Before you Attack your Partner Look inside yourself!

  Doesn’t it seem like when you lay down to go to sleep IF you have mind noise that mind noise continues inside of you one way or another into the next day which is supposed to be NEW! Usually I can shut my mind off and count my breaths or listen to my heartbeatContinue reading “Before you Attack your Partner Look inside yourself!”

Twin Flame Abandonment….

Intimate abandonment…   When you know you are not at peace, your knowing creates a still space that surrounds your non-peace in a loving and tender embrace and then transmutes your non peace into peace. As far as inner transformation is concerned, there is nothing you can do about it. You cannot transform yourself, andContinue reading “Twin Flame Abandonment….”

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I’m only human.. born to make mistakes…

So I guess my question is about what is the best way to maintain the faith that such a re-union can and will happen? I understand that it is critical to maintain discipline over the mind (challenging) and stay surrendered in the heart, ever seeking to stay in contact to the best of ones abilitiesContinue reading “I’m only human.. born to make mistakes…”

I don’t know who I am anyMORE!

I don’t know who I am anyMORE… This phrase suddenly hits us in times we can’t see what is clear, right in front of us..  We miss this as a matter of ego…  The ego wants to share this identity to the world, but something misses it, not because we spend too much time creatingContinue reading “I don’t know who I am anyMORE!”

Happy Anniversary…. 1 Year!

We wanted to say a simple thank you to all of you who come to visit and speak and leave this here for viewing, liking, commenting, and sharing for those seeking what it is inside of us all!  We are and you are….. not alone!  During this 1st year you have given purpose and givenContinue reading “Happy Anniversary…. 1 Year!”

Search for Wholeness…..

How do you know when you are finally whole within yourself?   You are whole already.. You see this message with two eyes.. you may or may not hear, you may or may not have both of your hands, you may or may not have legs to walk.. what you do have is a completeContinue reading “Search for Wholeness…..”

How to awaken to the truth!

Is suffering necessary or something to be liberated from? All suffering isn’t necessary yet it seems to be defined with how much thought you give to a life situation that keeps you from releasing what keeps you in suffering. It is a mental landscape by design that when free of it, you no longer haveContinue reading “How to awaken to the truth!”

What is your intention? Soul – Twin Flame Awakening…

The foundation of intention…. Let’s find the meaning for this word first shouldn’t we… An act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result! The power of your words has a purpose not just in what you intend to do but how those words significantly effect your reason to be.. In other wordsContinue reading “What is your intention? Soul – Twin Flame Awakening…”

Space to wake up….

Have you ever experienced being able to say anything to anyone and know they are listening to you and have no interjections about what you are saying or why you are even stating it?  How about the dreams you have that sometimes seem outrageous, the experience of flying or doing things in your dreams thatContinue reading “Space to wake up….”