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Healing series!

Thank You for Giving!


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This Break Up is really going to hurt!

Break Up


I spent last night with you, as a matter of fact I spend A lot of time with you!

as we were spending our “quality time” last evening and we kept going and going,,, I realized I was not happy with you. You keep me in a human place, You have NO spirituality what so ever, You have kept me from Meditation, You have changed my focus,You have pulled me away from my family.

When we were together last night, I thought of several things i could be doing, I could have been playing with my son, I could have been meditating or taking a walk, or I could have just been present instead of disconnected and lost in the world with you. Im not angry with You, Im disappointed in me. For the past year i have focused on change, I have vowed to not sweat the small stuff, to try to always stay in the moment, to be more “present” with my family , to love them unconditionally, and without judgement, to spend more time just doing things with them, and I feel as If I am falling back into “older behavior” with you!

You are amazing, fun, exciting, and you keep me lost of my surroundings when we are together, You call to me when we are not together, I feel your pull, I hear you yelling for me, I know you are always there waiting for me, I know you ALWAYS will be,I know without doubt you will never abandon me, I know I have no choice but to abandon you! Im sorry I really am sorry, I really am going to miss you, Oh I promise you, Im going to want to come back occasionally, Im going to want to spend some time with you, sometimes all night long, because I know you can go and go and go without stopping… But I will always fight the urge! I will be strong, I will stay true to my family!

I promise I wont contact you! However I know Ill get many many request from you! Don’t expect a response! I will admit I love you! I always will but I have to let you go!  Goodbye Candy Crush Saga !  I will miss you!

Love Lois

Are you Single and Looking for “The One”?

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Does this sound like you??

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My dream last night was simple, I went on a journey inside of my hands, I was able to feel what my hands felt, it was a journey Ill not forget. I woke up and Clark got up and I called him back over just so I could  touch him, wrapped my arms around him and let my hands feel his skin. The texture of his skin is so soft and warm. I then had a few moments to myself and went off into a quick meditation when I came out I looked at my hands.

My hands held my parents hands as a child, they held my ears when i heard the arguing and the hitting, they covered my eyes, they wrote my name for the first time and they haven’t stopped lol.  My hands held my children , changed their diapers,soothed their fevered foreheads, my hands cook dinner for my family, set the table for family dinners, they have tucked many gifts from the tooth fairy under pillows, they have wrapped many presents, they have zipped backpacks, they have hit in protection. They have raised to cover for protection, They fold in prayer, they open in meditation,they have pet precious family pets, they have painted walls, cleaned carpets, washed dishes, they have planted flowers, they have planted vegetables and fruit, they have held the cold hands of loved ones who have passed, The have written letters form my heart onto paper.

My hands hold Clarks, they go through his hair, touch his skin. They are scarred, they are sometimes tired, however they still have so much to do, they have grandchildren to hold, they have flowers to hold, they have words to type, just as they have typed these, They have medicine to give, They are medicine, They are healers, They are lovers, They are friends….Take a look at your hands, appreciate them for what they have done for you, use them wisely in everything they WILL do for you.

What have you have already touched in your life? What will you touch now?



angry-coupleIn Every relationship in our lives, friendships, family, romantic and professional can potentially be destroyed by conflict. The solution is not to ignore the conflict or keep moving around hoping to find the perfect person or perfect people. We need to deal with the problems we currently face, otherwise they will just reappear elsewhere. The only thing we have the power to change in any relationship is ourselves and our own attitude. We can’t expect to change other people, but we can learn to deal with relationships in a way that promotes peace and diffuses conflict. Learning to Resolve conflicts in a relationship is one of the most important life skills we can develop and it is something we need to value.

I believe, it is important to see the problem from the other person’s perspective. This does not mean we have to agree with their viewpoint; it means we try to see the issue from a different perspective. This can at least help us to understand where they are coming from, and why they have their particular mindset. If we can do this we may wish to moderate our stance because we understand why they are acting in a certain way. If we only look at things from our perspective, conflict will certainly arise. A major cause of conflict in relationships is when we expect people to behave in a certain way. The problem with expecting certain behavior is that we get upset when they fail to live up to our expectations. Even those close to us are not our responsibility; we need to be tolerant of their mistakes and limitations. We have to respect their decisions on how to live their life. This detachment is not indifference; we can retain concern , but there comes a point where we need to give people the freedom to make their own choices, even if we don’t agree with them.

