Before you Attack your Partner Look inside yourself!



Doesn’t it seem like when you lay down to go to sleep IF you have mind noise that mind noise continues inside of you one way or another into the next day which is supposed to be NEW! Usually I can shut my mind off and count my breaths or listen to my heartbeat whatever way I can usually shut my mind down and fall asleep and journey into someplace the Universe needs me to be. I remember the last “ thought” I had before falling into sleep. “why do I have to breathe in these toxic fumes, I dont smoke, I never have”  and then it began  the journey inside of myself. i have been soulfully conscious of what I put in my body.


I say soulfully because I had to soul train my mind because my mind LOVES Cake,  Chocolate Cake, White CAKE well any kind of Cake… CAKE IS DAMN GOOD,,, JUST SAYING.


So I had to tell my mind yes mind, your right cake is good,,, but eating the entire cake is not good, you will be permitted to have cake just not the whole damn thing lol. my last Doctors visit was a real pooper, The fact is I am overweight, I feel great because my Soul is Clean, I stand in  my truth at all times, I have nothing hidden, all my dark secrets are out my twin KNOWS who I am, what i stand for he knows all of my truths even the really ugly ones.I realized a long time ago why I carried extra weight, it was for protection, mind noise that no one would want me or try to abuse me as well as physical protection from my secrets, they were buried deep inside of me,,,,All is out now and I simply dont need this protection. Nor do I want IT!


This is all just extra I dont need, So I have vowed to get rid of it, and I am, however over the past couple of days I have went over in calories and have not moved as much as I would like so have felt discouraged, and when I get discouraged I like to blame others for my discouragement its just easier that way lol


So I noticed everything everyone else was doing wrong, when in reality it was my own self I was disappointed in, I went to bed last night discouraged with ME, I dont enjoy the toxic smoke from cigarettes i am a non smoker however my Twin enjoys it and I love him unconditionally and he’s not a regular smoker he smokes very infrequently, HOWEVER I find that when I dont take as good of care of my self he tends to smoke more,,, sometimes this connection goes so much deeper than the human mind can imagine.

I hurt my body the past two days but not continuing the cycle of “physical healing”. He is Physically ill, I am feeling his pain, he is having some kidney issues and I woke up this morning in pain and I WAS PISSED!  (I suppose it the same type of pissed he feels when he experiences my menstral cramps :).


My journey took me inside of me, why I was disappointed in ME, what I had done to get off track, what I could have done different and why I didn’t. There was no blame on anyone else it was ME. I want to be healthy, I want to be fit, I want that for me, for my kids and for my Twin because I Know he feels it, I want the energy that comes with being healthy, I am on the mission to get it.


My mind wanted to blame everyone else for my failures, when in fact I haven’t failed at all, I am still making drastic changes I am still on track when I fall off and consume to many calories thats my fault not anyone else’s. It has nothing and EVERYTHING to do with my twin, does that make sense? It has nothing and everything to do with him. It has everything to do with me, and my mindset and how I see things, It has everything to do with my control of me and how I treat my own body, when I heal so does he, when he heals so do I, When we fall apart physically we have to heal together. When I eat badly he smokes more, when he smokes more I eat badly.


To Heal this I have to go inside myself and find out what it is I am doing to not heal. So I wake up from that message filled Journey and I feel refreshed, ready to start a new day, my son woke me up at 8 am, I felt pain in my back, I was happy to take some of my twins pain, I was ready to get up and  begin a brand new healthier day, when I sat with my son and the smoke consumed me.


I tried to shut my mind down, I tried to not say anything, I hate smoke I always have, I vowed to never be with a smoker and I never was, I would not even date a smoker, so how ironic is the Universe my twin is a smoker, I love him unconditionally and that means loving him and his habit. I never want to Judge and I dont, I never have looked at him differently because he’s a smoker. I love him and if that means loving him while he smokes I do, and I always will.

I usually dont really notice him smoking because he smokes so rarely however the past couple of days its been more frequent.

