My dream last night was simple, I went on a journey inside of my hands, I was able to feel what my hands felt, it was a journey Ill not forget. I woke up and Clark got up and I called him back over just so I could  touch him, wrapped my arms around him and let my hands feel his skin. The texture of his skin is so soft and warm. I then had a few moments to myself and went off into a quick meditation when I came out I looked at my hands.

My hands held my parents hands as a child, they held my ears when i heard the arguing and the hitting, they covered my eyes, they wrote my name for the first time and they haven’t stopped lol.  My hands held my children , changed their diapers,soothed their fevered foreheads, my hands cook dinner for my family, set the table for family dinners, they have tucked many gifts from the tooth fairy under pillows, they have wrapped many presents, they have zipped backpacks, they have hit in protection. They have raised to cover for protection, They fold in prayer, they open in meditation,they have pet precious family pets, they have painted walls, cleaned carpets, washed dishes, they have planted flowers, they have planted vegetables and fruit, they have held the cold hands of loved ones who have passed, The have written letters form my heart onto paper.

My hands hold Clarks, they go through his hair, touch his skin. They are scarred, they are sometimes tired, however they still have so much to do, they have grandchildren to hold, they have flowers to hold, they have words to type, just as they have typed these, They have medicine to give, They are medicine, They are healers, They are lovers, They are friends….Take a look at your hands, appreciate them for what they have done for you, use them wisely in everything they WILL do for you.

What have you have already touched in your life? What will you touch now?




angry-coupleIn Every relationship in our lives, friendships, family, romantic and professional can potentially be destroyed by conflict. The solution is not to ignore the conflict or keep moving around hoping to find the perfect person or perfect people. We need to deal with the problems we currently face, otherwise they will just reappear elsewhere. The only thing we have the power to change in any relationship is ourselves and our own attitude. We can’t expect to change other people, but we can learn to deal with relationships in a way that promotes peace and diffuses conflict. Learning to Resolve conflicts in a relationship is one of the most important life skills we can develop and it is something we need to value.

I believe, it is important to see the problem from the other person’s perspective. This does not mean we have to agree with their viewpoint; it means we try to see the issue from a different perspective. This can at least help us to understand where they are coming from, and why they have their particular mindset. If we can do this we may wish to moderate our stance because we understand why they are acting in a certain way. If we only look at things from our perspective, conflict will certainly arise. A major cause of conflict in relationships is when we expect people to behave in a certain way. The problem with expecting certain behavior is that we get upset when they fail to live up to our expectations. Even those close to us are not our responsibility; we need to be tolerant of their mistakes and limitations. We have to respect their decisions on how to live their life. This detachment is not indifference; we can retain concern , but there comes a point where we need to give people the freedom to make their own choices, even if we don’t agree with them.

Unfortunately, if we respond to situations by getting angry we will make the situation even worse. Anger holds a feeling of aggression and condemnation which people struggle to deal with it. It also calls out and it encourages people to respond in a similar way. If we feel angry, the best solution is to avoid talking , arguing at that particular time. We should calm our anger before confronting other people. Any conflict will only be heightened by anger. Similarly, if people approach us with anger, we have to learn to respond differently ,silence is better than getting mad at someone.

Most of the time we get what we aspire for. If we really value peace in our relationships with others, then we will make it happen. If we make proving the other person wrong or proving ourselves right the priority, then there will be a constant feeling of superiority and inferiority which breeds conflict. If we keep reminding ourselves of the desirability of peace we won’t allow ourselves to become argumentative and miserable.

One of the secrets to maintaining good relationships is generating a feeling of oneness. This means we will feel happy at the success of others; we will sympathize when they experience difficulties; we will strive to avoid hurting their feelings. In oneness there is no superiority and inferiority. Without oneness, we are prone to feelings of pride, jealousy and insecurity. If you feel a really genuine sense of oneness with other people, how can you want to hurt them? Certainly this is the case is romantic relationships, the very last thing we should want to do is hurt the one we are in love with, I know it hurts me to the core when I say anything hurtful to Lee. It should also ring very true in family relationships, every family has conflict, most every time its caused by egos colliding, I have found that ridding myself of my ego has been most helpful, this has removed any and all conflict within myself for anyone I am associated with. I allowed my mind to tell me that without my ego I would be just an insecure human being.

