What is pain… it is a call to something within you that is either causing you to feel to cause mental or physical distress or discomfort.   Illness or injury….



When we are in pain we don’t treat it like an illness or injury we instead endure it as a means to suffer.  We speak to numerous beings who are in pain and then deny their pain as a way to keep it around, this need to keep the pain is something we all think we need to have to keep us from more pain not seeing that this in itself is giving us that pain.


Here is where we are inside that we are responsible for pain…  Ever burned yourself before? What did you do? Did you shake your hand and the pain lessened somehow?  Or what about just kept going on with what you were doing?  Yet, the pain seemingly got less over time!  Did you take care of it, by getting ice, or washing it off, and putting ointment on it.  This teaching has been around for ages and yet it seems we continue to do this when the pain is mental to!  We didn’t see that we are caring for our pain and thus allowing it to keep us in the pain itself.  The art of suffering!  When we are scared from pain physically it stays as a reminder to show us what we endured.. We keep the story as a part of us, we do this in mental pain as well!


What does this do to you when you are sad, it ignites the pain you see how this is the scar effect we create a story of what we endured… the scare can’t be seen but we see it and make it a part of us..  Pain in this light has a different meaning as we tell our story we also relive it.  Who is this for?  What does it give us in truth?  It gives us a random painful view of life as we live it to endure this as we do anything else.  We even keep it as a part of expectation.  I just want someone who will not hurt me is the same as saying I will find someone who will hurt me..  the hurt keyword is activated in what you will find from just stating the obvious.  What about I want pure love?  You see it is a completely different thing that we are asking for.  It hurts doesn’t it?  Why does it hurt and why does it seem we make this choice to find the words to keep those same things from happening to us. Which in essence is bringing that to you!


When you hurt from inside your tears flow, not from the pain mind you.. but from the release of a pain that is deep within you.  These tears should be more of what the rain does when it washes away our pain… not contain it or save it for a later time.  When we discover the truth about our pain we are released from it.  This birth in process gives us much to love inside as we create space for that love to grow.  Expansion is not seen in love in this way, not because we make it a choice but because we don’t make this choice available to us.


Throughout this month we will discover where pain originates from and what it wants us to birth from it.  This truth is one of the hardest to stay within because who would we be without pain?


Love deeply,

Lois and Clark


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2 thoughts on “Pain….

  1. Nice post my friend… I agree especially with the thoughts and the fact that they attract what we think… Catching up on some of what I have been missing… Peace and thanks for the smiles. 🙂

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