Unfortunately, if we respond to situations by getting angry we will make the situation even worse. Anger holds a feeling of aggression and condemnation which people struggle to deal with it. It also calls out and it encourages people to respond in a similar way. If we feel angry, the best solution is to avoid talking , arguing at that particular time. We should calm our anger before confronting other people. Any conflict will only be heightened by anger. Similarly, if people approach us with anger, we have to learn to respond differently ,silence is better than getting mad at someone.

Most of the time we get what we aspire for. If we really value peace in our relationships with others, then we will make it happen. If we make proving the other person wrong or proving ourselves right the priority, then there will be a constant feeling of superiority and inferiority which breeds conflict. If we keep reminding ourselves of the desirability of peace we won’t allow ourselves to become argumentative and miserable.

One of the secrets to maintaining good relationships is generating a feeling of oneness. This means we will feel happy at the success of others; we will sympathize when they experience difficulties; we will strive to avoid hurting their feelings. In oneness there is no superiority and inferiority. Without oneness, we are prone to feelings of pride, jealousy and insecurity. If you feel a really genuine sense of oneness with other people, how can you want to hurt them? Certainly this is the case is romantic relationships, the very last thing we should want to do is hurt the one we are in love with, I know it hurts me to the core when I say anything hurtful to Lee. It should also ring very true in family relationships, every family has conflict, most every time its caused by egos colliding, I have found that ridding myself of my ego has been most helpful, this has removed any and all conflict within myself for anyone I am associated with. I allowed my mind to tell me that without my ego I would be just an insecure human being.

When we are full of insecurities our relationships become more difficult. The problem is that if we are insecure about ourselves we can become judgemental about other people; to make ourselves feel better we will start criticizing others. We may not be conscious of this, but it does happen.(This is why i choose to not let my mind control me) When we are at peace with ourselves, good peaceful relationships come natural. When we have inner peace , we don’t rely on other people to give us security and praise. When we are at peace with ourselves, we tend to have a sympathetic and positive view of the world. Often we want to blame bad relationships on other people; but, actually the only thing we can really do is to work on ourselves. If we develop inner peace  our relationships will definitely improve.

When tense situations arise, talking can be the most effective way of moving past the problem. Some things are best left unsaid; it does no one any good to bring up old conflicts unless absolutely necessary, what has already happened cannot be changed. When talking we should try to talk about positive issues; look for things which we agree on and can work together on.

Don’t get upset about little things. In the great cosmic game, most of the minor personality conflicts are relatively insignificant. If we get mad when someone doesn’t do the washing up, how are we going to react when they do something really bad? If you find yourself getting worked up by a series of small things, take a step back and try to evaluate their relative importance. For each minor failing try to think of a really good quality of that person. If you are sincere you will feel that this good quality is far more important than the minor indiscretion, This is something I have had to step back myself and put into action.

No conflict is difficult. If we are willing to change our attitude,release our egos. we can develop peace even with difficult people. It is always important to be positive and forget the past. If we can develop peace in our relationships, it will definitely make a big difference to our lives.

Live, Laugh, Love



Dog and Butterfly

Clark and Idog-nose lay in bed and listen to music and on the particular play list I had put together is the song “Dog and Butterfly “by Heart.  Its funny because throughout the years the meaning of this song has been a mystery, or better yet one of those songs that basically means something personal and very different to everyone, In General the song written by Ann Wilson was written about her sheepdog, as she looked out the window, the dog was happily and playfully chasing a butterfly, jumping up to try to catch it, and twisting and falling back down to the ground, only to shake it off and try and try again, it reminded her of how life can be, as earthbound creatures we are constantly  reaching for something higher.

The songs lyrics mimmic that for me but on a personal level, I used to have talks with my Dad a lot, When I got older and was able to drive I used to meet him here and there, sometimes at a park, usually smith park and we would sit by the pond, not for long but for long enough, as i got old enough to drink i would sit in the bar with him and talk, he would talk to me about his life and i would talk to him about mine, My dad never knew the details of some of the trial i had growing up, sometimes i felt maybe he did,but he felt helpless.I can remember some of the things my Dad would always say to me, “Im the smartest man in the world, I know everything”  ‘Never drive in the opposite direction of your destination” I finally figured that one out as i got older! and many other things, but one of the most important was when he would always tell me if you go for something you really want and you fail, don’t accept the defeat try and try again and keep trying after that!”

