Awaking truth be connected!

The waking of unconscious patterns in you!
In true connection there is now moments where it is hard to be conscious, the moment this takes over you, thoughts of being complete, thoughts of ever being whole evade you. In fact most of what you experience is a sense of judgement on yourself which will directly point to the other person and you will not be conscious of this or what has taken over you. The mind will make this about their behavior, their rejection, or abandonment of you and in your unconscious state you will not even see that you are doing these things to yourself. This experience will directly effect the emotional state you are in and with the mind identification on full strength you will find it almost impossible to avoid taking the emotional state and bringing it to the energy field of pain as though you have no other choice. Of course the mind will not let you see choice, it has to feed on something to keep going and in this unconscious state it will see pain as a never ending source of food to continue to feed it to get it’s nourishment. The conscious state you could choose stands in the background and what ends up happening is it will continue to feed unless or until you decide that what you are doing has reached a point of ending.

This unconscious mind state impacts the emotional state you are in as though to keep you in a loop of sorts and while this loop is activated it is much like making cotton candy in the energy field of pain. It keeps you from your state of being love, or the place where your true love resides. See this as part of what the connection can’t experience for this is a part of the disconnection that was in you to begin with. Mind identification with connection!
The connection itself stands still in these moments, seeing this as a way to plant the seed of healing and growth. For when you do become conscious of this behavior, by coming to your senses your mind will suddenly become quiet it will not want to volunteer why this unconscious state was activated or where it even came from when it comes to the statements it implies.

It can be experienced much like this! Why don’t they want me? Why am I giving them all my love and nothing is returned? I am giving them all my love for nothing. These statements help the unconscious you that has been infected with the mind to resort to statements that give this any truth. (Truth here is to be taken as a lie) I am not worthy of this great love in connection, I feel I am… (Inset what the words are here that give you a sense of self that causes you pain.) If this is blank in this moment that you are reading this, it is due to the minds absence, and your consciousness is available to you in this moment. The now is the only place that the mind can ever be caught. For the constant chatter that the mind can keep playing over and over again when you stand in full consciousness can’t be accessed. It does this much like a switch. The switch you ask? Well the switch is the unconscious behaviors that can result in anything that can make you do the wrong things and be right about doing them. This is generationally inherited behavior but we will go into that at another now moment where the truth will be all you need to disable any switch. Much like unconscious states of being the truth can dismantle any switch as well.

In deep connection you experience moments of full consciousness simultaneously and experience it in great depth. This is not something the mind can experience because your senses are in full drive of the moment and don’t truly need the experience that the mind will try and make it to fully embrace the moment. In truth you experience shared senses of something that allows the unconscious mind to become dormant and allow you the truth in being or soul to experience absolute truth of what the present moment is and how you have been whole all along with any chatter or unconscious result that the mind will try and turn things into. You will be free of identity victim or perpetrator, free of thoughts that create unconscious patterns in you and deeply within wholeness and completeness you experience the free access of truth that you are this all along with or without the connection you are experiencing outside you, because deep within you the truth is revealing itself. You experience this in the now as you have accessed the silence that wonder of this fulfilling experience can give you because you removed judgement to be deeply connected inside yourself. You see the place of wonder you experience is everything in it’s aliveness, and are able to stand in this without time even knowing what time is. The truth is revealed. Connection is a very powerful experience whether it is with your twin (infinite vibrational soul resonating connection), a soul mate, a friend, a family member or most powerfully with yourself.

The relinquishment of judgement of the self has great power in bringing you into a greater strength you can access to be conscious. The beautiful way this is experienced is deeply embedded in you it is only accessible in your now, never in your later or what was.

When you truly bring yourself into consciousness without judgement or any of the minds incessant rants about what you are and how you can be in the moment you will find that what has occurred to keep you disconnected can be seen with gentle ease granting you full access to true love. It grants you the open door to be that state of consciousness that is placed within you to be that depth of love seeing the truth you are whole and complete without any distraction to be love in all things.

One of the greatest illusions we can experience is becoming unconscious and our mind activates the emotional state and brings it into the energy field of pain that will without our knowing become us in an identified mind state of who we are and what we have done or will do or will become. This is not you it never has been you, just an experience of the mind labeling you and the content that is you.

It will make you state things to include but not limited to, I am lonely, I am hurt, I am scared, I am right, I am wrong, I am not enough, I am a failure, I am a horrible father/mother. I am not a good mate, and now you will be stuck in playing a role of something you never are in your truth. You will play this role till you are no longer going to feed it, it can be that you can feed it every once in a while or you can give it a snack now and again. You can’t starve this for it is almost the same as feeding it. You can however do something that is available to you now! That is become conscious of what your mind is stating that you are or need to be or allowing it to access your emotions by not giving what the mind says any true weight to keep you in a state of loops that will create a sense of self that keeps you in dead lock.

Be now! Be connected! Be conscious! After all it is only going to be a pattern that will do exactly as stated here. When you realize you no longer need to drink the poison to be connected you will be fully connected without thought! This truly is coming to your senses!

Love deeply,


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