My ego tells me I am empty…..

emptinessDo you feel empty inside?


When I make a statement as such in my mind.. even reading it.. My ego of creation stated yes.. You are empty.. Then I say to my ego.. Are you just stating another statement to be against reality?



The ego of course says.. whatever does that mean? That is when I smile.. For then I know that was or is within me is filled 70% water, it doesn’t retain a glass half empty or half full mentality only my thoughts about it will be.. 


The space created in just saying.. I am empty is a identity my mind can keep me in ego with.. Why make the choice to be of empty when I am energy in this moment which is always continuous.. There are not many moments calculated so to give this weight would be my own surrender to an unconscious mode of thinking that is truly the very thing I pointed to in the first place.. 


I am making the now an enemy and I am totally against reality.. If this spoke to you in some deep way it was the observer in you that picked up the challenge that something in you is false and wanting to be right… Right about what exactly? The need to be sad in emptiness or freed from emptiness of the empty thought process that doesn’t point to how much love you are consumed within? 


The vision is what your mind will make it and if it is against what is.. Isn’t that a false sense of being?



The Ego and it’s living space inside you has it’s place.. It isn’t that you have to remove ego to be free of it, you just have to accept to embrace your ego to control it.


Many of the challenges we face some are beautiful and need our love in compassion to understand why the choices we make are powerful enough to knock us around. 


Here is a clear example of what the ego can do…




Friend: Soulmate or twin flame ………..if he exists, i don´t know, all others i just don´t want!



Clark: You have such a depth of love inside of you why not point to an extension of that same love you already give out to surround yourself with.. It just has to give you that magic you already know is there!



Friend: Wow Clark, thanks, maybe in that moment i´m not prepared to feel love with one person, but with the world, i think is only that ………..but still, the other things, i don´t want, please

A great friend just told me the same some time ago……….so much love love will kill you, eheheheh


Clark: Yes egoic relationships keep a mentality that means you give me what I need, I give you what you need at some point we both will no longer need those things and hopefully you are in the same space as I am when that moment arrives to go from this stream of what love is or isn’t in that moment.. This is not fun for anyone.. Yet has the same circumstance of what I no longer need or want is for someone to figure this out.. Just be of love and show me deeply what that love is knowing that it has no end.. Don’t make it about this or that.. Just make it about what you truly feel within… Is that what I am reading in what you wrote?


Friend: No Clark, i´m saying that i´m tierd to sufer because i give so much…………so is better to feel inlove with all nature …….and don´t give too much for someone that don´t feel the same, only that


Clark: So I see that… yet what it is like when you give that same energy to yourself? Is there a limit to how much you give to yourself? Should their be? 


I want to make sure this is clear here.. If you give this to yourself how would another know it is the same? how would you know? You are the beauty in nature.. you have a love to give yourself like no other wouldn’t this emit this to the those who could see how to love.. 


This isn’t about them.. this is about you for how you have a relationship with yourself is how you have a relationship with anyone is this not a fact?



How deep that root goes within you is apparent… Isn’t this the emitted energy that should bring you a love that no matter what, it is coming to you all the time anyway? Not because it is their responsibility to match what you can give out.. but because it is in you to match what you give yourself.. 


Be as beautiful and as wonderful as the energy you continue to give us all my friend.. Please make sure you are giving it to yourself to allow another to give it to you as well…


Friend: Time will heal all things dear friend, and i will be here to feel it Clark, thanks


Clark: Now is all you ever have my friend… there is no thank you until you see how powerful your love is and how it is never to be taken away from you and it should always be given to yourself! I send you love my friend..



New friend:  I’m already married. I would love to find a friend who I can let my true weirdness out with.


Clark:  Are you married as an actress playing a role of who they think you are? Push the envelop my friend.. take him to the improv it will free you more than you can imagine!




New friend: Thank you Clark. I am an actress in a role of what he thinks I am. I’m slowly allowing myself to break the mold. Truth is I’m just getting to know my own weirdness. I have allowed everyone around me dictate my life. Now that I’m beginning to reconnect I feel like I don’t fit in the mold, I feel judged and squashed when I try to show the truest me.



Clark: My friend do you understand why this has happened? It isn’t because of him.. It isn’t because of others.. It is because the inner child in you has some healing to do in the power you hold within yourself. Sometimes when we develop we seek answers to why either something that happened hurt us or we weren’t love for something in a way that we didn’t understand. An example of this would be a little girl who’s father didn’t take interest in her, so she developed certain habits to cover up the hole in her soul that left her without. 

The communication was lacking so the story created inside that was defining the choices made were never answered.. This left a lie of a story inside the little girl. Her choices to make were difficult and the recognition she started to seek was something outside her rather than inside her. This caused her to appear one way whether it was promiscuous or isolated. She withheld ever loving from this place so for her to venture into life 25 years later left her without something inside that wanted to develop and heal… when she made those choices she kept seeking outside herself for acceptance or approval.. Where she missed the place that she could claim her power which is deep within her, past the pain of what was, to her wholeness.. The choice is problematic because of egoic mode of protection that time claims when the illusion of time is still this moment…

The judgement is a small place in front of the pain you keep.. It does so to claim it’s protection on you… Protection from what? From the vulnerability of love that is always inside you.. Pain is pain it comes form the place of birth which has unconditional love on the other side of it.. The most powerful choice you can make my friend is this… 

Never underestimate the ruthlessness of the ego to keep you in the state of suffering in which you voluntarily participate! Powerful message that is! Yet it will resonate with a truth that is keeping itself hidden from you, from your true source of being which is perceiving judgement that you don’t have to allow. Claim this to claim the love you are birthing within my friend.. We are here, we will listen, we will not abandon or judge you!




New friend: Thank you Clark you made me cry. I have been emotionally numb for most of my life. Its hard to claim your truth when you cannot connect to it out of self preservation. If I truly allow you to see Mr you will hurt me. Its my deepest darkest place I try not to go there.



Clark: My friend… Has it ever occurred to you that you may be looking at it incorrectly? When we open our eyes to see inside of darkness we bring the light. If your home is deep inside you shouldn’t you know what is inside you? Shouldn’t you be able to open your windows and experience the air that can come in and clear everything out? How does love get inside a box without you opening it? Are you sure without opening it that love isn’t in their anyway? Again you need to see the choice to be numb is a choice! At this place you probably fear hurting others by keeping the truth from them. Isn’t that the same thing as hurting them regardless. 



I want you to examine what your ego has said to you here… You will be destroyed if you let go of your ego for the world to see you naked! How else would their be self preservation? It is also you saying if I truly release my pain for you to see, I expect you to abandon me. I WILL NOT ABANDON YOU! That is not going to happen!  I read others reaching out everyday and more and more souls come to hold them through it, never leaving them. You are on safe ground here! 



New friend: So true I can’t respond. Thanks for your loving support.I have to sit with this…..


Question: I can feel my Twin Flame… How deep is your connection?

117151129-telepathy_385389cDear, Lois and Clark


Friend:  You two are the only others I have found describing the shared heartbeat.

