and somewhere inside you is a seed that will be planted for how you view the outside world, and how you are treated within it.… Now if you would have asked me then, what I was feeling, and why I was constantly out of control! It wouldn’t have made sense, that I was out of control because I was always being controlled. This wasn’t a bad thing but when you are placed in this state of being… Here is what the result would look like. If I would have been asked why I was all over the place, I would have not been able to hear anything I was too busy being a ball of energy… Yet, for breakfast I had 2 bowls of Cap’n Crunch and 3 cups of hawaiian punch.. (yes a child running on pure sugar….) I played with all of my toys, and my brothers toys, and I just wanted to play… Heck I was only 5. Yet if I did something wrong threw a toy at my brother or broke the toy… It was a devastating truth that I was beat or smacked.. Now this will only translate into something that creates a behavior in me and a thought process that enabled the behavior…. Now I see this, as I didn’t feel loved, I felt hurt, Yet, what did I do that was the cause and effect of this? When we hurt, and can’t find our way to express the words that are impacting us, at such a young age.. We have to tell us something inside as a reason why those things happened… We scream, and cry, and then the whole I am running away words come to us to give us much needed protection or understanding… It was a way of defense, or a way of crying out… You see how this was? Just a way to use the mind for something that was already dark in nature with no true understanding of it other than it was taught from my parents parents from their parents.. We are all infected with this.. We become isolated in thinking about our actions and what those actions caused us in return…the beginning of a lie….

At about 8 years old was taken off Ritalin, and was way out of control.. to focus was hard because I was detoxing… and then I just felt lazy all the time.. I didn’t understand why I had no desire to play sports, to do things that were team oriented… at this point I had a lie in me that told me I was always going to disappoint people and I was unworthy of any type of privilege let alone to play with no abandon… Shortly there after my father stopped coming home to visit, but when he did, it was a full on report of all the bad things I did.. And he was the punisher, or the corrections officer of my choices, and of my doing things that were not with the rules….

I remember being stuck in a hallway at a desk facing the wall trying to do a math problem that I didn’t understand and was told I was stupid this was said repeatedly to me… and for hours I sat…. I relived and replayed this moment in my head, most of my life.. The feeling that happened to me in that moment and the thought process that was stricken inside me. I was forever abandoned by myself and my choices… I tried to be smart.. I tried to be logical.. Yet it would seem I would bore easily with simple task, or even complex task… I actually was pretty smart as I learned differently… I could learn by chaotic listening which is not normal by any stretch. Sitting at the table though… what I was saying inside myself was that I was worthless, I was unworthy of love, I was never going to amount to anything, I would never be able to take care of myself. I let everyone down… I was stupid, and the most powerful I wish I was never born… My parents would still be together if I was not those things mostly the last one…

The power of thinking is found in this and what it meant in my being… I no longer trusted my own choices or my actions or anything that my parents stated what they would say to me… I was on the lonely island of rebellion and survival is all it came down to.

I hurt… I was deeply wounded burying my root which was the truth… NO words would work… cause no one was listening, no one could hear me… What does this do to a child who is going to be in effect in this line of thinking for the next 30 years???
It will create lies in a life in reality that self worth was none… love was completely evasive and yet inside this child which was abandoned by the being that was growing was to be ignored. Everything was about the physical, everything was about the dream to protect to project and keep the box inside him hidden… It all was hidden in the box of what I told myself, no one else could feel.. No one else was hearing my thinking… Yet I could see the box in other people.. The place where they are lost, The dot on their heads that kept them from seeing how connected they were and the lies that are they holding onto that they created to keep themselves going. I was broken…SHATTERED inside the broken…

This was about the parentless existence I created it was about the parentless lie that I created to hide yet keep the pain… and to keep the pain alive through suffering. I always felt I was going to endure pain and that pain did find me almost every time. Every glimpse of true love I found.. love showed me true pain… If it wasn’t from something or someone outside me, it was always by something I did to create my own pain… I never realized I had given myself permission to suffer.. This permission was my own abandonment of myself.. When this became my truth the lies of what was my truth had to be gone into deeply to see this clearly…. It was abandonment, not from everyone outside me that tried to get me to see that they were not going to abandon me with love, but because I was already deep inside abandoning myself….

