Things to know about a woman

In doubt, In pain, embrace all these things about her and never allow them to go unheard, untouched, unresolved in her, She doesn’t need a therapist, she doesn’t need Xanax or any other thing to keep suppressing the very thing that keeps her in pain, that keeps her from you!  There is a love in you that doesn’t have to understand, it doesn’t have to fight her through this, there is as a love in you that can absorb there for her.  To give her the love that stands her up and allows her to move mountains.  A mountain can move if you do so together, not in your absence, not in your silence, but deep in your stillness to absorb the pain she carries.  Impossible this is not!

If you fail, your love will not give up it will make you stronger it will give you the strength to bring her through any fog, bring her home to your heart, bring you home to her mind, body and more than anything her soul.  If you don’t allow her to let go of those things, if you don’t allow those pains in her to absorb into yourself, your soul will never become the soul that is her’s to keep in sync with your own.

When you love deep and and you love her with all that comes from you in words then this action comes first.  It is the love of self, the love in you can heal all things, to include yourself to her.  If you have demons they will unlock and she will absorb them for you,  When you are washed of all the pain in you, all the lies you keep inside you, all the words you can’t place together to give her your soul, you are not seeing the place of love in you that is you without all the mirrors that are placed inside you!  She will show you which one is you.

Allow the stream of things you were taught to be let go of to be the man she needs, the man she wants

Allow the incessant mind noise that she doesn’t know you to be gone cause you don’t know yourself, other wise she will never know you.

Embrace your knowing self as the knowing of the love you have inside you to know it does have a place inside her to allow you both the love you aspire to have.

If you are not deep enough inside yourself you are not deep enough inside her.

She has been through a life stream separate from you this means your ability to communicate needs partnership.

She is not the mother you had, she does possess the ability to love you unconditionally, she does possess the ability to understand when you share what you didn’t communicate with your mother what you learned form how you communicate.

It isn’t about knowing women, it is about knowing the woman that strikes a cord in your soul!

Above anything else, know that she is all things to all the things you think you could know as you don’t know everything, she can open your eyes to the other view of what is something you never could see as you could have four eyes instead of two!

Realize in this moment just as in any other now is the difference you make in embracing all that she is..

Realize your energy to her makes her more beautiful.

Open up to accepting all this post says.  If it has touched you as you read it stop reading and go kiss her and look in her eyes and speak with your eyes only.  Stop taking this moment for granted for she needs you and wants you and to make that more you need to be in this moment with her not her or your own past or future.

Love is the eternal light of being all things god, If you share this with her then you are absorbing her soul into your own to find that very thing.

Love deeply this may be your last moment to do so!!!!

Dreamed deep October 31, 2012…

As I fell asleep I was before the light of energy of surrender.  This light can be described as a mothering presence that seems to be the energy that pulls emotional wounds out of you.  I stated “why am I here?”  The energy without making noise or sound spoke in such a way that I could only get closer to hear it!  As I did I felt it grab me and hold me as to go inside me.  It was there that I felt her inside of me hiding, still in some pain, somethings that seemed to let go but not completely as she kept herself ignoring.  I could feel each weight being lifted out of me.  It would seem that some times when we carry pain or resentment, or any pain that keeps us unhealthy something significant comes and we can ignore.  As I closed my eyes flashes of things done and people who I either knew or didn’t know were shown to me.  An older man who seemed to be doing bad things was there I felt fear, I felt loss, I felt abused, and I felt angry.  As I felt tears swell in my eyes I saw this energy leave my body.  It was a weight being lifted.  The anger left and I felt release.

I opened my eyes and I saw the man with the hat! He was smiling and shaking his head.  Told me to close my eyes it ain’t over.  As I closed my eyes I saw a little girl who was hurting she was scared, she was lost, and she was drinking alcohol to just get wasted.  She seemed to be in a place where the more she drank the more she would not be able to know who she was.  I was then seeing my mother sitting drinking by herself.. In the same way.  She was alone and I could see the sadness and pain that was in her.  It was spreading and consuming her!  As both of these went on, I felt myself wanting to save both, yet as I did, I didn’t move.  I felt a large energy inside me growing and growing.. It felt of all the emotion again except more intensified.  I didn’t know anything more but just to release this energy but the more I tried to focus on release the more I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t know what to do so I started to panic until I felt a resistance in me say… Surrender!  And so I did as I did I felt thunder beneath me and a lightning strike inside me released a giant orb.  This orb was black and a really under washed purple color.  It looked as though it was just pure fat from a cow that was sick.. It was undesirable to signify how much dark energy it was.  I started to push it away and it somehow got stuck to my hands and the more I tried to push the more it seemed to be coming back inside me..