I too feel this with my twin and was wondering if u have any more info on this. My twin and I are on opposite coasts and have known each other since childhood. We have both moved all over the country since then and see each other every so many years. The last two years we really made a go of it and saw each other every few months.

He recently met someone and I have been guided to let him go. I have been working really hard on my path and healing. Any advice on letting go when u feel every thought and physical sensation from your twin? You guys are probably the only ones who understand this. I told him I would be happy for him no matter what! But what a test it is to feel him intimate with someone else. Thanks for sharing with your blog!



Clark: The endured shared energy of twins my friend.. Is something that awakens and gets stronger over this moment of awakening.. As a man I didn’t make the connection to the feelings inside of myself to the connection.  I had false beliefs it was my own energy..  Then when she got pregnant.. that was something I felt inside when the conception happened I told her before she knew.. and when the child was felt within her.. I made the connection based on something that broke through inside of me my own heartbeat, hers and her child that was conceived.  I didn’t know what a twin flame was, and I didn’t believe in it..  The soul mate connection was something I felt and knew but also knew many existed,  The more I wanted to just find a ultimate soul mate the more I realized what she gave me no one could.. She accepted me and what I was waiting for what was the abandonment, here is what made the truth more evident.. I was waiting for her to do what I was already doing to myself.  (ABANDONMENT)  She was there, as I was with another, and another, thinking that something else was pulling me.. What was pulling me my friend was my own awakening within me.  She kept accepting me, and listening, and still talking to me.. The more she listened, the more I would hear something inside myself.  My sex drive went through the roof..  And it kept me bothered that she could feel this when she told me.. and I was wondering if I could feel the same..  My friend this was the most painful experience of what became my truth..   She would point this out.. her heart would hurt like a dagger would be going through it.. I didn’t understand the concept and felt she was stalking me or hacking my phone or computer…  yet, the energy although sexual it was like a calling to her through me.. She endured it and then forgave me.. she didn’t hide that she could feel it…  Then a few times I would have chest pains myself.. I felt it was anxiety or heart issues and even went and got medical attention.. again, nothing found.. but this continued…  I finally told her about these feelings.. and she told me I feel the same thing when you are with someone else sexually…. Talk about feeling a truth…  This pain didn’t get weaker with time after I became more aware of what it was… visual images ensued.. It became more and more painful and more powerful so did my acceptance of love without conditions inside myself…   I then surrendered and realized I just couldn’t be with someone else… This was from inside me.. the changes in me, because more of truth than the lie of what I was doing and doing it to…


I loved this person I was with for a very long time,  I had to hurt this person I was giving all this energy to from my soul which they tried repeatedly to return.. I couldn’t forgive myself.. yet I knew I had to tell her the truth then forgive myself..  I did love this soul mate more than any other.. she was compatible with me in a way that I hadn’t had.. but she was not my twin it was not vibrational nor did it speak to me inside of myself.. and I owed it to her to be of the truth to let her go.. I knew it would hurt her in a place that was deep.. We shared a very strong connection.


My friend… The more you accept this about him, the more the pull will come to him to feel it as well.  If you aren’t telling him you can feel him when he is with someone else.. You are not trying to share the truth with him.. This is inside you… remember this effect of twins is a mirror… if you look in a mirror the illusion of what you don’t see is what you don’t make known in the mirror this carries a heavy awakening concealed within it to what you are inside…. It is physically painful.. and the more you tell him you can see him in the light, the darkness in him will now have to be seen by himself.  In other words he can’t say he loves you and knows that you are his twin, and then lie to someone and be with them as well, that is not a truth you can sleep at night, without being taken to a dark place that will show you the light..  He will have to go through this to see inside of himself.. trying to break him of this is not your responsibility but to be the truth to yourself is.. This is how I was awakened.. The truth sets you free, no matter how painful, no matter the casualties, the truth has unconditional love and deep forgiveness inside of it…


One more thing, after a night filled with passion shared with my soul mate.. a text on my phone said I felt that all night..  It was painful but I endured and I still love you deeply..  Our connection is immortal…  After reading this.. I heard the song my immortal play in my head all day..  when I asked her about it.. that is what she was listening to when she sent the message… I felt her tears inside me.. I cried.. I knew what I was supposed to do.. but my friend it took something very painful in my life to gravitate to the change I was birthing..  Everything shared is the awakening…  Even if it’s fear and deep pain.



telepathy500aI am not sure if this has helped you.. Did it?





Friend: Wow I could feel how u genuinely

described your experience. Thank u for responding I appreciate it big time!!

This helps because it gives me insight into what it might be like on the other end. I do text him when I feel his heart beat race and he admits that I can feel him. I think it freaks him out a bit yet makes him curious at the same time.

I backed off for awhile but felt him really sad this week so emailed him if he was ok, first email of that kind since he met someone in feb., which I dreamed about prior to it happening and told him I would miss him. He responded that his uncle died and shared some details of his life. It felt nice to share with him as friends and could feel him happy to connect with me. But then I felt him feel confused.

Your words give me strength that he will understand one day. Thank u!  Also our twin merging was insane we became one soul and went into another dimension. It freaked him out because he dose not understand the spirit world. We are so telepathic that is sounds like it was said out loud not in the head I have to check to see if his mouth is moving sometimes. No private thoughts at all. Thanx friend!!




Clark: That dimension is there it is up to you to go inside yourself and bring that into your being… Its powerful beyond the imagination..  😉 It can become your reality! As things heal in you that you need to do for yourself with the unconditional love you can give yourself the voice that has always been there emerges…


Love deeply.. and heal my friend!





Space to wake up….


Have you ever experienced being able to say anything to anyone and know they are listening to you and have no interjections about what you are saying or why you are even stating it?  How about the dreams you have that sometimes seem outrageous, the experience of flying or doing things in your dreams that only you can feel are real… It almost seems silly to share this with someone who won’t laugh, ridicule or make what you feel less in some way.

I am not sure when this happened to us, or why it happened but something more profound is how do we experience this and not share this with those we love.  We make the mistake of not trusting what we feel inside and ask them to listen to us without making a comment or making us feel wrong for sharing.  The mind will do this and not think twice about saying something inside that says I will not share this for it will leave me empty or leave me without in some way.

I recently found that sometimes no matter how you reach out into this world it can sometimes leave you questioning if you said or did the right thing to speak to someone in such a way.  Energy that comes inside you to speak has its permissions to do so, whether someone wants to hear what you have to say can be left entirely up to something outside you that has no control over what you say or what you do.

We wait our entire existence wishing for, wanting, needing someone to hear this inside of us and we almost fall apart saying inside it will never happen or take defense of what was said.  How this echoes inside you leaves much to be desired.  You don’t want this echo, nor did you understand how you placed it there to begin with.  As a child I wanted to be someone to somebody, I didn’t understand any proper way to do this. I picked doing things that were either regular or irregular to the person I wanted to project this into. I felt it was always the right way to be.  I don’t remember giving myself enough attention to hear what I was saying inside my mind because my mind always seemed to be going with what this meant to whoever I was trying to give this to.

