Relationship Reinvented LLC   

Coaching Sessions with Lee and Sherry

Individual Coaching Sessions:   Includes (Phone) or

(In Person)or (Skype, Face Time)  45 mins    $200.00

Monthly Coaching Package: $700.00

2 Months of Coaching: $1,450

6 Months of Coaching: $3,500 (Our Most Popular Package)

Couples Coaching Sessions:   $250.00

Monthly Coaching Package: $850.00

2 Months  of Couples Coaching: $1,500

Larger Packages are available upon Request

 ROOT CAMP– our  go deep, peel back the layers, get to the root, get you down to the core to get you back up program, 8 sessions of INTENSE coaching!(bring the tissues)

$1,500  for Single or $1,700  For Couples    Available Anytime! (payment plans available)

Root Camp Follow Up Program : Continued Coaching at a discounted price (only valid 90 days after final root camp session)

Webinars: Prices Vary from $20.00 – $75.00  (Prices are set per Webinar)

Book us for Your Public Speaking engagement!   $500.00  –  $4,500 depending on Location (International Engagements not included in those prices, we will travel over seas however fee will need to be negotiated)

Lee and Sherry are also Available for Public Appearances, e mail for pricing and information

Seminars/Workshops: Pricing Varies


Retreats: Prices Vary according to location

Payment Plans Available on Root Camp and Monthly Coaching Packages

Personalized Packages Available!

 *All information exchanged between any client and coach at Relationship Reinvented is held in the strictest of confidentiality. Confidentiality is high priority to us! The terms of this agreement are applicable towards the duration of any and all paid sessions, and services may be terminated by either the client or Relationship Reinvented at any time.

Services paid for but not rendered are refundable excluding *Root Camp, Coach Training, *Coaches Certification *6 month Healing program * 12 month Healing Program. *Deep Healing Series * Twin Flame Coaching and seminars, workshops or Retreats. (seminars, workshops, or retreats cancelled by us or postponed will be refunded or tickets transferred)

* All materials used by Relationship Reinvented LLC in Root Camp and Healing Series and Coaching sessions and Coaches Certification are copy write protected and are not to be used without permission.

*By making payment you agree to the terms and conditions above.


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