My dream last night was simple, I went on a journey inside of my hands, I was able to feel what my hands felt, it was a journey Ill not forget. I woke up and Clark got up and I called him back over just so I could  touch him, wrapped my arms around him and let my hands feel his skin. The texture of his skin is so soft and warm. I then had a few moments to myself and went off into a quick meditation when I came out I looked at my hands.

My hands held my parents hands as a child, they held my ears when i heard the arguing and the hitting, they covered my eyes, they wrote my name for the first time and they haven’t stopped lol.  My hands held my children , changed their diapers,soothed their fevered foreheads, my hands cook dinner for my family, set the table for family dinners, they have tucked many gifts from the tooth fairy under pillows, they have wrapped many presents, they have zipped backpacks, they have hit in protection. They have raised to cover for protection, They fold in prayer, they open in meditation,they have pet precious family pets, they have painted walls, cleaned carpets, washed dishes, they have planted flowers, they have planted vegetables and fruit, they have held the cold hands of loved ones who have passed, The have written letters form my heart onto paper.

My hands hold Clarks, they go through his hair, touch his skin. They are scarred, they are sometimes tired, however they still have so much to do, they have grandchildren to hold, they have flowers to hold, they have words to type, just as they have typed these, They have medicine to give, They are medicine, They are healers, They are lovers, They are friends….Take a look at your hands, appreciate them for what they have done for you, use them wisely in everything they WILL do for you.

What have you have already touched in your life? What will you touch now?


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3 thoughts on “Hands

  1. Hands they write..words that feel ..hands hold the pen..that heals the pain you feel..hands they are raised as cradle when you pray or clasp together when you say..you are sorry and ask forgiveness..hands they speak when you can not speak or hear..they talk to silence..eyes when closed or can not read..hands move over the braille and reveal the truth in nature.. in real hands they fight and punch to ground..hands they lift you off the ground..hands they earn as they toil away..hands they type all I had to say..hands I use everyday..Thank you God ! for giving me hands ..

  2. Hands can hit strike abuse and write woes that can kill. Hands can give you the finger and they can say goodbye. Goodbye this is the end not friend not anything . Let me tell you what you don’t have the courage to admit to. You don’t want anything. Not friendship not like not love nothing that is acceptable on this earth a parameters do you want. The universe is with you on that. So don’t keep writing incessantly trying to wrestle with your heart head mind and soul. You don’t need to fight so hard. Just let it go because noone really wAnts this. If we did it would have happened by hook or by crook. But it was not worth it. So don’t pretend and try to kid yourself. Because you’re sure as hell not kidding me.

    1. I get that pain can come from all things human, and even the words you state here are of that same very pain. My friend.. no one is kidding anyone here. The suffering you are enduring is coming from the place that you are still in pain. This thinking is the thinking that is breaking you, not because of what you read here.. but because inside you, you are still defending a mental position to be right about being wrong. This is very painful for anyone to endure.. and we don’t want that for you as we wouldn’t want that for anyone else. When we endure such pain, it is that we lose that we are alone and without.. You are never without my friend no more than you are alone.. no matter what you experience and how much pain you can give.. running from it will not end any suffering only speaking your truth and not be alone with your truth. We will stand with you and hold your hand.. some hands even without answers do have a message of saying you are not alone, you are not without! What is your truth? And why is it causing you pain? We are here my friend! Clark

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