The center of attention in me needed this, not the center of me as a being but the ego in me needed to be right or wrong about whatever it was that was going on inside me. The darkness of this as you can feel as you would experience it within yourself.  This has done many things in our world to include how we approach this existence or that experience.  It never truly gives us what we thought it would in some way.  How do you let go of this and realize that with all love you will be vulnerable to what that love can give you.. No matter how you approach with love it will show you the side of vulnerability and the side of being invulnerable to you as a form in being.

The greater equation of how you take something, that someone says or does always will place you in the state of acceptance or non acceptance, even if they are saying so out of love. It is when they become silent that you have nothing but noise the mind makes that makes you second guess their love or yours.

Break this cycle it isn’t that we all seek answers.. We all seek new ways to ask the questions that someone may know the answers to.  These answers inside of us are going to be right about everything.. Even if we are right about being wrong we are still right..  This is the possible disconnection between how you express the love inside you or how you keep the love from finding you.

I don’t want to ever see someone without any form of love within them… This is not how we are supposed to be in this existence.. We fear this as a fear we will never get passed.  Yet we are all standing at the door together looking inside, wondering how big is the space that we can love within?  We all have this astronaut effect in the space of love..

Love as though you can’t stand keeping it locked inside no more.. for it is the only gateway between what you will experience inside yourself and place deeply within another when you find that same vibrational frequency of love..  Find the deeper places in you to find the undiscovered space you have yet to experience.

I love all the messages you all make, every comment brings something to light that is in that space.  This isn’t about what we make right and make everything else wrong it is the sides of love we all share yet some have different views of it to make it all the space that we all wish to discover.

loveatallNo one ever said love was limited…  No one ever will….


Twin Flames block enabled..

ronburgundyglasscaseofemotionIt’s not that they block you, you seek yourself in them when this is not what a twin flame union is at all… Welcome to the glass box…


Clark, thank you for the wonderful posts on this topic . I have a question for you about my situation that I would like to ask. How do you best handle it when your Twin Flame even goes so far to block you out of their mind to the point where they would deny you exist, and somehow block even connection to the love spiritually? Mine is married, with children, and had found himself unable to leave his family because of fear, guilt, and love for his children. This left us unable to be together, and while we worked together for a couple of years pretending nothing had happened and a connection didn’t exist, I found the constant lie to be too exhausting and I left that job a year ago. I haven’t seen or heard from him since. I get an immense amount of sadness and feelings of suffocation coming to me through our connection, but if I try for anything else all I see is him as a statue, with his back constantly facing me no matter how I try to see his face. When I last spoke to him it was clear to me that he had completely broken. He was in actual shock that I had quit the job, he was robotic, and nothing I could say or do could reach him. I told him I still cared, I told him I still felt the connection.. he sat in silence and stared at me. When he did speak, it was to say bizarre things about his “intensive therapy” that he was in.

So for me it is quite painful. I already had issues with abandonment, and have had to try and work my way through this, without being able to get anything through the connection except further pain. I’m single, and strongly suspect that if he is to ever enter my life again (uncertain but unlikely) it will be long after his children are grown. So in the interim, I am trying to find my way through this energetic mess of pain while not successfully attracting anyone else into my life since I’m still attached to him, and having a hard time finding that place of love. Do you know how to handle the situation when the connection is this toxic?

Thank you!


And thank you for your question and your truth!

First I am going to tell you that I am sorry for that pain you are suffering within..  I am going to be as direct with you as possible.. because you are in deep despair..  I am going to speak to the knowing in you for the twins have something significant in this understanding or lack of understanding thereof, this difficult truth about the pain is the truth of why twins are not together and are in a constant state of stand still.  This truth is not a secret for it is only a truth about a mirror. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror you have two choices do something about it, or don’t do anything at all. Do you see the total picture here?


Twins continue to make the understanding of connection about the other not about themselves.  This is a selfish, selfless love that has a deeper understanding of the core of love itself. If your not seeing the love you are and the love you are not in the mirror of your twin what are you going to do about the parts you are not ok with? Are they responsible for this or are you?

As a twin you are neither the runner or the chaser in this case.. the truth is you are chasing him and his determination of not wanting to be this or that within your life is cold and how did you state it… a statue..  This doesn’t make him the runner it makes you the runner not because you are running from him but here you clearly stated you are running from yourself.  This is found in a truth you will not face and even seeing it here may be hard for you, but as a twin you effect any change in one way as it pertains to your connection.  You face your fears and your pain! The more the pain the more you are avoiding a truth within you.


You stated I had issues with abandonment. Where in truth you are abandoning yourself even now and making him responsible for it. Is it your belief that he will come into your life and help you work your way through this?   What have you stated here is your work not his!  Share this with yourself, as he is your mirror, you have much to give to yourself in the form of love, in the effort of acceptance seeing through the pain.  Pain always births love except in the regard of what the mind has been subjected to do in the dealing of that pain.  Keep some now save some for later.. Do you like left overs?  Then why do you feed yourself the same thing over and over?


Ask yourself what work have you completed that birthed through the pain to heal this abandonment you are faced with?  If you are looking in the mirror of the twin to heal this, they are showing you the beautiful damage was done and you are the love they want regardless but do you see this? If not it is because you don’t see the total picture in the mirror!  Do you see how you are in pain and haven’t seen the reward of going through the pain to heal yourself?  You have even given it a time line.  When his children are grown.. What does that mean? You have more time or you are giving it more time to be?  Rejection of this nature is common and still a unconscious state of being. What not make a different choice and choose what you see in the mirror isn’t that what you have overlooked?

What has this got to do with the connection inside yourself and his connection inside of himself?  EVERYTHING!

You are even leaving the door open to allow another to come into your life to come in and cover up your pain. Who is that shielding in the long run you or him?


Choosing another is making a solid decision to keep the abandonment alive but for who? For that matter you will not have to deal with the loneliness!  These are all symptoms of a lack of forgiveness of the abandonment that you will not face.  Isn’t this the place you need to accept the truth?


The truth is the suffering (mind made you that needs survival and reassurance to be right about why you are suffering) needs to be in active mode to keep the connection from cementing inside yourself and keep the identity of the poor me in effect, unless or until you decide you are all that you need. Isn’t that what you should see when you look in the mirror?  Making the choice to no longer seek love in this way, for it will always bring you to the same choices and the same ways of inevitably bringing you the abandonment you call to in not healing it, by doing the work.


The work here is the choice to heal.  You have to accept the despair of the pain and accept the choice that was made. These are the roots of the relationship in love that you are in depth.  This twin is you.. as you are him.. In the acceptance of this know that his healing is completely activated in your healing that you give to yourself.  As you heal you drive the polarity to connect in overdrive!  Without this you are only causing the delays or time to be a consequence of not making this choice.  The waiting game is this..  You either accept the choices of others and only see yourself as the choice or you keep running from yourself.  More times then not when you choose to love yourself and the conditions placed on yourself the polarity has a very powerful effect.