So I got up without saying anything and just went back to the bed to lie down and fell back asleep for a while,,, and yet another dream Journey,,,What I do effects him, he has been smoking more frequent because I have been not taking care of myself more frequently. I remember a conversation I had with my mind, he has stated he was going to quit I know 20 times.


however I have stated i am going to get get healthy 100 times, to no avail, However this time I took a soul vowel and i am on mission,,,


He knows we are Twins and what he does effects me so why would he do that to us?

well I also know we are Twins and he’s feeling me unhealthy why would I overeat?


Well If he’s going to sabotage us , so am I

so You will be double unhealthy great plan!



I know without doubt when I get healthy he will no longer have the urge to smoke, its how twins work. We get healthy together. Today is a new day my mind is shut off, my ego is not allowed to have a say so in this. I will no longer attack my partner for what he is doing! I will no longer blame him for me being unhealthy!


When I fall off the wagon this is no ones issue but mine, I will no longer blame anyone else, I will no longer look for anyone else’s faults, I will go inside and find what it is I am doing to cause this behavior, It all begins within me, the destruction or the healing, I choose healing!

Love Lois

Twin Flame Abandonment….

shattered heartIntimate abandonment…


When you know you are not at peace, your knowing creates a still space that

surrounds your non-peace in a loving and tender embrace and then transmutes your non peace into peace. As far as inner transformation is concerned, there is nothing you can do about it. You cannot transform yourself, and you certainly cannot transform your partner or anybody else. All you can do is create a space for transformation to happen, for grace and love to enter.


So whenever your relationship is not working, whenever it brings out the “madness” in you

and in your partner, be glad. What was unconscious is being brought up to the light. It is an

opportunity for salvation. Every moment, hold the knowing of that moment, particularly of

your inner state. If there is anger, know that there is anger. If there is jealousy, defensiveness,

the urge to argue, the need to be right, an inner child demanding love and attention, or emotional pain of any kind – whatever it is, know the reality of that moment and hold the knowing. The relationship then becomes your Sadhana, your spiritual practice.


If you observe unconscious behavior in your partner, hold it in the loving embrace of your knowing so that you won’t react. Unconsciousness and knowing cannot coexist for long – even if the knowing is only in the other person and not in the one who is acting out the unconsciousness. The energy form that lies behind hostility and attack finds the presence of love absolutely intolerable. If you react at all to your partner’s unconsciousness, you become unconscious yourself. But if you then remember to know your reaction, nothing is lost.  Humanity is under great pressure to evolve because it is our only chance of survival as a race. This will affect every aspect of your life and close relationships in particular. Never before have relationships been as problematic and conflict ridden as they are now. As you may have noticed, they are not here to make you happy or fulfilled. If you continue to pursue the goal of salvation through a relationship, you will be disillusioned again and again. But if you accept that the relationship is here to make you conscious instead of happy, then the relationship will offer you salvation, and you will be aligning yourself with the higher consciousness that wants to be born into this world. For those who hold on to the old patterns, there will be increasing pain, violence, confusion, and madness.


Ulrich T.



The consciousness of space is an energy that you are.. the difference in what is written here is probably the most powerfully transformative information about relationships ever written.  It is direct and to the point.  If your energy is passionate imagine what this energy must come off as if it is contained and able to be expressed.  When I was going through seeking this energy of love and it’s passion that I knew existed I realized this very important written release of what my mind was telling me.  Instead of seeking this and sharing what I wanted in passion I was entirely responsible for that passion and it’s release and it’s ability to be given.


The most vital experience here was to understand what it was that I dreamed and how to not try and bring that into the world by sharing the thoughts that I was about to make passionate with love from my own energy. I always dreamed of becoming dominant is very sexy dream induced sexual situations.. Mainly because the submissive energy would draw that out.. The sexiness of not being able to keep my eyes off of her.. the way she would dress, The short skirt the sexy spiked heels, the red lipstick and red fingernails that I would see digging into my ass as I pummeled away at her… It was in the meaning to be sexy, yet doing so because she would feel this in herself called to my energy in ways I haven’t been able to communicate because I didn’t know how to communicate this, yet the energy itself would ooze sexiness to me. The dream state of being this way to each other.  I didn’t understand my dreams and what they were trying to show me.  The passion of it though would wake me.. It wasn’t about the act of sex that would ensue, it was the energy of time that was being removed from being that intimate with her that I searched for.


