Dissolve your PAIN… Connection is NOW Rebirth!

Pain of birth into connection…. The story is…. What you have to endure in connection happens to you at birth. The pain of what is your reality grows in you from things that happen to you, and how you will attach what is thinking about pain to the core pain itself. The first experience ofContinue reading “Dissolve your PAIN… Connection is NOW Rebirth!”

Awaking truth be connected!

The waking of unconscious patterns in you! In true connection there is now moments where it is hard to be conscious, the moment this takes over you, thoughts of being complete, thoughts of ever being whole evade you. In fact most of what you experience is a sense of judgement on yourself which will directlyContinue reading “Awaking truth be connected!”

How do you resolve negative energy?

Arising Negativity….. We have not seen the truth about negativity in our existence in human… This is to point you to a greater truth. All resistance of what is.. Cumulates over time and the mind will now create a story to be placed here. You can see this in what others say about others, inContinue reading “How do you resolve negative energy?”

Can you surrender to deep love? Twin Flames!

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Welcome dear soul…. The power of resistance of the ego and it’s effects on the pain body! Runner, Chaser, Stand Stiller? Which is it? We love you welcome to another installment of our Journey! http://youtu.be/4KPkAAKGXaU We are often challenged when it comes to resistance of what we interpret others…

Dreams Do Come True and It starts with YOU!

  When we think of Relationships or Marriages we have such a “vision” of Happiness and Bliss and then soon find out The “Honeymoon” Stage does not last forever. But why? Why doesn’t it? Why cant it? What changes or What Factors in? Well When we are in the ‘honeymoon” stage or when we haveContinue reading “Dreams Do Come True and It starts with YOU!”

Healing series 2014 May: the fear be with you!

What is fear? At some point in our lives we all experience it. Our heart beats faster; we find it hard to breathe; the muscles in our body tense; our brain seems to shut everything else out and the focus shifts to the terror that has changed us emotionally and physically. We are experiencing fear.Continue reading “Healing series 2014 May: the fear be with you!”

Healing series: How do I stand in my truth?

  How do I stand in my truth? One of the most uncomfortable challenges of being human is seeing the truth vs. a lie.. We are born into this world without experiencing both positive and negative, so to not understand how we learn to tell the truth or a lie is unknown to us… AsContinue reading “Healing series: How do I stand in my truth?”

2014 Healing Series, Blog talk Radio Show with Special Guest Sheri Bessi from The other side of Ugly!

Trust is the topic of todays discussion! Thank You Sheri for joining us!   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/relationship-reinvented/2014/03/22/awakenings-of-the-twin-flames-discussion