The runner chaser written understanding is confusing in the worlds knowing of Twin Flames… Yet the truth can only come from a true solid twin flame connection.  This is here not to make you see what you aren’t doing to get him back.. This is here to state how you get him back.  You get him by getting yourself.  This choice is what twins run from and are blind to, blame, or attack, and state their twin is the problem… Yet, they need to see this truth clearly with no way to hide from it.  This is that truth!

I read this and realized just as the why I can’t be with my twin is so common is that you seek them as a whole and you are a half.  This connection is not to halves that make a whole that is a soul mate connection.  The connection of twins is two wholes that make a whole!

Regardless though, I want this truth to be known. You are whole they are whole..YOU are never half of anything!  Only when you are no longer in denial of being broken and have made a truth of this very thing.  You are whole!  You are a big mess, a beautiful big mess and who isn’t?

It is only a mess your twin gives you energy to heal from in mirror form to be the excellence in energy you possess and are no matter the circumstances which are not you to begin with.  Not with their help but with your own.. expect dreams, expect moments of pain, expect release in tears.. Mostly expect a deeper place of love to be birthed within you.  This is the energy that makes this connection open to show you the source or god, or what it is that you feel in spiritual energy to guide and direct the energy through the love you are.  Your connection is your spiritual practice and your love is the truth in divine form because you have done the work to be pure in your truth to know love to interact within it and make no one responsible for it to share completely with another. Breaking down any walls within you!


On another note…

He was honest and stated he is taking therapy.. Throughout his therapy no matter the relief he gets there is some healing in him that he is trying to obtain.  He won’t have any significant breakthrough as you are still running.. You are running from yourself. Which is clearly the thing you are doing!


I did this to, we all do this, this is clear that the state in which I had issues was with abandonment which is still denial of the abandonment you are doing to yourself.  This choice is due to lack of facing the deep painful issues within you that are seen in the mirror effect of him. (REMEMBER IT IS A MIRROR!)


Whether it is abandonment, rejection or even a dull sense of failure that you seem to be always running from.  This is the time you need the twin to give you a true twin experience.  This experience is the mirror effect of your being.. The way you are viewed from yourself and the love you are feeling at a deeper place inside you that states something powerful is pulling you.  If you make him responsible for your happiness, your loneliness, your pain, this is what will make it seem like he is the runner. Where in fact you are!


You don’t make choices with yourself only to be for yourself.  This is what is being shown in your need to pin point he won’t leave his children, or his wife for that matter.  His morals of what he feels are something he can only work out within himself.  From those that have come to us we have seen one common proven pointed truth that always seems to change everything it is the love and trust you place inside yourself as a choice to make yourself the only priority as you do for yourself.


You will not run from yourself as you start to be yourself.. It isn’t the quest or long road to say I don’t like parts of myself, I need another to make me whole when you already are whole. You are whole within the pains you still need to birth through.  Did you realize that what you change in the mirror changes with you? If you make this about yourself and your love and your choice to heal the mirror will do the same? how can it not? The more you face the mirror and make those changes the more the mirror becomes attracted to you?  I have a friend name Chaos she did the same thing, until it became the broken point of I don’t like what I see in the mirror and am changing it.  The mirror became more attractive to her. Yet she is not all the way there. She did get the effect. Yet what if she was more vibrant in that energy to do for herself what would the impact be?


Acceptance of this is very emotional and it will cause stirring that needs to be embraced to understand the vibrational energy you are and how it has impacted your foundation in being.  Your soul is beautiful no matter how messy.  It meshes with another who is the whole part of the messy that is you.


This is the straight answer to why.. It is only as valuable to you as you want it to be.  We walk others through this and watch them blossom.  Yet it has to be your own suffering that needs to be called to.  There are not many who will seek this or embrace it.  Even reading this giving it a thought is causing grief of despair yet what if you birthed through it? How beautiful could it be?


If you need guidance or the love of energy of twins to get you through we do offer assistance in bringing you through this.  Just email us which is found on our gravatar.


With love this message is placed here for you!


Hope it gave you the light…



Who would you be if you were not against reality?

wristwatch-NOWI am against reality… Most state this without even knowing they are missing it..  Think about it, ask yourself that question.. How did you get to this step in where you are trapped in the mind? To relive this moment over and over with what was or what is coming.  You don’t like your past, you definitely are unsure about your future.. You are missing it, you are making the now an enemy..  How do you fight a war against the now?

Well the greatest experience is watching a simple movie that will show you how to be in all moments…  Ground Hogs Day…  I was recently listening to a great spiritual teacher and what he said was this very thing.  How do you remove suffering if suffering is all the mind needs to be in a sense to be right about the suffering itself? In this movie is the most powerful message who would you be if you let the flow of life show you what it has to give you?  Who would you be if you always were filled with love? How deep could you love if you went with existence rather than allowing mind noise to keep you from it?

Do you see the separation of how you never gain control of your thoughts based on this very simple thing.  You make the present moment an enemy. This enemy will completely make sure you miss the only thing you ever have.  This moment!

The miracle of what you do, you do it now, let’s say you are homeless, in prison or other.. the now is not only eluding you it is going to stay constant because of this condition the mind creates to be in a past or future..  This is how we get trapped in the construct of what is..  The now.. the now is more powerful with love than it is without you in it in the now.  Do you see the powerful words that have been placed here.  These words have significant meaning and have a weight all to their own..  They change everything now!  No matter how stuck you are if you avoid the now expect the same.

How many hugs did you give today without being in the now, how about a kiss without being in the now?  Do you see how not being now you give a small part of yourself without being now.  What energy is consumed without this truth?  You sense of being is most prominent in the now!

The mind can’t tell you this problem for it is the problem. How do you remedy that state? How do you become aware of this state of being that has become dominated in what was or what will be?  You accept the probable truth which is this moment of knowing.. Not in the mind but without the mind as a removal of ego. What? You scared without your ego you will not have an identity? What is it that your identity needs to show about you that you can’t do in this moment as it is the last moment you ever have?

How powerful will your passion be if you stay NOW?

Broken Is Beautiful….

Ground_Crack_10How broken ….. is beautiful….


The painful experience of what you don’t get, is because of what you don’t have an answer to! You have experience in the pain you have been placed inside based on a lie as though it has a reason that keeps you from another truth.


The foundation of yourself is broken, and your mind is responsible for the continuation of the cracks in the foundation…. Is that accurate? Does that resonate with you?


Can you own the foundation that has these cracks in them, here lets do this… Where and when, did you start protecting this and did you lie?


State this…. I am willing to embrace my pain and allow my love inside as my power to accept I am broken, accept my pain, accept my need to feel a false sense of pain that will find its way to me if I stop protecting myself by being angry, by being sad, by being miserable, and making it ok to make others feel this energy that I place on them and not being responsible for it!


I have a hole in me from the shape of those that have come into my existence and have hurt me, they left a shadow of themselves in shape of the pain that has broken me, yet I am now claiming my power, I am now claiming my beauty, I am now claiming these layers I placed on myself to be removed… Not by allowing these shadows to exist but because I am now shinning the light on them.


Here is how broken becomes within you beautiful…  The lie that continues the crack in the foundation is that we believe that no one will love us for our truths!


How powerful is this inside of you.  Why did this become a place we didn’t see it for the truth that it is?