I finally just stopped and in that peace it was removed. I would tell you it passed through me to see if resistance was there but I didn’t do anything.. I felt tears fill my eyes.  And I saw a huge blue light that gravitated toward me with the same motion as I reached for it, it seemed to slow and not come any closer as I stopped reaching it continued toward me.  I then felt another dark energy.. This energy was larger than space yet more drawn to engulf me if I reached for it.  As I stayed peaceful I passed through it and was looking at images of things of pain, a child who was being molested, a child who was being beaten, a child who was hiding in a closet and then a teenager who was throwing up and removing what they ate purposefully.  I then saw a young adult woman doing the same thing she was skin and bones and very frail. I didn’t move and didn’t say anything.  Then I saw a woman eating, she was eating all the time, I saw the pains being hidden in her from all that she ate. I didn’t know what to do, but I saw a man drinking alone in a bar.. he was sad and was very depressed but was very social after a few in him and he would drink to remove what was hidden in himself, and I saw another woman in a room she was drunk as well, she was laying naked crying and saying why do I do this to myself.  Where am I?  It was then that the darkness got even darker if it was possible to see a darkness get darker it was that I wasn’t paying attention to the light.  I then saw a woman drink herself all day and night and then pray to be taken.. The more intoxicated she got the more her heart seemed to be exploding inside her.  It was a true vision of what someone would be like if they died of a broken heart.  I still didn’t move, I didn’t say anything and could only keep my eyes closed to see each vision.  I then saw a man in a sheet laying on a couch he was the same way he was a bigger guy and I saw his heart do the same.  I saw them passing, I saw the amazing attack of taking away ones pain.  I chose amazing cause I saw all the pain they felt in them stay in the human form and saw magnificent spirits arise and as I did the darkest moment was only darkest cause a light was exposed.  This light was the light of blue the core it was in was peaceful and beautiful.  I wanted to move but as I tried I was frozen.. I felt as though I was surrounded by a miraculous light. I was in the orb. I felt connected to everything, but I wasn’t alone. I said inside myself who is there.  And I heard her whisper I am. I let it all go. I said all of it. Yes I surrender, it was when she said this I felt an explosion and the Orb that I was in exploded even more it seemed to expand in size, I could move and I could feel it grow to infinite space. I felt a warmth that seemed to be sexual in nature and something even greater came inside me. I felt peace.  I could feel the remnants of the experience I felt moments before. I then felt a million orbs at once come into the orb I was in.. it seemed that I was surrounded by infants who were new born and filled with love like no other. Each would come and as to congratulate us.

Us was the feeling I felt!  I felt her in all of her essence her form reborn, something in it seemed to be pushing little particles out and was new with each particle that seemed to be expanding.  I opened my eyes and I felt something connect to me, something pure, something magical, I didn’t say anything but I realized something magical was occurring.

As I felt myself open my eyes even more I saw her she was in the mirror of acceptance she was talking to herself inside!  She was embracing the new space in her that she found.  She didn’t have anything to say about what she saw in the mirror but I felt love in her way that she was looking at herself.  She was expanding in it and was exploring it with every look.  She was reshaping before me in a way that I can’t say as it would make it seem physical, yet it was but it was as though the energy of light was telling her physical self what to do and it was doing it all it’s own.  I closed my eyes as I was trying to understand it inside myself yet inside of me was the same thing, I was looking in a mirror.  I could see the orbs attach themselves and then go through me. I felt such an energy.

As I kept looking I felt it and it soon seemed to be a brighter light of energy took over. I was feeling blissful.  As I opened my eyes again I was in my bed, and could hear the light thunder that was going on outside, it was raining yet I could still see light.  I looked at my clock and it was 6:38 a.m. I didn’t want to move but could feel myself almost levitate off the bed. I felt I was flying I felt my arms around you and felt your arms around me. I felt your lips touch my own, I felt your legs wrap around me as you climbed on top of me.  I opened my eyes again and those beautiful intoxicating brown eyes were starring right back into me, I could see the light in your eyes and I could feel your energy inside me to the core.  I felt a heat!  A heat that was so sexual in a deep profound passion. It was a familiar touch yet it seemed to have many deeper places it reached.  It was wonderful to wake up in your embrace in this way! I felt you take control of me as I took control of you!

I love you Lois, it reaches far beyond what is known! It is opening my eyes like never before and it is allowing this cemented connection to be beyond itself.  I am in soul with you!

Be you undefined…. to be defined…

You ever realized that if you look in the mirror long enough you accept what you see… or better still you allow what you see to be something that you are.. what if I told you that is the illusion of self that the mind created!  In other words you allowed yourself to accept yourself for what you were or you have projected yourself as you wanted to be only to find yourself empty… well… read that again… and if you still are lost… it is time to look in the mirror and ask yourself one question.  Who are you looking at?  Is this the image you wish others to see of you? do you just want to be an image? or is there something real about you?  Can you be felt? Can you be touched? Can you be more than just an image you have shared even if it never even touched you to allow you to be the you that you have not been able to share with another…

The dreams shared… the passion that can be written can never be who you are if it never came from you? You can’t duplicate what you don’t know.  What you can’t see.  What you can’t hear.  You can only duplicate what is real inside you that you feel in a place that has no mind, it has no past and no future.