Of course this can be captured without making this something you have to tell someone to do,  This energy is where I knew the connection of twins was met in her,  It wasn’t about the connection of what we shared in moments awake,  It was that mirror of when I looked into her eyes I knew she was the one who I had been dreaming this all along with.


Now you couple this with the other part of what we both are in the world of form and it becomes lost, every energy that I know that is out there this is the most powerful and awakening to no longer live humanly but to always be in a constant state of this dream.  For me it becomes lost because it becomes something that doesn’t have an answer to.


The human condition of love ensues this is the ego, and it’s demands to be what the view of the ego needs for this to be in non-peace.  The search of finding such a thing escapes because it becomes about the thinking mind it’s continued blabbing about content and labeling.   My mind states this repeatedly, “She is not attracted to me in that space anymore!”  What is wrong with me? Am I getting to old? Do I look worse? Am I not in the best shape? Is it that I don’t take care of myself by smoking?  Is my hair falling out?  Are my kisses not stirring like they used to be? Can she not see this passion in my eyes anymore to know this is still in me and has grown substantially?


This is a very uncomfortable state of being.   Our love making becomes more about the love and seems to suffer less in the passion of lust that I know that is still in me consumed yet it was placed there because it became out of control.…  It fed the ego the need to be with multiple women trying to find a way to quech this thirst within me.  Not because I wanted it that way, but because without a template growing up to see this happen in real time between two that were connected.. I don’t know the path to take!


I don’t know if I am the reason that she isn’t able to communicate or see the place inside me that this is, I know she wants to heal this as much as I do, yet the complexity of the communication doesn’t mirror this for us to see it clearly without making this a very hurtful conversation.   For this is what I was hoping we both would be able to communicate compassionately to discover it and be honest and true about it without hurting each other to understand it better and birth it into a truth that we both embrace.   I felt lost when I realized that we aren’t that way with each other and that it is unspoken yet it is the biggest elephant in the connection we share,  It is about the connection as much as it is about the mind.  This inside of me buried as it is from the mind, In my truth, it is this that causes her to seek food as a comfort, over indulging, escaping, habit forming in thought that keeps us separate in this from my mind. Then I feel her rejection that is going on in her thought process that I may be doing and am responsible for, and that energy spoken or not continues what I hear in my head and though I have these thoughts in a space I just let stay there, unsure of how to speak about it or state it being in fear it will cause conflict or pain from what isn’t healed that I want to heal in us both.   It is this which keeps her from me, in this unspoken energy it is not just in me but it is in her as well.  The physical body that we both posses is shared, and I can feel this energy in her as I do my own. Sometimes hard to breathe, or hard to push myself to move my body to do what it can do, knowing in me what it was made to do, is more of a chore than it is a want or need.  Does my truth need to be that I want her to lose the weight to remove this from us both, to be more confident, to be more sexy in herself, she is already sexy to me, but the clothes I know she wants to wear she doesn’t even own, and I dream of always buying her clothes, shoes, things I did for others that we haven’t even ventured into that I so deeply want for her and I to experience. I do have the fear I just recently helped someone who was that way and lost all the weight and works out everyday and started to dress sexy and feel good inside herself, wanting her husband to take more notice and be more sexual with her.  She came dressed to a new years eve party and he was upset with what she was wearing and didn’t see her energy as truth, instead he became self conscious and thought what she was wearing was to revealing. And that she was seeking outside attention where to her this was the furthest thing in her, she loves him and is in love with him. Yet, what ended up happening in the energy that I spoke about being in passion, was that a close friend of theirs started flirting heavily with her, feeling rejection and abandoned by the husband who when out to the store to get more party favors, It went further in his absence and it happened they ended up having sex, passionate powerful animalistic sex.  It was her resolving the feeling of being wanted, and that her husbands energy was so negative in that he wasn’t seeing that she wanted the advances from him that she now was thinking that it best not to tell him of this yet to keep the marriage in tact.…


