My ego tells me I am empty…..

Do you feel empty inside?   When I make a statement as such in my mind.. even reading it.. My ego of creation stated yes.. You are empty.. Then I say to my ego.. Are you just stating another statement to be against reality?     The ego of course says.. whatever does that mean?Continue reading “My ego tells me I am empty…..”

How deep are your words.. Flame Energy…

What inside you that you fight usually wins.. In other words how you make something into something you say you will never be, always wins, not because you surrender to it and become it, but because you place such emotional energy in not becoming it, you do anyway.. You allow this to be the reasonContinue reading “How deep are your words.. Flame Energy…”

What you can’t see in the dark you will never bring into the light!

I recently have found that it is discovery of things outside ourselves is what we seek! This is what we won’t see inside ourselves yet it will give you reflection!  We can be alone, we can be in a dead end marriage, or relationship.  And not feel dead but rather just going through the motionsContinue reading “What you can’t see in the dark you will never bring into the light!”

Facing TRUTH why it must be embraced!

Fantasy of course feels better in the immediate moment but usually haunts the scenario of all parties until the truth is told.  The damage of such events is often irreparable causing the choice making factors to spin out of control.  When incarnate the integrity of your actions & words are key to the evolution ofContinue reading “Facing TRUTH why it must be embraced!”

My thoughts on my death…

I have died my friend, It was October 18th, 2007. Yet I was reborn unto this existence for a purpose. I died to the past every day since! I feel after reading your post I had to say something for it is something I feel you should ponder as anyone else will ponder. When weContinue reading “My thoughts on my death…”

How do you make love in your life?

Foundation!  Have you ever sat down with yourself and wrote out what it is that you want in love? If so what did you write? Did you say to yourself: I want her to be great looking. I want her to be smart I want her to be intelligent I want her to be ableContinue reading “How do you make love in your life?”

All the sex and the love in the world does have an answer how you can achieve just this!!!

How the sexes handle hurt!

Undiscovered road ahead! Ones path to enlightenment!

It took me years to uncover the underlying place inside me… and over the past few years I have learned to no longer let what was define who I was.. what I was to those who never knew what it was inside me that made me lost.. lost in a sense that what I hadContinue reading “Undiscovered road ahead! Ones path to enlightenment!”

How she makes my everything, nothing! ;)

Being simple in love requires your attention to be able to listen and respond not listen and react.  The difference, well she says to you I am unhappy, you don’t ask what can make you happy?  You actually do something about it.  If you know how you feel about her, then show her.  If youContinue reading “How she makes my everything, nothing! ;)”


“We are often asked how to regulate the amount of energy to give in the physical world. There are individuals in everyone’s linear that would take from you until there was nothing left to give. It is important to understand the fine line between giver and enabler. The giver provides energy to those who wouldContinue reading “GIving….”