When we are full of insecurities our relationships become more difficult. The problem is that if we are insecure about ourselves we can become judgemental about other people; to make ourselves feel better we will start criticizing others. We may not be conscious of this, but it does happen.(This is why i choose to not let my mind control me) When we are at peace with ourselves, good peaceful relationships come natural. When we have inner peace , we don’t rely on other people to give us security and praise. When we are at peace with ourselves, we tend to have a sympathetic and positive view of the world. Often we want to blame bad relationships on other people; but, actually the only thing we can really do is to work on ourselves. If we develop inner peace  our relationships will definitely improve.

When tense situations arise, talking can be the most effective way of moving past the problem. Some things are best left unsaid; it does no one any good to bring up old conflicts unless absolutely necessary, what has already happened cannot be changed. When talking we should try to talk about positive issues; look for things which we agree on and can work together on.

Don’t get upset about little things. In the great cosmic game, most of the minor personality conflicts are relatively insignificant. If we get mad when someone doesn’t do the washing up, how are we going to react when they do something really bad? If you find yourself getting worked up by a series of small things, take a step back and try to evaluate their relative importance. For each minor failing try to think of a really good quality of that person. If you are sincere you will feel that this good quality is far more important than the minor indiscretion, This is something I have had to step back myself and put into action.

No conflict is difficult. If we are willing to change our attitude,release our egos. we can develop peace even with difficult people. It is always important to be positive and forget the past. If we can develop peace in our relationships, it will definitely make a big difference to our lives.

Live, Laugh, Love



Dog and Butterfly

Clark and Idog-nose lay in bed and listen to music and on the particular play list I had put together is the song “Dog and Butterfly “by Heart.  Its funny because throughout the years the meaning of this song has been a mystery, or better yet one of those songs that basically means something personal and very different to everyone, In General the song written by Ann Wilson was written about her sheepdog, as she looked out the window, the dog was happily and playfully chasing a butterfly, jumping up to try to catch it, and twisting and falling back down to the ground, only to shake it off and try and try again, it reminded her of how life can be, as earthbound creatures we are constantly  reaching for something higher.

The songs lyrics mimmic that for me but on a personal level, I used to have talks with my Dad a lot, When I got older and was able to drive I used to meet him here and there, sometimes at a park, usually smith park and we would sit by the pond, not for long but for long enough, as i got old enough to drink i would sit in the bar with him and talk, he would talk to me about his life and i would talk to him about mine, My dad never knew the details of some of the trial i had growing up, sometimes i felt maybe he did,but he felt helpless.I can remember some of the things my Dad would always say to me, “Im the smartest man in the world, I know everything”  ‘Never drive in the opposite direction of your destination” I finally figured that one out as i got older! and many other things, but one of the most important was when he would always tell me if you go for something you really want and you fail, don’t accept the defeat try and try again and keep trying after that!”

Personally that makes perfect sense about this songs meaning.

“There I was with the old man

Stranded again so off I’d ran

A young world crashing around me

No possibilities of getting what I need

He looked at me and smiled

Said “No, no, no, no, no child.

See the dog and butterfly. Up in the

Air he like to fly.” Dog and butterfly

Below she had to try. She roll back down

To the warm soft ground laughing

She don’t know why, she don’t know why

Dog and butterfly

Those lyrics are personal to me as I sat with my dad, I would often run from my home life, and call him and thats when we would meet and sit by the water, I would tell him how I was feeling and he encouraged me without knowing he was, my Dad was not a very sensitive on the outside, he had a hard shell, i only saw the man cry twice in my entire life, he put on a strong coat of arms around people,  He was basically telling me to continue to get through,to keep jumping.

