My ego tells me I am empty…..

Do you feel empty inside?   When I make a statement as such in my mind.. even reading it.. My ego of creation stated yes.. You are empty.. Then I say to my ego.. Are you just stating another statement to be against reality?     The ego of course says.. whatever does that mean?Continue reading “My ego tells me I am empty…..”

Question: I can feel my Twin Flame… How deep is your connection?

Dear, Lois and Clark   Friend:  You two are the only others I have found describing the shared heartbeat. I too feel this with my twin and was wondering if u have any more info on this. My twin and I are on opposite coasts and have known each other since childhood. We have bothContinue reading “Question: I can feel my Twin Flame… How deep is your connection?”

Space to wake up….

Have you ever experienced being able to say anything to anyone and know they are listening to you and have no interjections about what you are saying or why you are even stating it?  How about the dreams you have that sometimes seem outrageous, the experience of flying or doing things in your dreams thatContinue reading “Space to wake up….”

Twin Flames block enabled..

It’s not that they block you, you seek yourself in them when this is not what a twin flame union is at all… Welcome to the glass box…   Clark, thank you for the wonderful posts on this topic . I have a question for you about my situation that I would like toContinue reading “Twin Flames block enabled..”

Who would you be if you were not against reality?

I am against reality… Most state this without even knowing they are missing it..  Think about it, ask yourself that question.. How did you get to this step in where you are trapped in the mind? To relive this moment over and over with what was or what is coming.  You don’t like your past,Continue reading “Who would you be if you were not against reality?”

Broken Is Beautiful….

How broken ….. is beautiful….   The painful experience of what you don’t get, is because of what you don’t have an answer to! You have experience in the pain you have been placed inside based on a lie as though it has a reason that keeps you from another truth.   The foundation ofContinue reading “Broken Is Beautiful….”

A day in the life… Twin Flames union…

We wake up everyday and see each other as we did while we were sleeping, we share in such a connection, as I blink to open my eyes I look over and see her looking at me, a smile always comes over her face, it is as though I was being born all over againContinue reading “A day in the life… Twin Flames union…”

Twin flames the union of spirituality!

    Recently I was speaking with someone about our twin flame union and she wasn’t understanding, she understood the concept of two bodies, one soul, she asked me to not bring any religious beliefs into the conversation, I told her usually we don’t bring in any religious views into our teachings, our union isContinue reading “Twin flames the union of spirituality!”

The Divine Truth… Twin flames…

Thank you to Divine Grace for asking this and it turned into a post which was to long to leave as a comment… 🙂 DivineGrace Dear Clark, Sometimes I feel others are reading my thoughts and sometimes I read others thoughts as well. I also feel strongly connected to other people that are not myContinue reading “The Divine Truth… Twin flames…”

The mirror effect of your twin flame….

Twin Flames truths…     So many have sent us questions and even more comments about the stream of energy in this connection. This connection is not a denial of thoughts of something inside you, in fact it is not even something that the thought process can actually wrap its hands around.  You have toContinue reading “The mirror effect of your twin flame….”