I deeply fear this as anyone would, I remember when I was younger my mother who I was living with and my father who was gone showed me this same kind of energy.  I used to sneak out at night with a girl one night though I came in at about 2, The phone rang as I opened the door, I was panicked, I closed it and stepped into the basement pacing about on how to explain what I was doing up and what I was  doing outside thinking that I was caught for sure.  I then heard my mother come downstairs I could hear her footsteps then I heard her stop and then the next thing I heard was heels walking about.. High heels… Unsure of what would happen next I went into the laundry room and I heard the door open from the back and then the door to the downstairs open.  I moved quietly into this space behind the heater in which I could see through the slits in the paneling of the wall.  My mother was dressed absolutely sexy.. then a man’s voice was heard stating exactly what I was thinking.  A short skirt, spiked heels and nothing on underneath.  The next 45 minutes were filled with animalistic passion. I was lost, and I was confused and on one hand I understood what was happening on the other I was bewildered.  I had never seen passion unleashed like this, well maybe later on watching cinemax or the movie channel, but something in me wanted what happened in that basement.  Ashamed and somewhat lost, it started to happen when I tried to explain to my girlfriend at the time what happened.  Then it began she did those things to entice me.. I was captivated and lost in it.  I felt lost as to what this meant to be married as the man who was there was married and so was my mom who I truly didn’t see the same way again.  Something became altered in this view.  about two years later I became fully sexually active and got caught sneaking out. It was an explosion always in the making. I was sent to live with my father, he was living with another woman and helping to raise her son..  She was absolutely gorgeous and dressed the same as my mother was when that happened.  She was a little thing though, very curvy and didn’t hold anything back when dressing just to go to the store.  As you can see this began long before I even realized how this spiked in me.


In me It is a thought process in energy that I want her to be slim enough to throw around in the bedroom, dress her sexy, and find closed confined spaces that our bodies can do more things to each other removing time and removing the energy that is keeping this from being a great part of our connection.


Do I feel her energy in this that she wants to be that for me, rather than be that for herself.  How do I communicate this with her?  Without this causing some deep seeded pain that she is still healing from because she put the weight on to make herself seem unwanted to stop the act of violence that was done to her.  How do I see this clearly and state the truth of what we are to each other without hiding it and continuing this gap in passion we so deeply are to each other. Is this the bind that we need to keep communicating and working with together to change?  Or will this hurt her because I see her in a light that mirrors my own undoing.




Am I to blame the love of my life deeply embedded in my energy as she is to me, would be able to be responsible to bring something that would be what I dreamed. Is this selfish of me?  The dream was a calling!  I could feel it, and I could experience it all to myself.


When I went through realizing how this made me unconscious, I also realized how many I had done this to, and they couldn’t feel it in themselves to feel the energy and how powerful it was to give that to them from deep inside of me.   This had to be brought into my consciousness, not for the sake of them, but for the sake of myself and my being awake. I so deeply want this with her, but how do I speak of it and not show my truth of pain that it is very animalistic and very seductive in nature.  I was birthed into this and stayed in it my entire existence till I was awakened for myself.


As you find your twin this will be a very significant challenge for the voice in the head that you have  been with your entire life becomes awakened.  Blending this with your consciousness is unescapable.   The twin can see this in you as you can see this in yourself.  You know that the passion is there, you know that the passion is deep within you.  The energy is there to feel with all that you are.  The confines of what this is when it becomes dormant is what happens when the other energy polarities are placed inside you to share with you don’t have the ability for you to embrace it without their help, without there input, without there sacrifice to see that this energy is the dragon in you unleashed.  It is the vault door of your truth.  As simple as it is to undo, there is the sense of abandonment that you feel will follow if the other can’t see it the non peace that you are in when you try and speak about it or communicate it from a place deep within you.


Being vulnerable in this is where this most emotional places within you become your strength.  I wait for the place this is.  Yet not communicating it made it stale and made it predictable. Yet the unpredictable place of how this becomes combined in our connection is what I want her to experience with me.


I am scared, I am unsure, I am…


My love for her so strong for what I am to her because she opened the door to what I was inside myself to myself.


