Dear Lois & Clark, my twin lies…..



The unshakable truth….







As a form of the egoic mode of unconsciousness, this comes into the world we seek something that we chase outside of ourselves, never seeing the cause and effect of what it does inside of us…  How I get treated, and how I will treat others becomes a significant way of existence.  We all run the cycle within and of this existence..  How we treat each other is seen in the eyes of children who will continue the cycle until an entire generation wakes up to what I am about to point to right here.



If it grows, does it have existence?  If it has a heartbeat, does it have existence?



Dear Lois and Clark,

Hi there!

I need help.

Do you believe that some twins are not meant to be together physically? I mean they both honor their connection, but they are not together as a couple?


My twin flame journey began when I was 16, in 2008. We communicated a lot this year. But we ended our communication and I am not sure if I want to ever speak to him again because he hurt me too deeply and as you write so much about “truth” in your blog, he just wasn’t honest with me. But I like the truth, I need the truth and for that very sacred union, it just hurt me deeply that he couldn’t tell the truth. Yes, I made mistakes too. But maybe not this kind. And probably hurt him too.

Maybe I am just too selfish..but normal people dont forgive a person when he(she) acts like him. But yes..we are not normal people..we are spirit, one heart, one soul.  But it doesn’t mean that I have to be always connected with him, even if he does something to me that makes me feel sick or even cause me some health problems. And again..maybe its not about him.. and of course its not about him..its about me.. and the whole ascension process.. but still…


Can I just live? Can I just be with someone who makes me happy? ( I know that a person´s happiness starts with themselves, but by saying “makes me happy” – I mean a person who I felt very comfortable and good to spend time with)


Why I must always miss him? Why I have to always forgive him everything what he has done to me?


Does this really mean that I have only ONE MAN in my whole life that I must be committed to no matter what? It really is a sacred marriage..


I know that most of the things what he did were because of the fear.. but..its not fair to my heart..its not fair..

Yes, this connection has taught me a lot.. and I am self-conscious.. But.. I just want to put this all behind me..and start a new life.

Some say that they had a chance to lessen this connection between the twins..


I do care for him and I want him to be happy..but..I am not sure if I am the right person to him..and its better if he stays away from me and I can honor this connection by lessening it..


In this everyday life.. I have responsibilities.. I need to take care of myself and family..I just cant be drifted away every time when I felt this strong energy .. I have watched a lot of gold ray twin flame videos.. I meditate, I do yoga..but everything brings me to him..ok, yes, I accept it.. he is my twin.. I accept the union.. I have accepted it.. but I need to be more concentrated about my everyday life. The thing is.. me and my twin, we cant be together.. and its probably the best..because the mission is like that. That we can grow only when we are separated…



Sorry about my confusing letter. Maybe many of the things I want to get an answer is already answered by me, but also I need your opinion about this.


Seems like everything is too messy.


Sorry about my bad english, english is not my first language.


Lots of light and love





My friend,


What you spoke of about twins not being together, this can be acceptable as we accept or should I say allow this to happen, as you clearly stated here the lies that keep the cycle of twins in disbelief and even twins clearly never seeing the truth.


I want this to be as powerful as I can, as possibly to point you to what this means to a union with your twin.  You can elect to not be with your twin, or even make this about being right about being wrong, the chaser, the runner, the liar, the cheat, the need to stay in your mental position about whatever it is that keeps you apart protecting others.

The last is the most responsible to the mind as it makes lying comfortable.  Yet is it ever really comfortable?

The mind dominance of what you can’t break free of, is what this means… This isn’t even about what a lie does to the truth.


If you see this in a energy based result all you will see is the development of the egg not the hacking of what it is to birth the egg.  Instead what happens is we seek to understand why we accept a lie when we see the truth as nothing more than painful. We can’t as twins force the twin to see what the lie does to us.. Instead the core of this twin reflection does what?  It plants the seed of something more to come to light. Remember the work done as a twin is for you to see what you are doing to yourself.  So unless or until the choice to embrace the energy does this, as a reason to allow unconditional love to flourish, we will make this about each other, finger pointing, blaming, stating the other or many are the reason for their pain, and the one holding the lie is the in the greatest pain of all.  The core reason the lie is staying in this truth is that somewhere in the lie, the mind said no one will stand and hold us inside of the truth.



This becomes more self evident when we say we are alone or were are not worthy of love.  We even punish ourselves, we don’t take care of our core and even allow this to go to how we treat our bodies and others within our existence.



When the truth is accepted about this, it is about your being and how it views the world as it interacts.  If it is painful it is best to run from it for it seems to be safer.  Something more in this statement means..  Beyond Love… Yes there is something beyond it when have lessened the capacity to see it because we seek this understanding in the mind made you. It is only a surface, this love, I am speaking of, but to it’s core, is all the truth one ever needs to awaken, all one needs to acceptance, all one needs to forgiveness.  This is not time based on what the laws of the mind made you wants this to be, it never was. It is the choice to see in the mirror.  This mirror is a truth all to itself.  What happened to me that allowed me to be here with you inside of a very beautiful union now is that truth.  Not about what I see in her that she can lie about to me.  But what I see inside myself that allowed those lies to be the reason I kept all lies alive.  I didn’t see the pain I was causing her I felt it.. which allowed me to experience my own pain I was already in.  Seeing this and then looking into her eyes I saw what my lies I told myself were doing to me.  I was always seeking material, seeking some way to find this place of beyond love not seeing the layers of lies that I must face to realize that what I wanted most had to be inside of the truth to be real.