“Well I stumbled upon your secret place

Safe in the trees you had tears on your face

Wrestling with your desires frozen strangers

Stealing your fires. The message hit my mind

Only words that I could find

See the dog and butterfly

Up in the air he like to fly

Dog and butterfly below she had to try

She roll back down to the warm soft ground

Laughing to the sky, up to the sky

Dog and butterfly

Intresting to me personally, there was a time in my Fathers life he left his family, he lived in an apartment up above the bar  at Bills Open door , the bar he  basically lived at lol.  I went there looking for him, the owners daughter who was a friend of mine she told me my dad had been staying up there for a while, so I went upstairs and talked to him, it was one of the Two times I ever saw him cry, he was confused, unhappiness surrounded him, My Father was an alcoholic and a Gambler and he loved women, although after he married my step mother he was much better, although he was a bit still abusive, he would tell me, my step mom of course would never say anything, She loved that man with all of her heart, She never had a bad word to say about my Dad, through all of the bad situations he had his family in, and there were quite a few, that woman never left his side. If you mentioned a certain woman’s name around her though, she had a glare in her eye, she knew there was something up on occasion, just was not sure, she trusted my dad, but she sure didn’t trust that woman.   I knew my Dad had experienced great love, he would tell me stories of a woman he met in the Philippines and hinted of someone else in another state he simply could not be with, while he was in the service,  He had a vision of what he wanted in life, he had a gift in his soul, however he never let it out.

I remember the man looking at me and with tears in his eyes said “Kid, what should I do”  I told him to go home, and try and if he failed to try again and to try to keep jumping for something higher and higher, 2 days later he went home, and although things did not change much there, they improved some.

We’re getting older the world’s getting colder

For the life of me I don’t know the reason why

Maybe it’s livin’ making us give in

Hearts rolling in taken back on the tide

We’re balanced together ocean upon the sky

I guess i felt at that time the world was a cold place as i got older, I was able to escape the life I had to endure at my home,

Another night in this strange town

Moonlight holding me light as down

Voice of confusion inside of me

No begging to go back where I’m free

Feels like I’m through

I was stuck in a dead in town between Dayton and Cincinnati, nothing to do, no where to escape to. All of my roots were there, my parents both born there all of my family there, I felt stuck, felt like there were walls around that city, it was like the hotel california, you can check out any time you like, but,you can never leave!  lol   My Dad finally left, although his physical body is buried there he’s certainly not there! I finally left, searching for something higher, jumping to try to catch that dream, It is a good thing I did, because i found it, I had the very same shell my dad did, I have the very same gift my dad did, I want the same things my dad wanted, I intend to let it all out, i intend to continue to try to jump higher and higher, To continue to try to catch my dreams, and when I do catch them, I intend to reacher higher ones! I realized this one thing personalizing the lyrics to this song,  My dad was and still is the smartest man in the world!

Then the old man’s words are true

See the dog and butterfly

Up in the air he like to fly

Dog and butterfly, below she had to try

She roll back down to the warm soft

Ground with a little tear in her eye

She had to try, she had to try

Dog and butterfly 


Aim Higher!!!


Albert Einstein vs Twin Flames


Stick and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you,,, Who in the world came up with that? I’ve had stitches, Ive had surgery, Ive been Abused, the pain from that I dont remember nearly as much, those memories fade with time, however Words can stay with you for lifetimes,Through my Journey in this life I have gone through many changes, I have been emotionally dead and reborn, spiritually dead and reborn and I truly believe Physically dead and reborn. The thought brought me to when I was in a very bad place in my life, my past choices and behavior brought me to a changing point, it was a swim up river and survive or roll over and give up and stay miserable choice, The choice seems obvious does it not? Well at the time, hell I wasn’t so sure, Thats when I had a visit from my Twin Flame, The very one I had been through Hell and back with many times, the very one I manipulated, lied to and deceived, The very one who had lied to me and deceived me, at this point in our journey, he was standing in his truth!  I was not. In this most painful visit the words he spoke to me hurt me worse than if he would have just smacked me, the pain from the smacking would have subsided, however the words lived on, they stayed inside of me, is it not how that usually works?


His words were an actual quote from Albert Einstein himself, he said to me, do you know what the definition of insanity is? I said yes I believe I do, But he proceeded to tell me anyway. He said Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results! He then went on to tell me what we were trying to do was insane, we had been through so much, we had tried, and tried again, and then tried again, to make our relationship work, and yet there we were,what we both thought was an ending point. I took his words and for days cried and feeling he was right because who could argue Albert Einstein? I had quite a few dream Journeys in which I had visits from my father, who had passed years before,and he asked me a very profound question. He said Kid, what would happen if you took the words “same thing” out of that, what if you tried something different perhaps then you could expect different results! I woke up with a clear mind and I then made a decision to stand in my truth no matter what. I just remembered as my Twin Flame sat there across from me and said those words, I felt a vibrational pull like no other, I can remember even as the words flowed from his mouth that I would never be without him, I can remember feeling such a connection as he spoke words of an ending I was feeling a beginning.


