Twin Flames Divided! A lesson in forgiveness to heal!

arms around herWhen sorry isn’t enough in the divide of Twin Flames… What should be said….


I decided this was as good a way as any to try and communicate with you as sometimes it is what is said that we aren’t paying attention to is what the mind wants or needs us to try and translate.


The truth about forgiveness in what I said by saying I forgive you or myself comes from that place inside me that is seeking to understand and embrace the connection that has no voice between us. It stays silent while I stumble and fall!


It isn’t seeking what keeps us apart, it is seeking what will bring us closer together.  The denial in what was, is, is always going to be something that we have to endure but when it becomes all that we are about without either of us surrendering then it becomes something that isn’t greater than us, it becomes something we are not!


Without this, how else will we become what we know we are based on the connection that is between us no matter what.  Why continue to beat the crap out of each other when that is no where near what we both want for each other?


It is because we don’t share in a thought process based on the existence we didn’t have before, we were as we were finding each other.  I would rather call attention to the energy that forgiveness gives to mend this.


It is the energy that says I don’t want to redo the past, I don’t want to cause each other pain. I don’t wish to see what actions I do that does cause you pain, and make this about a way to say I am sorry about these things.


Inside me to this feeling I have by expressing this surrender, it is about no more resistance to seeing what you feel to keep causing us not to be together or to merge.  This has no ego it has only the surrendered truth of I don’t want us to be miserable with each other.


As I try to express this I also see that it is taking that away from what I am trying to express in the depth of love that created and split us both, It is here to which how deeply I am in love with you, and want us to be more than we can be, by trying to do so as minds interacting with minds, rather than love combining inside of love!


We are one not because of what we can say inside of what we know inside of ego, but because of what we are that does so without it.  The energy that pulls us together isn’t based with a foundation that requires the mind, it is here that I love you and here that in the depth of forgiveness I am you.


Love Deeply,



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