Twin Flames block enabled..

ronburgundyglasscaseofemotionIt’s not that they block you, you seek yourself in them when this is not what a twin flame union is at all… Welcome to the glass box…


Clark, thank you for the wonderful posts on this topic . I have a question for you about my situation that I would like to ask. How do you best handle it when your Twin Flame even goes so far to block you out of their mind to the point where they would deny you exist, and somehow block even connection to the love spiritually? Mine is married, with children, and had found himself unable to leave his family because of fear, guilt, and love for his children. This left us unable to be together, and while we worked together for a couple of years pretending nothing had happened and a connection didn’t exist, I found the constant lie to be too exhausting and I left that job a year ago. I haven’t seen or heard from him since. I get an immense amount of sadness and feelings of suffocation coming to me through our connection, but if I try for anything else all I see is him as a statue, with his back constantly facing me no matter how I try to see his face. When I last spoke to him it was clear to me that he had completely broken. He was in actual shock that I had quit the job, he was robotic, and nothing I could say or do could reach him. I told him I still cared, I told him I still felt the connection.. he sat in silence and stared at me. When he did speak, it was to say bizarre things about his “intensive therapy” that he was in.

So for me it is quite painful. I already had issues with abandonment, and have had to try and work my way through this, without being able to get anything through the connection except further pain. I’m single, and strongly suspect that if he is to ever enter my life again (uncertain but unlikely) it will be long after his children are grown. So in the interim, I am trying to find my way through this energetic mess of pain while not successfully attracting anyone else into my life since I’m still attached to him, and having a hard time finding that place of love. Do you know how to handle the situation when the connection is this toxic?

Thank you!


And thank you for your question and your truth!

First I am going to tell you that I am sorry for that pain you are suffering within..  I am going to be as direct with you as possible.. because you are in deep despair..  I am going to speak to the knowing in you for the twins have something significant in this understanding or lack of understanding thereof, this difficult truth about the pain is the truth of why twins are not together and are in a constant state of stand still.  This truth is not a secret for it is only a truth about a mirror. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror you have two choices do something about it, or don’t do anything at all. Do you see the total picture here?


Twins continue to make the understanding of connection about the other not about themselves.  This is a selfish, selfless love that has a deeper understanding of the core of love itself. If your not seeing the love you are and the love you are not in the mirror of your twin what are you going to do about the parts you are not ok with? Are they responsible for this or are you?

As a twin you are neither the runner or the chaser in this case.. the truth is you are chasing him and his determination of not wanting to be this or that within your life is cold and how did you state it… a statue..  This doesn’t make him the runner it makes you the runner not because you are running from him but here you clearly stated you are running from yourself.  This is found in a truth you will not face and even seeing it here may be hard for you, but as a twin you effect any change in one way as it pertains to your connection.  You face your fears and your pain! The more the pain the more you are avoiding a truth within you.


You stated I had issues with abandonment. Where in truth you are abandoning yourself even now and making him responsible for it. Is it your belief that he will come into your life and help you work your way through this?   What have you stated here is your work not his!  Share this with yourself, as he is your mirror, you have much to give to yourself in the form of love, in the effort of acceptance seeing through the pain.  Pain always births love except in the regard of what the mind has been subjected to do in the dealing of that pain.  Keep some now save some for later.. Do you like left overs?  Then why do you feed yourself the same thing over and over?


Ask yourself what work have you completed that birthed through the pain to heal this abandonment you are faced with?  If you are looking in the mirror of the twin to heal this, they are showing you the beautiful damage was done and you are the love they want regardless but do you see this? If not it is because you don’t see the total picture in the mirror!  Do you see how you are in pain and haven’t seen the reward of going through the pain to heal yourself?  You have even given it a time line.  When his children are grown.. What does that mean? You have more time or you are giving it more time to be?  Rejection of this nature is common and still a unconscious state of being. What not make a different choice and choose what you see in the mirror isn’t that what you have overlooked?

What has this got to do with the connection inside yourself and his connection inside of himself?  EVERYTHING!

You are even leaving the door open to allow another to come into your life to come in and cover up your pain. Who is that shielding in the long run you or him?


Choosing another is making a solid decision to keep the abandonment alive but for who? For that matter you will not have to deal with the loneliness!  These are all symptoms of a lack of forgiveness of the abandonment that you will not face.  Isn’t this the place you need to accept the truth?


The truth is the suffering (mind made you that needs survival and reassurance to be right about why you are suffering) needs to be in active mode to keep the connection from cementing inside yourself and keep the identity of the poor me in effect, unless or until you decide you are all that you need. Isn’t that what you should see when you look in the mirror?  Making the choice to no longer seek love in this way, for it will always bring you to the same choices and the same ways of inevitably bringing you the abandonment you call to in not healing it, by doing the work.