Abandonment is this… A lie that keeps us from our truth that we can’t abandon what we feel! Our mind can trap the emotion to give you the lie you need to abandon what you feel.. When you do this, you have silently given everyone else the energy to do what you have done to yourself! Abandon yourself….

Love Deeply,


Twin Flame Discussion….



We have an archive of us with our United Twin Flames to answer the truth to what this connection is in relationship…

We did a show this evening…  Take a listen!  We love you and we are here… we are listening!

Love Deeply,
Lois and Clark

Deep stand in connection! Are you Awake? Are you sure?


52770-The-Best-Dreams-Happen-When-You-Are-AwakeDear Clark,


Can you write anything about the consciousness shifts that may go on during what could perhaps be final reuniting phase?  what I am experiencing could be some sort of awakening symptoms, or it could be related to feeling “him” more and more IN me… when we first got together 8 years ago, it was like I entered another dimension for a year– I was having major energetic shifts in my body when I meditated at night… and my awareness softened, and the outer wold faded away….


This is sort of a “cry for help”– as something deep inside of me is telling me that the wackiness I am feeling in my physical body (like I am submerged under water), and the odd-ness I feel in my awareness, are actually some sort of final phase of surrender, or merging… AND, I KNOW you can’t tell me what is true for me, but please, if I have been at this journey for over eight years, should I be at the point in our separation where I am thriving in my life?– OR, for you, or others, has there been a point, closer to full Union, where everything feels a bit haywire in my body, and my consciousness feels pretty close to crazy if I am not focusing on the love I feel for him?


like, it’s not like I miss him, or need him, or feel sad in my heart for him like I used to… it’s mostly just this awareness of focusing my love on him, or not focusing my love on him (ie, doubting this TF connection)– AND, more and more, it seems like anytime I do spend in doubt energy i feel close to crazy/or totally blocked up in my life- like, almost like I need an occupational therapist to even get up and clean a spoon off to get my son ice cream, or make his lunch……


and, if what I am feeling has nothing to do with the Twin Flame journey- I can handle that too!:)




Almost Awake…



Dear Almost Awake….


The consciousness of not being without your twin has been titled as this is your life… this feels singular and yet it is not.. You are no more apart from your twin than you are conscious of what you can see inside of your twin.  The times spent being inside yourself is the place that you have always been with your twin.  The moment you become quiet inside and feel them you send them a vibration whether they know it or not.. the more unconscious the twin is the more they won’t however as you find this as your peace the more serene in the connection that it will awaken ones twin.


We spend our time here… looking in a mirror and have a very abstract view where we only see the outside.. we can’t see what is driving our animation or it’s place of origin that connects us to what is always going to be there through this door or by truly seeing what the inside of us is asking us to pay closer attention to.  As a conscious being.. you have a place inside you that derives energy.  We made it science and then are still baffled by what the inside of us could teach us..


When we are connected to our twin my friend… such as a beginning phase in your case it was a year..  It was that you consistently stayed in the moment.. you didn’t seek time where time was only standing still and you were creating art as it were.   You can have these moments because now you know that when you were in them you were in a state of no mind.. no mind is a very powerful awakener… It will not seek any way of thinking only the way of being.  This brings out a beautiful you that is always lurking when your thoughts have captured you and held you hostage.  As we aspire to let go.. what is in letting go… Letting go means no longer seeking yourself in time.. whether it be what was or will be.. It is what truly brought the energy of our connection to be stronger to one another.. I held it and didn’t seek her any longer I just stayed in the place where our connection was most powerful the place of no mind..  The mind needs or wants in human.. yet beyond human the connection doesn’t need or want for anything it just is… It is most beautiful in this experience for it doesn’t need a choice to do this or be that.. It blossoms a conscious state of truth that keeps you connected.