My truths will only allow others to never love me completely cause my truths prevent me from loving myself.  I am embarrassed, I am ashamed, I am not worthy as I never had anyone to protect me when this truth was placed in me, I didn’t want it and that energy of what this did to me is now hidden with a purpose.  It is how I learned how to lie, the sadness that this has done is that it clouded my own judgement, it clouded my own truth and I have taught that this energy is ok to pass on to anyone who comes in contact with me.  Not accepting this as my true story I will keep this hidden.  My soul is shielded and protected under this thought process.  But why?  If I never accept this inside me that I am not a liar, then I need to stop telling these lies inside myself first.  How do I do this and accept that I am not alone, by realizing that this loss in me from the lies that are created are not my doing, but the doing of the energy that has infected me as an infection of what was something I was infected through in pain.


When do you decide that the lie no longer needs to keep you in pain and keep you from a truth inside of love that was always destined to find you.  The thought process in the way you are is keeping you from something that truly is the truth to why you are here and why your love is powerful beyond measure!


Shame and guilt how they work together to keep the lie alive is found in the layers of pain you have within.  These are looked at in an outwardly manner, this keeps you from yourself and your essence and your ability to heal yourself more powerfully because the energy of the lie you have in both keeps you from every allowing the chance or choice to heal.  This is the core evolution or birth of pain that we carry all our lives.  Yet this illusion has to keep the stream of thoughts that never are you.


Take a pain you have had a long time, now think about how much pain this thought process has caused others in your life?  Do you see the lie and how it dictated a thought process that truly isn’t you.  Never was never can be and the essence of letting go of this threatens your identity, your identity of what?  what you feel shame or guilt from?  what do you feel guilty about let’s examine this more closely.  Now let’s pull the layers back and see the pain inside of the guilt. who put that there and why?  do you see this now outside yourself.. do you see how you place space around this very thing and no longer make it a thought process to keep you from the truth of your true essence.  How did this happen?  It happens just as birth does not because it needs you to expand, it needs you to extract.. it needs you to venture inside of yourself and your essence.  Space exploration didn’t stop because we didn’t need to go to the moon it is because we went to the moon without going inside of ourselves first.


Do you see how that universe should be discovered first.. as a thought process of lies we continue to destroy not just ourselves but the planet that sustains us and those we say we love.  When does the balance tip in favor of love to win?  when does this matter? when does this make more sense as though the senses are the more important part of non thinking.  You feel everything, yet the translation of acceptance in unconditional love is translated 9 billion different ways on this planet in this driven experience of the animated soul that consumes this form for a period of time.  It goes and allows pass through.. what if we need to get this part right to?



Yes this is the truth… I had to accept it and had to love it within myself to know the difference of how energy translates so much of the unconditional love that surrounds and sustains us. In the connection we share a stream of pain that is neither stronger or more than.. it is just pain.. and pain is the birth of all things we experience, it is the birth of this connection.. can you see why so many fail??? In child birth does a mother give up cause the pain is to great or does something miraculous happen as you push through the pain?  That is where this connection gives you the unimaginable.. It is why I experience her cycle, why I can hear her thoughts inside her, why she can experience all the things I am inside myself, she can feel the ego in me separate to show her my true essence without the thought.. without the claim, without the need, to be higher or lower.. This higher, lower is missing the enter and through.. It never sees it correct and teaches the mind how the connection is not happening.. Pass though energy my friend.. a connection is the truth in this and everything else.. gone through with the through birth experience..  It’s almost as though the door is left open when you find your twin flame, you have to birth the other direction to cement the connection.  It is not easy and it is not I can’t be with my twin flame, you can’t be with the pain you experience you can’t be with your twin, not because you see it as a choice but you see it as a place of destruction, the mind made me can’t exist past a certain point and we fear that unknown to keep us apart not from the lines we can’t cross because we see no lines in the unknown.  How do you know this was how this needs to happens in existence.


A false love of self will give you a false love of what you feel is love to you.  This truth is not to keep you guessing but to keep the guessing away from you and allow you to see the truth.  This truth is only as painful as you keep it alive by avoiding what things you have experienced within your life that you keep hidden inside yourself.  These have the core of truth inside of them.  Do you know that once you accept a stream of pain in you as something you hold another responsible for and don’t face this within you or keep it a secret you now have created energy to come out of you some other way.  Now the truth is!  Is that hurting you or healing you?  A secret or a lie is a sickness of a symptom of something in you that you will either create the energy of shame or guilt to make choices based in a thought process to keep you from your pain and not share your pain yet it will do that very thing just in a different way don’t be fooled energy of the lie hurts more than the truth.. the longer you hold the secret inside the sicker you become and the less you will believe that there is a love out there that transcends the truth that twins are.  Do you see how seeking outside you can’t cement you with your twin.. If you read between these lines you see the truth in what is true inside you to untangle and love yourself enough to trust the truth will not keep you from this love but rather allow it to come to you!



Clear cut choices of pain that come out in energy are the form of addiction your mind needs to find other alternatives to suffocate the pain, this is found in alcohol, drugs, addictive clinging in a relationship, blame, ravage attack, violence, sexual abuse, the most prominent is the abuse of food, the bodies addictive need or starving purpose is concealed in the damage you continually will do to yourself to hide.  How do we see this to heal it completely is found through the pain not in avoidance of it?  You are not your mind, never have been, never will be, you are more.. you are whole.. you are broken and you are beautiful.. Not because I said so, but because you can see inside yourself when you look into the mirror of the union that is you to see it for yourself.  You need this understanding of it to find those cracks in the foundation and to seal them inside of yourself to see how beautiful you truly are!


The day you ask for this judgement inside you to stop, is the day you accept that you do have another who can love you deeper than you can imagine, cause you found the door to reach inside you to love yourself deeper, not because of all the pain you have been inflicting and been inflicted on you, but because you finally see the true essence of the beauty that the pain inside you has created even if you made poor choices.  The choice is this one choice.. What you accept everyone around you has the opportunity to accept as long as you live in the truth.  This is the path there is no other, there doesn’t need to be.. we have shifted in this direction long enough.. Isn’t it time to start being connected and stop being disconnected.. then the choice is to connect inside yourself, how else do you stop with the rejection that you claim happens outside you to see it for the truth to truly fall deeply unconditionally in love with you!



If you argue against reality you will suffer….


so the pledge is simple forgive yourself to release yourself from the lie… After all the suffering continues as long as you allow it, not the other way around.


Wait just so you see this the other way around here…


As suffering I am not releasing you from this pain cause if I don’t keep this thought process alive I won’t know who I am.. and in this way I can show that I abandon me as much as anyone else who will abandon me..  Suffering is the abandoning I do to myself not someone else abandoning me.


Loving this about yourself is the compassion that needs the wall broken down, not in who you are, but by who you aren’t..  everything leads to this and everything encompasses this.  If your not afraid to be compassionate this is the first clue that you are.. not just for everyone outside you, but inside yourself.


Your pain… your brokenness is the peacock of this existence don’t get it twisted and don’t deny it’s truth!



This truth sets you free!