As a twin looking in the mirror making what pain I experienced my own to stand within stating the truth is what hurt most.  When I fully told the truth my friend it was that I had to come to terms with what the truth was going to do to our connection.  I told myself it would destroy it.  Well in a sense it did just that.. But I was no longer going to be accepted for my lies my friend.  When I told my truth. I experienced the greatest pain.. I actually celebrate this experience now.


Why do I celebrate?  All the greatest moments of our lives happen in the present moment of truth.  I told her and lost her inside of my mind forever. My mind was the issue. It told me that if I told her the truth she would never speak to me and being with me ever again.  I felt this pain in my heart that I can’t even begin share with you but you know that pain that makes you grab your chest and feel as though your heart is being crushed.. well it was.. I cried and cried and realized that the lies were responsible for it all.. not me really just what I had to tell myself to cover up this pain I was embracing and no longer holding back it gave me this to go through true labor.. For the child who needed the lies to be was now going to truthfully be born unto the world.  The connection isn’t the lie we all seek to be with someone who gets us.  The connection is here to give you something you lost coming through the door of birth into the world as a individual, it gives you yourself without the endless chatter of lies and deceptions of what keeps us separated as beings in this existence.  Not being with your twin in this existence is an option because of this very thing, or should I say it is the illusion that gives you the ability to not know or be with your twin in this existence because you are connected by the truth in energy whether you know this or not.  Depends on what you experience.  This view of what is beyond love travels not between you and your thoughts about it or even what the other goes through.  It gives you the vision of what connection is without thought.  The mind interacting with other mind is where this connection becomes a lie.  You can not be with your twin because they hurt you or you hurt them.  This is the biggest lie of all.. The place that this is a lie is that you are not able to be with the truth.


I often point inside of those that are looking to why they can’t be with their twin, they either haven’t seen the acceptance of what the mind has told them as ego, or as survival, and not see past whatever the mind states as true or false.  Where the twin flame connection is energy.  How can you connect without complete dispossal of what mind interacting with minds creates?  Where does it matter to you the lies we tell ourselves and to others?  When you are born someone tells you to think…  this thinking is also how we seek answers to everything.  What if this was why we have always been apart in the first place.


If swans find each other and connect completely through energy and show you love does this not


It doesn’t cause we are taught to lie from the moment we seek to understand without ever getting an answer.  We try to move on or avoid the truth to keep whatever the truth maybe from us, not seeing that we hurt so badly that the suffering is justifiable to exist.


YES… I SAID THE SUFFERING BECOMES JUSTIFIABLE TO AVOID THE TRUTH IN THE MIND…  How else does a lie become comfortable without this fact?


If this is what the twin is doing, it isn’t because they can even see the lie, they have embedded inside of themselves to make all of this right in the very controlled world of thought inside of themselves know that this is an avoidance of pain it doesn’t even have anything to do with you as much as it does to their sense of self created by the mind (ego) as a survival or protection device.


Little lies even seem to be the reason to just be, because facing any truth is going to cause the most significant pain.. Not for any reason other than the truth is avoidable by a lie.  What can happen here is the slumber that continues to see any truth and making this impossible for the other twin to just simply state.  I love you, even when you lie to me, It hurts me, and I am not sure why the truth is painful but isn’t it time to let it go? I accept you beyond the lies and wish to stand with you in your truth!   I want you to know when you are ready to share this truth, I will not leave you and I am giving you permission to no longer carry this weight of the lie.  I will not let my love for you be disrupted from what you are doing to yourself and those you love.  I can accept your truth with you, so you can finally heal from it.  In any union of twins this creed is not just sacred it opens the doors to many gifts that are able to be birthed to include how much deeper you can connect and are connected.  If it hurts us both then it is something to birth through if it is something we have to continue to keep the lie to suffer through I will need to stay in silence, an remain in your presence in the background standing in your truth till you can come and accept us both.


Because any lie is that separation we do to ourselves and never lets us connect inside of ourselves to keep us from ever connecting to another.  This is the place that we find non acceptance and conditions whether we can face it or not.  What if you can go beyond it? What if you accepted yourself completely of this imperfection of itself and realized you can give this to another?


Do you see how twin flames in truth remove conditions to transcend beyond unconditional itself?


What isn’t easily swallowed here is that you need your mind to do anything when it comes to this connection.  Where the connection is inside of you to yourself.  How do you do this work?  How do you do this alone?  Your see that being alone is the lie itself!

So can you be with someone else instead of course you can, but I word you this..  Don’t create a lie with another because of this for it is the same thing you are duplicating in not stating the truth to another.  Love needs truth to flourish for this is what this is clearly going to give you if you stand in it!  Remember you left for lies don’t give yourself permission to start one in yourself to do to another.  Is that what permission you were looking for that is the rule of twins..  Go conscious and keep blossoming inside yourself, or go unconscious and give yourself the right to live in the lies.

See deeply to love deeply for this is the bread crumb to the truth of your core!


Lois and Clark


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