The work here is the choice to heal.  You have to accept the despair of the pain and accept the choice that was made. These are the roots of the relationship in love that you are in depth.  This twin is you.. as you are him.. In the acceptance of this know that his healing is completely activated in your healing that you give to yourself.  As you heal you drive the polarity to connect in overdrive!  Without this you are only causing the delays or time to be a consequence of not making this choice.  The waiting game is this..  You either accept the choices of others and only see yourself as the choice or you keep running from yourself.  More times then not when you choose to love yourself and the conditions placed on yourself the polarity has a very powerful effect.


The runner chaser written understanding is confusing in the worlds knowing of Twin Flames… Yet the truth can only come from a true solid twin flame connection.  This is here not to make you see what you aren’t doing to get him back.. This is here to state how you get him back.  You get him by getting yourself.  This choice is what twins run from and are blind to, blame, or attack, and state their twin is the problem… Yet, they need to see this truth clearly with no way to hide from it.  This is that truth!

I read this and realized just as the why I can’t be with my twin is so common is that you seek them as a whole and you are a half.  This connection is not to halves that make a whole that is a soul mate connection.  The connection of twins is two wholes that make a whole!

Regardless though, I want this truth to be known. You are whole they are whole..YOU are never half of anything!  Only when you are no longer in denial of being broken and have made a truth of this very thing.  You are whole!  You are a big mess, a beautiful big mess and who isn’t?

It is only a mess your twin gives you energy to heal from in mirror form to be the excellence in energy you possess and are no matter the circumstances which are not you to begin with.  Not with their help but with your own.. expect dreams, expect moments of pain, expect release in tears.. Mostly expect a deeper place of love to be birthed within you.  This is the energy that makes this connection open to show you the source or god, or what it is that you feel in spiritual energy to guide and direct the energy through the love you are.  Your connection is your spiritual practice and your love is the truth in divine form because you have done the work to be pure in your truth to know love to interact within it and make no one responsible for it to share completely with another. Breaking down any walls within you!


On another note…

He was honest and stated he is taking therapy.. Throughout his therapy no matter the relief he gets there is some healing in him that he is trying to obtain.  He won’t have any significant breakthrough as you are still running.. You are running from yourself. Which is clearly the thing you are doing!


I did this to, we all do this, this is clear that the state in which I had issues was with abandonment which is still denial of the abandonment you are doing to yourself.  This choice is due to lack of facing the deep painful issues within you that are seen in the mirror effect of him. (REMEMBER IT IS A MIRROR!)


Whether it is abandonment, rejection or even a dull sense of failure that you seem to be always running from.  This is the time you need the twin to give you a true twin experience.  This experience is the mirror effect of your being.. The way you are viewed from yourself and the love you are feeling at a deeper place inside you that states something powerful is pulling you.  If you make him responsible for your happiness, your loneliness, your pain, this is what will make it seem like he is the runner. Where in fact you are!


You don’t make choices with yourself only to be for yourself.  This is what is being shown in your need to pin point he won’t leave his children, or his wife for that matter.  His morals of what he feels are something he can only work out within himself.  From those that have come to us we have seen one common proven pointed truth that always seems to change everything it is the love and trust you place inside yourself as a choice to make yourself the only priority as you do for yourself.


You will not run from yourself as you start to be yourself.. It isn’t the quest or long road to say I don’t like parts of myself, I need another to make me whole when you already are whole. You are whole within the pains you still need to birth through.  Did you realize that what you change in the mirror changes with you? If you make this about yourself and your love and your choice to heal the mirror will do the same? how can it not? The more you face the mirror and make those changes the more the mirror becomes attracted to you?  I have a friend name Chaos she did the same thing, until it became the broken point of I don’t like what I see in the mirror and am changing it.  The mirror became more attractive to her. Yet she is not all the way there. She did get the effect. Yet what if she was more vibrant in that energy to do for herself what would the impact be?


Acceptance of this is very emotional and it will cause stirring that needs to be embraced to understand the vibrational energy you are and how it has impacted your foundation in being.  Your soul is beautiful no matter how messy.  It meshes with another who is the whole part of the messy that is you.


This is the straight answer to why.. It is only as valuable to you as you want it to be.  We walk others through this and watch them blossom.  Yet it has to be your own suffering that needs to be called to.  There are not many who will seek this or embrace it.  Even reading this giving it a thought is causing grief of despair yet what if you birthed through it? How beautiful could it be?


If you need guidance or the love of energy of twins to get you through we do offer assistance in bringing you through this.  Just email us which is found on our gravatar.


