Why do men seem disconnected?

  He seems disconnected why is that?       Lois and I recently helped a group of men who were hiding what they felt when it came to their family.  One man in general was very disconnected from his feelings and was trying to attempt to come back into his children’s lives.  When weContinue reading “Why do men seem disconnected?”

Do you feel it is possible to pass our Karma onto our children?

Do you feel it is possible to pass our Karma onto our children?   Feel yes!  Think….. well that is why we don’t see it properly!   Energy is how this happens..  Here is something to ponder, As a child you had parents who got divorced, as you got older you have a child andContinue reading “Do you feel it is possible to pass our Karma onto our children?”

Relationships and you….

What is your view on relationships? Friend: I believe it is better to first be the right person instead of finding the right person; all else flows from there. I agree but not without an explanation of this truth! Relationship has a foundation in truth.. You can always see what you will draw to yourselfContinue reading “Relationships and you….”

A hand within the tree of life… Evolutional questions…

What is a soul mate?   A soul mate has the ability to connect with you in the present moment..  Then will also give you glimpses of it when you are falling back into your mind made reality. This connection will give you a hint that you are not alone for the familiar place insideContinue reading “A hand within the tree of life… Evolutional questions…”

Walk with me….

The long walk in the sand.. you can be alone at this time or with someone and still feel alone.. you are never alone.. for the sand you walk through has many of footprints some leading a different direction others leading to the ocean.  As you look out many things may seem apparent to you.Continue reading “Walk with me….”

A son never forgets….

I felt your presence that day… I saw all the love you gave to those that were grieving your ascending soul. As I watched your two boys stand there knowing they will only feel your love stronger. I also saw you flicker the lights with your new found energy above them, you had this energyContinue reading “A son never forgets….”


  I know you are watching over me, I know I am not supposed to be afraid, I know the strength you placed inside me was to always be something that I never denied. I know that when I sleep you place your wings around me to protect me from the place inside me thatContinue reading “Mom….”