When my soul broke through! August 2008

The darkness of sleep… I heard a stronger voice of that which has been growing for quite sometime.. this voice of my soul… sometimes it came through strong as though it had 200 voices in unison… but it also can be quiet… it said something so deep within me… it said no longer are youContinue reading “When my soul broke through! August 2008”

Invisible… a quest to enlightenment! July 2008

So let me get this straight.. you go through your days existing.. realizing that you have hidden messages that speak to you all day long.. yet when you decide to become vocal about what you feel.. regardless of what it is that you are feeling at that time.. no one stops.. no one pays attention..Continue reading “Invisible… a quest to enlightenment! July 2008”

Soul Mate Myths…..

Heard any good Soul Mate myths lately??? The cold truth is that most people have never known the inner radiance of their own soul. Instead, they cling to the many myths about the soul mate relationship that are simply not true. These false beliefs need to be understood. Here are just a few. Myth OneContinue reading “Soul Mate Myths…..”

Surrender to all of your pain… the conversation!

You are in pain, ‘Cause you feel you are not loved, You create more pain, ‘Cause your heart is crying for love. But when love comes, You are scared, Your old wounds are still fresh: Egoic Love is attachment. Egoic Love is conditional. No matter how hard you have tried to sustain it. Egoic LoveContinue reading “Surrender to all of your pain… the conversation!”

The Pain of Attachment…..

You ever been so attached to something or someone that when you became attached you no longer felt that without that you couldn’t identify with yourself.. example you have been with someone a long time and could never realize who you are without them.. and to think about being without them you felt a sickContinue reading “The Pain of Attachment…..”

If we treated dating like a pie…. HMMMMMMM I wonder!

You ever seen pie in the window cooling down? ┬áIt was whole and it smelled good and it looked absolutely delightful.. Someone went to a place where actually time didn’t exist.. making it from scratch meaning absolutely nothing but the desire to place the ingredients of passion to make something wonderful and beautiful and heartfelt…Continue reading “If we treated dating like a pie…. HMMMMMMM I wonder!”

How to give the best gift EVER! (May 2008)

How lost peoples thoughts can make them… I paid absolute attention to those that came around today… watching and being completely present as with awakening outside myself to see the lives of others.. I noticed that people were not present in what they were doing.. paying absolutely no attention to where they were… and whoContinue reading “How to give the best gift EVER! (May 2008)”