I chose my pain over your love…. Jan 10, 2008

Happy I don’t know what that is…. I am down to it and it is about being happy… or no longer have happiness to be in my life.  This is the end of the road.. I either turn left or turn right.. to turn right would mean being alone in search of the unknown whichContinue reading “I chose my pain over your love…. Jan 10, 2008”

Things to know about a woman

In doubt, In pain, embrace all these things about her and never allow them to go unheard, untouched, unresolved in her, She doesn’t need a therapist, she doesn’t need Xanax or any other thing to keep suppressing the very thing that keeps her in pain, that keeps her from you!  There is a love inContinue reading “Things to know about a woman”

Dear Lois….

The energy of connection we share is the most undeniable energy known.. It isn’t fate it is destiny.. Every moment I can feel myself surrendering to your love.. to your touch within me.  It isn’t about anything that is with this place.. It is the ability to feel you in every way.. Spiritually, physically, emotionally,Continue reading “Dear Lois….”

Energy of being deeply in love with her…

How did I get here I was asked… I realized something miraculous had happened to me it was rebirth but what was it that brought me back, what was it that was calling to me to become the man she could love deeper than what is experienced here.  It was like inside of me sheContinue reading “Energy of being deeply in love with her…”

Do you still feel the best kiss you ever had?????

The kiss… the moment the lips impact another is this place… it is deep… it is with a sense of touch.. it is what physical feeling can embrace in a place that can be the love inside you that you wish to share..  Are you one of those beings who doesn’t pay attention to this? Continue reading “Do you still feel the best kiss you ever had?????”

Conditions being met…. Which are you?

In the balance of conditional love and unconditional love can be the sign that points to improper balance of the weight placed on each.  I love you unconditionally which means I have nothing but profound love for the person you are inside and outside. In other words what you do and how you do itContinue reading “Conditions being met…. Which are you?”

The SECRET to beyond a happy relationship!

I suppose if you are not present and make it about time, you will miss the trueness of the soul that you are connected to and aren’t interacting with. If at some point we elect to evolve and not require thought to create separateness we will continue to be alone as the mind makes thisContinue reading “The SECRET to beyond a happy relationship!”

Why the caged Bird sings….

I asked this question before.. thinking I could answer it as though I have always known the answer.. I then came to realize that something else was the answer I felt it.. how does a bird know that it is caged? then it came to be that something more important should have been asked.. HowContinue reading “Why the caged Bird sings….”