Chaos: A Twin Flame theory

exploding_heart_mHow would we think and act in daily life if we were truly aware of our divine essence?

We certainly wouldn’t doubt any of our abilities, when we looked in the mirror, we would see only love, acceptance and appreciation.  We would see ourselves as fully being able to attract everything we desire, we would certainly treat our bodies with care and we would give thanks for its design, whatever the design may be.


We should encourage the awareness of our magnificence in every regard, when we reawaken this awareness the inspiration will flow, there was no way for me to be able to be completely inside of my connection with my twin, without the changed awareness, I moved from being flawed, jaded, abused, limited, and imperfect to being completely comfortable with my magnificence!  That was the most amazing gift I have ever given myself.  I’m not writing about self esteem here, nor am I writing about levels of confidence, rather I am saying I keep the important question, who am I? In the forefront of my mind and soul, it does not have anything to do with what talents I have or how worthy or worthless I feel about myself. It has to do with a simple truth.


I somehow have a quote in me and cannot remember who actually said it, I believe it was an ancient philosopher who said “You carry god about within you, poor wretch and you know nothing of it.”  Actually finding that to be true was a turning point in my life.  How would I have ever been able to give to my twin something I could not have given to myself.  How could I have ever put into my connection all of the truth inside of me if I didn’t see it in myself?


We must learn to give others what we hope to get from them, before we ask for someones attention, let us first lend them our attention, before we ask for love from someone, shouldn’t we give love to ourselves first?  If we really want the person we are in a relationship with to be honest and open with us, we must first be open and honest without ourselves.  Our twin flame union inspired me and continues to inspire me, our mission, our purpose, and our connection is the great purpose that feeds inspiration, all of my thoughts have broken their bonds, my mind has transcended all limitations, my consciousness has expanded in every direction, I have found myself in a new wonderful world, dormant forces, talents, and energies have come alive, I have discovered I am a greater person by far than I ever dreamed myself to be.


My soul is free and connected to another in harmony, I am/we are a spirit.  I am totally engaged in the now , I am at peace, there is no noise or trouble or conflict, that does not mean there isn’t any, it just means in the midst of turmoil, i can still have calm and peace. I have learned to kill and continue to kill my ego.  I realized that my egos voice had me convinced I was powerless to manage my own destiny, there was a time when I was kinder toward the ego since it placed such a dominant role in my life, but in the awakening process I knew it was something that needed destroyed, I do not agree that since its in our lives we should learn to love and accept it, I do not believe it serves any useful purpose, Ego denies our original invisible reality so it must be removed completely.  Realizing ego was a traitor to our connection was ultimately what set me free of it. I have to always remember that ego isn’t even real it sometimes still protests and attempts to delete my inspiration, my enlightened self responds with remembering whats trying to drag me down isn’t real.


I try today to see the physical world as an illusion, that helps me to enjoy it more and stays inspired to write and I keep the world this to shall pass close inside of me and sometimes even written on my hand it keeps me unburden when my imagined problems feel troublesome.


Our egos want us to live in a state of self importance.. but my soul knows the only thing that is truly important is my connection my union everything else falls under the even my children as I am not of much worth to this awakening without it.  Anything thats not of my union – fear, worry, shame, anger, even illness is only really worthy of my laughter.  The face is I had a death while I was living, I can be in this world without being attached to it, I’ve simple disregarded my body identification and this has liberated me from so many issues I had connected to in my mind, fact is we only have now and it will disappear in a flash.


Lois Lane 11 29th union…

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2 thoughts on “Chaos: A Twin Flame theory

  1. As always, love this post. Every waking moment is a battle against our enlightened self and our lesser self. I have come to realize this in mind body and spirit. In an instant we can take that utter garbage that our lesser self tells and change it. If we are not strong enough to do so, it will win in that instant, but this does not mean that you have been defeated, it just means that you need to dig deeper to confront the issues head on. I am learning, and I am evolving, I am transforming, and transcending every day, every moment, every second.

    Through my experience with this journey, I have learned that it is true, how can you give to others, what you are not giving to self. It is a process, a layer at a time. Thanks again for such a wonderful post. xx

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