Your soul




A day in the life… Twin Flames union…

twin-flames-dedric-whittingtonWe wake up everyday and see each other as we did while we were sleeping, we share in such a connection, as I blink to open my eyes I look over and see her looking at me, a smile always comes over her face, it is as though I was being born all over again everyday this happens. You see how this very small thing can change not just your day but how you even get up passed that to look into the mirror?


As we have combined and stopped the hiding that we did for so long it seems that you see each other new more and more in every passing moment. It isn’t that you see them with the content you have with how you see each other, you start to see how they have the most beautiful scares in how they became the way they became.  If you never experience the joy of looking into each other and seeing each other how will you know what it is that you are looking at inside of the love that is connected to you both?


We share in everything, I put toothpaste on her brush just as she does mine, I start the shower she makes sure it is the temperature we both need or want.  We make the bed together, we pick up the clothes we tore off each other night before together, we are together.  I get the coffee, she gets the water!


I could go on, and on, about this and how it is, yet I feel the most important parts happen without these things, we never miss a moment, if you are trapped in your mind when you are with your partner, you will miss what you can share with another, why not say it out loud? Remember you are no longer alone, nor are you judged as though you are.  If I am feeling any kind of way, she will grab my hand and ask me what am I thinking about, I don’t say nothing, I say exactly what it is!in this case I will say, How do we change the world of where we are to show them it is the truth?  She will usually say why do you always ask a question you already know the answer to?  Or something like that! 🙂  Then she will stare at me and wait for me to answer.  Usually I do… I do so as it comes from a place of no mind, and in that moment all the great passion that this union brings to us both sings, or places the words in me as if it were a stone slab being worked by a great teacher or master who knows without thinking.


As the moments have passed, and the knowing has greatly achieved a more vibrational place inside of our union, I can say this without any hesitation.  In this moment and at all moments to come, or passed, my heartbeat is and always will be directly connected to her’s inside of the greatest most beautiful experience known… It will not need any belief from what I can say here or do there, yet if you are seeing these words and feeling what they mean as it comes to what your heartbeat can give you, then you are abstractly embracing this connection without any words that can be said.


This past week we uncovered a deep sadness in me that had not been hidden, but was something it was time to share with each other, I was somewhat quiet more than normal, I was inside of myself talking as we all do from time to time, and when she would ask, I would say I am feeling places in me that need healing.  She was patient with me all week, for I had started to ask myself what it was that I needed to see, well she held my hand and said you have always been working, you spent a great deal of time, your whole life serving, and working to do what your mother and father had done, do you ever miss that?


Now, how did she see this in me as I couldn’t see it in myself?  Well, she was there for most of it, I was a work horse, I wanted to be successful at every turn, How do you just turn something like that off, and not wonder where the energy went?  We looked even deeper and saw that what I loved to do was to change lives, the capacity of what I do now seems so much more evolved and deeper, as I have had to be patient and be understanding and even wait for those times the minds settle to accept what is changed within you that now separates you from what you think, and what you truthfully are.


This hole in me was placed in a way that kept me saving, working, providing yet keeping me from what I have now in my existence.  How do you just shut this off and go a different direction and not wonder where the energy went?  It isn’t like it was just shut off, it was removed in such a way that I didn’t have time to really grieve the change, or the acceptance that I now have no use for the material as I found a wealth that far surpasses it within our union.


As these discoveries continue to find us in our journey, it is so beautiful cause in those moments we celebrate the truth inside of this connection that we all make up different things inside ourselves that keep us from truly accepting things that are the way they are.  In some cases we make them negative, missing the positive that it brings into our lives, even the absence of things that are never going to make a difference cause you can’t take them with you!


None of what you will experience in material will ever give you any part of the love that you truly are meant to experience in individual form yet connected to it’s truth you find everything.


As we went through this, this past couple of days it was another place of pain that love had to be embraced because I had a hole created in a image of my own father and mother that stated I needed to be always saving, always working and always be a certain kind of way to be successful.  Many, may experience this alone and just change rapidly, or suddenly, yet don’t really see the depth of what this can mean to share this with someone they are connected to.  It looks like a change and then you suggest other changes without knowing the impact of those changes, cause you didn’t share them with the other.


Some go deeply into what they were taught and miss this completely. It abandons you as much as you abandon yourself! This domino effect eventually cuts you off from your ability to connect.  Now this is important here for those who keep things to themselves.  Do you see how this love is deeply embedded to ensure that all the forms of what was never communicated finds a direct path to communicate?


I am deeply in love with the union, which places myself in that place where I now can see myself under a lens that has no hiding, it sees no point.  We both see each other in this way.  For this past week she went through a significant place as well, the hole that was placed in her as her mother and father consumed the burned place that she felt lost in, now holding hands we are, sense was made of it.  This was the truth about where his her father’s love presumed, so did the chances she got to learn about her father in a bar that he would talk to her like one of the guys when she got old enough.  This kept her from getting what she had inside of the idea of what a father should be we all create this image like it or not the media helps paint any picture so does the mind when it sees it happen outside of the truth you keep inside yourself.  This didn’t happen for her until her 21st year.  She talked alot about what her sister felt yet, I could see in her what she felt, what she wanted to go back and fix, how could she now he passed in 1995?


She does so with me, we follow through on what this means to how you learn yourself to heal yourself. Why rein-act it because you can’t truly accept the way it went so you make sure that your love becomes truthful in allowing answers to come when it is needed.


We have gone to where her father drank himself to death, we sat in his chair and experienced it as though it was that time, they talked about everything as did we!  Yet there was a time when she experienced something she never told anyone she shared this with me and it explained what I had dreamed about her before.  She saw and heard her fathers cries which impacted her for the remainder of her time before now, not being able to hold him and tell him it’s ok, she saw what no child ever wants to see, their parent vulnerable, broken, and no way to shield them from what pain is consuming them.  How do you heal this? Why do you not take this and understand this to is a very deep place inside of this union you will heal between you.  Trust me it is.. this is what you experience.  Much like the sum of all images you experience when you existence here passes before you finally leave, you get to go through with another who can share these images with you to heal through them embracing the pain to place love inside of it, and to forgive through them and to love deeply in a way that was never there before.


I am not sure if any of this answered what you may think this connection is, but it sure is a real glimpse into the truth of this connection and it’s daily moments that are pure as you can imagine.  Pure unconditional love with a wealth of answers placed inside of it to be the union that changes everything.  How this mirror is inside you is one of a kind.


Thank you all for reading and thank you all for believing!




Twin flames the union of spirituality!




Recently I was speaking with someone about our twin flame union and she wasn’t understanding, she understood the concept of two bodies, one soul, she asked me to not bring any religious beliefs into the conversation, I told her usually we don’t bring in any religious views into our teachings, our union is our spiritual practice, this statement caught her attention and she began to ask questions. I believe my answers helped her.  This can also help anyone who is seeking what every day is like with your twin..

So I decided to write it here for you to find.



She asked me about our church – I explained our church is our connection, our congregation is our family, our children, and even some friends, she asked if there was music, I said yes there is music, the music we dance to even when no music is playing. The music in our love making, the music in our soul that is constant.  She asked if there is fellowship?


