Meeting your other half….

when-worlds-collideDear Lois and Clark,

Please don’t go looking for your twin soul unless you are able to handle the flow of extremely intense emotions that come along with it. I barely read this Article (and was actually looking for ways to somehow cut the ties between my twin and I as I can not handle the emotions. My daughter has pointed out how distracted I’ve seemed (even though I thought I was acting like my “old” self. Well I’m no longer my “old” self and had no idea that this “new” self had taken over me until she pointed it out. I can’t concentrate, my mind is always racing and just as I feel I can focus, BANG, that feeling in my chest hits me and I KNOW he’s thinking about me. He’s younger than me and I barely know him! We are both so scared, and again I just KNOW he’s just as flustered by this as I am. So the truth is you just KNOW. There is no awakening or drawn ing you’re twin to you and I apologize for pissing in your parade here but I can’t stand this. I want to cry and I am dreading seeing him tomorrow (I am his customer and I NEED to go there and if I didn’t I wouldn’t. as I’m too overwhelmed to even look into his eyes again. If you like wasting time then keep searching. I didn’t ask for this. It’s awful. Just chill with your soul mates. You will KNOW and it’s as simple and complex as that. It’s too hard to explain but just notice the keyword here is KNOW. I am unbelievably elated he is in my life but knowing what to do is a whole other story. It’s the sharpest double edge sword imaginable and soul mates are actually nicer, at least for me right now but I still KNOW WE WILL be together, be it days months or years I just KNOW IT!

through my tears I’ve been able to read this fully and I too was on my path to accepting and loving myself for the first time ever and before I met him my curiosity about reincarnation was almost like a compulsion. I actually stopped working in one project just to write about past lives and then I meet him and happen to fall into this twin flame term accidentally, and now my research on twin flames is taking over my life.

Dear Friend,

As what happens when you first find out that you are connected to your twin you will experience the similar effects of what it is to find out you are to birth a child. The feeling is euphoric and filled with every emotion, there is much mystery in what is to come and how you will react within it. Know that this joyful experience is because of what you are embracing. It has all the emotions to include the minds eye or egoic nature of how you interact with news that is either beautiful or stressful. It starts to take you away from the present moment and the survival instincts of the mind or ego will start to take effect. Realize though the feelings are genuine.

The start to finish is the minds racing. Or should it be past or future this is where the connection is not and your sense of self is. This happens for the reasons that you have always been inside yourself. Being inside of yourself is how you stay disconnected yet now you are connected and it is showing you this. It allows the eyes of the other to become all the motion in energy you are and how that energy has been in interaction in the world of form. The amplified effect is the connection not your thoughts about it. The mirror is where this points, you will observe yourself doing the things you do and how you act in which you become altered because what you think now starts to be something you are not capable of hiding very well. It shows you your patterns and how you have been either living in pain or living in love. Both will become more obvious and both will become a great challenge. The mind will want survival and will battle the soul of energy that it is because of the patterns the mind has learned to keep you separate it feels overwhelming. It feels challenging. This challenge is retreat or surrender. To surrender means you will be destroyed as the mind would have you hear. This is so far from the truth that the lie is easier to absorb.

You have done something in response to this post.. You stated that there is no awakening, yet something in you now knows that there is something greater in complete connection rather than being disconnected from yourself and your twin. You even know inside of your knowing that yes you will be together and that yes you are within the pull of what the energy of magnets is able to do to show us this connection. Your mind is stating I am scared to see him, and then your mind is stating I am scared to not see him.. Yet when you do see him something in you seems to keep staring at him and see his energy as you can see anything else. You may even see his glow of energy we all have yet it is not obvious because mind noise keeps us from seeing energy at all.

Here is your steps my dear friend… misidentify with your thoughts in your mind, for this is what is telling you that to be with a soul mate is safer… Safer than what exactly? what is it that your twin will be able to open up about you that you feel should stay hidden that you can hide from a soul mate. Yes I said that correctly. The mirror makes you look into it in action of the energy of thought. How you think about this, how you feel about that all will come out of you and the hiding that was once easier and comfortable or should we use the word controlled will now be something that is not possible. How do you not become what you are to be without this experience in this existence? What you have been giving yourself in love will now become evident in this isn’t this what should be? What you give to yourself will be felt fully by another, what you lie to yourself about will be felt by another. What you create inside yourself will be felt by another.

This is the place that twins strike that causes the most unforeseen circumstances. This is when the survival of the mind interacting with the other causes the challenge to connect, to become a complete union. Don’t worry this is what all twins experience. There has not been many successful unions because of this very thing. We feel the pull and yet the mind has it’s purpose in keeping us from one another. It has been in survival mode for as long as it can remember. This purpose is to allow your energy to bypass and become connected to your twin, this is what it has been designed to do! Even the belief of twins is lost because of the mind and what we see as past or future; and being able to find someone who accepts our wholeness instead of making us whole never was the path we could see because we can’t see past our own mind dominance.

The most powerful pull you experience is when you are not in your mind, that is how you know it is your twin. No words interrupt that present moment in the connection. Everything blends like a beautiful flower…. You are that flower, not because your mind says so but your knowing that has awakened is showing you this.

How can you be anything but connected when you stay in that moment? No thoughts about it, this is where you must gravitate to, for it is the place that more things start to make sense; to include the overwhelming emotions of you are no longer alone, The connection and union are trying to show you this very thing.

Love Deeply,

Lois and Clark

12 thoughts on “Meeting your other half….

  1. I honestly can not thank you enough. We had a wonderful interaction today and my feelings have been confirmed. I’m not scared. I’m nervous, sure. But I’m not scared and I know I needed to release those emotions last night in order to be in the place I am today. I love him and I know now I just have to sit back and let the higher power guide me through this. Yeah, I’m pretty sure my reaction was valid but with your help, I had the courage a slightly touch him and I didn’t need words anymore. It just is and I feel lucky. I send my sincere and heartfelt thanks to both of you. I know I was drawn to you for to help me and I thank the higher power for that as well. I no longer need to research on the internet to and everything will be okay. Of course I will be reading your blog though

    • My friend… we are here.. we are listening.. What I found there was no true answer to twins only the answers you start to see when you can see that your view has now become 2 instead of one.. This is how you truly embrace the connection. Thank you for your response and thank you for allowing us to share this.

      Love Deeply,

  2. Everytime we don’t talk, my chest is hammering with pain and I become so hurt! I don’t know if I can move or or how to even handle the pain. I know it hurts her too because everytime we’re together I feel “the weight” but we don’t talk about it because we don’t know how and (my other reason) she has a girlfriend. I don’t know why I feel this way about her. I wish I could move on.

    • When you state you don’t know how is this? Is it because of the energy that is felt? Or is it that the translation of what you say that makes it seem like conflict rather than what the truth is in what you feel? Is there something between you both that draws like a magnet that consist of energy that either of you can understand. When you state move on what do you mean?

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