Albert Einstein vs Twin Flames


Stick and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you,,, Who in the world came up with that? I’ve had stitches, Ive had surgery, Ive been Abused, the pain from that I dont remember nearly as much, those memories fade with time, however Words can stay with you for lifetimes,Through my Journey in this life I have gone through many changes, I have been emotionally dead and reborn, spiritually dead and reborn and I truly believe Physically dead and reborn. The thought brought me to when I was in a very bad place in my life, my past choices and behavior brought me to a changing point, it was a swim up river and survive or roll over and give up and stay miserable choice, The choice seems obvious does it not? Well at the time, hell I wasn’t so sure, Thats when I had a visit from my Twin Flame, The very one I had been through Hell and back with many times, the very one I manipulated, lied to and deceived, The very one who had lied to me and deceived me, at this point in our journey, he was standing in his truth!  I was not. In this most painful visit the words he spoke to me hurt me worse than if he would have just smacked me, the pain from the smacking would have subsided, however the words lived on, they stayed inside of me, is it not how that usually works?


His words were an actual quote from Albert Einstein himself, he said to me, do you know what the definition of insanity is? I said yes I believe I do, But he proceeded to tell me anyway. He said Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results! He then went on to tell me what we were trying to do was insane, we had been through so much, we had tried, and tried again, and then tried again, to make our relationship work, and yet there we were,what we both thought was an ending point. I took his words and for days cried and feeling he was right because who could argue Albert Einstein? I had quite a few dream Journeys in which I had visits from my father, who had passed years before,and he asked me a very profound question. He said Kid, what would happen if you took the words “same thing” out of that, what if you tried something different perhaps then you could expect different results! I woke up with a clear mind and I then made a decision to stand in my truth no matter what. I just remembered as my Twin Flame sat there across from me and said those words, I felt a vibrational pull like no other, I can remember even as the words flowed from his mouth that I would never be without him, I can remember feeling such a connection as he spoke words of an ending I was feeling a beginning.


The time rolled buy and I stood in my truth, my Twin had moved on with someone else I never as much as I tried could never not feel the pull toward him, I had moved on to a physical relationship with another, vowing to stay in my truth, I was able to let that person now i was connected to my Twin and always would be. A Vibrational pull so deep, so strong I felt him always, I felt him missing me, I felt him longing for me, I felt him denying himself, I felt him knowing he was no longer in his truth. I felt the pain i had inflicted upon him and the desire in him not to ever feel that pain again, all I could do is continue to stand in my truth, I knew the foundation of our Twin Flame Connection would take things from there, I am not sure what Albert Einstein knew about Twin Flames or about Vibrational energy, or a spiritual connection,but my Twin and I are one, our journey begins anew every morning when I wake up in his arms, Einstein was onto something with this definition. Our insanity was to ever try to be something we are not, was to ever try to not live to our full honest relationship, our insanity was trying to deny ourselves the connection, insanity was trying to pull against the vibrational frequency. Insanity was trying to live in this existence without standing in our truths together! If you find yourself inside the definition of insanity, Try something different, try standing in your truth, perhaps you will get the result your looking for, perhaps the result will exceed your expectation.


8 thoughts on “Albert Einstein vs Twin Flames

  1. Wow Lois what a beautiful story! It is amazing the connection you both share. Just a pure blessing. And this could only physically manifest as a result of you both standing in your truth. The truth of the light you are. Just beautiful. SO inspiring. I read this earlier today and had a moment later on where I was about to practice a habitual act of insanity, and I remembered what I had read and did something different. Love this quote and the anecdote you gave to show how it really does work. Many blessings and thank you! ❤

  2. How does one know if he/she is not just in a strong romance with a married person..and the married one needs to heal their marriage, and feed into their own love account which is dwindling, and their partner needs to put more deposits into spouse’s love account.?..this happens every day…then someone gets a kind word/ compliment at the water cooler, a little
    flirtation..and this new love account keeps building, and looks much better than previous one which needs to activate itself, again. Or a family could be torn apart…seems like females tend more to hang onto hopes with a married guy. And I am sure it hurts to let go. Strong romance does not always equal TF, some people may have misunderstanding of what it is. Please comment .

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