Your I amness sprouts from the energy of what is deep within you not within someone else. You bring this into you as you would the air you breathe.



Love deeply,



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I’m only human.. born to make mistakes…

eckhart-tolle-universeSo I guess my question is about what is the best way to maintain the faith that such a re-union can and will happen? I understand that it is critical to maintain discipline over the mind (challenging) and stay surrendered in the heart, ever seeking to stay in contact to the best of ones abilities with Source, but any suggestions or tips on how you or Lois did it, would be great.

I am very appreciative of the opportunity to exchange information with a legitimate couple who have experience. Thank you so much once again,

Dear Zeyven,

The truth about what keeps a twin flame union from happening is the thoughts that go along with it. As it becomes a challenge to be with your twin the variables of what we have been taught about connection is disrupted in thought.  As Lois and I found that when we were together without thought it seemed to be the most magical experience that we ever experience.  It is there that I can point to as a place of no time and no mind.  When not together the self that was left started to fall back into old thinking patterns, blaming, attacking, manipulation and other ways that we experience things as a vibrational energy on top of the true vibrational energy we experienced without time and the mind.

What it is to look at each other face to face and see each others eyes and feel them speak to you is where this connection enters you. The mirror of what this does to you as a soul coming to the surface takes away all form and brings you directly into the formless.  When these things started happening to us from one break up to another, from one destructive cycle of doing something to another it became more self aware that it wasn’t what we saw into each other it was more about what the other could see into themselves.  For me I could see that I was living lies in everything I was doing. I was calculating everything from a typical male interactive content of the world. It was that I was looking for the ultimate connection.  I never realized that there was a such thing, maybe a soul mate but never anything beyond it because the content of what I knew didn’t have room for the belief of twin flames or what twin flames were.

During these painful moments experienced the suffering of what I truly felt became more of what I was screaming about on the inside.  The suffering was that I wasn’t going to have the connection that went beyond itself.  I was grieving for a past that I couldn’t change and a future that was always going to be more lies that it was the truth.  The connection was very direct it didn’t care what I was thinking or what I was suffering through it stayed consistent.  Yet why was it so painful to connect?  This is what became more and more present to me, as I started to share with my twin everything I am, the pain would be greater then lessen somehow, not because I was in fear of it or suffering because of it, but because somehow someway because of the connection we shared she wasn’t easily able to release from me in the connection from her mind.  Her mind was always telling her to be with me was a bad idea, it was always telling her I would hurt her, and the same as my own mind was that I wouldn’t be able to remove the lies completely.  As this became more of the cycle of things to come the more pain that we needed to experience to remove what was false in us in the first place.

We would fight in dreams and in waking moments. I once dreamed we fought in my slumber I woke up and had a black eye it was because she found out a lie, when I spoke to her that day I said thanks for the black eye and she said directly to me (We were not physically together), if you didn’t lie to me I would have never had to punch you in the eye.  Do you see this correctly?  The connection is in all forms it is embedded in the soul directly.  The soul which doesn’t have a thought process, doesn’t have a lie inside of it. It started to grow to the place where it always could do so inside of us to allow it a voice all to its own.  This connection of twins has a truth. This truth is how you are connected to yourself.  Those that can’t be together see the other as the direct issues or reason they are not together and this is the lie that keeps the other from you.  The following content of truth is not to be found anywhere.  Everyone makes this connection about the divine which is a partial truth but not the complete truth. What you don’t accept about your twin you don’t accept about yourself.  If your twin is a compulsive liar and you are not with them for this reason start to look inside yourself and admit your lies and accept them.  Then point them to your truth. If you don’t do this aren’t you ignoring the truth and creating a new lie to follow upon.

This connection is a mirror.. In the mirror if you look in it and the mirror is reflecting something odd such as you are looking into it and yet you are seeing your back and not your face or your front features then you are turning your back on yourself in which case this energy is what you send out.

With each truth we both started to share with each other over the 8 years trying to be together the truth was the most painful birthing of what we did that brought us together.  The pain experienced in both are hearts was always there and always gave the thought pattern of what it would be like to just keep running from ourselves which made it easier to walk away from each other.  Yet over the experience when the truth was out it was out.  The acceptance that happened with each other created a pull to each other of what this was.  It took the conditions and place truth inside of those conditions and gave us the unconditional truth that was embedded in the love.

