Don’t sweat the small stuff!





I had spent the previous holiday season physically away from my friends and family on a mission trip and as I lay in my bed I wished I was home and thought of all the things i would be doing if i was home, all the things i wanted to do, all the perfect little pictures of the perfect holiday and everything was,,, well,,, perfect. I was recently in conversation with a friend a single mother, and the business of being a mother, the business of school, getting here and there ect. She said to me its hard to do everything and try to be perfect, at that point i was flooded with thoughts and memories of stressful situations when I would try to make every event that happened in my life  perfect, every meal, every birthday, every holiday celebration, I needed perfection, i needed a spotless home, spotless kids and I was wore out! I was tired and stressed out and worried and peace was just not in me!


As The Thanksgiving holiday approached I went back and remembered what I had thought of while I was away, and the memories that flooded me were the messes, the spills, the imperfections! The small stuff i was sweating! At that point i made a decision to not sweat the small stuff, the allow life to just “happen”. Should my 5 year old spill a drink on the table, just laugh a little explain to him accidents happen and smile through it! Clean it up and move on. In the past while preparing our Thanksgiving holiday meal I would have an immaculate kitchen, cleaning things up as i went, stressed to the max that someone may pop in and find a mess in the kitchen, so I stressed at every little utensil every little detail! It was miserable and by the end of the day I had no patience for anything let alone a house full of people making messes!


This year I did not let my mind control me!  On wednesday I got in my kitchen and I made a damn mess, Our oldest children came over and they had a blast, they made silly videos, had a couple of drinks and just let themselves be silly, I stayed in peace and even joy as I made 7 pies, a cheesecake and a chocolate cake. I made the entire Thanksgiving day meal, minus the turkey and mashed potatoes, I made every casserole, I made the deviled eggs, I made the mac and cheese, my kitchen was a disaster and I was having a blast! there was absolutely NO stress. the older kids were here however the younger kids were gone and it was just a relaxing, comfortable fun big mess! I had help cleaning up and it was nice!


I woke up Thanksgiving day and put the turkey on, had plenty of help peeling potatoes and put them on, I was able to just chill out on the couch with Clark and watch the parade, It was quiet, peaceful and nice, I pulled everything out of the fridge and heated it all up a few at a time and by 1 pm family and friends started piling in, I just left it all out, didn’t wipe up messes, i was able to enjoy our Holiday, able to enjoy our visits with family and friends, I was able to enjoy myself and relax and not sweat the small stuff. It all works itself out anyway! the small stuff seems to always go away, I found if i didn’t emit stressful energy, no one could pick up that energy! I found If the energy I emitted was relaxed and stress free that was the in general energy in the house the entire day! The general energy you emit is really the energy that surrounds you and energy is contagious!  I noticed when my son did spill a drink and I got angry and stressed out, his energy became stressed out and he apologized over and over as no child wants to disappoint their parent, i dont want him to cry over spilled milk,I dont want him to even worry about spilled milk, I want him to grow up peaceful and happy and healthy and in his truth, I never want to see him “sweat the small stuff”! This Holiday season, let it start with you!


If your running late, so be late,If you burn the Dinner, order a pizza,If the dog tears up your new boots, wear your shoes,let your kids help wrap others gifts  they dont have to be perfect, they are going to tear them up anyway!  If your child spills the milk, let them know its ok, clean it up kiss them and move on, if your tire is flat call a cab, if you cant afford to buy gifts, make them, If you cant afford to make them, just spend time with the person you were going to give the gift to!  So much stress and worry comes along with the holiday season and most of it is sweating the small stuff! Life is messy, let it happen,Your going to remember the Holiday with the food fight long after, but the memories of the “perfect” holidays fade with time, let go of perfection and stop sweating the small stuff!!! Emit a relaxed and peaceful energy, dont find your self a part of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, find yourself a being of peace In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, dont worry about the tiniest details no one is going to notice anyway, let yourself have fun,Let yourself love and be loved, let yourself enjoy the season,Kiss often, dance often and Make Love often, that is the energy that is going to change the world and help turn this holiday season into one of peace and joy it starts with you!



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