What every man should know….. Things to know about a woman!


Things to know about women!

When she stare’s at your mouth!

[Kiss her!]

When she pushes you or hit’s you!

[Grab her and dont let go!]

When she start’s cursing at you!

[Kiss her and tell her you love her!]

When she’s quiet!

[Ask her whats wrong!]

When she ignore’s you!

[Give her your attention!]

When she pull’s away!

[Pull her back!]

When you see her at her worst!

[Tell her she’s beautiful!]

When you see her start crying!

[Just hold her and dont say a word!]

When you see her walking!

[Sneak up and hug her waist from behind!]

When she’s scared!

[Protect her!]

When she lay’s her head on your shoulder

[Tilt her head up and kiss her!]


When she steal’s your favorite shirt!

[Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night!]

When she tease’s you!

[Tease her back and make her laugh!]

And when she is ornery!

[Hold her down and blow razz-berries on her belly!]

When she doesn’t answer for a long time!

[Reassure her that everything is okay!]

When she look’s at you with doubt!

[Back yourself up!]

When she say’s that she like’s you!

[She really does more than you could understand!]

When she grab’s at your hands!

[Hold her’s and play with her fingers!]

When she bump’s into you!

[Bump into her back and make her laugh!]

When she tell’s you a secret!

[Keep it safe and untold!]

When she looks at you in your eyes!

[Don’t look away until she does!]

When she misses you!

[She’s hurting inside!]

When you break her heart!

[The pain never really goes away!]

When she’s mad!

[Hug her tight and don’t let go!]

Call her at 12:00am!

[On her birthday to tell her you love her!]

Treat her!

[Like she’s all that matters to you!]

Stay up all night with her!

[When she’s sick!]

Watch her favorite movie with her or her favorite show!

[Even if you think its stupid!]

Give her!

[The world!]

Let her!

[Wear your clothes!]

Let her know!

[She’s important!]

Kiss her!

[In the pouring rain!]

When she runs up at you crying!

[The first thing you say is; “Who’s ass am I kicking today baby?”  and just hold her!]


The how….

Quote:The most important, the primordial relationship in your life is your

relationship with the Now, or rather with whatever form the Now takes, that is to say, what is or what happens. If your relationship with the Now is dysfunctional, that dysfunction will be reflected in every relationship and every situation you encounter. The ego could be defined simply in this way: a dysfunctional relationship with the present moment. It is at this moment that you can decide what kind of relationship you want to have with the present moment.

The decision to make the present moment into your friend is the end of the ego. The ego can never be in alignment with the present moment, which is to say, aligned with life, since its very nature compels it to ignore, resist, or devalue the Now. Time is what the ego lives on.

The stronger the ego, the more time takes over your life. Almost every thought you think is then concerned with past or future, and you sense of self depends on the past for your identity and on the future for its fulfillment. Fear, anxiety, expectation, regret, guilt, anger are the dysfunctions of the time bound state of consciousness.

There are three ways in which the ego will treat the present moment: as a means to and end, as an obstacle, or as an enemy. Let us look at them in turn, so that when this pattern operates in you, you can recognize it and decide again.  E. Tolle The New Earth 2005!

What is stated here is simple, when you make a relationship out of time you will not be successful in seeing these things in her and she will need and want you to!  Thank you for reading, and love to you in this moment!


Intimate Abandonment !


The other day I was listening to a commercial and the commercial was about female Hormone Replacement Therapy, the commercial had women giving testimony on how the therapy was working for them. One woman in particular stated, “My husband is so happy, my sex drive is back and I cant keep my hands off of him”!  Me having some marketing classes under my belt, I thought wow that was genius. How many husbands are going to be wanting their wives to get this therapy” ? This commercial was geared toward men and not their wives.

I began to look at my own life and wonder if I  was just the exception, I dont need hormone replacement therapy, my hormones are always in overdrive, I began to look back at some of my former writing which surprisingly still all remain true, I found this.

“ I dream of Love Making so hot , so raw it has no boundaries, I dream of an undeniable touch,  a look an energy that is so strong there is no question what is about to happen, there is no human emotion or walls built up, there is no assumption about what he is feeling, I know without doubt he is wanting the very same thing.”

Human beings seem to somehow put a bridle on passion, we no longer are spontaneous or free with our passion towards our partner, for example all day yesterday I just wanted him, I needed him, I looked at him all day, lusted after him even in the oddest places and times, When he was driving, when he was working, when he was sleeping, when he was eating dinner, I watched him and I wanted him. But I did not act on it at all.

