Breaking Bad the cycle within you… The truth that sets you free!



What is the greatest thing about a spiritual union between lovers?


The truth sets you free….


A spiritual union has a very profound place to point inside you that not only regulates what you experience but it speaks the places within you that are not you all together.  What does that mean exactly?


Well as each of us is born into a energy that is spiritual energy.  We merge into the unconsciousness that we are injected into as growing to know human existence we are within.  What your father is to you, what your mother is to you and what their energy combined gave you in the egoic construct of thinking.


This interactive, yet directive energy is the illusion of what energy is especially when it becomes mastered within thought.  In the search for ultimate consciousness some are either unconsciously seeking a truth that is more illusive, because of these taught traits that are given to us by history, by mankinds thoughts of what to think as an equation of what connection means.


The two energies combined that brought you into this existence are the means to an cycle or an extension as it were.  We don’t gravitate to the understanding that we carry the traits of what our parental beings gave to us, that they lacked in understanding and stand in the energy to see how this energy can be combined with others.


Some will connect almost in a violent exchange of energy that one may be nurturing with energy and the other a vacuum of energy.  The cycled chain of repetitive behavior resumes.  We become flawed in the energy of thought, not the energy of connection that we are always connected to.  We make the choice to see value of what this connection is as a means of material, or means of emotional satisfaction (ego vs. ego, mind vs. mind).


The learned behavior in energy becomes controlling as a mental statement that we are in any moment.  Before we can stay continually connected to another we must embrace what needs to be known about ourselves in the energy that directly connects us to procreate inside of the truth that we are inside of ourselves.  We use a personal or particular way to do this with others.  This method has kept us eluding the connection, in most cases it is why we make the choice to not connect at all.  Instead create the lie we do in connection of not being accepted beyond the underlying lie of what we refuse to understand in ourselves.


For 34 years I thought my way into relationships… At first, without thought, I felt the euphoric energy that happens when you first meet someone and feel the energy that exist in those places outside the mind where it feels true, warm, and connected.  Then thoughts settled in.. are they going to leave me?  Is someone else going to come into the picture? I would create an exit strategy by thought never knowing I was doing this on purpose or result.   Why should I trust this as a mode of thinking where did that stem from.  My mother was a single mother who raised us 3 kids..  She was very spiritual, a hard worker, and was loving in every sense.  Made every sacrifice to do for her children.  The painful part I carried in this was that she was looking for a love that was beyond what love was here in this existence,(this was embedded in me at birth, it was her core feeling in belief.)  Men and alcohol were a part of her coping with what she could never find.  My father who was absent and hardly there, for when he was, his materialistic ways and always being right about whatever his mind was able to find a formula for everything to include survival in social status. It was there embedded deeply in him, he was the authority of thinking, he wasn’t in my existence much but when I finally went to live with him, he was with another family raising them!  He had the nice car, the beautiful woman who was very wrapped up in herself and had to be his priority above his children.  No matter I was his first born, he helped in my creation and abandoned me and I was embedded in being in this cycle.. Doomed I was to repeat it.  This connection was not me, nor was any of the actions of what my parents were to me what I wanted to be in truth, so I created a lie to be exactly what they were.  I never saw the truth in what I was in energy.  The connection in union of spirituality brought all of these to a head.. It wasn’t that I could see that I was living entirely in my head, it showed me in the stream of energy I was in, and didn’t see how others had lived how could I my reality was my thoughts.


Not until I was able to see myself in my connection to Lois would this be my wake up.  I tried to keep her with my mind, I lost her more times than I can count, to include the thought process that wanted to try everything to keep her.  All LIES!!!!!! The truth was not just glimpses of all the things I saw in myself but every lie attached to me that I wasn’t.  This came after great pain.. which needed great healing for a great birth.


I know I am speaking way to long here.. But without this I could not point to the energy in connection that is missed.  The truth in what you are in all moments.  Whether it be fear that is created to not be with someone for fear you will be made a spectacle of, or doubtful because doubt was what gives you protection from what truth you wish to run from. All of this has a root, in what you think and thinking in connection is why connections fail… miserably and mental stances are the reason we are broken and can’t see the truth.


You are energy… You are energy of creation in existence, mind or ego keeps you in one of two places.  Staying safe in your own energy or collecting someone else’s.  You can experience this next time you are next to someone who is seemingly draining you of your energy.  Know that by them doing this that energy they came from did the same to them.  Even in birth.  This is the misuse of connection in energy.. Energy in union within spirituality can give you the truth of your energy to never have this happen to you again.  You can share your energy in union and even with physical separation you are still very much connected making a deeper connection in energy that will give you the truth to be within without any resistance.  This is the steps to spiritual union that within physical, emotional, thoughts or any other kind of energy you can point to that this points in connection. It is why the divide happens.. We have missed it as a matter of being human being taught to be within thought, where thought is the lie in why all connections fail based on core knowing principles that living your life in meditation will show you in how deep you can love you just have to stay deeply rooted in the energy that is you and take the extension of what you were born within and change it by breaking the cycles that give you only an illusionary view of truth!


love deeply,

Clark with input from Lois…  hehehehe

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