Financial Energy ! Hows Yours?


If you don’t overcome the subconscious fears blocking your abundance, We could

give you a check for a million dollars – But you would probably lose it on the way to the damn bank! Ive heard this quote so many times!


When is the last time you had major financial setback?

Did you not get the promotion you were wanting so badly?

Did you lose your job or your spouse lose theirs?

Did you lose an investment you were counting on?

Recovering from that initial shock is rough!

Omg what are we going to do for income?

We have so many bills piling up!

The holidays are cancelled at our house this year kids!

Are you already saying this to yourself?

Is your financial situation, relationships,or your physical and mental health crumbling down right before your eyes? Does it seem like every decision you make only leads to more stress and problems?

Is your financial health effecting your relationship or even blocking your twin flame energy?

For many of us, our lives are filled with countless challenges,struggles, and painful experiences. Often times it may even feel as if you’re sitting in the backseat of a car, while your life is spinning out of control. However, what if I told you that the answer to all the pain,anxiety, and stress you’re experiencing could be solved by giving your body a simple tune-up?


Have you though about what REALLY brought on this setback?

We are not talking about the decisions or mistakes you made that may have caused that set back!

“Oh I should not have told my boss what i really feel”

“Oh wow I really should not have made that investment, now Im sunk”

“We should not have spent that money of the stuff we did, We didn’t know the next week we would be without income!”

let go of this mindset and lets focus on the energetic forces that led you to those decisions!


Deep within ourselves we are locked in a silent battle with subconscious fears that sabotage our financial stability!

For instance:

Are you fearful of standing out and speaking at work?

Do you worry about what others think? Are you stuck in procrastination and financial self sabotage?


If you want to break free from these subconscious fears, you first need to remove them from your energetic output!


Energy/Chakra Clearing especially in our Solar Plexus is Key to our financial success!


But while it may sound simple, the results are often deeply transformational.

Have you tapped into your deep subconscious fears? Have you really went in and found out what energy you are emitting financially? If your emitting broke energy, will it not produce Broke?

Should you emit Financially stable energy will it not attract financial stability?

Just because You Identify with money’s energy does not guarantee Your

finical success, You can identify with the energy but still have a broke state of mind!


But Lois and Clark I am able to identify with ABUNDANT ENERGY BUT reality is Im broke! That is MY state of mind!!


Ok lets backtrack So energy pretty much the same in every situation, its simply energy! Should you be single and your out to meet other singles and you feel bad about yourself and your feeling frumpy and unattractive and fearful and shy, you could be the most attractive person in the building but others will flock to the energy that emits self confidence, and sexiness! Its the very same with Financial energy!


Remember energy attracts that which resembles it!

Emitting,positive,good fortune,valuable,competent, full power, abundant,wealthy, flourishing energy will attract the same energies!

This combined with a wealthy state of mind could literally transform your state of consciousness!

While financial success is not “pertinent” to over all peace, love and existence, sometimes in this”human” world we find it difficult to sometimes stay focused on our spiritual transformation if the electric is turned off or eviction notices are on the door, or the bank account is overdrawn! Real life stuff should not get in the way of our spiritual lives, however it just sometimes does! o why not try to fix it, and why not try to fix it  so we can focus on our spiritual lives a bit more,,Clark and I have been broke, we have struggled financially, we have been at the place where we just sustain financially, we have  give up lucrative careers to Build Relationship Reinvented because that is our calling, it is what we are supposed to do, help others on their journey! In dream journeys we are sometimes led to go in one direction or another and in a recent dream journey we were shown we could be emitting the wrong type of energy to reach the financial place we see for ourselves.

Clark and I are leary of setting goals simply because that is looking into a future that simply isn’t here yet! we prefer to attempt to always stay in the now! however if we emit the right type of energy what we see for ourselves will come, should every one in this country emit the abundant energy, the national debt could be non existent, Should everyone in the world find this energy within themselves World poverty and starvation could possibly be eliminated! if your having financial issues, tap into a more positive energy, do some clearing, some deep meditation! Let it start with all of US!


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