Take my hand….. jan 2008

come, dance with me awhile

in my world – ill make you smile

if you will only take my hand

i will make you understand

these crazy thoughts inside of me

come and dance ill set you free

all the world is dark and still

have this dance – have your will

i can give you every bit of me

cause this dance will set me free

step into the room and hear

music – finally – that is clear

deep inside there is something more

a longing never reached before

take my hand, take this chance

as never before, with you, ill dance

we walk along throughout each day

not to hide what we want to say

in the night, and in the rain

in the dance the words are plain

and deep and rich, so speak it true

and i will listen when you do

dance this moment, dance with me

take my hand, ill set you free