The time rolled buy and I stood in my truth, my Twin had moved on with someone else I never as much as I tried could never not feel the pull toward him, I had moved on to a physical relationship with another, vowing to stay in my truth, I was able to let that person now i was connected to my Twin and always would be. A Vibrational pull so deep, so strong I felt him always, I felt him missing me, I felt him longing for me, I felt him denying himself, I felt him knowing he was no longer in his truth. I felt the pain i had inflicted upon him and the desire in him not to ever feel that pain again, all I could do is continue to stand in my truth, I knew the foundation of our Twin Flame Connection would take things from there, I am not sure what Albert Einstein knew about Twin Flames or about Vibrational energy, or a spiritual connection,but my Twin and I are one, our journey begins anew every morning when I wake up in his arms, Einstein was onto something with this definition. Our insanity was to ever try to be something we are not, was to ever try to not live to our full honest relationship, our insanity was trying to deny ourselves the connection, insanity was trying to pull against the vibrational frequency. Insanity was trying to live in this existence without standing in our truths together! If you find yourself inside the definition of insanity, Try something different, try standing in your truth, perhaps you will get the result your looking for, perhaps the result will exceed your expectation.


Intimacy and Detachment…


cycle-of-intimacyHow can I have both intimacy and detachment?



Dear Lois and Clark,


How do you blend together the intimacy and detachment being they are so different a concept to each other?



A friend…


Intimacy.. the connection of trust that allows the energy to communicate less any teaching from one to the other. A shared energy that connects inside of the energy of love. It creates presence to the now between two that blend them fully in the foreground to each other. This is not time based… Intimacy in true form has no time as it doesn’t know what time is!


Detachment is a mental concept that creates behavior that speaks to disconnecting or disconnection. If you are speaking of addictive clinging or the need or want to be in an intimate connection created in a mind concept then finding such will keep eluding you. For you make another responsible for something you don’t ever give yourself to know what it truly is. How do you give off an energy you have not ever given yourself or allowed yourself to free yourself into.


To be able to see this completely, will be how you create intimacy to share with yourself to share with another. If you are able to be alone and be intimate meaning truly being in yourself then your choice to be in yourself is never disconnected nor is it detaching from yourself when you connect to another. You don’t make this about freeing yourself for your free inside of this that you give yourself is an energy that will attract that energy. You will not attach to an energy that emits detachment for this energy will see that as disruptive energy to the intimate energy they are in. It is when you have done this to yourself and given yourself this intimacy that you can share in truth of the deeper connection. Your sense of self will heal all the hindrances that you have kept as being nurtured by you, it will not seek someone to cover this up or make someone responsible for it.


When it is true intimacy, the word detachment is a action word that requires drama and intensity of the mind made you to surface to experience something it never wants you to find out, for you can be more without it!


For you would have to keep the mind made you as a sense of survival and the mind wants fear, ego and past experiences and future recognition of what the mind can translate to you without you ever experiencing the truth to connection and peace. Survival from what that you need detachment in intimacy is where this points! Is this where you remove this to experience the true connection of intimacy? How can you share intimacy without this very thing? Your mind won’t tell you this, only your knowing when you are in the now of shared intimacy of what you give to yourself to share with another.


Love Deeply,


Lois and Clark

Dear Lois & Clark, my twin lies…..



The unshakable truth….







As a form of the egoic mode of unconsciousness, this comes into the world we seek something that we chase outside of ourselves, never seeing the cause and effect of what it does inside of us…  How I get treated, and how I will treat others becomes a significant way of existence.  We all run the cycle within and of this existence..  How we treat each other is seen in the eyes of children who will continue the cycle until an entire generation wakes up to what I am about to point to right here.



If it grows, does it have existence?  If it has a heartbeat, does it have existence?



Dear Lois and Clark,

Hi there!

I need help.