With love this message is placed here for you!


Hope it gave you the light…



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16 thoughts on “Twin Flames block enabled..

    1. My friend I have looked everywhere books, maps, those who speak of the connection but don’t truly say how to connect.. The path is inside you! it is inside but where? Hopefully this points to where! To have this connection, why is the path not given? I was sent here to show in a vibration worded way that I speak and write the way…
      The rest is up to those who can hear and feel this calling to them and are stuck with where to go.. It’s here in so many ways I can say it.. It is inside you not them.. See it for the truth will set you free! Thank you for your words… Clark

  1. I am someone who has pulled off what Clark talks about above. My twin ran soon after I tried (after 3 decades of estrangement) to reconnect with her 6 months ago (tomorrow in point of fact!), after I noticed that she had written a song about me. I got only 1 lone (and rather guarded) email and then zilch since.

    After some of the usual ups and downs, I finally realized that I had a choice; I could focus on her nonsense, neuroses, and negations of what we had, have, and could have, and lose my mind, or I could focus on the connection itself, and try to reap what I could from it from a “higher” angle, or plane, or perspective.

    And that is exactly what I did; discarded all of the ego/duality nonsense, and went strictly with what was timeless, and eternal. And the results have been nothing short of miraculous, informing the entirety of my life and raising me to new heights and also bestowing endless gifts on the other people in my life that I care about.

    The actual story is quite a bit more complicated than that (okay, a LOT), but the point is that the connection isn’t about ego-put it into that box and you will indeed suffer mightily simply because the ego can’t contain it, can’t understand it, can’t deal with it-at all. Only a higher perspective will suffice, and said perspective may very well NOT include a physical/ego reconcilement with your twin in this lifetime.

    Hope this helps.

  2. I am a Twin that is enduring seperation. No Fun! But what I am learning is priceless! I had a teacher of mine once tell me that when I think it’s my Twin that isn’t in balance yet or hasn’t Awakended yet, then I must look inside of myself, because it’s me that isn’t ready yet. After all looking at your Twin is like looking at yourself in the mirror. If you have met your Twin, then I must tell you that nothing in your life will ever be the same. It’s all good though.

    Well put Clark!

    1. Thank you my friend… It is a never ending awakening.. just when you see it in one view another awakens the true view. Most twins who keep seeing it one way never see that the connection is not cemented cause you don’t see things inside yourself.. nor will you swallow the egoic nature that keeps you from seeing inside.. to many protective layers not enough courage to see your truth.. 🙂 thank you for your words my dear friend!

  3. hi i just need an advice from u if u don’t mind . i did a past life reading due to problems in my relationship and the psychic told me that in my past life my present lover was my husband to be and we had a child and he suffered some brain damage due to a fight in which he was saving our son’s life.She said that after that event our relationship changed and he would see things that i was doing as wrong and he would criticism me…she said that due to that past life he thinks today in this present life that i m too different then he is because we were very different in that past life due to his brain damage, and that if i was to get together with him in this life it would be only pain for me and that i wouldn’t be happy because he would try to change me and i would do the same thing to him. I don’t find it fair from the universe that it made it this way today…wasn’t i supposed to have him in my life today with no problem as a reward of the past life’s pain? why did i meet him if that would bring only pain to me? if we still have issues together dont u think life wanted us to meet to solve it? nd do u think is going to be like this forever in every life?Also when i asked the psychic if does she sees me meeting him at least once (i met him though internet) she said that she doesn’t see it happening, she said she thinks that his soul doesn’t remember who i really am to him…why? . How can i change this ? i don’t care if i will sufer later i just wan t meet him once at least once in this life …i feel universe God was very unfair .I know he is my Twin Flame , we can’t be together we can’t meet but we can nor let go of each other completely. I am just hurt by this idea that we can’t be together …What do you think i should do ? I tried to let go of him but is just too painful , it feels as if i am dieing slowly every time i tried to let go of him .I just wish he could remember me .i know he loves me he showed it and i feel it but i feel as if something is blocking us from being together.I just don’t see it why and how could i solve this? Please help me if u have any suggestion or advice ! Sorry for my bad english , is not my first language : )
    thankyou !

    1. The challenges of what comes to the mind when someone says something regarding past life… It is not that it is your life it is the life of the consciousness that you were before you came here. The lessons are different and they aren’t the same. You are connected with your twin from a place that is within your DNA of before here and after here. The choices you are faced with to connect are what you are connected to inside yourself. This isn’t that your psychic is incorrect it is that they very well could be, however the choices you have now are not dependent upon something that is spaced inside of time. You are not spaced in time for your essence is always timeless.