When this becomes the path when the pain is embraced it can bring a truth of a greater love of what you are inside yourself.  When these things happened it released us somehow from the thought patterns the lies we had gave us.  The depth of what happens when you no longer have mind noise of the lies of what happens in the world outside you now opens the door to the truth of the universe inside you.

Everyday that we spent apart there was this blame that we could give to each other and ignore what we did to get that way.  The more honest we became during those times with each other as friends opened the door for the truth and opened the communication of what each others mind would say.

You have communication as a means to communicate but how easy can you share what you think with anyone to include your twin.  If you struggle saying what you feel to your parents for example realize that you have conversations with yourself to justify a mental position or a understanding of what the outside world is trying to tell you.  This is false. How could any conversation in this way ever be the truth?

This is a small glimpse that I can share with you for the day to day or moment to moment that you are enduring has a path all to its own.  This is just merely a way to allow you to see the mirror your twin gives you and you give to your twin.  There isn’t a thought that I need to hold back from my Lois for to do so is giving room to a lie that will find existence all to it’s own.


Could your twin endure every thought you would say?  Could your twin handle your truth?

Read those again!


Now realize you are having the conversations without them, and that you are stating what you think they might say, and this is why you aren’t with them not because the acceptance of these things but what these things say to you about yourself! How do you let go and jump without a parachute?  This is what the mind does in every minute it creates a parachute, when in truth you don’t need the parachute cause gravity is only physical, your true essence doesn’t know what gravity is. It is always flying and has no concept of time or the mind.

Love Deeply,


I don’t know who I am anyMORE!


I don’t know who I am anyMORE…

This phrase suddenly hits us in times we can’t see what is clear, right in front of us..  We miss this as a matter of ego…  The ego wants to share this identity to the world, but something misses it, not because we spend too much time creating what we aren’t but focus to much energy trying to interact in the world of form.   This thinking happens to us when we say there has to be an answer.  There has to be something MORE…  More let’s stay with this word, for it does has a meaning in when you can say I don’t know who I am anyMORE.

You are MORE!!! This is when the soul steps forward and says..  I know I should be thinking of something else, or someone else.. but that is not the point, the point is that the energy you are in that moment is the MORE you are already, you don’t need anyone to tell you this, you don’t need to seek something in the mind to experience this.  You just stay inside of you, and see the world going outside of you.  This undefined presence you need to stay within is the place everything always looks new.. Always looks beautiful, and never has a negative tone to it, unless you decide to go back inside your mind, and make it something less…

Do you see what I am pointing to here?

The more in I don’t know who I am anyMORE…   The sentence is the answer!  The quest is nothing more than your ability to be beautiful..   What will happen to the thinking if you just accept this response and not look for another?

Isn’t this how we meet someone special when we aren’t looking?  Isn’t this how all love flourishes when we aren’t seeking to find ourselves in another?   It is a beautiful experience to be in this existence and state the obvious without any labeling.  I don’t know who I am anyMORE, should be seen as a positive path to enlightenment and even MORE, to a place where unconditional love to the self becomes the truth.

This is the beginning where we need to look, stop wondering where to start and see that in this state you have started already… How much you miss, is a matter of mind, not a matter of soul.   If you can say this out loud, don’t seek it as something confusing inside the mind, or something miserable, see it for what it is, the door to another existence of not being trapped inside your mind to keep you from what you always are, and you always have..   This moment, and how much you glow in this moment, flourishes based on this way of being!

Ever experienced a painful separation, break up?  We recently spoke with a girl who’s pain of letting go of someone was a gift, for she found what she was seeking in glimpses he gave her, and not at all what she truly can experience if she learns to give this to herself.

She wants him to wake up, as though he just becomes awake enough to show her he is there, yet something in him doesn’t see that he can be fully awake, if he just gravitated to her he would wake right?

