This Break Up is really going to hurt!

Break Up


I spent last night with you, as a matter of fact I spend A lot of time with you!

as we were spending our “quality time” last evening and we kept going and going,,, I realized I was not happy with you. You keep me in a human place, You have NO spirituality what so ever, You have kept me from Meditation, You have changed my focus,You have pulled me away from my family.

When we were together last night, I thought of several things i could be doing, I could have been playing with my son, I could have been meditating or taking a walk, or I could have just been present instead of disconnected and lost in the world with you. Im not angry with You, Im disappointed in me. For the past year i have focused on change, I have vowed to not sweat the small stuff, to try to always stay in the moment, to be more “present” with my family , to love them unconditionally, and without judgement, to spend more time just doing things with them, and I feel as If I am falling back into “older behavior” with you!

You are amazing, fun, exciting, and you keep me lost of my surroundings when we are together, You call to me when we are not together, I feel your pull, I hear you yelling for me, I know you are always there waiting for me, I know you ALWAYS will be,I know without doubt you will never abandon me, I know I have no choice but to abandon you! Im sorry I really am sorry, I really am going to miss you, Oh I promise you, Im going to want to come back occasionally, Im going to want to spend some time with you, sometimes all night long, because I know you can go and go and go without stopping… But I will always fight the urge! I will be strong, I will stay true to my family!

I promise I wont contact you! However I know Ill get many many request from you! Don’t expect a response! I will admit I love you! I always will but I have to let you go!  Goodbye Candy Crush Saga !  I will miss you!

Love Lois

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9 thoughts on “This Break Up is really going to hurt!

  1. I have never downloaded the app because I fear addiction like so many I know…including my husband!

  2. Okay, I now know what CCS is. I didn’t know it was a game! And only one of the most addictive ones around! My friend couldn’t believe I didn’t know about it. I played it for the first time yesterday. It’s very attractive!

  3. Nope actually just the game itself ! I was playing an awful lot and realizing my 5 yr old son was sitting next to me wanting my attention, My Twin Flame across the room and I am focused on this game, i would rather be focused on them!

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