Do you believe that some twins are not meant to be together physically? I mean they both honor their connection, but they are not together as a couple?


My twin flame journey began when I was 16, in 2008. We communicated a lot this year. But we ended our communication and I am not sure if I want to ever speak to him again because he hurt me too deeply and as you write so much about “truth” in your blog, he just wasn’t honest with me. But I like the truth, I need the truth and for that very sacred union, it just hurt me deeply that he couldn’t tell the truth. Yes, I made mistakes too. But maybe not this kind. And probably hurt him too.

Maybe I am just too selfish..but normal people dont forgive a person when he(she) acts like him. But yes..we are not normal people..we are spirits..one spirit, one heart, one soul.  But it doesn’t mean that I have to be always connected with him, even if he does something to me that makes me feel sick or even cause me some health problems. And again..maybe its not about him.. and of course its not about him..its about me.. and the whole ascension process.. but still…


Can I just live? Can I just be with someone who makes me happy? ( I know that a person´s happiness starts with themselves, but by saying “makes me happy” – I mean a person who I felt very comfortable and good to spend time with)


Why I must always miss him? Why I have to always forgive him everything what he has done to me?


Does this really mean that I have only ONE MAN in my whole life that I must be committed to no matter what? It really is a sacred marriage..


I know that most of the things what he did were because of the fear.. but..its not fair to my heart..its not fair..

Yes, this connection has taught me a lot.. and I am self-conscious.. But.. I just want to put this all behind me..and start a new life.

Some say that they had a chance to lessen this connection between the twins..


I do care for him and I want him to be happy..but..I am not sure if I am the right person to him..and its better if he stays away from me and I can honor this connection by lessening it..


In this life..in everyday life.. I have responsibilities.. I need to take care of myself and family..I just cant be drifted away every time when I felt this strong energy .. I have watched a lot of gold ray twin flame videos.. I meditate, I do yoga..but everything brings me to him..ok, yes, I accept it.. he is my twin.. I accept the union.. I have accepted it.. but I need to be more concentrated about my everyday life. The thing is.. me and my twin, we cant be together.. and its probably the best..because the mission is like that. That we can grow only when we are separated…



Sorry about my confusing letter. Maybe many of the things I want to get an answer is already answered by me, but also I need your opinion about this.


Seems like everything is too messy.


Sorry about my bad english, english is not my first language.


Lots of light and love





My friend,


What you spoke of about twins not being together, this can be acceptable as we accept or should I say allow this to happen, as you clearly stated here the lies that keep the cycle of twins in disbelief and even twins clearly never seeing the truth.


I want this to be as powerful as I can, as possibly to point you to what this means to a union with your twin.  You can elect to not be with your twin, or even make this about being right about being wrong, the chaser, the runner, the liar, the cheat, the need to stay in your mental position about whatever it is that keeps you apart protecting others.

The last is the most responsible to the mind as it makes lying comfortable.  Yet is it ever really comfortable?

The mind dominance of what you can’t break free of, is what this means… This isn’t even about what a lie does to the truth.


If you see this in a energy based result all you will see is the development of the egg not the hacking of what it is to birth the egg.  Instead what happens is we seek to understand why we accept a lie when we see the truth as nothing more than painful. We can’t as twins force the twin to see what the lie does to us.. Instead the core of this twin reflection does what?  It plants the seed of something more to come to light. Remember the work done as a twin is for you to see what you are doing to yourself.  So unless or until the choice to embrace the energy does this, as a reason to allow unconditional love to flourish, we will make this about each other, finger pointing, blaming, stating the other or many are the reason for their pain, and the one holding the lie is the in the greatest pain of all.  The core reason the lie is staying in this truth is that somewhere in the lie, the mind said no one will stand and hold us inside of the truth.



This becomes more self evident when we say we are alone or were are not worthy of love.  We even punish ourselves, we don’t take care of our core and even allow this to go to how we treat our bodies and others within our existence.