Personally that makes perfect sense about this songs meaning.

“There I was with the old man

Stranded again so off I’d ran

A young world crashing around me

No possibilities of getting what I need

He looked at me and smiled

Said “No, no, no, no, no child.

See the dog and butterfly. Up in the

Air he like to fly.” Dog and butterfly

Below she had to try. She roll back down

To the warm soft ground laughing

She don’t know why, she don’t know why

Dog and butterfly

Those lyrics are personal to me as I sat with my dad, I would often run from my home life, and call him and thats when we would meet and sit by the water, I would tell him how I was feeling and he encouraged me without knowing he was, my Dad was not a very sensitive on the outside, he had a hard shell, i only saw the man cry twice in my entire life, he put on a strong coat of arms around people,  He was basically telling me to continue to get through,to keep jumping.

“Well I stumbled upon your secret place

Safe in the trees you had tears on your face

Wrestling with your desires frozen strangers

Stealing your fires. The message hit my mind

Only words that I could find

See the dog and butterfly

Up in the air he like to fly

Dog and butterfly below she had to try

She roll back down to the warm soft ground

Laughing to the sky, up to the sky

Dog and butterfly

Intresting to me personally, there was a time in my Fathers life he left his family, he lived in an apartment up above the bar  at Bills Open door , the bar he  basically lived at lol.  I went there looking for him, the owners daughter who was a friend of mine she told me my dad had been staying up there for a while, so I went upstairs and talked to him, it was one of the Two times I ever saw him cry, he was confused, unhappiness surrounded him, My Father was an alcoholic and a Gambler and he loved women, although after he married my step mother he was much better, although he was a bit still abusive, he would tell me, my step mom of course would never say anything, She loved that man with all of her heart, She never had a bad word to say about my Dad, through all of the bad situations he had his family in, and there were quite a few, that woman never left his side. If you mentioned a certain woman’s name around her though, she had a glare in her eye, she knew there was something up on occasion, just was not sure, she trusted my dad, but she sure didn’t trust that woman.   I knew my Dad had experienced great love, he would tell me stories of a woman he met in the Philippines and hinted of someone else in another state he simply could not be with, while he was in the service,  He had a vision of what he wanted in life, he had a gift in his soul, however he never let it out.

I remember the man looking at me and with tears in his eyes said “Kid, what should I do”  I told him to go home, and try and if he failed to try again and to try to keep jumping for something higher and higher, 2 days later he went home, and although things did not change much there, they improved some.

We’re getting older the world’s getting colder

For the life of me I don’t know the reason why

Maybe it’s livin’ making us give in

Hearts rolling in taken back on the tide

We’re balanced together ocean upon the sky

I guess i felt at that time the world was a cold place as i got older, I was able to escape the life I had to endure at my home,

Another night in this strange town

Moonlight holding me light as down

Voice of confusion inside of me

No begging to go back where I’m free

Feels like I’m through

I was stuck in a dead in town between Dayton and Cincinnati, nothing to do, no where to escape to. All of my roots were there, my parents both born there all of my family there, I felt stuck, felt like there were walls around that city, it was like the hotel california, you can check out any time you like, but,you can never leave!  lol   My Dad finally left, although his physical body is buried there he’s certainly not there! I finally left, searching for something higher, jumping to try to catch that dream, It is a good thing I did, because i found it, I had the very same shell my dad did, I have the very same gift my dad did, I want the same things my dad wanted, I intend to let it all out, i intend to continue to try to jump higher and higher, To continue to try to catch my dreams, and when I do catch them, I intend to reacher higher ones! I realized this one thing personalizing the lyrics to this song,  My dad was and still is the smartest man in the world!

Then the old man’s words are true

See the dog and butterfly

Up in the air he like to fly

Dog and butterfly, below she had to try

She roll back down to the warm soft

Ground with a little tear in her eye

She had to try, she had to try

Dog and butterfly 


Aim Higher!!!


