Double Jeopardy! Twin Flames an understanding!


Alex Trebek: What is a relationship that requires no mind?

Lois: What is a Twin Flame relationship!

Alex: Correct!

Lois: Alex, I will take Connections for 500!

Alex: Oh daily double! Answering this gives you a 1000! What is known by when my heart flutters?

Lois: What is a connected soul in twin flames truth?

Alex: That is correct!

Trying to be in a human relationship with your twin flame?

This question is the answer.. You can’t elect to be with your twin flame and not see the truth about energy or the truth about being human. You have endured much of anything that everything has been told to you to be true about thinking, and about how your thinking translates into action in human form. This connection is found in the greater intelligence in you, it is the way you can’t control your heartbeat, or control the way your blood flows. It doesn’t see the connection in human form, it sees it beyond it.

When we die we see death and see it being from a place the mind says will be heaven or hell. Where in truth neither of these exist. If you are able to stand in nature you will find the peace of where I am speaking from that place. It requires no time and requires no thought. It requires presence but doesn’t need this to be able to exist.

As you are born as a human being you now will become a part of the energy that you are born within. If that energy is with a single parent realize you will learn ways of survival based on being with yourself, by yourself, the challenge to be with another for a long period of time is not in a place that you create conditions for. You will have conditions that require this environment to be alone and without. Lets’ say you are born into a place where both parents are together and yet you experience never being able to express yourself as does your father or your mother. This will also be a climate that will give you like energy. You will experience this energy and it becomes powerfully enriched in what you experience in this existence. You will meet someone fall in love and seek these conditions to be a part of the relationship for as long as you are here.

Now that we have a few scenarios stand in the truth about what you experienced when you came into this world, what you were placed in as conditions and what you were placed in where it pertains to love. The only constant love that you received was that of your heartbeat and the blood flow I spoke about in the beginning. This is where you are your twin are connected, it doesn’t see this as a way of not being energy in connection yet it is the foundation of energy that exist. It doesn’t matter if you are with your soulmate in a relationship, or single or without something that you can’t understand, yet you can feel it, and it’s strength in what you are going through.

So as this is what you experience especially if you know something more powerful exist in the connection with your twin flame you now expect these expectations of how you view the world to stop and become something greater. This is not easy and it is going to always point you to the greater intelligence in you. As you want to be with them you will identify with what you see as a human relationship where the relationship doesn’t see human only sees combined energy without human understanding or human nature. The nature of twins comes from embedded soul energy that shares all the truth about positive and negative energy. The mind wants to translate this and make this something that is running, chasing, ignoring, disruptive, painful, etc. There are so many ways to see this and make this something the mind needs to make it and none of these will give you the connection of your twin because it still requires some place to translate.

If your twin is not with you and you are not with your twin pay attention to the thinking you are doing and creating in thinking as a human. You have blame, you have hurt, you have misery, and you do have all other emotions which are a part of thinking and all of these are only keeping you from the connection which doesn’t require any of it. It requires you to go to the place of no mind and see yourself and even your thinking as a collective energy to see that it can’t be removed and it is placed in you to see yourself and how the ego, body, and being are directly connected to soul which is the direct spark of existence and the direct spark of connection.

When we speak of standing in your truth this is where this points. You are the roots of any tree when connected to your twin.. It has a path that can have dead branches yet it always has life in the tree.. The longevity of being with your twin is found in the center of being in this truth. This also gives you the truth about where you are without no mind and how that door whether in this existence or not is always inside you and planted as a place of being.

No matter how many times you search I can’t be with my twin flame, I want to get rid of my twin flame, I want to kiss my twin flame, I want to make love to my twin flame, what is it to be with my twin flame, I give up on my twin flame. All of these things are underneath the mind in a space that doesn’t require the mind! It only requires your truth about being something beyond your mind in the same place the greater intelligence in you is being! It is of soul and requires you to see yourself deeply beyond these places and being human. All choice to see inside of forgiveness of ones lies inside of yourself is this truth.

If you can control how your heart beats and when it will stop, you can control how deep your connection can be with your twin. Know this in knowing.. You can’t remove this connection you can go deeper into it by going deeper inside yourself. You can survive without being connected by make sure you tell the truth to those you decide to be with. If you don’t you will suffer and allow another to suffer with you. Is this what you expect or wish for? Stay in your truth in pain of what it gives you births something magical in you that you are here to do in purpose and this happens from being more than just what you think.. or what you think they will give you.

They can’t give you something, you can’t give yourself. You give yourself knowing that is what this is without thinking… Knowing is pointing to all your truths without being human, it points to how you are as energy inside yourself.

Thinking about all your traits of being human, how you think, how you interact, and see yourself more clearly what is the truth about what you can’t change and it would be how your heart interacts with it all in physical. This is where you are connected. This is the pull to the truth it happens in knowing, and even what you fight in thinking it will never beat your knowing!

Love deeply….

Thank you, Lois it is this connection we share in return of itself to myself that transcends itself not because of what we have tried to evolve in thinking, but because of this connection and it’s depth in truth creates being. I am so in soul with you.


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5 thoughts on “Double Jeopardy! Twin Flames an understanding!

  1. This was great about and pretty funny there in the beginning. Lol! Thank you for this piece about standing in our truth and how the connection of twins is of no mind. It makes sense. Love it as usual! Thank you!

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