Resonating the soul of twins…

seemeHi Lois and Clark,


I have been educating myself more about twin flames, and noticed that there is a presence on my left it feels like a hug.

In August I felt an immense feeling of love in my heart/ vortex type motion on my left. I went to sleep and there was an invisible person kissing me with enthusiasm and excitement and merging with my chakras.


A psychic I went to informed me I have a etheric baby and a cord tie. She can see it through my energy field.


The last 3 years, I went through ascension/clearing and forgiveness of everything. I became non attached and loving in the Now.


A couple of days prior I heard a telepathic voice saying ‘There is the exit door’. I have a brief feeling that the person is someone I met 5 years ago, I interpreted the feeling as a strong pull/ infatuation and I let go of it. (We were able to sense each other’s presence without using eyesight). He would always silently/quizzically observe me. Or look around as if he can sense someone too.


I’m not that spiritual but when I saw him it was like looking at myself. I fell in love with the formless version of him. Not the the form. That is why I was able to ‘sense’ him. I never believed that anything like this is possible.


I let him go and wished him blessings and success/thanked God and moved on thinking it was a strong crush. Nothing more. My intuition is pointing to him.

I will wait an see what more is in store for me. I’m XX.


I would love your view on this Lois and Clark 🙂


Much love,

Thank you



Lois & Clark: So how often do you not listen to your intuition?  and may we ask why?

Friend: Why I do not listen to my intuition?


It is the ego, when I saw him I thought he was too good to be true. Way too perfect in every way. Not realizing I was looking at my own essence too.

I did not see myself in this way at the time. The ego/mind would never believe the impossible even though the answer nags my mind all the time.

I had to accept myself first and understand that the love I feel for others, another person can feel it for me too.


My ego kept talking me out of it and normalizing it. It is only this year that I have stopped looking through the lens of the ego. And, lo and behold God is working to his schedule.

The ego lies. The heart tells the truth. That is the biggest lesson I have learnt this year. All life lessons are sent for a reason.


I have learnt not to believe the lie of the ego and not to fear any of my demons no longer. I am a deserving person. And I feel I deserve someone who is like me. Someone who can perceive the beauty in everything. Even the ugly. I see my ego now as a protection mechanism who prefers the comfort and familiar patterns. I have moved my awareness away from it. I can even see when my friends and family are operating from the ego. Fear, sadness, despair and uncertainty.

The true self is patient, loving, forgiving and feels no fear as such but simply observes, forgives and sees.



When I first saw him I was 19 at the time. I did not know about twin flames at all in the slightest way. I thought it was a huge crush.

People can see white orbs around me all the time and a Higher Self figure on my right, I never tied things together.

In the last 3 months I began googling about Twin flames. That is when I started to gain more knowledge about these paranormal things.

I am a Science major. This has challenged all previous perceptions I had about the law of the Universe and physics. Everything.


I do not have paranormal 3rd eye chakra sight. My younger sister does. And I went to a psychic after this strange invisible lover etc. My  sister says there is a baby and the psychic says the same.


This strange tunnel on my left sometimes opens from my heart chakra. And I realized it opens up when you feel mercy or compassion towards someone.

The first time I saw him I have a feeling the tunnel opened from his side first (the infinity symbol appears and a huge circle). I was dragged into it.

This is all before he even saw me! This is the dragging motion I felt.


This vortex tunnel also opens when I talk about forgiveness and God’s love, It is a wormhole shape and rises out of the Sacral Chakra and comes out of the Thymus Chakra. (This is all from my younger sister who has clairvoyant abilities too).

Thank you.


I had a feeling something fishy was going on from May 2013 onwards, I am starting to link it all now.



Lois & Clark:


What you experienced is the awakening of something within.  This is the reason we asked about intuition, for it is the place inside that stirs when something vibrational has affected in embracing us.  This energy is the energy in direction of what goes past the surface of the ocean into it’s depth’s.  You can feel this when you first felt something in you and then translated it into thought to the mind made you (ego) was evidence of something new yet, it was familiar.  This was when the choice to be of mind or of nature became aware of itself inside you.


When we state aware of itself, we mean that something in you as energy connected where as the mind itself became the gate keeper to what it all means.  It even started to give the ideals that were created as a connection.


Here is an example; what resonated in you is what resonates in this way.  Your first experience of a relationship with a man came from what you experienced with your father.  If he was in your existence.  His interactions with you gave you the interpretations of what you will seek in a relationship.  If he was attentive to your feelings as a infant or child, you will seek someone as a pattern in energy to experience the same.  Yet if he didn’t and you created inside you a false sense of why this didn’t happen, such as the attention you wished you wanted to get, that from the mind would look for an ulterior motive when it resonates or is not present.  This motive that the mind creates to keep you from being accepted is a great survival tool.  For you, in all actuality are waiting for the abandonment or the energy to be taken away from you.  This part of you is not that part of them, in fact it is the reason that judgement occurs and the mind seeks this in any and all feelings.


These thoughts and these ways of understanding the expression become truth yet it is the underlying lie of what you needed to tell yourself to move past the place that was left unanswered inside you.  This answer was neither a place we all see and or accept.  We accept it to move past it, where in truth we never move past it as a matter of consequence.  The view has now been created and we now have to reconcile this with something in our being that we accept as our experience in this existence.


The euphoric experience in existence is found when you are now with no concept of time at all.. This door in you, is open as you are seeing and experiencing the truth of what connection is, when it happens inside you this is where the source of all things is very present in your experience.  The intuition or vibrational energy you experience that points back to him is the cores truth. The translation is stating a minds response where the mind is viewed through the eyes of what you have summed up in content in the mind from that very view of a relationship of male or female.  What is meant by this, is that a connection of like beings experience this each with individual minds that don’t speak the same language, yet you are seeing this as they have experienced communication the same. Energy in connection has a language.



Yet, we don’t speak this language as we aren’t taught this so what we do instead is fall back to what is normal, normal is the cycled behavior of thoughts that are keeping us from being able to communicate in that vibration to go inside that direction is to where this points.  He is from jupiter and you are from mars… or vice verse.  He was not given your communication or level of how to connect anymore than you are.


We are born into this world and we have this communication of vibration in energy. We then will grow and become more adapted to what should be a thought pattern more than one of true communication of connectedness in energy and what it means.


As you attune to this energy you will experience the energy your sister has and then no longer see a thought process but the energy itself.


Intuition to us is the souls language, have you ever felt something was off and your mind convinced you it was ok?  The mind says we need tangible truth.. In other words we need to see the good in this and allow it to show itself.  More than not your intuition will be right.  We suffer in thoughts because we didn’t pay attention to our truth that energy of the soul was pointing to because of the souls quiet moment and the minds incessant ranting will consume.  This is the energy in connectedness that twins emit to each other strongly a new language is born.. It is not just about the communication in mind words created, it is something else.  This something else is how deep you embrace your intuition or soul as it were.


You are never without your soul.. It is what is always guiding you and giving you background of truth. It is a Geiger counter if you will.


As you realize you made these choices something in you is pointing you back to when something felt pure and you translated this and made this a starting point.  As for your energy with this connection how will you see the difference will be found in your thinking vs. your being!


I hope this resonates with you and don’t stop questioning the phases of the ego it is there for you to realize this is not you anymore than it is you.  It is only communicating what you ignore about your intuition or soul so to speak.


Love deeply,

Lois & Clark


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