Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

I am deeply honored The Girl you have touched me deeply as each one of the others include in my 15 you are always there! At first I didn’t know what this meant or even my mind went one place and then something else spoke, it stated to me wow someone noticed yoou, then another voiceContinue reading “Very Inspiring Blogger Award!”

Dreamed deep October 31, 2012…

As I fell asleep I was before the light of energy of surrender.  This light can be described as a mothering presence that seems to be the energy that pulls emotional wounds out of you.  I stated “why am I here?”  The energy without making noise or sound spoke in such a way that IContinue reading “Dreamed deep October 31, 2012…”

A Dangerous Mind……..

How in control you are over yourself or how deep you have traveled into yourself is a vital journey into the eternal place of peace that has it’s own dissolve of becoming in touch with the souls eternal place of being. Do you know how deep that place is.. energy by design.. energy is theContinue reading “A Dangerous Mind……..”

Kryptonian Point of View….

The past lives live on in a majority of those that are breathing in this date and time.. the evolution of the human experience is still unchanged for the great part of this century! The evolving has been limited to the still trapped places in the mind.  The record option of life still has theContinue reading “Kryptonian Point of View….”

Undefined you… Strive for it.. There is a infinite possibility to it…

You ever realized that if you look in the mirror long enough you accept what you see… or better still you allow what you see to be something that you are.. what if I told you that is the illusion of self that the mind created in other words you allowed yourself to accept yourselfContinue reading “Undefined you… Strive for it.. There is a infinite possibility to it…”

Conditions being met…. Which are you?

In the balance of conditional love and unconditional love can be the sign that points to improper balance of the weight placed on each.  I love you unconditionally which means I have nothing but profound love for the person you are inside and outside. In other words what you do and how you do itContinue reading “Conditions being met…. Which are you?”

What does Kill you can…

Truly can make you stronger… survival is the purpose of life for 90% of us who are going day to day from pay check to pay check having love in our lives but not in our hearts to make it full. How about the remaining 10% well they are paying attention to what life’s purposeContinue reading “What does Kill you can…”

Positive and Negative Energy the choice to chose one….

Some seem to think I am wise or am deep.. This is neither inside of me.. I see a light of hope that I chose to see.. I see this in ways that are not either positive or negative.. I chose to see all things in light.. Being that I lived primarily in darkness.. DoingContinue reading “Positive and Negative Energy the choice to chose one….”

Surrender to who you are not.. knock knock someone’s at the door….

The deep love we have inside of us… it calls to something… something unattainable to the way we live throughout our lives… it is what most only see as a place that you dream from… but it is reality if you let your heart open up and accept it as truth. Nothing you will do…Continue reading “Surrender to who you are not.. knock knock someone’s at the door….”