Financial Energy ! Hows Yours?

If you don’t overcome the subconscious fears blocking your abundance, We could give you a check for a million dollars – But you would probably lose it on the way to the damn bank! Ive heard this quote so many times!   When is the last time you had major financial setback? Did you not get theContinue reading “Financial Energy ! Hows Yours?”

Are you Single and Looking for “The One”?

Are you Ready to Give up your search? Tired of finding many fish that need thrown back? Tired of waiting for the call the next day after a date that never comes? Are you wondering what is wrong with you? Do you feel your “LOVE” ship has already sailed? Its getting cold, are you wishingContinue reading “Are you Single and Looking for “The One”?”


In Every relationship in our lives, friendships, family, romantic and professional can potentially be destroyed by conflict. The solution is not to ignore the conflict or keep moving around hoping to find the perfect person or perfect people. We need to deal with the problems we currently face, otherwise they will just reappear elsewhere. TheContinue reading “Conflict!!!!!”

Happy Anniversary…. 1 Year!

We wanted to say a simple thank you to all of you who come to visit and speak and leave this here for viewing, liking, commenting, and sharing for those seeking what it is inside of us all!  We are and you are….. not alone!  During this 1st year you have given purpose and givenContinue reading “Happy Anniversary…. 1 Year!”

Sunshine and Inspiring awards… Somehow they just go together don’t they?

I started blogging with a purpose last October, I at first was unsure of what it was that I wanted to say, at first I knew that something was calling to me.  Something that I was experiencing inside and knew that when I write, I always felt a sense of belong.. It connected me toContinue reading “Sunshine and Inspiring awards… Somehow they just go together don’t they?”

Who would you be if you were not against reality?

I am against reality… Most state this without even knowing they are missing it..  Think about it, ask yourself that question.. How did you get to this step in where you are trapped in the mind? To relive this moment over and over with what was or what is coming.  You don’t like your past,Continue reading “Who would you be if you were not against reality?”

A day in the life… Twin Flames union…

We wake up everyday and see each other as we did while we were sleeping, we share in such a connection, as I blink to open my eyes I look over and see her looking at me, a smile always comes over her face, it is as though I was being born all over againContinue reading “A day in the life… Twin Flames union…”

Twin flames the union of spirituality!

    Recently I was speaking with someone about our twin flame union and she wasn’t understanding, she understood the concept of two bodies, one soul, she asked me to not bring any religious beliefs into the conversation, I told her usually we don’t bring in any religious views into our teachings, our union isContinue reading “Twin flames the union of spirituality!”

Letting go of attachment… twin flame calling!

    Letting go of attachment..   Throughout our existence we will find something or someone we are attached to. This feeling although very simplistic still causes a feeling of loss when you lose it.  It isn’t that you lost anything of the being, you lost yourself.  You lost something you felt belonged to youContinue reading “Letting go of attachment… twin flame calling!”

WordPress Family Award!

    I recently have received awards and sometimes I am  humbled by them and wonder what impact I have had if any on what I blog about.  Some speak and let me know in comments, others well, I have to say the emails never stop, nor does the feeling I feel to know thatContinue reading “WordPress Family Award!”