I’m only human.. born to make mistakes…

eckhart-tolle-universeSo I guess my question is about what is the best way to maintain the faith that such a re-union can and will happen? I understand that it is critical to maintain discipline over the mind (challenging) and stay surrendered in the heart, ever seeking to stay in contact to the best of ones abilities with Source, but any suggestions or tips on how you or Lois did it, would be great.

I am very appreciative of the opportunity to exchange information with a legitimate couple who have experience. Thank you so much once again,

Dear Zeyven,

The truth about what keeps a twin flame union from happening is the thoughts that go along with it. As it becomes a challenge to be with your twin the variables of what we have been taught about connection is disrupted in thought.  As Lois and I found that when we were together without thought it seemed to be the most magical experience that we ever experience.  It is there that I can point to as a place of no time and no mind.  When not together the self that was left started to fall back into old thinking patterns, blaming, attacking, manipulation and other ways that we experience things as a vibrational energy on top of the true vibrational energy we experienced without time and the mind.

What it is to look at each other face to face and see each others eyes and feel them speak to you is where this connection enters you. The mirror of what this does to you as a soul coming to the surface takes away all form and brings you directly into the formless.  When these things started happening to us from one break up to another, from one destructive cycle of doing something to another it became more self aware that it wasn’t what we saw into each other it was more about what the other could see into themselves.  For me I could see that I was living lies in everything I was doing. I was calculating everything from a typical male interactive content of the world. It was that I was looking for the ultimate connection.  I never realized that there was a such thing, maybe a soul mate but never anything beyond it because the content of what I knew didn’t have room for the belief of twin flames or what twin flames were.

During these painful moments experienced the suffering of what I truly felt became more of what I was screaming about on the inside.  The suffering was that I wasn’t going to have the connection that went beyond itself.  I was grieving for a past that I couldn’t change and a future that was always going to be more lies that it was the truth.  The connection was very direct it didn’t care what I was thinking or what I was suffering through it stayed consistent.  Yet why was it so painful to connect?  This is what became more and more present to me, as I started to share with my twin everything I am, the pain would be greater then lessen somehow, not because I was in fear of it or suffering because of it, but because somehow someway because of the connection we shared she wasn’t easily able to release from me in the connection from her mind.  Her mind was always telling her to be with me was a bad idea, it was always telling her I would hurt her, and the same as my own mind was that I wouldn’t be able to remove the lies completely.  As this became more of the cycle of things to come the more pain that we needed to experience to remove what was false in us in the first place.

We would fight in dreams and in waking moments. I once dreamed we fought in my slumber I woke up and had a black eye it was because she found out a lie, when I spoke to her that day I said thanks for the black eye and she said directly to me (We were not physically together), if you didn’t lie to me I would have never had to punch you in the eye.  Do you see this correctly?  The connection is in all forms it is embedded in the soul directly.  The soul which doesn’t have a thought process, doesn’t have a lie inside of it. It started to grow to the place where it always could do so inside of us to allow it a voice all to its own.  This connection of twins has a truth. This truth is how you are connected to yourself.  Those that can’t be together see the other as the direct issues or reason they are not together and this is the lie that keeps the other from you.  The following content of truth is not to be found anywhere.  Everyone makes this connection about the divine which is a partial truth but not the complete truth. What you don’t accept about your twin you don’t accept about yourself.  If your twin is a compulsive liar and you are not with them for this reason start to look inside yourself and admit your lies and accept them.  Then point them to your truth. If you don’t do this aren’t you ignoring the truth and creating a new lie to follow upon.

This connection is a mirror.. In the mirror if you look in it and the mirror is reflecting something odd such as you are looking into it and yet you are seeing your back and not your face or your front features then you are turning your back on yourself in which case this energy is what you send out.

With each truth we both started to share with each other over the 8 years trying to be together the truth was the most painful birthing of what we did that brought us together.  The pain experienced in both are hearts was always there and always gave the thought pattern of what it would be like to just keep running from ourselves which made it easier to walk away from each other.  Yet over the experience when the truth was out it was out.  The acceptance that happened with each other created a pull to each other of what this was.  It took the conditions and place truth inside of those conditions and gave us the unconditional truth that was embedded in the love.

When this becomes the path when the pain is embraced it can bring a truth of a greater love of what you are inside yourself.  When these things happened it released us somehow from the thought patterns the lies we had gave us.  The depth of what happens when you no longer have mind noise of the lies of what happens in the world outside you now opens the door to the truth of the universe inside you.

Everyday that we spent apart there was this blame that we could give to each other and ignore what we did to get that way.  The more honest we became during those times with each other as friends opened the door for the truth and opened the communication of what each others mind would say.

You have communication as a means to communicate but how easy can you share what you think with anyone to include your twin.  If you struggle saying what you feel to your parents for example realize that you have conversations with yourself to justify a mental position or a understanding of what the outside world is trying to tell you.  This is false. How could any conversation in this way ever be the truth?

This is a small glimpse that I can share with you for the day to day or moment to moment that you are enduring has a path all to its own.  This is just merely a way to allow you to see the mirror your twin gives you and you give to your twin.  There isn’t a thought that I need to hold back from my Lois for to do so is giving room to a lie that will find existence all to it’s own.


Could your twin endure every thought you would say?  Could your twin handle your truth?

Read those again!


Now realize you are having the conversations without them, and that you are stating what you think they might say, and this is why you aren’t with them not because the acceptance of these things but what these things say to you about yourself! How do you let go and jump without a parachute?  This is what the mind does in every minute it creates a parachute, when in truth you don’t need the parachute cause gravity is only physical, your true essence doesn’t know what gravity is. It is always flying and has no concept of time or the mind.

Love Deeply,


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