Entering the door to forgiveness….

Knock Knock….     Kind of heart…   You ever felt so restless you wondered what it was that was inside you that needed to be resolved and have no idea where to begin or how to solve the riddles of the heart?   Recently I came to a conclusion that although the healing processContinue reading “Entering the door to forgiveness….”

Do you forgive what has been done to you?

So what I would be doing is holding onto something that was done to me and keep that alive taking away from my present moment.. consumed with what? anger, resentment, pain, frustration, etc.. isn’t that the same thing as infecting myself with a disease. Even my actions will be altered in not letting go orContinue reading “Do you forgive what has been done to you?”

Hey you in here…. YEAH YOU!

True forgiveness is not the ability to say you forgive and still have thoughts about it that create a reemergence of pain based on those thoughts.  True forgiveness is knowing this and forgiving yourself first to allow that thought process not to dictate your existence.  Truth is forgiveness is no more selective than unconditional loveContinue reading “Hey you in here…. YEAH YOU!”

Suffering from …

Suffering from something? Humanity is destined to go beyond suffering, but not in the way the ego thinks. One of the ego’s many erroneous assumptions, one of its many deluded thoughts is “I should not have to suffer. “That thought itself lies at the root of suffering. Suffering has a noble purpose: the evolution ofContinue reading “Suffering from …”