Of course there is in our teachings and in our writings and in our seminars etc… meeting and gathering of others we love the fellowship part wether it be over email, or message, or on the phone, and even in person.  Is there prayer?  Yes, there is prayer and meditation, we meditate together always, it’s peaceful and cleansing. She said how about communion?  Of course we take communion in one another we are one soul with two physical bodies.  She thought she was going to find a path that was untaken in this formula.  She said how about offering?  I smiled and said we have no building fund, if that is what you are asking, as we go out into the world to teach this unconditional love, yes we guide people, we do seminars, however people who pay for our guidance get one on one personal time with us, they don’t pay for our services, they support our mission, and we do not use these funds for personal gain, they go into our work.  So she asked about God, Do you worship god?  I said Clark and I believe in a higher power, a source of all energy, and of all things and as to honor what you asked in the beginning I won’t go into detail about our personal religious beliefs, however, we worship and respect and live for our union. I don’t worship Clark as human being, nor does he worship me as a human being, but we do worship our connection, our union, and we honor it, we practice our union, as a spiritual godly union. our union is love, in it’s purest form, God is love it is said, and our union is the source of our connection, it’s revered and we live inside of it. Unfortunately we live in a human world, but we don’t ever have to be of it.  We are truly one soul, living our spiritual practice.


If you could be with someone every moment of the day and be connected how could you not live in harmony if you could only see the mirror of yourself and what your love is to the other?









How it can be possible..

A devoted Iowa couple married for 72 years died holding hands in the hospital last week, exactly one hour apart.

The passing reflected the nature of their marriage, where, “As a rule, everything was done together,” said the couple’s daughter Donna Sheets, 71.

Gordon Yeager, 94, and his wife Norma, 90, left their small town of State Center, Iowa, on Wednesday to go into town, but never made it. A car accident sent the couple to the emergency room and intensive care unit with broken bones and other injuries. But, even in the hospital, their concerns were each other.

“She was saying her chest hurt and what’s wrong with Dad? Even laying there like that, she was worried about Dad,” said the couple’s son, Dennis Yeager, 52. “And his back was hurting and he was asking about Mom.”

When it became clear that their conditions were not improving, the couple was moved into a room together in beds side-by-side where they could hold hands.

“They joined hands; his right hand, her left hand,” Sheets said.

Gordon Yeager died at 3:38 p.m. He was no longer breathing, but the family was surprised by what his monitor showed.

“Someone in there said, ‘Why, then, when we look at the monitor is the heart still beating?'” Sheets recalled. “The nurse said Dad was picking up Mom’s heartbeat through Mom’s hand.”

“And we thought, ‘Oh my gosh, Mom’s heart is beating through him,'” Dennis Yeager said.

Norma Yeager died exactly an hour later.

“Dad used to say that a woman is always worth waiting for,” Dennis Yeager said. “Dad waited an hour for her and held the door for her.”

The inseparable couple was engaged and married within 12 hours in 1939 on the day Norma Yeager graduated from high school.

“She graduated from high school on May 26, 1939, at about 10 a.m., and at about 10 p.m. that night she was married to my dad at his sister’s house,” Sheets said.

The vibrant duo had a “very, very full life.”

They worked as a team. They traveled together, they were in a bridge club together and they worked in a Chevrolet dealership, creamery and other businesses together.

“They always did everything together,” Sheets said. “They weren’t apart. They just weren’t.”

Dennis Yeager described his father as an “outgoing” and “hyper” man who was still working on the roof of his house and sitting cross-legged with no problem at age 90.

“The party didn’t start until he showed up,” he said. “He was the outgoing one and she supported him by being the giver. She supported Dad in everything. And he would’ve been lost without her.”

Dennis Yeager said it is strange today to go into his parents’ home and see the “two chairs side-by-side that they sat in all the time,” empty. He said it was in those chairs that his parents cheered on the Arizona sports teams they loved and rarely missed an episode of “Wheel of Fortune” and “The Price Is Right.”

According to their obituary, besides their children, the Yeagers are survived by her sister, Virginia Kell, and his brother, Roger Yeager, as well as 14 grandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild.

Their grandson Randy Yeager said he has been inspired in his own 13-year marriage by his grandparents’ loving and lasting marriage.

“Grandpa and I were talking this summer about all of the people getting divorced for this reason or that and he mentioned that nobody stays together anymore,” Randy Yeager wrote to in an email. “I told [him] that my wife Mara and I would never be getting a divorce and he said, ‘That’s because you’re old school, like me!’

“That was one of the greatest compliments I could have ever received and one I will strive to live up to for the rest of my life,” Randy Yeager said.

The couple were put in a casket together holding hands for their funeral this week, but are being cremated and will have their ashes mixed before burial.

“All their life has been together,” Sheets said. “So, when it came to the funeral home, the family asked, ‘Can we have them put in the casket together holding hands?’ Because that’s the way their life was.”


We all have a choice in how we love and how we live in union… how this is possible is how you look deeply inside yourself!ht_Gordon_Norma_yeager_nt_111019_wg

The Divine Truth… Twin flames…


Thank you to Divine Grace for asking this and it turned into a post which was to long to leave as a comment… 🙂


Dear Clark, Sometimes I feel others are reading my thoughts and sometimes I read others thoughts as well. I also feel strongly connected to other people that are not my twin flame … Is it normal? Most of them are going through the same twin flame experience as well.

My Divine,

A soul mate can bring you the vibrations of this connection but not the whole parts of the places in you that are clear to either one of you.  This connection of souls can be very fulfilling.  You can share the same frequencies and share the same shared experiences and even almost identically share a thought process.  This is a stream of energy that does have it’s rewards.

Yet on the other side of the truest connection of twins, you can experience the mirror effect. What you hide inside you exposed, what you hide in you in pain will come to all the surfaces of all things.  This is very painful as you can imagine.  Yet much like child birth it gives you the birth of the shared flame of the soul.  This is the true yin/yang energy that gives you what you always felt was something you never could experience yourself in true form.  This connection is the eyes of the soul reflected back to you to show you the outer existence you have created without knowing. As knowing becomes so purposeful in combining you both.

As a new infant each birthed pain that was experienced now gets a response unlike anything you can say into words.  It becomes the truth of no longer seeking the other for answers as a combined soul of both positive and negative you now find this inside yourself.  Remember you now have the other side of you that now can speak to the other without the presence of the other.  The more you resist the more the pain persist. It is with grave circumstances that what was once mind dominance now becomes dominant of the souls true connection in being to another.  This other will experience the same mirror effect and as you can imagine with any birth the beautiful painful experience gives all the gifts for the pain endured.

It is profoundly unique and profoundly able to speak of itself in two bodies one soul, the unison of connection speaks volumes to the places inside you that a voice has never been heard until then.