When the truth is accepted about this, it is about your being and how it views the world as it interacts.  If it is painful it is best to run from it for it seems to be safer.  Something more in this statement means..  Beyond Love… Yes there is something beyond it when have lessened the capacity to see it because we seek this understanding in the mind made you. It is only a surface, this love, I am speaking of, but to it’s core, is all the truth one ever needs to awaken, all one needs to acceptance, all one needs to forgiveness.  This is not time based on what the laws of the mind made you wants this to be, it never was. It is the choice to see in the mirror.  This mirror is a truth all to itself.  What happened to me that allowed me to be here with you inside of a very beautiful union now is that truth.  Not about what I see in her that she can lie about to me.  But what I see inside myself that allowed those lies to be the reason I kept all lies alive.  I didn’t see the pain I was causing her I felt it.. which allowed me to experience my own pain I was already in.  Seeing this and then looking into her eyes I saw what my lies I told myself were doing to me.  I was always seeking material, seeking some way to find this place of beyond love not seeing the layers of lies that I must face to realize that what I wanted most had to be inside of the truth to be real.


As a twin looking in the mirror making what pain I experienced my own to stand within stating the truth is what hurt most.  When I fully told the truth my friend it was that I had to come to terms with what the truth was going to do to our connection.  I told myself it would destroy it.  Well in a sense it did just that.. But I was no longer going to be accepted for my lies my friend.  When I told my truth. I experienced the greatest pain.. I actually celebrate this experience now.


Why do I celebrate?  All the greatest moments of our lives happen in the present moment of truth.  I told her and lost her inside of my mind forever. My mind was the issue. It told me that if I told her the truth she would never speak to me and being with me ever again.  I felt this pain in my heart that I can’t even begin share with you but you know that pain that makes you grab your chest and feel as though your heart is being crushed.. well it was.. I cried and cried and realized that the lies were responsible for it all.. not me really just what I had to tell myself to cover up this pain I was embracing and no longer holding back it gave me this to go through true labor.. For the child who needed the lies to be was now going to truthfully be born unto the world.  The connection isn’t the lie we all seek to be with someone who gets us.  The connection is here to give you something you lost coming through the door of birth into the world as a individual, it gives you yourself without the endless chatter of lies and deceptions of what keeps us separated as beings in this existence.  Not being with your twin in this existence is an option because of this very thing, or should I say it is the illusion that gives you the ability to not know or be with your twin in this existence because you are connected by the truth in energy whether you know this or not.  Depends on what you experience.  This view of what is beyond love travels not between you and your thoughts about it or even what the other goes through.  It gives you the vision of what connection is without thought.  The mind interacting with other mind is where this connection becomes a lie.  You can not be with your twin because they hurt you or you hurt them.  This is the biggest lie of all.. The place that this is a lie is that you are not able to be with the truth.


I often point inside of those that are looking to why they can’t be with their twin, they either haven’t seen the acceptance of what the mind has told them as ego, or as survival, and not see past whatever the mind states as true or false.  Where the twin flame connection is energy.  How can you connect without complete dispossal of what mind interacting with minds creates?  Where does it matter to you the lies we tell ourselves and to others?  When you are born someone tells you to think…  this thinking is also how we seek answers to everything.  What if this was why we have always been apart in the first place.


If swans find each other and connect completely through energy and show you love does this not


It doesn’t cause we are taught to lie from the moment we seek to understand without ever getting an answer.  We try to move on or avoid the truth to keep whatever the truth maybe from us, not seeing that we hurt so badly that the suffering is justifiable to exist.


YES… I SAID THE SUFFERING BECOMES JUSTIFIABLE TO AVOID THE TRUTH IN THE MIND…  How else does a lie become comfortable without this fact?


If this is what the twin is doing, it isn’t because they can even see the lie, they have embedded inside of themselves to make all of this right in the very controlled world of thought inside of themselves know that this is an avoidance of pain it doesn’t even have anything to do with you as much as it does to their sense of self created by the mind (ego) as a survival or protection device.


Little lies even seem to be the reason to just be, because facing any truth is going to cause the most significant pain.. Not for any reason other than the truth is avoidable by a lie.  What can happen here is the slumber that continues to see any truth and making this impossible for the other twin to just simply state.  I love you, even when you lie to me, It hurts me, and I am not sure why the truth is painful but isn’t it time to let it go? I accept you beyond the lies and wish to stand with you in your truth!   I want you to know when you are ready to share this truth, I will not leave you and I am giving you permission to no longer carry this weight of the lie.  I will not let my love for you be disrupted from what you are doing to yourself and those you love.  I can accept your truth with you, so you can finally heal from it.  In any union of twins this creed is not just sacred it opens the doors to many gifts that are able to be birthed to include how much deeper you can connect and are connected.  If it hurts us both then it is something to birth through if it is something we have to continue to keep the lie to suffer through I will need to stay in silence, an remain in your presence in the background standing in your truth till you can come and accept us both.


