Breaking Bad the cycle within you… The truth that sets you free!

  What is the greatest thing about a spiritual union between lovers?   The truth sets you free….   A spiritual union has a very profound place to point inside you that not only regulates what you experience but it speaks the places within you that are not you all together.  What does that meanContinue reading “Breaking Bad the cycle within you… The truth that sets you free!”

Soul connection question….

How important is it to have a soul connection in a relationship?   A connection that strikes the cords in you are the soul.. what changes after that is the translation into thought. Ever felt that blissful feeling in the beginning of a relationship and then it dies out.. What happened is you were inContinue reading “Soul connection question….”

The mirror of self esteem….

How many times have you betrayed yourself?  We project hate in what we hate about ourselves.. We become what we hate..when we see it in another, we will attack, we will be angry, but the truth is.. We can externally attack those that mirror something we don’t like about ourselves.  How do you do yourContinue reading “The mirror of self esteem….”

A hand within the tree of life… Evolutional questions…

What is a soul mate?   A soul mate has the ability to connect with you in the present moment..  Then will also give you glimpses of it when you are falling back into your mind made reality. This connection will give you a hint that you are not alone for the familiar place insideContinue reading “A hand within the tree of life… Evolutional questions…”

Question: I can feel my Twin Flame… How deep is your connection?

Dear, Lois and Clark   Friend:  You two are the only others I have found describing the shared heartbeat. I too feel this with my twin and was wondering if u have any more info on this. My twin and I are on opposite coasts and have known each other since childhood. We have bothContinue reading “Question: I can feel my Twin Flame… How deep is your connection?”

Conflict of intention question…

onebravesurvivorhealing  I really love reading your blog posts, because they resonate with me personally on a deep level. Thinking about intention sheds a lot of light on why twin flames run into such conflict with each other. It seems like my twin and myself have a blissful period then we begin to argue. These cycles ofContinue reading “Conflict of intention question…”

What is your intention? Soul – Twin Flame Awakening…

The foundation of intention…. Let’s find the meaning for this word first shouldn’t we… An act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result! The power of your words has a purpose not just in what you intend to do but how those words significantly effect your reason to be.. In other wordsContinue reading “What is your intention? Soul – Twin Flame Awakening…”

How deep is your pool of thought?

    Dear Clark….Someone wanted to know why awakened men have women swarming around them, falling in love with them…..The answer is there aren’t enough of them. My prayer is for the Divine masculine to wake up so all of us women have our own!!!!!! The truth about awakening is to where you seek yourselfContinue reading “How deep is your pool of thought?”

Twin Flames block enabled..

It’s not that they block you, you seek yourself in them when this is not what a twin flame union is at all… Welcome to the glass box…   Clark, thank you for the wonderful posts on this topic . I have a question for you about my situation that I would like toContinue reading “Twin Flames block enabled..”

How do I get my twin to open up to me?

Dear Clark: why is it so hard for people to open up when you have such a strong connection with someone?   Here is how suffering becomes the teacher..  As you are born you are going to experience things in your existence that will be the foundation of how you communicate, and how you shareContinue reading “How do I get my twin to open up to me?”