This isn’t waking up, this is going further into sleep for him, not because he doesn’t love her, but his love is limited by his capacity of what he won’t give himself.  You see sometimes knowing thyself happens because we label each other and stay in a role that doesn’t suit us as what we need to experience.

The more she kept staying with him, the more she enabled him to go deeper to sleep.  Sometimes it takes something to wake another up.  If you give yourself what you are trying to give to him, this is the truth to you that will glow beyond what you can imagine.

I know this sounds as though I am stating it is easy…  Mindfulness didn’t happen to me overnight.   It happen to me because I finally lost what I wanted the most….  I know you are wondering what I mean by that but to tell you is not going to make this direct enough.

The moment I hurt her, and she no longer waited for more pain, is the most profound awakening that can happen to anyone.  Not because I was determined to get her back, but because what I was chasing inside my mind told me I would be fixed in being with her!  When I lost her I had to come to a halt to see all the damage it did in the aftermath of my existence.

I had to look at those that I hurt in the face.. To see what I caused in pain because I was in pain is always a great awakener.  But when you can see this in your own face, it is forever in your existence to change this.

If you could see yourself in pain how long would you keep this pain alive rather than realize that because you carry that energy you give it to others and it keeps them from you?

Do you understand how to wake up now… You wake up inside of what was stated here in this moment…

I don’t know who I am anyMORE…   MORE is something else.. Not because it is important to embrace, but because without this you will never travel to the unknown place of love that is always trying to get deeper inside you which happens in this moment!

This is here because there is someone out there that wants your attention and your dreams of love are real you do share it but not until you surrender to give what you know is real to yourself..   This is not because I am stating it here, but because out there which is in here deep inside you, is in the realm of MORE…  You can be the energy you know is real..


Love deeply,


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Happy Anniversary…. 1 Year!

1yearWe wanted to say a simple thank you to all of you who come to visit and speak and leave this here for viewing, liking, commenting, and sharing for those seeking what it is inside of us all!  We are and you are….. not alone!  During this 1st year you have given purpose and given truth about knowing vs intelligence.  One has a greater capacity within love to know the depth of all that we are within the 70% water we are made up of, it is the depth that the ocean is within inside of pain we are love and peace.  This air we breathe, we do so together, in that we are never apart always connected.


We are honored and sending love to those that share on this blog!  With all our love!


twin-flames_ascending-heartsLove Deeply,

Lois & Clark!

Search for Wholeness…..

dearhumanHow do you know when you are finally whole within yourself?


You are whole already.. You see this message with two eyes.. you may or may not hear, you may or may not have both of your hands, you may or may not have legs to walk.. what you do have is a complete soul.. It experiences everything vibrationally.


It doesn’t seek you to find out why your mind says you are not whole, or that you are half.. Yet the greater intelligence in you makes sure that you are breathing, you are feeling, you are able to create motion.. If you have these abilities and still seek to say you are not whole, are you paying attention to the motions you do in all things to include have a thought process that says I am blocked or half?


It is as though you have half, and the other half that is whole is smiling at you. Not because it believes that you are less, but because you are MORE… never less, never half, never blocked, only beating the heart that beats inside you. If you wish to tap into the wholeness you are, clear your mind and listen to all the aliveness you produce in this moment.


You see it isn’t about when.. as when is always now.. if you are waiting for a future time.. that future time will always be now.. Since the moment of birth that same continuous moment is still upon you. Not a place where the mind makes it something else… If you were not whole.. feel this.. 144,000 times in 24 hours… do you know what that number is? That is the average times a human adult heart beats in a day.. How significant is this to you to see the wholeness in it. During those beats you mind could be causing stress, laughter, hugs, kisses, pain, etc… Yet you are rich with this every day.. and every day it does this with knowing that your whole.


When you think you are less this doesn’t change in that number it may do less or more.. but it doesn’t stop.. One day it will.. yet the wholeness in you will always be whole and the miracle in you will only see your wholeness!

Love deeply Now.. for it is all you ever have.. whether it be with your whole heart that is always whole.. never seek to say otherwise… You are as vast as any universe and that is yet to be discovered.. Again you are never less! YOU ARE ALWAYS WHOLE!