Reality of birth to unlock you…

Morally superior to reality…   How does this begin, when your sense of self is against your reality.. The events that happen, the reason you feel alone, or someone wronged you in some way.  The feeling is as it is, yet your thoughts about it need to be right against your suffering.  How does yourContinue reading “Reality of birth to unlock you…”

You are not alone…

Hello in here? Is anyone in here?  Hello in here?  Oh hi! There you are, I was wondering if anyone was here. I see you are busy operating this thing.  How long you been here?  Wait, before you answer I was wondering how did you get in here?  Wait, wait, wait, I need to know,Continue reading “You are not alone…”

How deep is your pool of thought?

    Dear Clark….Someone wanted to know why awakened men have women swarming around them, falling in love with them…..The answer is there aren’t enough of them. My prayer is for the Divine masculine to wake up so all of us women have our own!!!!!! The truth about awakening is to where you seek yourselfContinue reading “How deep is your pool of thought?”

Twin Questions…

Dear Clark: Can twin flames get married, I mean really married? Clark: Yes they are married in all moments… Dear Clark:  No officially… can they be married? Clark: Yes, but not without swimming through a hurricane of existence… The calmness of the eye in the storm is ones idea of bliss where it is aContinue reading “Twin Questions…”

Twin flames the union of spirituality!

    Recently I was speaking with someone about our twin flame union and she wasn’t understanding, she understood the concept of two bodies, one soul, she asked me to not bring any religious beliefs into the conversation, I told her usually we don’t bring in any religious views into our teachings, our union isContinue reading “Twin flames the union of spirituality!”

Dear Lois… What is a Twin Flame from your words?

Dear Lois, we have been reading Clark’s words on twin flames.. and wow!!!!!!!! Is all we can say it is almost a seed planted in my thoughts that changed but I just can’t grasp this in something I can’t wrap my mind around.  Can you explain what he is saying in your own way???????  Continue reading “Dear Lois… What is a Twin Flame from your words?”

How do I awaken my Twin Flame?

Hi there Clark!  I have a question, regarding to what you said there : you have written that you have to give yourself the energy that will connect u with your twin flame…! How did u give this energy to yourself?  And if you can ponder on this a bit deeper…i want to know andContinue reading “How do I awaken my Twin Flame?”

Walk with me….

The long walk in the sand.. you can be alone at this time or with someone and still feel alone.. you are never alone.. for the sand you walk through has many of footprints some leading a different direction others leading to the ocean.  As you look out many things may seem apparent to you.Continue reading “Walk with me….”

Do you believe you can fly?

If I don’t think about my problems my life is going to fall apart…   This statement is not only profound it causes more fear, anguish, and procrastination than is necessary. This is not confused with focused thinking as focus thinking is to deal with something in the moment.  If this is something that hasContinue reading “Do you believe you can fly?”

Prayer is meditation… Just.Believe!

  The deep love concealed in this post is not just one voice it is your voice too! As you can hear inside yourself.  Listen with love, read this with love and accept that there has to be another way! The only way! COLUMBINE STUDENT’S FATHER 12 YEARS LATER !!     Guess our nationalContinue reading “Prayer is meditation… Just.Believe!”