Find my truth?

seek-truthWhat will bring me peace?


You are never without peace.. going to the source of your own heartbeat will give you that. As for the mind noise realize it wasn’t created as a source that was to make you forget that you are not your thoughts you create! You are the beautiful energy behind it that gives it it’s existence. You are not your mind or the minds need for more of need or want. You are with this in all moments to include this very one. As deep as this is as a message to go within you realize the vastness of the ocean inside you just felt this wave come to state that very thing. Thinking happens to you.. You don’t happen to thinking!




Friend:  To be honest,Clark you lost me part of the way, but the idea that I do not create the thoughts, is frightening…it means I am not an individual, and I hate the idea that my life has been like a robotic drone set out to gather experience, only to dump it back into a greater consciousness. That to me is death.




My friend.. The truth is you are not designed to over think to be imprisoned inside of yourself. Thoughts are a mechanic based on content you have experienced within your existence. You see to ask you simply.. does what happened to you still become you in thoughts? Does your truth of individualization have something to gain if it no longer seeks to be something that you have to think into being. You are this without this part. Here is proof… Tell your mind to tell your heart to stop beating! I’ll wait…. well how successful were you at that attempt to be something other than what your mind told you. Now try this.. Your heart is it beating regardless of what you think?


This greater intelligence in you doesn’t need an identity your (mind made you) ego does.. and the ego is in charge of it all.. to include the suffering.. And if you try and dismantle this it will make you suffer….As we make this an individual result we miss the truth about connection.. Are you connected inside yourself to that greater intelligence in you that is doing all the intelligent work where you are not seeking the place that is doing this work for you.


It is beautiful and you are not missing it, you just need to listen to it and realize as your blood pumps through you, you exist. You exist as a far greater being without the mind to tell you that need an identity. Has the identity ever given you anything but more questions than answers? this is what I am pointing to. Your truth my friend.. Your place in being.. realizing that in this moment everything comes into true color for you.. and all this is alive around you without you ever seeking something the mind translated for you.. You breathe in unison with it.



What about the state of being lost?


I move to a different state all together… Being in a state where I am unwelcome and uncomfortable is well as it is….


Feeling lost is translated as a thought process that says what exactly? I don’t know who I am, I don’t know what I feel? I feel abandoned and now I am wanting to abandon myself? Am I lost or are my thoughts on what lost means the only description I can find that suits the feeling. When you see the world lost and identify with it. You are now the pain body that embraces it. This is not you but a need to make the defined word of lost be as it states. This energy does what to you in ways that words have value?


When you become lost, the word found is elusive because lost is in control. Control in this case is not an illusion but rather a state of being. What enabled this goes to the lie you had to tell yourself that placed you in a place of ignoring knowing.


Knowing is the souls place of where I am is where love is.. Love is the energy that embraces and can’t be lost only the thoughts about it can.


Do you feel you will be destroyed by staying lost? When you feel this word, does it have that kind of power? What do you do when you no longer see lost in your thoughts? How grounded are you in your truth?


The last question is how you become lost… You create a lie to escape the truth. You are never lost and you are never without, only your thoughts about it will be!



How do you deal with fear?


Dealing with fear enables it, facing fear overcomes it, knowing the truth about fear dissolves it. When you feel fear it is based on thoughts that state an outcome. How can this be truth instead of a lie? Fear is the taking away of being in the now.. It’s a thought that says something bad will happen.. in the future or it is I have been here before in the past. When you feel fear you don’t ask which is it.


You become paralyzed because you think instead of being present… You can’t do both as one will be the truth the other becomes a lie.. which do you think is which?



All things come to a truth the choice is to see it for the truth or see it as a lie.. You can’t do a partial in this case it will not give you the freedom for both.


Love deeply, 



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