Intimacy and Detachment…


cycle-of-intimacyHow can I have both intimacy and detachment?



Dear Lois and Clark,


How do you blend together the intimacy and detachment being they are so different a concept to each other?



A friend…


Intimacy.. the connection of trust that allows the energy to communicate less any teaching from one to the other. A shared energy that connects inside of the energy of love. It creates presence to the now between two that blend them fully in the foreground to each other. This is not time based… Intimacy in true form has no time as it doesn’t know what time is!


Detachment is a mental concept that creates behavior that speaks to disconnecting or disconnection. If you are speaking of addictive clinging or the need or want to be in an intimate connection created in a mind concept then finding such will keep eluding you. For you make another responsible for something you don’t ever give yourself to know what it truly is. How do you give off an energy you have not ever given yourself or allowed yourself to free yourself into.


To be able to see this completely, will be how you create intimacy to share with yourself to share with another. If you are able to be alone and be intimate meaning truly being in yourself then your choice to be in yourself is never disconnected nor is it detaching from yourself when you connect to another. You don’t make this about freeing yourself for your free inside of this that you give yourself is an energy that will attract that energy. You will not attach to an energy that emits detachment for this energy will see that as disruptive energy to the intimate energy they are in. It is when you have done this to yourself and given yourself this intimacy that you can share in truth of the deeper connection. Your sense of self will heal all the hindrances that you have kept as being nurtured by you, it will not seek someone to cover this up or make someone responsible for it.


When it is true intimacy, the word detachment is a action word that requires drama and intensity of the mind made you to surface to experience something it never wants you to find out, for you can be more without it!


For you would have to keep the mind made you as a sense of survival and the mind wants fear, ego and past experiences and future recognition of what the mind can translate to you without you ever experiencing the truth to connection and peace. Survival from what that you need detachment in intimacy is where this points! Is this where you remove this to experience the true connection of intimacy? How can you share intimacy without this very thing? Your mind won’t tell you this, only your knowing when you are in the now of shared intimacy of what you give to yourself to share with another.


Love Deeply,


Lois and Clark

Resonating the soul of twins…

seemeHi Lois and Clark,


I have been educating myself more about twin flames, and noticed that there is a presence on my left it feels like a hug.

In August I felt an immense feeling of love in my heart/ vortex type motion on my left. I went to sleep and there was an invisible person kissing me with enthusiasm and excitement and merging with my chakras.


A psychic I went to informed me I have a etheric baby and a cord tie. She can see it through my energy field.


The last 3 years, I went through ascension/clearing and forgiveness of everything. I became non attached and loving in the Now.


A couple of days prior I heard a telepathic voice saying ‘There is the exit door’. I have a brief feeling that the person is someone I met 5 years ago, I interpreted the feeling as a strong pull/ infatuation and I let go of it. (We were able to sense each other’s presence without using eyesight). He would always silently/quizzically observe me. Or look around as if he can sense someone too.


I’m not that spiritual but when I saw him it was like looking at myself. I fell in love with the formless version of him. Not the the form. That is why I was able to ‘sense’ him. I never believed that anything like this is possible.


I let him go and wished him blessings and success/thanked God and moved on thinking it was a strong crush. Nothing more. My intuition is pointing to him.

I will wait an see what more is in store for me. I’m XX.


I would love your view on this Lois and Clark 🙂


Much love,

Thank you



Lois & Clark: So how often do you not listen to your intuition?  and may we ask why?

Friend: Why I do not listen to my intuition?


It is the ego, when I saw him I thought he was too good to be true. Way too perfect in every way. Not realizing I was looking at my own essence too.

I did not see myself in this way at the time. The ego/mind would never believe the impossible even though the answer nags my mind all the time.

I had to accept myself first and understand that the love I feel for others, another person can feel it for me too.


My ego kept talking me out of it and normalizing it. It is only this year that I have stopped looking through the lens of the ego. And, lo and behold God is working to his schedule.

The ego lies. The heart tells the truth. That is the biggest lesson I have learnt this year. All life lessons are sent for a reason.


I have learnt not to believe the lie of the ego and not to fear any of my demons no longer. I am a deserving person. And I feel I deserve someone who is like me. Someone who can perceive the beauty in everything. Even the ugly. I see my ego now as a protection mechanism who prefers the comfort and familiar patterns. I have moved my awareness away from it. I can even see when my friends and family are operating from the ego. Fear, sadness, despair and uncertainty.

