Twin Reflection….

mirror-effect-aIs it possible to meet your twin flame one night and never see them again?


If your flame did’t turn blue then expect more of the same.. Twins outline each other but more so inline to each other. The circumstances are not accidental.


When one shows up it is a choice to either burn brighter to make this something that will keep happening or just suffer and not see why it didn’t manifest. This is the mirror of yourself.. It has it’s ability to open your box that you have inside you that breaks all conditions.


If you didn’t feel the shift inside you to show you this, then it will happen again and again each experience will unlock or lock something inside you.


So No is the answer… for what you do in the mirror is effecting the response that you crossed paths anyway.


Cells that are destined to merge always do!



Thank you Clark! Your twin flame knowledge is outstanding! Lois is a very lucky lady indeed. I sort of understand the mirror thing, but not quite all the way. I am afraid to pop a zit for fear others can be watching. However, I have a minimal understanding of cell biology, and yes, the mitochondria are the powerhouse for the cells, so maybe I need to concentrate on them using their ATP properly. They apparently enjoy tobacco, but I have not figured out how to feed it directly to the mitochondria without damaging other cellular structures at this point in time. Thanks again!




Wait this is what was meant….

The vibrational experience of your twin resonates the way you view the world from the inside and from inside it has two views.. This is where yin and yang originate from in being.


The moment you sync with yourself is the moment you view the existence of what you are beyond thought. This gift happens as a direct link of twins. A majority have not gotten this far as a matter of mind vs no mind. Yet as simple as the atom that merges with it’s destined origin so do twins when it is embraced in this way.


Most are challenged of the belief or even understand it beyond a soul mate connection due to seeing someone as a means to an end.. The end of what ails them inside. They don’t see that no one can give them what they don’t give themselves. When you no longer seek this inside the mind then you see in energy rather than the dream state that most make this relationship.


The connection is birth of what we call relationship. It rings eternally and doesn’t seek moments of euphoria or what most call a dream relationship. This connection takes the keys to DNA and makes them make sense as it pertains to where you came from before and after you leave this realm of physical. It also simplifies your truth. If you are broken it now shows you how that broken was a designed cycle of what you entered into as an energy stream.


The connection of twins is nirvana without the human added lies that state what the truth of connection is. The honeymoon effect is now given to you inside yourself and are able to share this because the vibration of your twin has showed you your own depth. This gift goes beyond any current understanding because again the path of education and learning is something we seek outside ourselves and it’s out of balance.


The echo of love to it’s core is where this connection is pointing to.. there in that box in each of us comes this truth. It is available to you as a choice. I hope this explained what I meant by merging of the cells.. It is just a simple way of pointing to something that you will not need the mind to comprehend just the spark plug of the self which is directly centered as the engine of the soul!




Soul can live several lives at the same time.That is twinflame. I can’t get it why people run after these silly things like twinsoul,twinflame…what is wrong with everyday living and meeting people as they come?  Yes, IF that happens.But spending ones life just to meet twin whatever is a life wasted…I think.



Lois & Clark,

Your life is continuous, just this existence is temporary.. As you are connected to something beyond your thinking, there is someone who shares this same frequency with you, they don’t believe as you don’t. This has it’s purpose as much as it has a truth to that purpose. We each have an individual purpose in being here. It isn’t about the twin as much as it is about the soul that is sparking the animation we have as a human being. You have power that is greater in love than it is in anything that you can offer to anyone, when you give this to yourself you will call to someone who will enhance this to yourself. Do you say that is a waste?



Love deeply,

Lois and Clark

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