Broken Anger disconnected result….


Where anger can break you free….

Ever been so angry that you couldn’t take it anymore, you just want to explode because of another’s thinking is pointing at you and saying you are responsible for this mess… You are responsible for how I feel. We can make others responsible for many things to include this way of feeling it is how wars are started, fights are started, pain is caused and inflicted etc… You can’t fix this in anyone and to do so is only going to cause you more non peace than peace.

The more you fight to be right, the more you leave yourself open to be wrong.. not because of the other persons energy but because the fight on going inside, is keeping this very energy alive.

You can give up… it always means to give up to give in and just surrender… seek no more means to keep the fight going, just surrender and let go!

Your inner resistance to what you fight inside you keeps you in a state of conflict and comes out in your energy in how you communicate to others in the world.
It would sound much like this in surrender….
This is all I got in this moment my energy is beyond angry and beyond justified because all I was fighting for was to make sure she knew I had her back.. I did this with love, I did this with the feeling that I want her to genuinely see that my energy is on her side…

I am done running into a brick wall.. I am done being unheard… i am done not being loved… there is no love in this, this is just a role that is being played to call to my guilt to call to what actions she thinks I can have that I have no clue about because she is shut down…

I refuse to be in this in this way… I am good… letting go now! Bye

This is violent in nature to the soul which remains at peace and doesn’t see it other than human nature which has a certain amount of discomfort to the human body that has to endure this way in ego, it expresses pain and yet it expresses the truth, powerlessness. The ego will not be able to see the peaceful state the soul is in.. It will seek connection back to it’s source which is a peaceful state you can elect to be in NOW! Now is the only moment this can be embraced.

The truth about not having love is found in what anger brings inside of you, it says you can’t change anything, you can’t impact anything so when you have no power in truth, you seek an energy of release. This can be how you release yourself and release the deeper meaning of saying I am powerless to do anything.

This activates both the emotional state of being and the pain itself. The pain body activates and makes this a story that gives food for the pain. How do you stop feeding the pain body at this
moment, you stop attaching a story to it, the inner self, higher self as it were can only give you peace. Many of what your mind will tell you this is not something you can embrace for it needs to have it’s needs met in this moment. Much like a swan… shake it off, it is surplus energy that is invading the body needing release. Keeping it in is unhealthy.. Is the unhealthiness going to make the energy change and create true power to change anything? The answer here is NO.. it can’t.. It is a learned behavior of accepting what is and resisting it at the same time.
When something triggers you, where did your inner peace go? what if you said this story needs to be let go, it is attaching itself to pain a pain that was there before this all occurred! Pain activation is always seeking food and it never gets full..

How are you falling in love with pain to realize it doesn’t digest love it only makes it smaller because the pain is not being fed! Don’t seek someone outside of you to give this to you, seek inside to see the truth that you are the only one who can give it to you to no longer allow the story to end and the pain to feel true love!

Love deeply,

If you never find out what love is… here it is….

I feel the energy I can pass through you in my touch, In what I have inside myself to give to you. It is not about time, anything would be better than to leave time out of anything I want you to have in this moment as continuous as it has to be from this I want you to feel that I am embracing everything in me to be connected to you by choice. I feel the energy that surrounds you in all the places you are, next to me, or apart from me.  It isn’t a place or a thing, or an energy that doesn’t need you to try and figure out.  Hold my hand, look into my eyes and see the ocean inside that is yours to swim in and to explore and feel all that I am that wants to consume love inside you in every moment. I can’t give you something that you can’t experience. You will experience my love in all things. You will no longer have thoughts inside you that will echo and go unheard you will know that a voice now speaks back. You can say I am alone… yet you will hear my voice say yes we are. I am here with you. I will then kiss your lips softly feeling my top lip over your bottom lip. I never will stop this kiss. You will feel my energy emit the glow of connection inside of this kiss.  In this moment, you will be the air I breathe, the earth that lifts me, the fire that burns bright inside me and the water I drink in knowing you are all that is the body of water within me.  I needed the elements inside me to find you. In other words without those four elements I have no being that can emit to you all the places that all of these elements can ignite inside you.  You touch me from the core that brought me to you.  I used to have thoughts.. now we have thoughts.  I used to have lonely places inside me, you shined the light on them even without knowing that a light could reach that place.

I believe I can fly.. so I do. I take your hand in my own and take flight. I can dream with you, I can walk with you, I can run with you, I can dance with you, and all I have to do is say it out loud the energy does the rest. I am in soul with you in sync with all the places that are of the places of God!  I feel as though every answer of every question that was asked inside myself I can answer without any place to know it was never a puzzle it was only a place in me that was scattered as you would find when I didn’t put it all together with the love you give me. I am together inside of myself. How can I not be to give you everything you are inside of me.

So many have lost there way.. They see technology, they see material, yet they miss the place of connection.  If you don’t make love in every moment without knowing what making love is. How can one feel when the body aches to be slammed into to feel all the energy of lust?  How can the body feel the soft touch or caress to knowing it needs to feel passion. To feel embraced in tears. To crescendo to new heights inside of it’s touch is what I share with you. The spiritual touch of the ancient of all that is within the soul. It chimes the towers of each communion to state it is the blinding light of the source that has no thought, has no opposite, it has no understanding of judgement only energy. It only is the chimed orgasmic crash of all that is.  How this is reached is in this moment. Not about any other moment just this one.  Can you feel me? Can you feel this?

I have seen all the choices of birth and death that we made a millennia and we missed the purpose. We could feel it and know it yet we tried true and new to give it repeatedly not knowing that it was within this union that we let go of everything. No hiding our thoughts, no hiding how we feel. The consciousness of connection deemed this possible and gave us the gift of connectedness to enter into bliss for all existence. I know you feel this, I know you are placed in my knowing from this.  Nothing the mind ever said kept us from this it blinded us from it. Nothing can remove this you absorb to move past it. I feel the words from inside you to me as you feel them from me. I am… as you are I am.. We are..  It is hard to teach what was learned from nothing. This energy is what I chose. I see all the other choices as you do. Much like any roulette wheel of chance I see the 11 and 29 white lettered no matter what happens. It combines this an many others.  No equation without the result of us 1+1 same as 2 + 9 = 11 same variable you see in this as I. One step into this realm has many through it to give the same energy of all inside of it.  I know what I know.. I am in knowing with you. Beyond the place of falling in love. Love itself is without any opposite. For knowing is the answer to the question.

How to show this outside myself is the same as what is inside of me.. I want you to feel what this means in knowing. I understand each step, each stroke of even writing connects us.  This is our connection beyond any creed of the source as the source has shown us the way into sharing everything even one single thought. How these things separate and divide how else would any of this connected state of being be possible.

How deep can you make love?  How deep can you go into any ocean and realize you aren’t going to be crushed you are going to be mixed into the same energy that is there.

I speak from the depth of what is before in any choice. I speak from the core of all. You can’t find this outside you.  You have to go inside.  How much you can experience connected love starts from this place. It makes every motion falling in love. A deep profound love. True love of all.  Bind the chains to break them.  You can hear them. The are breaking through into consciousness. You truly aren’t awake until you get out of your mind to explore the rest. It is the truth… It is real.. this love is real!