Because any lie is that separation we do to ourselves and never lets us connect inside of ourselves to keep us from ever connecting to another.  This is the place that we find non acceptance and conditions whether we can face it or not.  What if you can go beyond it? What if you accepted yourself completely of this imperfection of itself and realized you can give this to another?


Do you see how twin flames in truth remove conditions to transcend beyond unconditional itself?


What isn’t easily swallowed here is that you need your mind to do anything when it comes to this connection.  Where the connection is inside of you to yourself.  How do you do this work?  How do you do this alone?  Your see that being alone is the lie itself!

So can you be with someone else instead of course you can, but I word you this..  Don’t create a lie with another because of this for it is the same thing you are duplicating in not stating the truth to another.  Love needs truth to flourish for this is what this is clearly going to give you if you stand in it!  Remember you left for lies don’t give yourself permission to start one in yourself to do to another.  Is that what permission you were looking for that is the rule of twins..  Go conscious and keep blossoming inside yourself, or go unconscious and give yourself the right to live in the lies.

See deeply to love deeply for this is the bread crumb to the truth of your core!


Lois and Clark


My ego tells me I am empty…..

emptinessDo you feel empty inside?


When I make a statement as such in my mind.. even reading it.. My ego of creation stated yes.. You are empty.. Then I say to my ego.. Are you just stating another statement to be against reality?



The ego of course says.. whatever does that mean? That is when I smile.. For then I know that was or is within me is filled 70% water, it doesn’t retain a glass half empty or half full mentality only my thoughts about it will be.. 


The space created in just saying.. I am empty is a identity my mind can keep me in ego with.. Why make the choice to be of empty when I am energy in this moment which is always continuous.. There are not many moments calculated so to give this weight would be my own surrender to an unconscious mode of thinking that is truly the very thing I pointed to in the first place.. 


I am making the now an enemy and I am totally against reality.. If this spoke to you in some deep way it was the observer in you that picked up the challenge that something in you is false and wanting to be right… Right about what exactly? The need to be sad in emptiness or freed from emptiness of the empty thought process that doesn’t point to how much love you are consumed within? 


The vision is what your mind will make it and if it is against what is.. Isn’t that a false sense of being?



The Ego and it’s living space inside you has it’s place.. It isn’t that you have to remove ego to be free of it, you just have to accept to embrace your ego to control it.


Many of the challenges we face some are beautiful and need our love in compassion to understand why the choices we make are powerful enough to knock us around. 


Here is a clear example of what the ego can do…




Friend: Soulmate or twin flame ………..if he exists, i don´t know, all others i just don´t want!



Clark: You have such a depth of love inside of you why not point to an extension of that same love you already give out to surround yourself with.. It just has to give you that magic you already know is there!



Friend: Wow Clark, thanks, maybe in that moment i´m not prepared to feel love with one person, but with the world, i think is only that ………..but still, the other things, i don´t want, please

A great friend just told me the same some time ago……….so much love love will kill you, eheheheh


Clark: Yes egoic relationships keep a mentality that means you give me what I need, I give you what you need at some point we both will no longer need those things and hopefully you are in the same space as I am when that moment arrives to go from this stream of what love is or isn’t in that moment.. This is not fun for anyone.. Yet has the same circumstance of what I no longer need or want is for someone to figure this out.. Just be of love and show me deeply what that love is knowing that it has no end.. Don’t make it about this or that.. Just make it about what you truly feel within… Is that what I am reading in what you wrote?


Friend: No Clark, i´m saying that i´m tierd to sufer because i give so much…………so is better to feel inlove with all nature …….and don´t give too much for someone that don´t feel the same, only that


Clark: So I see that… yet what it is like when you give that same energy to yourself? Is there a limit to how much you give to yourself? Should their be? 