With children in the house sometimes unfortunately some things need to be discretionary , thats understandable, however passionate kissing and sneaking off into another room for a quick make out session, or a grab in the kitchen, or a touch or a look or few words whispered in an ear, that is passion that will lead up to quite an experience, why do humans put love making in a time frame? Mine has none, however I have found myself conformed to human standards and find myself more and more frustrated with those standards.  Why do I do these things, Why do human beings schedule times for Love making? Making Love should be held in the bedroom at bedtime, What??  Who came up with this? Why cant we be passionate all day every day, why cant we make love to one another all day everyday even if the actual act of love making has to wait until a more appropriate time, I feel passion all day, I wish for nothing more but to stay in that energy and stay in it with him. I have no desire to find excitable passion and hot sex, or passion with someone else I want it with him always.

I found this in an e mail sent to us last month from a woman in Illinois:

I find myself in some type of cycle, a cycle of waiting to see what he wants, waiting to see if he’s to tired and just wants to go to sleep, or if he’s not feeling well, and i should just let him rest, I even have found myself really wanting to touch him in the morning and holding back because “he probably” needs to go to the restroom and I dont want him to be uncomfortable, I do that more often than not and then find myself frustrated and eventually without his knowledge of the real issue I have an attitude as if its HIS fault.

I am stuck in a human world of waiting for him to make a move when I have so much sexual energy inside of me I feel as if I could burst, last night I just wanted to unleash it, and he came to bed and our oldest son was not home yet, and he left the bedroom door open to make sure we heard him come in, after about 30 mins he did, the door was shut and we made love and it was amazing, however I found that I was already in the “mindset”  that he was not “wanting me” and well “the mood” was not there, I had to clear my energy before I could begin to enjoy myself.

Its funny how the saying the mind is a very sexual organ, It is very much true, I love sex, I love to make love, I love passion even more and I seek a life full of it with him. I find that my mind most times gets in the way, assuming what he wants or dont want. Aching for him so often and finding myself so frustrated because that is not fulfilled inside of me, wanting to touch him, longing to feel him kiss me like he wants me and no one else, touching me like he cant wait until the time comes where he’s so excited he has no choice but to find somewhere to release at least a little energy. Uninhibited passion. An Energy everyone around us experiences. 

I was abused at a young age,I was told I was not worthy of someones love and would only be “Used” because that is what I deserved, for many years I allowed my mind to repeat those words and I continued the abuse on myself, I awakened and I realized who I really am. Does he see this? Does he know I am always looking at him? Does he know of this passion inside of me? Have I abandoned myself and my desires and my dreams?  Have I just allowed everyday human life and human scheduling to mold me?  Have I abandoned my sexuality, Have I abandoned my Passion? Have I abandoned who I really am? I no longer want to do this to myself, I no longer want to keep this boxed up inside of me, I no longer want boundaries, I no longer want schedules, I no longer want this cycle. How can I break free if he is stuck in his mind?

Its been 8 years since I met him, its been a rough 8 years, we have been through hell and back numerous times, however I still look at him like I did the very first time I saw him, I still lust for him always, I still long for him all day everyday! I still see his soul through his eyes, I still watch him walk, I still sniff his t shirts when he’s not around just to smell him, I still watch him sleep, I still want to care for him and make sure he’s ok, I still and always will love him unconditionally, I want him and only him. He’s amazing, he’s kind and loving and loyal and  he’s helpful and generous. He cares for our family and he provides for us, So what more could I possibly want? I just want him to pin me up against a wall, I want  him to hold me down, I want him to tell me in my ear he wants me,I want him to come to bed with no under ware on, I want him to sneak me off into the bedroom and kiss me passionately and let me know later when everyone leaves what is going to happen, I want him to keep me in suspense, I want him to want me as much as I want him. 

If he does how would I know? 

I would make him so damn happy he would be on an all time high!

Maybe he just doesn’t want me? I dont mean just sexually I mean Passionately, give me a reason to dress up, give me a reason to be naughty, give me permission to show you who I am! 

maybe he just dont want me like that, maybe he just dont see me like that, a life of  constant passion?

Why does my mind want to continue to tell me reason after reason why he shouldn’t, or why he don’t.

 What would happen if I just let all of my guards down, If I unleashed all of this passion and desire? To be accepted for it would be bliss, to be rejected for it at any time would be detrimental, and if he’s waiting for me to show him, why would he not help me by simply breaking some of his walls and showing me, its as if there is an unspoken elephant in the room that keeps saying, “wait for her to make a move”. 