The true self is patient, loving, forgiving and feels no fear as such but simply observes, forgives and sees.



When I first saw him I was 19 at the time. I did not know about twin flames at all in the slightest way. I thought it was a huge crush.

People can see white orbs around me all the time and a Higher Self figure on my right, I never tied things together.

In the last 3 months I began googling about Twin flames. That is when I started to gain more knowledge about these paranormal things.

I am a Science major. This has challenged all previous perceptions I had about the law of the Universe and physics. Everything.


I do not have paranormal 3rd eye chakra sight. My younger sister does. And I went to a psychic after this strange invisible lover etc. My  sister says there is a baby and the psychic says the same.


This strange tunnel on my left sometimes opens from my heart chakra. And I realized it opens up when you feel mercy or compassion towards someone.

The first time I saw him I have a feeling the tunnel opened from his side first (the infinity symbol appears and a huge circle). I was dragged into it.

This is all before he even saw me! This is the dragging motion I felt.


This vortex tunnel also opens when I talk about forgiveness and God’s love, It is a wormhole shape and rises out of the Sacral Chakra and comes out of the Thymus Chakra. (This is all from my younger sister who has clairvoyant abilities too).

Thank you.


I had a feeling something fishy was going on from May 2013 onwards, I am starting to link it all now.



Lois & Clark:


What you experienced is the awakening of something within.  This is the reason we asked about intuition, for it is the place inside that stirs when something vibrational has affected in embracing us.  This energy is the energy in direction of what goes past the surface of the ocean into it’s depth’s.  You can feel this when you first felt something in you and then translated it into thought to the mind made you (ego) was evidence of something new yet, it was familiar.  This was when the choice to be of mind or of nature became aware of itself inside you.


When we state aware of itself, we mean that something in you as energy connected where as the mind itself became the gate keeper to what it all means.  It even started to give the ideals that were created as a connection.


Here is an example; what resonated in you is what resonates in this way.  Your first experience of a relationship with a man came from what you experienced with your father.  If he was in your existence.  His interactions with you gave you the interpretations of what you will seek in a relationship.  If he was attentive to your feelings as a infant or child, you will seek someone as a pattern in energy to experience the same.  Yet if he didn’t and you created inside you a false sense of why this didn’t happen, such as the attention you wished you wanted to get, that from the mind would look for an ulterior motive when it resonates or is not present.  This motive that the mind creates to keep you from being accepted is a great survival tool.  For you, in all actuality are waiting for the abandonment or the energy to be taken away from you.  This part of you is not that part of them, in fact it is the reason that judgement occurs and the mind seeks this in any and all feelings.


These thoughts and these ways of understanding the expression become truth yet it is the underlying lie of what you needed to tell yourself to move past the place that was left unanswered inside you.  This answer was neither a place we all see and or accept.  We accept it to move past it, where in truth we never move past it as a matter of consequence.  The view has now been created and we now have to reconcile this with something in our being that we accept as our experience in this existence.


The euphoric experience in existence is found when you are now with no concept of time at all.. This door in you, is open as you are seeing and experiencing the truth of what connection is, when it happens inside you this is where the source of all things is very present in your experience.  The intuition or vibrational energy you experience that points back to him is the cores truth. The translation is stating a minds response where the mind is viewed through the eyes of what you have summed up in content in the mind from that very view of a relationship of male or female.  What is meant by this, is that a connection of like beings experience this each with individual minds that don’t speak the same language, yet you are seeing this as they have experienced communication the same. Energy in connection has a language.



Yet, we don’t speak this language as we aren’t taught this so what we do instead is fall back to what is normal, normal is the cycled behavior of thoughts that are keeping us from being able to communicate in that vibration to go inside that direction is to where this points.  He is from jupiter and you are from mars… or vice verse.  He was not given your communication or level of how to connect anymore than you are.


We are born into this world and we have this communication of vibration in energy. We then will grow and become more adapted to what should be a thought pattern more than one of true communication of connectedness in energy and what it means.


As you attune to this energy you will experience the energy your sister has and then no longer see a thought process but the energy itself.


