A son never forgets….

I felt your presence that day… I saw all the love you gave to those that were grieving your ascending soul. As I watched your two boys stand there knowing they will only feel your love stronger. I also saw you flicker the lights with your new found energy above them, you had this energyContinue reading “A son never forgets….”

Relationship advice… How successful will your relationships be?

Rising above thought…  Awakening…   If you think you have found a post that will answer it all..  You have stumbled into the minds need for more.  I will be more when I awaken.. I will be in the promised land of the place this journey continually has been on to feel more alive.  HowContinue reading “Relationship advice… How successful will your relationships be?”

WAKE UP the passion is in you!

Passion… ok let’s talk about it. I often find myself passionate about many of things especially when it comes to spirituality but you probably wonder in a twin flame union what does this feel like. Ok, I am going to explain something here.. It may be hard to follow as all my post can beContinue reading “WAKE UP the passion is in you!”

Supernatural Love….

        Recently my Lois said the most profound thing to me…  She stated that we can save all the broken arrows in the world. These splintered broken arrows come in all shapes and forms. Some are rich and some are poor, one thing about human pain is it’s not prejudice. Hidden behindContinue reading “Supernatural Love….”