Rocky the wonder dog!

What can a dog of 16 years teach you…. This post is dedicated to the love that he gave us… He was one of my greatest spiritual teachers… I love you Rocky, you are deeply embedded in my soul!  Thank you for showing me the path to enlightenment! Rocky 08-1997 to 11-6-2013 When you forgiveContinue reading “Rocky the wonder dog!”


Hands My dream last night was simple, I went on a journey inside of my hands, I was able to feel what my hands felt, it was a journey Ill not forget. I woke up and Clark got up and I called him back over just so I could  touch him, wrapped my arms aroundContinue reading “Hands”


In Every relationship in our lives, friendships, family, romantic and professional can potentially be destroyed by conflict. The solution is not to ignore the conflict or keep moving around hoping to find the perfect person or perfect people. We need to deal with the problems we currently face, otherwise they will just reappear elsewhere. TheContinue reading “Conflict!!!!!”

Dog and Butterfly

Clark and I lay in bed and listen to music and on the particular play list I had put together is the song “Dog and Butterfly “by Heart.  Its funny because throughout the years the meaning of this song has been a mystery, or better yet one of those songs that basically means something personalContinue reading “Dog and Butterfly”

Soul connection question….

How important is it to have a soul connection in a relationship?   A connection that strikes the cords in you are the soul.. what changes after that is the translation into thought. Ever felt that blissful feeling in the beginning of a relationship and then it dies out.. What happened is you were inContinue reading “Soul connection question….”

Space to wake up….

Have you ever experienced being able to say anything to anyone and know they are listening to you and have no interjections about what you are saying or why you are even stating it?  How about the dreams you have that sometimes seem outrageous, the experience of flying or doing things in your dreams thatContinue reading “Space to wake up….”

How deep is your pool of thought?

    Dear Clark….Someone wanted to know why awakened men have women swarming around them, falling in love with them…..The answer is there aren’t enough of them. My prayer is for the Divine masculine to wake up so all of us women have our own!!!!!! The truth about awakening is to where you seek yourselfContinue reading “How deep is your pool of thought?”

A day in the life… Twin Flames union…

We wake up everyday and see each other as we did while we were sleeping, we share in such a connection, as I blink to open my eyes I look over and see her looking at me, a smile always comes over her face, it is as though I was being born all over againContinue reading “A day in the life… Twin Flames union…”

The mirror effect of your twin flame….

Twin Flames truths…     So many have sent us questions and even more comments about the stream of energy in this connection. This connection is not a denial of thoughts of something inside you, in fact it is not even something that the thought process can actually wrap its hands around.  You have toContinue reading “The mirror effect of your twin flame….”

WordPress Family Award!

    I recently have received awards and sometimes I am  humbled by them and wonder what impact I have had if any on what I blog about.  Some speak and let me know in comments, others well, I have to say the emails never stop, nor does the feeling I feel to know thatContinue reading “WordPress Family Award!”