Intuition to us is the souls language, have you ever felt something was off and your mind convinced you it was ok?  The mind says we need tangible truth.. In other words we need to see the good in this and allow it to show itself.  More than not your intuition will be right.  We suffer in thoughts because we didn’t pay attention to our truth that energy of the soul was pointing to because of the souls quiet moment and the minds incessant ranting will consume.  This is the energy in connectedness that twins emit to each other strongly a new language is born.. It is not just about the communication in mind words created, it is something else.  This something else is how deep you embrace your intuition or soul as it were.


You are never without your soul.. It is what is always guiding you and giving you background of truth. It is a Geiger counter if you will.


As you realize you made these choices something in you is pointing you back to when something felt pure and you translated this and made this a starting point.  As for your energy with this connection how will you see the difference will be found in your thinking vs. your being!


I hope this resonates with you and don’t stop questioning the phases of the ego it is there for you to realize this is not you anymore than it is you.  It is only communicating what you ignore about your intuition or soul so to speak.


Love deeply,

Lois & Clark


A hand within the tree of life… Evolutional questions…

tree of lifeWhat is a soul mate?


A soul mate has the ability to connect with you in the present moment..  Then will also give you glimpses of it when you are falling back into your mind made reality. This connection will give you a hint that you are not alone for the familiar place inside you will feel the depth of the connection cause it touched the heart being within you, that yearned for the depth that the connection rang inside you.


You will share things about yourself with your soul mate that when shared will give you a place inside where the loneliness will subside notice I say subside.  The responsibility of the soul mate will bring about very strong emotional energy that says they are like you and you are like them.. in that it will seem to almost elude you, yet may confuse you with them being your other half..


This is when it becomes a story rather than a message to something inside you that needed to be accepted inside you rather than the soul mate who you are stating gives you something that no one else will…  A soul mate can open a door inside you.. You either will step through it to see the depth of the connection or stand in the door way and wait for the soul mate to pull you through..


This never happens for the understanding of the soul mate is that they will express the soul being inside you that needs to walk through a door of acceptance all to its own.. Some soul mates have a gravitational pull that will either awaken you or ring something inside you.. It can make you weak, make you strong, make you see reality or even take you deeper into a dream state of being..


Ultimately a soul mate will have unconditional love for you that will also show you conditions that they love about themselves..  You can ride or die together yet most soul mates tend to lose the present moment that brought them together because of ego survival characteristics that can keep them from seeing the connection and it’s purpose..  Soul mates are a valuable experience in this existence.  They give us hope that a connection inside ourselves is possible outside ourselves..  The voice within still singular for moments will have duality..  This is a truth that becomes silent and we don’t see deeper to the reason why it left us..  or what changed it..  Never seeing the other energy that has noise based on other events that have happened to our own souls that the soul mate will not be able to know about.  For those moments though… Truth in connection vibrated us.. It reached something inside that showed us our own spark plug that gives us existence.


What’s your view on relationships?


From an external view a relationship can be seen much like this..  If you pick up a glass of water.. You can do several things with this..  You can drink the water, you can pour the water out and put more water in it, you can even put wine, beer, or even poison in the glass..  The amount of energy used to drink or pour or even shatter the glass will take the same amount of energy based on the way you hold the glass..


If you drop the glass, some will throw it away, others will try and put the glass back together and drink out of it..  As leaks happen some will seek more or different kinds of glue to mend the glass to drink from it again..


The purpose of this is how the relationship gives you much like the glass that you can drink out of..  Some will have water and you can see through it, some will have different flavor of water, even the texture of the water may have contaminants in it..  Yet they will continue to drink from it..  The relationship is going to give you what you will dare yourself to drink..


Some will seek a mug or even a pitcher to drink from..  When was the last time you went to the fridge and opened up and drank from the container itself.. It says alot about how you will endure relationships and your place within them..


The most profound experience of the relationship is exactly how you experience drinking from a glass.. You either will fill the cup all the way to the top or just do sips at a time to savor the taste, either way what happens when it goes down inside you, you will excrete the remnants of what was in the glass..


All relationships leave you with something.. The connection to the glass not seeing the connection to yourself and your absorption of what was in it when you drank from it..  We pay attention to the thirst not the actual aliveness that the glass can have within it’s content that we drink from.