He should be able to see I am scared and he should be able to feel my energy. Why is it so hard for him to just be the aggressor and except that all the while knowing I am wanting him at all times there is no bad time! If he made an effort to help me unleash this passion would he not feel the energy more strongly?

Do you feel her husband knows this information and is just rejecting her? Has she told him she simply needs him to be the “aggressor.” Does he feel unwanted because she is rarely the aggressor? If she’s responding to his advances EVERYTIME without ever rejecting him should that not tell him he’s wanted always? Or does he feel she’s just not that sexual?

Is there really this bad “stigma” that women dont enjoy sex, and men are pigs and that is all they think about, In this instance did this man assume his wife was not interested in him and he stepped out of the marriage to  “feel wanted”? That Stigma still rings odd to me because that seems to always be on my mind and I’m female. We can be at the grocery store looking at produce and I get a sniff of his cologne or I look at how his jeans fit and I get turned on, I find myself even when I am sick with a stuffed up nose wanting to be intimate with him. All he has to do is give me that look, or touch me, there is NO rejection, Never, he can wake me up out of a dead sleep and I would be ecstatic, I could be passing a kidney stone in severe pain and still welcome his advances. It dont matter if I have a severe “Headache” if he wanted to make love I know it would help my headache.

Why do humans make this so difficult? Why does the mind tell you if your not getting it at home, you can get it somewhere else, why is the excitement of an affair often the reason they continue. Why are we finding reasons to NOT find this excitement with our partners, the ones we share our lives with, the ones we love. Why is the answer always abandonment, abandon the commitment, abandon the relationship, abandon the communication, abandoning ourselves. and our desires and our dreams? Imagine if we all unleashed all of our passion on our partners, Imagine the marriages that would be healed, the relationships that would flourish, Why would you need to abandon your commitment, if you were fulfilled at home with your partner, Does it not start with You? What is it you are Abandoning? Your partners needs/desires? Are you abandoning your communication? Are you Abandoning YOUR desires?  Looking into ourselves are finally figuring out what it is we are abandoning and why it would cure a world of assumption and “mind noise”.  How could it not?

Love and light


My dear Past,


I am writing you this letter so you can keep it close to you to understand why I am leaving you, you have given me second guesses, you have made life with others tolerable, and you have always given me the perfect reason to hide myself from others who didn’t deserve it!

I wanted to also inform you that because I will not be with you any longer I am going to accept the present moment more fully as my committed partner for existence here.  You always didn’t like the present moment and I get it, the present moment is a very sexy thing to try and compete with.  I know this will be hard for you and I hope that some day you will understand that it wasn’t you! IT WAS ME!

I just couldn’t be the man you wanted me to be repeatedly. It made me hard to understand, it gave me excuses to have pain that I would inflict on others. I just didn’t feel that was right of you to do that!  I had many affairs on you, I would sneak and meet someone and not hold their past against them and they wouldn’t hold my past against me (hell there were times you told me it was ok to keep it from others).  Then somehow, someway you would convince me to sleep with you again.  That wasn’t right. I did eventually leave them for you. Cause you were just to intoxicating for me to remove from myself.  I do want you to know I have released you from any alimony or child support. In other words you no longer have to pay for trips back down memory lane that will make me make a decision to endure your kind of pain. Cause my future will remain unknown to me.  Me and the present moment have spoken to this in great lengths. It is again not about you… IT IS ABOUT ME. I just realized it!  The present moment also said that I could not have any affairs with a little part of you or the future. So I know that this was a trying message to read.  But I thought I would leave a few things for you to realize going forward in the terms of the restraining order.

1) You are not allowed to come into my life to try and tell me what is going to happen, you must remain more than a mile away from me at all times.

2) Any lie you hear me tell myself about love, you are not allowed to come in and give it validity.

3) Anger, resentment, punishment, are mine to take in that moment as I take it, it will not build!  You have a restraining order PAY ATTENTION TO NUMBER 1 RULE!

4) You under no condition will try and tell me what love is or what it isn’t!  Your the past you can’t possible know what love is in this moment. Hence why I am leaving you for THE PRESENT MOMENT!

5) Don’t try to surface telling me I will be more protective and guarded of myself and my experiences that are in the present moment with you around. You aren’t psychic so stop claiming to be you have a catalog of history be a history teacher not a present moment connoisseur. I am not going to believe it to repeat it!


