In Every relationship in our lives, friendships, family, romantic and professional can potentially be destroyed by conflict. The solution is not to ignore the conflict or keep moving around hoping to find the perfect person or perfect people. We need to deal with the problems we currently face, otherwise they will just reappear elsewhere. TheContinue reading “Conflict!!!!!”

Thinking as a disease…

You can endure moments that the mind can make the pain seem less or more than it truly is. This happens when moments of clarity become cloudy and misty.  What path you take to enlightenment can be summed by what you experience in seeking what answers are relevant to you in that moment.  Take whatContinue reading “Thinking as a disease…”

Resonating the soul of twins…

Hi Lois and Clark,   I have been educating myself more about twin flames, and noticed that there is a presence on my left it feels like a hug. In August I felt an immense feeling of love in my heart/ vortex type motion on my left. I went to sleep and there was an invisibleContinue reading “Resonating the soul of twins…”

The mirror of self esteem….

How many times have you betrayed yourself?  We project hate in what we hate about ourselves.. We become what we hate..when we see it in another, we will attack, we will be angry, but the truth is.. We can externally attack those that mirror something we don’t like about ourselves.  How do you do yourContinue reading “The mirror of self esteem….”

Search for Wholeness…..

How do you know when you are finally whole within yourself?   You are whole already.. You see this message with two eyes.. you may or may not hear, you may or may not have both of your hands, you may or may not have legs to walk.. what you do have is a completeContinue reading “Search for Wholeness…..”

You are not alone…

Hello in here? Is anyone in here?  Hello in here?  Oh hi! There you are, I was wondering if anyone was here. I see you are busy operating this thing.  How long you been here?  Wait, before you answer I was wondering how did you get in here?  Wait, wait, wait, I need to know,Continue reading “You are not alone…”

Suffering is the greatest spiritual teacher……

If Love is an energy you try to obtain then wouldn’t suffering be the teacher in place that keeps it eluding you? How does love experience teaching you anything other than how what you can love, can also show you it’s opposite or even find a pathway to show you other things? The constant flowContinue reading “Suffering is the greatest spiritual teacher……”

Broken Is Beautiful….

How broken ….. is beautiful….   The painful experience of what you don’t get, is because of what you don’t have an answer to! You have experience in the pain you have been placed inside based on a lie as though it has a reason that keeps you from another truth.   The foundation ofContinue reading “Broken Is Beautiful….”

Twin Flames.. The perfect storm to clear anything…

Seeking shelter from pain…   One of the most profound experiences in this existence is how we run from pain and cling to it without knowing that is exactly what we do.  I recently spoke to someone who said I don’t believe in unconditional love.  I know what this feels like and understand it’s originContinue reading “Twin Flames.. The perfect storm to clear anything…”

What wakes you up?

“Time is seen as the endless succession of moments, some “good,” some “bad.” Yet, if you look more closely, that is to say, through your own immediate experience, you find that there are not many moments at all. You discover that there is only ever this moment. Life is always now. Your entire life unfolds in this constantContinue reading “What wakes you up?”