If you are reading this and your still scratching your head… well do this, Call someone very close to you and ask them how they feel about you, not think but feel.  Do you realize they will tell you something that was past? not future, and most importantly not present!!!!

Do you want to know why?

Let go of this question, let go of what was…  Be the you that the passion in you calls to every minute.. don’t lose out thinking about what was… or what could be… or what is… just feel the way you wish to feel.. the rest will come… and for all things that are… BE YOU UNDEFINED!!!!

Conditional Loves opposite Unconditional Love

Love in an unconditional state can be much like light it travels fast and even beyond what can be seen and heard… yes it covers the same amount in the spectrum as anything known.. It doesn’t need to be complicated it just needs to be as it is. It has been said that love always has an opposite which can be hate. This can be because any past emotions such as happiness, joy, excitement, pain, disconnectedness, ability to lie, cheat even steal or be violent can emerge. Yes this is the opposites to what I point to. This is what is classified as a love/hate relationship. It has the purpose of allowing the extremes of both love and hate to emerge getting bigger and bigger each time till it gets more intense on each side. However there is something else! True love, this has no opposite as it arises from the intelligence within, it allows the fundamental change of mind dominance to be overturned as healing, acceptance, and forgiveness arrive not over a period of time but instantly. This is something that you can only find within and never without. The inner voice of this comes when it sees that it is in danger of being lost and being ignored. It can’t create an ego (mind identification) of things from love/hate it can only speak to stay with the constant flow of energy that is love created and love sustained.

Words can hurt, they can cause uncertainty, unstable emotions and definitely cause pain. They create past and even possible future mind exploration to show you pain in many faces making the present moment uncomfortable and impossible to see anything else. This unconscious state of behavior is something that can destroy anything in it’s path. It causes unnecessary attacks and unknown outcomes. It is in this place that you as the love flowing energy can do 3 things, remove yourself, surrender and allow it to be, or become unconscious to it yourself! All sound simple but they aren’t…. for the mind learned processes are going to always make you unconscious. Until something gets broken and then when it does you will break the cycle. This is possible and it requires a love in you so deep and so passionate that you will break it. You break it by choice.. some have even had to reach a near death experience to find this serene place inside.

Passion in many forms especially intimate form is quite intoxicating it can be felt in the love/hate relationship and often be mistaken for great sex. However to find blissful touching as it were to experience the passion from the deep place of love that I speak of! That can only come from true love it is powerful, magical and doesn’t leave it’s form to be lost in anything the mind can comprehend. This is where it should be it was not created for you as the soul to drive in this body that carries a higher intelligence to allow your life to be driven by mind made opposites (created by past experiences and future moments that haven’t come to be in this moment.) and be lost to things that will not matter in any moment, you will not be present for it if you see it as an act, or a place to be lost, or a place that allows opposites to reside.

Self-Identity is true when it is unknown to you in other words if you say you know who you are because of past experiences, social status, financial portfolio, amount of friends on facebook, etc! Your mind will be in control and no room for any growth can happen! You give your mind permission to do repeat behavior based on things that were… It allows your mind to say it is ok to hold onto things and continue to point to a future image that can be seen as though you are looking at pictures in a photo album even your dreams will point to this as the mind will allow abstract pictures to take place and keep in you to allow you to be you. What if you let this go and realize you are more… You now are an undefined being… you will allow things to be as they are. If you find this place, you will find your smile and never be lost to it. If you are this way and are with another who you wish to share this with… what if they don’t feel the same thing, what if you lose yourself to the mind side of things you will notice a few things, your smile will disappear! Your inner peace will be intact but the reasons for being will go unheard until you break. There is no other way to explain this other than lost. You will be lost to what was, what will be, and never about what is before you which if present this will be lost words to you. Insanity is defined by lost mind never controlled mind.. but shouldn’t it be the other way. Mind can control emotions actually it does control that very thing. The inner animated part of you… the soul/being watches as the mind takes over and doesn’t do anything but run the intelligence known as breathing, heartbeat, and keep blood flowing throughout your body. This part is you.. you allow it to happen. You are you which is love undefined and have no interest in anything that the mind does. You are the light of being the extraordinary energy that goes beyond anything known, it is this place that I point! it is this place that points inside you, that journey if never gone to will point to the source to what should be known as God! Find it in you to find it blissful and share that with those you feel great energy towards this is called unconditional love and yes it is possible to be in love in this state find it to find you and then find another who shares it.

What if you knew the secret to flowing water and realized it is quite simple if doesn’t use a scientific formula.. it uses something far beyond science.. it flows based on the same principles I just spoke of.. It never was meant to be examined just flow. Be as you are inside as you should be outside. Love as deep as you can while you can.. it is an enlightened state and can bring you much joy and your smile. anything else is just mind noise!

How can you give something you don’t give to yourself???

Love, Happiness, Joy, Butterflies, Extreme Overwhelming Bliss, Acceptance, Unconditional Love… All of these things and more positive things are not just something you wait for you realize it’s inside you in the first place it shares no opposite and available to you NOW!