I am not sure if this spoke to you..  But realize that what you have from the glass is the relationship you have with yourself that you can give to someone else.. Shared..  Powerful if you accept what the message is here..  Can you think of how many other ways you will stare and interact with the glass?  Do you see the relationship to the glass and yourself?

Beautiful isn’t it?  ❤


Not sure I understand Clark what do you mean?



How you handle a glass (another being) can be how you handle relationships based on what taught you relationships. Imagine being on a play ground with other kids.. some of those kids are playing with siblings and you are an only child.. How will you handle playing with other kids? yet if you have siblings how will you interact with the others on the play ground.. It is all an analogy with the purpose of stating how do you drink the water to how you absorb what it is to be with others and will they understand your ways of interacting based on the relationship laws you have come to grow up within? This can be simply seen in how you drink a glass of water in the way that you hold the glass, the way you absorb the water.. It all can be seen clearly if you seek to see it in your actions.



Think about the last relationship you had… How did you respond to things said or not said, and how ofter did you speculate or state the truth about what you were thinking? Now how did you absorb the expression of love that the other tried to give you and how did you change as a result? Did you find yourself in defense of what you could feel? did you also feel lost as to why they expressed something in a certain way? Did you state hurtful things to them? did they you? Now when those things happen did you hear a glass shatter in just the remembering of what happened? If the relationship continued how well did the glue that put the glass back together allow you to drink from? did it leak? did you cut yourself from the glass? do you see this better from this point of view?




What is your view on sexuality?


In the form of what communication is, there is a powerful word within communication itself based on shared energy with love, hate, anger, happiness, evolution, etc..  Communion is the word that this points.. Within this is the unity that two can experience in a physical that can either be of all emotional expressions without the words placed in connection with the touch itself..


The action can be directional.. Embracing the moment to do this can be felt a multitude of ways.. Some will bring great passion, some will bring uniformed acts that are self gratifying..  Greed is either abandoned or absorbed.  The art of this itself is pleasurable to some and can be a have to for others..


Take a fatherless daughter who can engage in sex with a man..  They may seek acceptance in this way yet will want to just be held inside as a knowing the care that is missed will have a moment in solitude to not be the purpose of why they did so..  The same can be for a man.. A man who was fatherless will also seek this as a means to conquer the understanding of conquest to experience love in a multitude of ways.. None of which will ever satisfy the man only keep the illusion of sex as a means to give him a completeness that will not be filled until he awakens to himself..


The sexuality of this seems dark yet it has it’s point of impact and why the choice was made..  You can have a pure place inside you where just holding hands can be sexual.. You seek inside yourself and see that something else is relieved in procreation other than a boost to ones ego (thinking repeated patterns that keep you never seeing yourself completely!) and the expression to take being into a doorway to touch each other in ways that bond in sexuality..


The kiss should be the exchanging of souls… It should be always embraced in that way.. For anything else is just a chase that you are creating inside yourself and making the other responsible for it.  How deep is your sexuality can be based on how you value your temple and who you invite into it to share with you.. and you with them!    How beautiful is sex is how beautiful it is to be broken…  😉



What are the main obstacles of memory?


Not seeing the sides of truth within it.. Example is as a child I was sent to my room to think about my actions and in the punishment of being told to think… I was secretly planning to run away and take that one toy with me.. I would be angry for all the wrong reasons and upset inside with what was outside me as a mode of thinking.. never seeing the point of the punishment.. What ends up happening as I got older I would never face conflict cause it was a means to shut down and be stuck in a mind dominated presence of what happened being sent to my room and thinking… The memory was a false one.. What should have been compassionate listening was changed to tormented thinking.. Blame, attack, isolated thinking that taught me how to shut down when that wasn’t the purpose as I got older.. Taking my one toy and evading… This obstacle was for what purpose? do you see it clearly.. The memory learned repeat behavior that never had an answer and didn’t need one.. Unlearn to learn the truth… This can be seen in a billion ways evading the truth as to what the memory served as… It was why history repeats and time eludes us as we lose this by memory creation… A memory should be content not a reason to be! Yet it is what we are taught to absorb in teachings.. as the underlying understanding of the recurring that happens in memory!



How do you awaken to these questions as you seek answers… All are within the tree of life….