7) I believe I can fly without you, in other words you clipped my wings for long enough with your ability to tell me who I was with repeated memories of pain and more pain. My wings got weighted down with tar thanks to you.  NO MORE!

8) You are not allowed to use my mind against me. You can not find a way in manipulating things that i currently doing trying to show me all the different scenarios of what is to come based on results that were in the past.  Again this isn’t about you! It’s about ME!

9) You are not allowed to find a pathway into dreams, into day or night or other. It isn’t that I don’t love you completely I do in fact hence why I am letting you go completely.

10) Don’t take my love for granted, it will grow now because of your absence. It will realize there never had to be a limit and it will heal in your absorption of love I have inside me to make me the man she needs and wants. The present moment sends love your way, that you will find peace.

These are the guidelines for this divorce and I know you will have no choice to but to abide my wishes as it would show me how much you don’t love me by breaking these rules!

Wishing you luck finding another to pursue this with,

Clark Kent Esq.

When my soul broke through! August 2008

The darkness of sleep… I heard a stronger voice of that which has been growing for quite sometime.. this voice of my soul… sometimes it came through strong as though it had 200 voices in unison… but it also can be quiet… it said something so deep within me… it said no longer are you the person that the past created with your thoughts… you are now understanding that this part of you is you…  It woke me as though to say finally be awake… I feel awake now… but awake has a different meaning.. not about what I want to say.. it is a general feeling of just feeling… no thoughts.. if you can hold onto your feelings without allowing your thoughts to analyze it… manipulate it.. or any of the things your mind can do, you will find something within yourself that says this is your true essence… this is who you are and are meant to be… nothing more… nothing less.. but nothing is everything… You get it? do you understand what I am truly saying here… the thoughts we keep are destructive… allow yourself to think for a second of who you are at this point in your life.. your thoughts will show you your past… not the present moment or the future… just because the mind is a database for past moments in your life does it truly tell the story of who you are at this present moment… I don’t feel that it is… it never can be… so start with this… let every moment in you going forward be the defining moment of the light of being of who you are… not your hard drive you keep in your head to help you repeat the historical patterns of the you that your mind says you are…. do you get that? so how do we teach this to our children so that their lives are as blissful as we have found our lives to be the moment we embrace this?? you will find this difficult at first… but you will soon find the off button… and you will be able to turn this off anytime you wish even without trying… find it… it is in the dark on the wall next to the place you found it once before when you truly were living in the moments you were laughing… crying… any emotion you can think up.. that is the pathway to it as long as it wasn’t your thoughts that got you there!  I am done for the day maybe tomorrow will bring something more… it looks like it will storm!

Surrender to all of your pain… the conversation!

You are in pain,
‘Cause you feel you are not loved,
You create more pain,
‘Cause your heart is crying for love.
But when love comes,
You are scared,
Your old wounds are still fresh:
Egoic Love is attachment.
Egoic Love is conditional.
No matter how hard you have tried to sustain it.
Egoic Love comes to an end.
You have loved passionately,
But you were hurt badly.
Egoic Love is pain.
Pain is egoic Love.
You push Love away from you,
You feel isolated.
Then you believe something is wrong with you:
You are not good enough to be loved.
You struggle to figure out what Love is about.
Sleepless nights do not give you the answer.
Your mind is exhausted,
Your Heart is still aching…
You have to rest.
You learn to just Be.
You accept illusion and reality .
You surrender to whatever life brings you.
You quiet the chaotic thoughts,
You open your Heart again.
You take a long, deep breath,
Bringing your Concsiousness to here and now.
You feel a subtle, gentle, warm, comforting sensation
in your body.
At this Moment ,
You are allowing Divine Love to flow through you.
You are laying in the caring arms of the Divine.
You see shimmering light surround you.
It is so beautiful.
You feel it is real.
Then this light merges with your Heart,
You feel inner peace and tranquility.
With every breath you take, Divine Love
is transforming you.
You let go of self-doubt and self-loathing.
When you inhale,
You regain self-trust and Self Love.
You are allowing Divine Love to flow through you.
It heals all the old wounds.
It opens new possibilities.
It makes you believe in miracles:
Divine Love is real.
Divine Love is powerful.
Divine Love is irresistible.
Divine Love is timeless.
You don’t have to give yourself away to have Love in return.
Divine Love is unconditional.
You don’t have to be afraid this Love is limited.
Divine Love is unlimited and infinite .
You don’t have to worry that this Love will come to an end.
Divine Love is endless and always there for you.
If you just surrender.
Open your Heart to receive.
Allow Divine Love to flow through you.
Immerse in this new, soothing energy.
It is like a cool mist calming you down.
It is like your mother singing to you before you fall asleep.
It is like your father showing you the
next step to take in your life.
It is like a lover patiently, persistently
waiting for you and nourishing you,
gently caressing you and bathing you in Love.
You feel bliss and blessed…
You will not feel separate or alone again.
You have already merged into Divine Love.
You have Union and Communion with the Divine.
The light is always around you to guide you and embrace you.
Your eyes are radiant again with new hope.
You see yourself as the Divine sees you.
You see the Divine as you see yourself.
With this epiphany,
You know you are lovable and loved.
You are the Divine.
You are Love.
You allow Divine Love to flow through you.