The awakening of the deeper confines of the human existence are being summoned from this place as it is spoken about from the twins that have united. It is truth beyond any known form of truth the mind has made even in time.  Remember it is not the outside you seek to find this connection it is deep within you that this is called to when you point inside yourself.  You are more then a mental concept it is the resurrection of the soul itself without attributes that can dissolve any mind noise.  Inside is to where this points. Yes your twin can hear you inside of there without being near you or next to you.  They can be on the far side of the planet if you seek them.

This pull to polarity does the rest….

Do you see where this points?

Lois & Clark

The mirror effect of your twin flame….

watersimbanalaTwin Flames truths…



So many have sent us questions and even more comments about the stream of energy in this connection. This connection is not a denial of thoughts of something inside you, in fact it is not even something that the thought process can actually wrap its hands around.  You have to see this connection as energy.  Combined and never ending just as you inside you. It is the blissful joy that comes with being connected to yourself.  Throughout our lives we will experience loneliness and not ever have a reason why.  We search for answers, we search for love, we search for something that will keep the pain away always outside of ourselves.  If you have found these to be truths in how you live within your existence, this is the truth as it comes and not only answers you, it gives you something you didn’t have in the first place by choice.  The voice inside your own to answer what you continued to run from.


The answers to why.. the constant cycle you have repeated because you didn’t see inside yourself because your thought process didn’t allow it.  The choice to be whole now becomes more clear to you because of the need to not seek your thoughts about why you shouldn’t be whole.  How you see in this way without the mind truly changes you.  It is the first step in knowing that something more is more inside of yourself.


The pain you experienced in your existence is now giving meaning to heal.  Meaning to be something more than a thought process of pain, and calling to a painful existence because you no longer need it, it didn’t ever define you, it kept you from defining the true self, without the pain speaking for you.


The unshakable peace you find in connection is about the connection you find inside yourself.  We want to make sure we all understand something you are never not whole.  You can be broken, you can be damaged, you can be lost, you can be miserable with what is going on around you.  This is not half of anything, this is truly whole. The truth is this very thing.  How can you be miserable and not wish to be happy. You can have the darkness take up the whole yin/yang inside of you, but the darkness will still have a glimmer of light.  You never know darkness without the light. It is truly impossible.  It takes knowing as a small thread to tell you that.


The Twin Flame will vibrate your true self to you. To see the choices in who you can be for yourself and for anyone else.  It is releasing as long as you see being released as a choice.  You can be with another and meet your twin flame, you can be best friends with your twin flame, you can even evolve with your twin flame without them in your existence to call to them.  Yet much like any wild fire as these changes come into you, something in you becomes more aware of awareness and self begins to emerge because it feels accepted in all thoughts and all forms.  You can say one thing but another will keep coming inside you to water your roots.  These roots birthed your soul in vibrational frequency.  They are more apart of you then all the experiences you have been through in your existence here in the human shell.  The animated form you are is not reflective to you in this way as your thoughts about it say this is not true, how could it be true? Notice the mind will make this an equation that can’t resolve itself.  As a content manager the mind needs history or future to keep control of you, is this not a fact?


You are allowed to be in this form and know the passing of this form will be free of itself and of it’s need to be something else.  Who told you that you couldn’t do this? What says you can’t be pure in this?


It is not uncommon to start to dream alot when a twin comes into your existence or you start to want your twin to come into your existence.  Some of the dreams feel as though you didn’t sleep as they will feel real.  This will be the moment of truth. Removal of self to see self in the form that has become an identity based on moments of choices that were made by happenings that you experienced.  It is a very uncomfortable experience yet as you see this in the eyes of no mind, you then see how the stream of choices and experiences arrived to the place that you are in, in all moments.


The paradox of this is that something in you is released, you will become more passionate about giving, more passionate about receiving and you will accept this as a choice in knowing.  You even will feel a release of energy that is sexual in nature that comes with a more vibrant touch.  The thoughts about this will cause the utmost chaos. You think you can awaken others from your touch, where in fact you are in tune with yourself and your twin.  This is how this becomes difficult, something in you thinks it can wake up others where in fact your awakening is only about you.


It is something you want to share, it is something you wish to wake up others into.  This is where the choice becomes something of a challenge.  The choice to see this inside of yourself will awaken the deepest pains in you that needed your embracing from the moment they happened.  Not having someone to help you protect you, be there for you when the person you needed is the person you are inside.  You are not weak as far as the soul is, How else do you animate the human experience you are having? You don’t see this as something the mind can even comprehend.  Remember, you make up what you think is knowledge based on things you learn in school or other. You learn processes and allow those processes to be who you are.  You graduate from a place you think to succeed. This is not even close to the place that this is inside of you.


Evolving into a flame that burns brightly requires you letting go of things that are false in you, and truly facing the truth inside you that you and another will experience. This other is connected to you in vibration alone.  Trying to manipulate this in your mind or come up with variables in the mind for them to come to you, will only delay what truly is coming to you in this truth.  You do this inside yourself first.  Waiting for the other to get this will give you more of the same or something worse as you continue to battle what goes on outside you never looking inside you to find the vibration creation itself.  Usually something worse pursues you because of this choice.  You see this as familiar and this is something you can think your way through.  This is so far from any truth! It is the lie of opposites that needs your embracing not your understanding.  Understand knowing is the key!


The is when… the only place in you comes to existence, rebirth happens like a shooting star.. answers in you become clear, your love becomes a birth of self that knows it doesn’t have an opposite…


True Unresolved feelings of rejection are embedded keeping you from yourself and from any truth you may feel until this magnificent experience happens within you. You remove yourself from your circumstances and embrace yourself fully for no reason other than you always had this as a choice within you.  You value your love and honor the new friendship you have within yourself. Some things that have a way of being something that really didn’t have anything to do with you, yet it did so with how you accepted them as an experience you did or didn’t deserve, you find peace within. The understanding that we never connect because we are all taught different ways of communication. Not language per say.. just different circumstances of how we experience pains and love in our life now become clear.  This becomes reflective in the love you send out into the world.  When we mix with others we all get into different thought processes that keep us from ever connecting on a thought pattern experience, but we all are the same outside of that. If you forgive in all moments you will find a lasting choice of love in friendships that don’t define you or the other person. They connect you in honesty. An honesty of truth that will never leave you without yourself or the speculation that can bring you to ask to understand in all things. This is not a fear that will keep you from making or finding new places inside you.. in fact it opens the door to always allow your love to be placed inside of the space that you are truly and deeply within yourself.


You are never without the core truth, as all truths come to you to say you are not the material that you have been keeping. You are the most magnificent creature, the most beautiful you that you will always be in this moment. You don’t make any action into an enemy. You actually make it your best friend.


The freeing that this brings to you is the love beyond conditions it is beyond the need for the unconditional it is pure bliss of letting go before you go.  You no longer see birth and death as a painful experience. You see the birth and death as fireworks into the world of form to formless not carrying the burdens of thoughts that kept you separate from yourself.


This touch becomes the touch of all things. You touch others without words, your energy is always accepting not seeking a opposite of anything.  Even pain becomes beautiful.


I know this sounds unimaginable. Yet we are here telling you this is the truth that our connection of twins has brought us.  We are able to show you the way, we are able to state these words.  How could it not be a truth?


Love with knowing and knowing without thought!


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