      Pain is a birth waiting to happen to bring bliss, no amount of pain will be upon you that you can’t endure. The mind is giving the ego it’s found to become active in what could be pain, but pain has a center and at the center is the ability to love unconditionally the conditions placed in this leave much to think about and generate the cycle of fear that you will be destroyed upon making the choice. You always have a greater choice in the love you can give to yourself that will help you through any pain. We don’t see this because we live entirely outside of ourselves. Why does this happen my friend? It happens because we don’t see the God inside of us that is always vibrating the animation we are to love at a deeper level! Those that seek the true twin flame connection have a place that we can point to when it comes to can you be with your twin flame. You are already connected to your twin flame. Being in that connection how would you be to yourself? How would you love yourself? How would you remove the suffering of yourself and how you enable this for your twin is deeply rooted in your own root. The focus of energy to give this love to yourself is what will bring your twin to you, any thinking that this is about your twin will be the lie and not the truth. For your twin is a mirror of you.. what you do to yourself you give this to your twin.

      So don’t be set in a mind set that what she said is real.. how deep the love is inside you has a gift to be birthed when you do the very thing of loving yourself completely. It has it’s root my friend. And the root is the truth. His thinking and your thinking are not made up of the same life experiences you had before… You carry the consciousness into this world not the mind that was previous. Change the energy of love itself and that vibrates your twin. There is no logic of the mind to seek for this, only the bliss of love you are already giving to yourself that will break all of the conditions of what if, how come or why doesn’t it.. Remove these as they are the place we create a lie to endure the pain and not go into it. I hope this resonated deep within you. Clark

  4. a thought …black holes are the opposite of empty.. maybe we create these emotional black holes and throw ourselves in because we know in our being not even light can escape their pull… all matter..or all that matters we pull back towards us into our core..maybe we are all scattered star dust finding, being called and following the pulled home.

    1. P.S I prefer to remain anonymous regarding any posts thoughts that come to me that I pass on path is a private one at the moment between me…myself and I… with a little bit of Dr Seuss unthunking glunk thrown in on the side. But i did wish to share ..making ones own wishes come true – very empowering step towards self acceptance and love.

  5. Dear Lee & Sherry,

    Hi to you two lovely souls there! I have a query here and I don’t know if this is acceptable for you guys to answer my query here. I would like to know if it is possible for me to block off my twin flame? I know it sounds stupid here but I just hope you guys could help. I know there’s no definite way to determine if that someone is our real twin or not, when our heart and soul can no longer contain the energy of someone’s you named as your twin, hurt you continuously.

    Thanks and your advice is greatly appreciated!

  6. I am currently separated from my twin flame. We are both (newly) married to other people and after things came to a head, made the decision to stay with our partners and try and work things through. We never had a sexual relationship-more of an emotional one but moving on is proving difficult! We have no contact whatsoever yet i ‘feel’ him constantly. I have had counselling which helped a little but i have this constant ache inside of me. I know i should be doing ‘something’ but i have no idea what ! I want to be happy and im trying so hard to be. I dont know if i am ‘meant’ to still be with my husband or if that is the cause of my pain-remaining married to someone i love dearly but not in the same way as my twin! Am i lying to myself and therefore that is why im so unhappy? I have this feeling of ‘waiting for something to happen’ i cant explain it? I see synchronicites everyday which cause me pain and sometimes make me think iv made the whole thing up in my head!!! That iv well and truly gone mad! Some guidance or advice would be hugely appreciated right now 😦

    1. When we have to manipulate ourselves to create an opposite decision of what we truly want.. it does something to us on the inside, we don’t see that we are going to constantly state a lie in everything we do as we live that lie.. Are you free of this as of yet? are you seeing the meaning in what it is trying to show you and him? You can feel each other and then decided to go with others who can’t feel you. This points to being in a relationship that is entirely composed of inside the mind and interacting with other minds which never truly touches the feelings that are truly felt.. so is it a lie you will live and can you ever change this lie into the truth? What is lost living the lie that the truth can’t give you? yes read that again… it has a place of salvation in it for you both! Love deeply, Lee and Sherry

      1. I am finding it hard to understand what you are saying to me.
        Its is difficult to know if this is/was a one sided connection though now as we no longer speak. It almost feels like none of it happened and he has vanished off the face of the earth. For all i know, he is happy and moved on with his life.. all the while i am stuck in this limbo. I’m trying to see the ‘lesson’ in all this… i have a good life, a lovely home, healthy happy little boy and a husband who loves me. I ‘should’ be happy except i’m not. There was always something missing in my life and i know now it was ‘someone’. Meeting my tf brought me the happiest days of my life and the loss i feel is indescribable. He may be fine without me. Time is a healer i suppose… i have to let go and let god. Xx

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