A story for all ages… Just Believe!

1951 a man and woman met she was an incredible soul… free and understanding of what life is.  Her thoughts never made up who she was and seldom did things ever take her away from the place within her that made her whole.  The man well that is a different story, always on the go always with the purpose of saving the world.  His happiness was always second to life… third to love….  He worked long hours and was married to his life as it stood….  Then by chance these two met.  It was an affair of little words as it was all about a passion, a passion of things not written because that would be another story all to itself.  It left him wondering and left her without her words as they seem to leave her when he was present.  But something was there!  A few years went by, it was the fall of 1953 their time together was brief from the first explosion of passion and was something left as a mystery.  Time had caught them in something of a passing.  They didn’t see or speak to each other for awhile.  Time… was always in the way. To continue to fall of 1953 when they spoke again it was cordial at first but not as before.  Something was different, she was weary, restless and he was still without purpose not sure of who or why he was, but was miserable… they spent time talking, which turned into laughter, which was also the sound of a music that was not ever heard… but they could hear it… together and even more when apart… This turned into something special… as they spent this time together, time was stopped and something magical began to happen.  Not something that was expected but something that was destined.  A lot of things happened to them… some of the most unimaginable things that if I told them within this story you would second guess what could happen if you just follow your heart.  These things tested these two as they found themselves torn apart and always feeling each other even when they were not together.  It was as though something within them became a life of its own.  Not typical of love to do such a thing but even when you don’t understand or believe that magic or miracles are a trick… something else happens.
As life continued to keep them apart it also made them feel closer together.  One day they both woke up… It was a deeper consciousness of being awake that has never happened to anyone… It was the smack in the face that they both needed to realize.  She woke up and realized that nothing mattered not who she was or what she thought was right… nothing was right if she wasn’t with him.  Not able to see him, not able to look into his eyes and see him within herself knowing his soul was her own.  Her seeing this made her soul jump for joy… made her soul come to life after such a beating… not a beating of self, but a beating of being.  Her heart could no longer take the closet she placed her love for him in.  He could feel this in her… he had been feeling it for himself as he sat up he could feel something within him that he knew that nothing within his life made sense or even meant anything if he was not with her to share it with.  His and her soul was joined in a place that only when you sleep the deepest you can sleep is where these two have found each other.  She realized she needed to change some things to be right to go to him, she freed herself in what she was enclosed in and needed to make sure that if and when they were together nothing would matter, nothing from her end would ever come between them.

She knew of his pains and could always feel him healing from the life that he once had lived before they actually found each other.  He was not the same now… nor would he ever be not able to be the same man or have the same principles of what he felt life was!   Her love that she gave him… came with several gifts one of which was to heal… she was not there to see this happen within him but knew he had reached it, and knew that his love for self had developed something within him that she always could see in him.  She loved him… not a love that was of a human’s love but something more!  His love grew to this point as well… not overnight mind you but awakening from a lifetime of wondering and dreaming.  His words which were always strong become stronger he was able to express and understand himself and express himself at a higher rate that he could ever imagine.  Shortly after 1954 these two found each other… When they saw each other after this separation of two souls that should have never been separated from the start… They kissed… this kiss was no ordinary kiss it was a cemented kiss of the soul… that would never allow these two to part ever! This kiss something that even today when seen after 54 years of marriage at a retirement home as they held hands and shared this deep story… found their passion for love.  “Nothing should ever stand in the way of what is in here” she said, as she placed her hand over her heart.  “It is where your soul speaks to you”… “It is where you can hear God.”  “If God placed this love on here and on the other person in your heart and held them together then who are we to keep that apart?”  You could see the adventure in their eyes and the love that they shared when they had met so long ago… even now.  It was wonderful… it was magical… and it was the most incredible moment of time spent hearing about this today as I listened to what can happen.  What can truly happen if you let nothing get in the way of souls that are joined beyond love??? All tests are just that… they are test that means nothing as nothing is everything if you let more than love find you!  http://www.kcci.com/Couple-Married-72-Years-Dies-Holding-Hands/-/9357770/10380110/-/18071mz/-/index.html  … may every day you have be as full of life and love as it is for these two souls that are one!  If you ever could find something like this what choice would you make?

