Hello Dear Soul,


if you are on this page it is because you wonder what it is that brought you here, it could be that you have not been successful on any path where it comes to what love can give you in any relationship,

If you are reading this, then it points you back to one place that has always mattered, the relationship you have to yourself.  When this is your primary you will then develop more love relationships because of what you give to yourself you will now allow others to give this to you as well!


We are Lois and Clark aka Sherry and Lee, we have been doing this for what seems like a million years but in truth it has been a million moments all of this is because of what we found in our journey to how deep love can go and how it can change your life when you make

the relationship with yourself your purpose to clearly see your true purpose.


Here is why you are here… every day you wake up you have 86,400 seconds to decide what kind of love you want to experience but mostly you lose most of that time because you didn’t see the point of paying attention to what the present moment has to offer.  We can show you this not just in what you experience in that moments but all moments.


We offer coaching, root sessions of how you can remove the story and the story teller to find your true self in being.  We can do this in all forms of relationships to include your business partnerships that you are looking to expand and grow within.  We thank you for coming here to take this time to read all of this for it is here to open you to all the paths

you can experience when you deep dive into yourself and want to see things more clearly.


We are here, we are listening, and we are sending you love,

Sherry and Lee


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  1. The body doesn’t die as we think… it dies because we believe in Death.. It can be seen as birth as well.. And you are interesting to my friend.. Your post are quite a story.. My story.. I can state my story but it is in no way going to be something I can gravitate to. I was before .. and I am NOW.. I can tell you of a very evil place that killed me.. but then it would only give a mental perception of something that was nothing more than a story of pain, suffering, love/hate, passionate explosive sex, misguided actions based on my need to conquer loneliness. I was a perfect specimen of allow the echoes of generations of pain break me repeating all the mistakes of the mother and father and possibly more. I broke it all.. I changed it all.. cause I became more in death…

  2. I’m trying to wrap my head around this. Trying to drag these words down to the planet earth… Don’t worry, I’m sure doing so won’t dilute you.

    You have a friend that you united with in death? Death being a complete seperation from all that came before? And you trust this friend and don’t suspect that you may be talking to yourself?

    Do you grapple with the idea that you sound insane? I would discount you as disjointed and scattered, but reading your lose words gives me the same sensation as I get in rare and intense meditation.

    Who are you? Superman?

  3. In death everything came to me.. It was in that silence it all does.. Everything you experienced.. everything you did or didn’t embrace. Before we come here we have the ability to go it alone or split into two.. Both with their acceptance of the experience they will have it is not about making it this or that.. Each thing is something that is unforeseen.. But in physical form you accept the experience you are having liking it or not..

    Sanity is not realizing being… Knowing a greater intelligence surrounds all things and doesn’t get disrupted through taught variables such as history or future moments the mind gives you.

    When something in you stirs in meditation deep meditation the place where you feel like your free falling why not embrace that feeling.. Accept that your going to fall.. Accept that fear can’t stop it from happening.. Accept and embrace conditions and love them unconditionally without a reason.. It is then that you are flying rather than falling..

    Why would I grapple with an idea I am insane.. How do you know the illusion is this existence and not the other.. You only can experience human taught things you were told were those things.. What if you could just unlearn those things? Inside of you is a bigger universe that has not experienced the free will to go inside.. How do we give something outside if we never have traveled far inside to give something to cement the connection in this place?

    If Chaos theory is correct being in control of this experience is the illusion.. Love is not condition it is far more than that without any condition. It is this without thinking.. It is knowing without being right or wrong, without positive and negative, it is as it is…

    If I was talking to myself explain how when she has her cycle I bleed like clock work.. I cramp when she ovulates…. explain how when she cuts her finger I feel it in my hand.. How come when she is feeling anything I can absorb it and share it with her.. Are you sure it isn’t possible? are you sure you have not elected to not know of this kind of experience cause you were told it didn’t exist? If you let go.. Let go all the way to experience everything that is… This to include what you believe that birth and death can give you! If you never open the door it will always be closed!

  4. What some see as insanity is merely the soul searching for answers.We are on a constant cycle of death and rebirth because we are mimicking the cycle of life. We don’t perceive it as such because we are still in our physical bodies.

    We search for answers outside ourselves, when really we possess the solutions already. The former self becomes the realized self once you reconcile the limitations that you utilized and embrace a different methodology. We are constantly in a state of seeking homeostasis because we self impose entropy on top of entropy. All other entities in nature just are. A body of water doesn’t need to act outside of itself, it just flows, depletes and replenishes.

  5. CK!!! I found you!!! Did you hear what happened at thoughts? Please feel free to email or semd me message when you can!! Thanks SQ 🙂 (oh, by the way, there actually IS someone here using the nick i use there. So, i had to change it. Who would have thought? lol) Chat soon! xx SQ

  6. You should read my blog post “aging gracefully” my near death experience has brought me to a new brink that I’m trying to wrap my head around…..

  7. Happy Fifth birthday…the most wonderful thing happened today that made the thought of rebirth very real to me. I was walking around the block and thought that with my experience today I feel like a new being I began to consider this day as a rebirthday! It was so affirming to read your story and see in your words what I was holding in my heart. I hope you will keep sharing your thoughts and words….they speak truth and are priceless.

    With infinite gratitude,
    Gloria – The Grateful Diva

    • my friend… been following you… you give Lois and myself great engaging things to discuss… 🙂 so ty.. I love how our conversations go when you give us a topic to talk about it always ends in great energy! 😉

      • I’m glad my writings provides engaging topics. I started writing for two reasons: One; to document everything that’s happening – some of it too crazy to believe or remember in detail, and two; to provide a sense of normalcy to this ride. I hope the energy includes intimacy of some kind… 😉

  8. I died once. I blogged about it. Changed my life. “Connection is not that any different than vibrations. You can always strike the wrong cord of life but realize you always have the ability to harmonize according to the principles of unconditional love within yourself to change the frequency.” I LOVE the very way you compare connection to vibration. My mind is spinning on the depth of that…beautiful…

    • I will search your archives for it, Is it there? And thank you for the love and the follow! I was responding on yours and you were responding on mine. Quite the vibration was felt when reading your post. I would love to reblog if that is ok? Connection is vibration, remove all mind noise it is the connection that is in place between this being and that being. You will experience your love as it is without anyone telling you what it is. It moves in this moment beautifully as it does any other. It shares no opposite in that! 😉

  9. Love your blogs so I nominated you for the beautiful blogger award. You can get logo off my site.

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  10. But if you don’t think, you can hurt people. Not just a little bit, but so much that it can give them huge depression that can change them physically. Can hurt them for years, the same as if they could have been healed, but they weren’t. And there was nothing that they could do to change this, because it was natural, that they felt great love, attached themselves, in hope, of healing. It wasn’t their fault. It was just that you did not think, before you effected them, so greatly.

    • True hurt doesn’t come from others it comes from you.. The punishment of how you make a choice inside the mind to do things to yourself physically to endure anything. If you have a chance to stop beating yourself would you take it? What can seem natural outside you isn’t always good for you inside you. How do you change what pain you can endure?

  11. Hey there my friend!! I have good news for you….I have nominated you for the “Best Moment Award.” The reason I nominated you for the award is because I think that your blog is worthy enough to receive the award and that other people should have the opportunity to enjoy your blog. Congratulations! I hope that this award will help brighten your day in some way! You can visit my site and check it out! “Good Time Stories” http://goodtimestories.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/best-moment-award

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