I want to make sure this is clear here.. If you give this to yourself how would another know it is the same? how would you know? You are the beauty in nature.. you have a love to give yourself like no other wouldn’t this emit this to the those who could see how to love.. 


This isn’t about them.. this is about you for how you have a relationship with yourself is how you have a relationship with anyone is this not a fact?



How deep that root goes within you is apparent… Isn’t this the emitted energy that should bring you a love that no matter what, it is coming to you all the time anyway? Not because it is their responsibility to match what you can give out.. but because it is in you to match what you give yourself.. 


Be as beautiful and as wonderful as the energy you continue to give us all my friend.. Please make sure you are giving it to yourself to allow another to give it to you as well…


Friend: Time will heal all things dear friend, and i will be here to feel it Clark, thanks


Clark: Now is all you ever have my friend… there is no thank you until you see how powerful your love is and how it is never to be taken away from you and it should always be given to yourself! I send you love my friend..



New friend:  I’m already married. I would love to find a friend who I can let my true weirdness out with.


Clark:  Are you married as an actress playing a role of who they think you are? Push the envelop my friend.. take him to the improv it will free you more than you can imagine!




New friend: Thank you Clark. I am an actress in a role of what he thinks I am. I’m slowly allowing myself to break the mold. Truth is I’m just getting to know my own weirdness. I have allowed everyone around me dictate my life. Now that I’m beginning to reconnect I feel like I don’t fit in the mold, I feel judged and squashed when I try to show the truest me.



Clark: My friend do you understand why this has happened? It isn’t because of him.. It isn’t because of others.. It is because the inner child in you has some healing to do in the power you hold within yourself. Sometimes when we develop we seek answers to why either something that happened hurt us or we weren’t love for something in a way that we didn’t understand. An example of this would be a little girl who’s father didn’t take interest in her, so she developed certain habits to cover up the hole in her soul that left her without. 

The communication was lacking so the story created inside that was defining the choices made were never answered.. This left a lie of a story inside the little girl. Her choices to make were difficult and the recognition she started to seek was something outside her rather than inside her. This caused her to appear one way whether it was promiscuous or isolated. She withheld ever loving from this place so for her to venture into life 25 years later left her without something inside that wanted to develop and heal… when she made those choices she kept seeking outside herself for acceptance or approval.. Where she missed the place that she could claim her power which is deep within her, past the pain of what was, to her wholeness.. The choice is problematic because of egoic mode of protection that time claims when the illusion of time is still this moment…

The judgement is a small place in front of the pain you keep.. It does so to claim it’s protection on you… Protection from what? From the vulnerability of love that is always inside you.. Pain is pain it comes form the place of birth which has unconditional love on the other side of it.. The most powerful choice you can make my friend is this… 

Never underestimate the ruthlessness of the ego to keep you in the state of suffering in which you voluntarily participate! Powerful message that is! Yet it will resonate with a truth that is keeping itself hidden from you, from your true source of being which is perceiving judgement that you don’t have to allow. Claim this to claim the love you are birthing within my friend.. We are here, we will listen, we will not abandon or judge you!




New friend: Thank you Clark you made me cry. I have been emotionally numb for most of my life. Its hard to claim your truth when you cannot connect to it out of self preservation. If I truly allow you to see Mr you will hurt me. Its my deepest darkest place I try not to go there.



Clark: My friend… Has it ever occurred to you that you may be looking at it incorrectly? When we open our eyes to see inside of darkness we bring the light. If your home is deep inside you shouldn’t you know what is inside you? Shouldn’t you be able to open your windows and experience the air that can come in and clear everything out? How does love get inside a box without you opening it? Are you sure without opening it that love isn’t in their anyway? Again you need to see the choice to be numb is a choice! At this place you probably fear hurting others by keeping the truth from them. Isn’t that the same thing as hurting them regardless. 



I want you to examine what your ego has said to you here… You will be destroyed if you let go of your ego for the world to see you naked! How else would their be self preservation? It is also you saying if I truly release my pain for you to see, I expect you to abandon me. I WILL NOT ABANDON YOU! That is not going to happen!  I read others reaching out everyday and more and more souls come to hold them through it, never leaving them. You are on safe ground here! 



New friend: So true I can’t respond. Thanks for your loving support.I have to sit with this…..