Would you chose this love, or chose to die of a broken heart cause you chose something different?? You always have a choice good or bad… don’t wait to make it if it’s bad then make it good if not why wait??? It is just time you will never get back!  GN may your dreams be as dark as the place you need to be to find the light.. find your peace… listen to your soul it too can guide you beyond the fear! Beyond the feelings of joy of oneness that you are searching for… How many chances do you feel you get at this? Some never do…Some don’t know it when it happens…Again what would you do???

Sex Or Making Love??? Which is it?? Feb 8, 2008

For reasons that were of a nature that my words and actions have led me to stay in a place of peace… a place where I needed to be.. I needed to heal and needed to understand.  The gift of the body and the other parts that are nameless only in words that we give them spirit, soul and being… they are true to nature as nature is true to them.  I am able to give something that is not of this world within my ability to share my heart within this body.. a heartbeat that holds no place in a world where love is considered so surface…

So which is it… sex or making love???? If you are asking yourself what is the difference!  Let me ask you a couple of questions

Have you ever kissed so deeply that the rain drops that were falling seemed to have slowed down?  It was almost as though it was in slow motion.. or a candle that danced flickered so that it caused the light to burn brighter.

Or what of the act was something that felt good?? but you were left to feel empty.. you even felt your body release yet.. moments later thoughts consumed you… this is where time gets each of us.. It never takes the loneliness away… it never fixes the past or the future. It only directs you to a place of temporary loss of thought for some, yet a numbness that confirms our loneliness if thought is present the loneliness is confirmed..yet in euphoric place the present moment, that we are just sharing something that is of a physical nature..   To be in the true moment of making love wouldn’t we not ever seek it elsewhere??

Wouldn’t we determine that we are made of the same energy and do something that confines us to that energy and allows it to glow at a uncontrolled rate?  If you aren’t able to share what is already within you… if you aren’t able to even understand what I am saying then you must not be inside of you when this moment happens to you.. you can hide from it.. or you can continue to let this be an act of selflessness that it continues to be.. you are who you chose to let be within you… when you share yourself in this way.. you share a small part of the overall feeling that is within you… I have not and do not and will not… I am not of this nature.. this nature is taught.. it is learned it is explored and it is exposed to be something that can hurt.. can cause you to think… don’t think… don’t hinder a part of you that is to be.. I hurt… I bleed.. I live under a world of a world that can breathe this energy if it decides too…

With all the thinking the world does.. it makes no sense to cry out in words that only will inject thought.. that was not the purpose of this.. if you feel you are not generating energy.. generating heat… generating love.. Then why continue to do what is not within you to do? Say what you need to release.. let your true feelings come out and heal within.. don’t do it for sake of doing it.. make it a point to share something more besides the physical being.. it can bond you.. it can make you heal… it can’t complete you.. only you can make you whole.. and you can share that wholeness with another.. then you can be complete…find your love within.. inner peace.. inner being.. your souls cry to touch.. your souls cry for passion… passion is all there is to release this energy.. all there is to release the true you… find what you will within this blog.. but also let your feelings come to surface.. let your heart find it’s purpose.. be it alone or with the love you have within your life.. be at one with you.. be at one with love.. make love.. no sex.. sex is easy.. sex is not real.. there is energy involved but it is pointless.. make love.. let love be the only reason to touch another… or yourself…. I am about this and always have been the rest of me is what needed to make me whole.. I am whole and am now finding that there is something even more powerful than sex or even making love.. it is not yet been spoken of.. some have an understanding of it being karma sutra! LMAO well this makes karma sutra for dummies seem acceptable but not quite what I speak of!  Then there are others out there.. but something even more is there.. find it.. capture it.. when you do seek out the others that have this.. they will share with you what the world can’t hear or feel and then finally it will grow it will be unstoppable and it will heal a world that needs to be healed…

Have a wonderful night.. smile and know that God has found a place here within this part of the inner being.. it has shown peace and a place of forgiveness.. I forgive me and everyone around me… I’ll start there!