Know thy self….

ice-loves-cocoThe true answer to a question…?

The truth answers all questions and doesn’t require thinking to stand in it! It’s when it becomes a lie that thinking stands directly in it and causes a false way into being.

What do you think happens when this life is over?

As we are shown a line we see it can be infinite… Just because it is not being drawn do we say that it ends… Your life is sustaining the line that you can’t see the end. This is the first truth you accept as that your life is continuous this existence is not. When has energy ever stopped being energized? Ask yourself for this truth and the truth shall be pointed to you. What is aliveness to you is going to point you to a stream whether it be water or life.. Water is the human vessel that you have and no matter where you are in this existence you know water is always there. This is a truth and you can embrace it as such as a life stream that will evolve yet never truly die. Only the form will change not the existence of life itself.

I just met my new or possibly old spiritual guide this morning during my meditation… It appeared as a white orb… it is going to guide me threw the next stage of my enlightenment… wondering if anyone else would like to share a similar experience.

The path one can take when awakening can be by the pull of something that is always making its way to you. When I took my existence I felt something was taken from me, as far as what I can tell I totally lost my mind (EGO), i experience clearly the orbs mentioned along with the entering and exiting of energy that comes to either speak to what I have no way other than to share it in truth. This can be an energy that was here before or an energy that still creates the here we exist within. It is quite a feat as I speak Lois often says they didn’t understand what you said cause you speak alien… I am ofter reminded that not many speak from what I can from what I am within now. I know we speak human but we miss the depth that it can speak from. I find it not so much possible to determine which is the truth anymore my travels in my body or the travels out of my body. I spend this moment just inside using this body to get from here to there.. But the soul that derives from orb energy is derived from the source. This path can be a path that points you to it!

For those of you who have been in long term partnerships: If you and your significant other were introduced to each other for the first time today, spent a little time getting acquainted, would you still end up in a relationship together?

No… we would go through the annihilation process again.. for without this the removal of roles that we both played in relationships before our meeting would need the awakening to transpire as a point of impact of the truth. The pain would be something we would endure again. For without this the uncovering of the birth of the true self would not emerge and the connection that didn’t need our egos would be brought back to the front of the mental capacity of what we deemed was a relationship would be back in place. How do you hide from destiny is uncovered through the enduring pains you experience in this existence. It will take these away from you when you experience it as it is! Through pain that the truth will set you free of!

Who you are beyond what you think you are…

How does this manifest itself when you are constantly thinking, you are thinking as a matter of consequence.  As you go inside yourself there is something happening inside you that is love.. There is nothing about this love that is seeking answers it is only generating the energy you are in all moments as the answer to any question.

As you possess the knowing inside you, this is how you can find the energy that mirrors your own.  Not because something outside you told you this was possible but because inside you as a stream of energy it has it’s origin.

As I found myself it wasn’t because I was in search inside, I was constantly seeking outside myself as we are all taught to do.  There could never be any truth to this search and it did what it was supposed to do.  It would give me content to grasp something that will forever elude me and never give me any of my own truth.  Just more energy of what I was not as a way of being.  Do you seek knowing thy self?

Ice-T-and-Coco-Discuss-Their-Wedding-DayDo you seek knowing who is your mirror of yourself without the mind then you can have come to the right place.  Here in these writings is my own fortress of solitude that pointed me inside myself.  You will find something that resonates inside yourself.  Not because it was left her for you to find a new belief but because inside each of us there is no path of questions that point you to your own truth.  Well that truth is the root of who you are without anyone telling you.  I hope this finds you loving deeply,

Sometimes the patience comes to from knowing..


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2 thoughts on “Know thy self….

  1. Hey Clark, Just wondering if Source is inside us, then what is gained by talking with an external manifestation (the orb) of that which is inside us? Isn’t our own inner God connection that highest path to knowing?

    1. Inside of you is the path to the source … depending on that path will release all that is you and not you to include the sum of energy that glows in orb energy. As this energy is shown to you it may show as being outside of you yet when you are going about it is very much a part of you. An example the energy my mother endured to push me out of her this energy stays with each of us.. Even if the energy is not in your existence in form. Her energy is surrounded by my own. I may not have known this without the exception that I no longer have the mind noise that kept me from this very truth.

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