You are not alone…

Hello in here? Is anyone in here?  Hello in here?  Oh hi! There you are, I was wondering if anyone was here. I see you are busy operating this thing.  How long you been here?  Wait, before you answer I was wondering how did you get in here?  Wait, wait, wait, I need to know,Continue reading “You are not alone…”

How do I get my twin to open up to me?

Dear Clark: why is it so hard for people to open up when you have such a strong connection with someone?   Here is how suffering becomes the teacher..  As you are born you are going to experience things in your existence that will be the foundation of how you communicate, and how you shareContinue reading “How do I get my twin to open up to me?”

Becoming the man of steel….

The strength of a man is not without enduring the challenge of finding what he loves and how he is able to embrace and follow this love, it is not about the change he must face but the face that he has during that change.  If you never spread your wings to see how highContinue reading “Becoming the man of steel….”

Who would you be if you were not against reality?

I am against reality… Most state this without even knowing they are missing it..  Think about it, ask yourself that question.. How did you get to this step in where you are trapped in the mind? To relive this moment over and over with what was or what is coming.  You don’t like your past,Continue reading “Who would you be if you were not against reality?”

Broken Is Beautiful….

How broken ….. is beautiful….   The painful experience of what you don’t get, is because of what you don’t have an answer to! You have experience in the pain you have been placed inside based on a lie as though it has a reason that keeps you from another truth.   The foundation ofContinue reading “Broken Is Beautiful….”

How did you know Lois was the one? Twin Flame Awakening

In our connection me and Lois have suffered and suffered some more. The more we suffered in disbelief the more complex the mind made it seem that we didn’t belong to each other. Yet inside of me I could feel her heartbeat, now don’t get me wrong I am saying my heart was full forContinue reading “How did you know Lois was the one? Twin Flame Awakening”

Almost 11 thousand views and only a little over 6 months…

I recently stumbled upon a really amazing set of individuals who seemed to be spiritually infected.  One of the most prominent findings from this was the true statement that follows….   Thinking Happens to you.. You don’t happen to thinking!   The more I stare at this statement I saw no argument in it, IContinue reading “Almost 11 thousand views and only a little over 6 months…”

Dear Clark… What is a Twin Flame kiss like?

Dear Clark, Is the twin flame romantic love as romantic as it is that we all believe it to be?  Is it the love that will change everything….   It took me sometime to put this in words so I will try and describe it as best I can,   When we kiss, we kissContinue reading “Dear Clark… What is a Twin Flame kiss like?”

The rantings of a mind… Who do you THINK you are?

Sometimes you have to lose your mind to come to your senses…   There is so much truth to this statement when you truly allow it to be something that tells you something beyond what your mind will tell you.   Let me take you some place deep for a moment…  The relationship you haveContinue reading “The rantings of a mind… Who do you THINK you are?”

You are… I Am…

      Today is one of those days where I can feel the rain, and realize it is the tears that probably stayed with us through the night, realizing that the power of self love has always been something we can do when we instead turn our back on ourselves, and losing hope thatContinue reading “You are… I Am…”