Do you feel it is possible to pass our Karma onto our children?

Do you feel it is possible to pass our Karma onto our children?   Feel yes!  Think….. well that is why we don’t see it properly!   Energy is how this happens..  Here is something to ponder, As a child you had parents who got divorced, as you got older you have a child andContinue reading “Do you feel it is possible to pass our Karma onto our children?”

Relationships and you….

What is your view on relationships? Friend: I believe it is better to first be the right person instead of finding the right person; all else flows from there. I agree but not without an explanation of this truth! Relationship has a foundation in truth.. You can always see what you will draw to yourselfContinue reading “Relationships and you….”

When you find this….

One day I won’t be here… I can imagine that this will still be here and I want to leave this here for eternity.. Somehow in these archive’s I suppose that I will be somewhere in the wind that you will be able to feel and know that I am still following the dreams beyondContinue reading “When you find this….”

A son never forgets….

I felt your presence that day… I saw all the love you gave to those that were grieving your ascending soul. As I watched your two boys stand there knowing they will only feel your love stronger. I also saw you flicker the lights with your new found energy above them, you had this energyContinue reading “A son never forgets….”

The Dream….

    This following post was shown to me by my son.. I really was blown away.. as I didn’t understand his thoughts on some things as of late.. Wanting to leave College his Jr. Year and not really in sync with what must be going through him as of late.. He showed me thisContinue reading “The Dream….”

The present moment captured….

“If it is the quality of your consciousness at this moment that determines the future, then what is it that determines the quality of your consciousness? Your degree of presence. So the only place where true change can occur and where the past can be dissolved is the Now. All negativity is caused by anContinue reading “The present moment captured….”

Broken soul…. October 31, 2007 found this.. sorrow awaits no one…

Broken…. Current mood:ashamed I have been broken all my life.. first the foundation which is your childhood and then life as you get older.. you know the cracks that can be spun into your world and then cause even more cracks.. well that is where I have come from.. On October 18th the day afterContinue reading “Broken soul…. October 31, 2007 found this.. sorrow awaits no one…”

Things to know about a woman

In doubt, In pain, embrace all these things about her and never allow them to go unheard, untouched, unresolved in her, She doesn’t need a therapist, she doesn’t need Xanax or any other thing to keep suppressing the very thing that keeps her in pain, that keeps her from you!  There is a love inContinue reading “Things to know about a woman”

A mothers love…. Don’t mistake how impactful it is! (Martha Kent 121349-110808)

There is pain we all go through in life… some is for the purpose to heal! Other parts cause us more pain. And we wonder how we ever got to that place. I will tell you the most important thing to do in this existence is to love like you have no tomorrow.. and doContinue reading “A mothers love…. Don’t mistake how impactful it is! (Martha Kent 121349-110808)”

Dreamed deep October 31, 2012…

As I fell asleep I was before the light of energy of surrender.  This light can be described as a mothering presence that seems to be the energy that pulls emotional wounds out of you.  I stated “why am I here?”  The energy without making noise or sound spoke in such a way that IContinue reading “Dreamed deep October 31, 2012…”