The voice in the head dwindled and it didn’t seek anything for it was now immersed in knowing… I knew without knowing that I knew…  This magical feeling deep within me kept me so peaceful and full of love I revealed in all it’s glory and all it’s passion… I felt free…


I found the place where before death and after birth consumed me.. and I surrended to it.. I realized I could give the most incredible amount of love without seeking an opposite.. No need for a return just as breathing was giving of me I was giving this of love in all things…  Euphoric was this state of being.. and when I would see or talk to her.. It vibrated in a place inside of her and me that kept calling to the connection itself.  Although when this happened there was still much for us to experience and go through in trials as for thinking it always found a backdoor and another and in when it was time for a pure communion in union we had to be washed this thinking and to see it more clearly in each other for it to finally be something we both had to love about each other… This door doesn’t open until you find that core place of being without time.  You see how the energy interrupts connection in human and can see how that interruption doesn’t effect beyond human nor how it makes it into a life situation that separates anything…


One day we all will stop thinking before we die…to die before we die… although this is becoming more and more present in moments it is very rare to find someone who doesn’t live entirely in their mind…  When it does though this will be the place where peace and connection to all the lost loves will find there true connection…



The submersion of being under the water my friend… when I would dream during my awakening I was at the place where the tree of life was and was filled with a big open field and an ocean… night after night I would go there and wait… It was not before to long that I started to become attached to going there in my slumber… Little did I realize how much I was being given messages from being….  It wasn’t until I dreamed I was in the middle of the ocean did I start to feel I was just going to drown…  I went to the bottom of the ocean my friend… as I did I was shown a life review of how I interacted with everything… As I would go deeper and deeper… I could feel the tree of life and it’s roots of what was being shown to me in energy… how the water of the ocean was growing the tree… and how the stillness of what was deep in the center when I finally got there I felt pure life that was lifeless… I was home… I remember that night I didn’t wake for almost 14 hours yes prior to the dream I cried for what seemed like days… I knew something greater was trying to show me something.. when I woke I was no longer hearing what I had to do that day or what I needed to do or wanted to do… It left me as though I was completely left to drown in the need and wants and they were removed… I felt the vibrations in my heart that I could hear her even laughing, talking to herself in her head.. I could feel everything… I did rebirth in my rebirth.  You see I was holding everything inside my friend… I had lost her inside my head which is exactly what I had to do to never lose her again… We make up a make up of what we think someone is… this was a false sense of self I needed to let go of on top of all the lies I told myself for all the reasons my mind told me I had to keep inside.  It was there that I found my root.. all of the root.. as pure as it was.. it was still an infant.. so I began again… with death inside of me I found the peace and calmness that death brought me by not seeking myself in a thought process any longer.


Yes I had hurt her to a point that by all rights we in human would never be together… but the truth was that I told the truth and let the cards fall where they were.  This was very powerful and immeasurable in pain.. but that pain was always chasing me it was my thoughts that created the suffering to have some pain now and save some for later… so I was always hurting myself with my own lies.. we all do this as a way to get past something whether it be a great pain that we experienced from our parents as we grew into the world or how we interpreted something and started rebelling never seeing that we created an energy that was based on what was always outside of us…  I wish there was magic that could take away this cause and effect for if we could truly see this without thinking it away and embrace it we would all endure the great pain that truly wakes you to your truth.


If I would have not found that place my friend… every action that I have experienced since this would have made me unconscious again.. but when you are in the deep of the now in connection to your twin you can see the energy they are trapped within and only through the pure compassion that you possess can you keep this energy in you to infect them…   I am not sure if any of this made sense to you… but if you dig deep you will find that there is a truth to the truth that you are never not connected only the mind makes it this way because of what we haven’t seen in a human mind to experience the connection in truth that the voice in the head is going to tell you why it’s not….



The voice in the head is what needs removed here… Your breaking through it won’t matter where you go, You do however continue to go inside to find what you think will make you sane for sane is what the mind is saying you need… Yet it is only more food for the mind and not the connection…. Stay in the moment for that is where you are basking in the glow of the break through.. whether it is with your twin in physical or not.. This one thing brings you through first in connection!  Without it… You will need to lose your mind to find yourself!


Love deeply for that is where you are Awake!